Thursday, September 15, 2005

Outside ten

Hey Hey Hey outside people. This is Ma'at tology here again giving you the 411 on what is happening in the Lou. OK lets get to it. Last Friday I went to the Grammy Demo Showcase at the Pageant where local artists from R&b, to rock showcased their demos to the Memphis chapter of the Grammy Awards. Some of the demos that were gheard by the intimate crowd were Bravado, Ahmad, Tracy Mitchell, Thug House, Zee,Modern Red, Chris Brown, and Klutch to name a few. The judges that were in the house were Ralph Sutton, Jason McIntrye, and Kevin Johnson (no not the Post Dispatch guy). They were pretty cool on the demos. Some say a lot of them said that the demos needed originality. True dat. I didnt get the winner of the demo contest yet (Kathy Osage hasnt called me yet on the results) but the winner got 30 hours of studio time, 3 hours of contract time with a music attorney, a listening station at Vintage Vinyl, street promotion through the Riverfront Times, and a layout in Playback STL (I'm still standing LAURA H) Afterward they had performances by local acts Lost Paradde who was like U2 meets Green Day (what was up with teh three young hip-hop boyz who were jumpin up and down in the mosh pit area as though they liked rock music?)and rapper Potzee. I didnt get a chance to see him cause i was busy in the green room backstage gettin nosy. I ran into Nellys former manager Jane Higgins. We exchanged digits and I was on my way to the Salute to Excellence Banquet afterparty. Oh, let me tell you what I was wearing, I had on a navy blue suit coat, white tux shirt with an unbottoned collar where I put a blue and white polka dotted tie tied loosely like it was a scarf, baggy blue jeans and blue Converse. Anyway I was meeting up with my boy Kameron who was tagging along with me to the Afterparty. But he had to stop by the ghetto Church's Chicken down the street of the Pageant so he can get something to eat. I just sat down and watched him eat and looked at the charcters that came up in there to order food. It was one guy, young black guy, had to be about 25, dark skinned cat, bald head, he had on a white tee and some black knee length vinyl looking shorts, but the tripped part of it was, half of his shorts were down on his hip and his BUTTOCK was half showing. I was like, to myself, this bruh ain't got no bloomers on. EUGH! What was really going on there? Easy access, you think? Anyway, while my boy Kameron was telling me about a crazy message client he met at their house I called Christian on the celly and told him Kam and I were on our way to the Salute Afterparty at the Americas Center and he said he was waiting on his date Rachel so they can go there too. Anyway, after Kam ate and we got into our cars, I got a text message on my Sprint that my phone was turned off. WhAT! Its Friday night and Sprint is going to cut off my cell during party time! I was too outdone. And It happened when I was going down 64 towatd St. Louis downtown. Man, you should have seen me trying to get my credit card out of my wallet with one had, trying to dial the speed pay number on my cell and trying to drive. I was too outdone, for real. By the time I parked near the Americas Center and got inside to meet and greet some folks (the first people I saw were my former collegaues at the STl American--Wiley Price, Mary Winbush and Alvin Reid who hit me so hard on my shoulder, I thought he was about to kbnock it off). But when I saw my girl Sheryl who dragged me to the dance floor (one elderly woman in a wheelchair even got her groove on up in there!) to jam, my celly was back and running. I saw a lot of old and new faces at the Afterpaty and let it be known that Maat was in the place(even spoke with Doc Suuggs for a minute who fired me at the American). Oh and teh guest dee-jay was Dougie Fresh. He was stright clowin on teh 1s and 2s. And when he played La-Di-Da-Di, teh whoel crowd got on teh dance floor and course they had to do the Elecrtic Slide and Step (the two black national traditions) . It was about midnite when me, Kam, Christiaan, and Rachel left the Salute party and jetted to Lucas Park tio chill out. When I got there, a black homeless guy and his white girlfriend was asking for some change. I had a blowpop in my mouth (my new trademark) at the time and took a dollar out of my wakllet to give to the brother and the white lady said, "Oooh, he got candy, too." And she said it like she wanted to do more than have my candy. So when I go inside, I saw my crew and Kam and Brandon was mackin the white femmes in there. We all chilled out there messin with the ladies. Kam and Brandon got lucky(BOOTI CALLS)--We all stayed til about 1:30 in the morn I went back home cause I wasnt in the mood to do the vanilla swirl...Saturday, I worked out at the gym at Ballys in Clayton and afterwards I got a call from hollabackboi about a dinner/borthday pafrty that a friend of his was having for his friend Arhur Smiley from L..A. that was happening at the Washington lofts downtown. Anyway, before I got there, I went to this way out stage play called Wit at the Broadway Center for the Arts in downtown Belleville. I was scheduled to be there to write a review for KDHX for its website and radio station. It was a trip. It was about a stern college professor who is battling stage 4 metastatic ovarian cancer and tells her story through flashbacks. It was pretty dramatic (if you wanna check my review out go to and go to arts calendar) The play ended about 10 p.m. So, I went back to the crib, got the four 24 oz. Kamo beer that I bought earlier that day at QT and drive to the dinner party. On my way walking there, it was this homeless guy who was begging and pleading for me to give him some money, but I really didnt have any money, but he begged an d pleaded, but I really didnt(I was gonna give him a beer, but I was like, no, he might follow me in the lofts) have any change and I felt bad, but I went on to the loft apartment to get my party on. I had on a sky blue suit with a wild out dark blue shirt with a sky blue dress shoes to match (I had on the same shades that you see before you in the picture you see above that was taken at the Mya concert at Toxic a few weeks back. Oh thats Tiffiani, the cute black girl and Gina, the cute white girl in the pic with MA'at--and yes, that is Bruce Lee on my shirt!). It was about 30 people there, half wree from L.A. . Hollabackboi was there and the other half of X-Jam was there (X told me he split up with Jam and decided to use another Biz partner to do his parties). They were supposed to have some strippers, but they backed out the last minute (I had my dollaz ready). It was a nice crowd and the food was off the chain--salmon, quiche, spinach salad, and all kinds of chocolate and vanilla covered strawberries, free apple martinis in canteens (that were STRonG) and chocolate cake that was delish. I made a few contacts especially for my planned trip to Los Angeles next month to see Keith Underwood's (BE NICE TO HYPEMAN STU WHILE HE'S THERE, OKAY?)one man play, I'll have some contacts while I'm staying there. The party lasted about 2:30 in the morn and I went back the crib--I t Stayed out of trouble. LOL...Sunday I chilled. They had the Dove Magazine Car Show at the Americas Center and I from what my boy photographer Demond Meek said, it was off the chain, no fights, and Maxim model/host Vita Gurrera was looking beautiful. She had on this light brown dress with her ta-ta's poured all out the dress. It was too sinful for the eyes for real. Anyway, the performers who spat lyrics were Twista (who had a private press conference for the media), Potzee, Mike Jones, Trillville, clipse and Ebony eyez I hear was suppose to perform but she didnt get the call to show up. Thats a bummer cause her jam IN YOUR FACE is too crazy. That song has teh illest beat I have ever heard. Anyway some of the celeb cars in the car show were Marshall faulk(he had an all black range Rover, custiem made with balck rims), Track Boyz had a custom made chameleon Hummer, Footballer Ahman Green who had a Dodge Crysler with red/white rims and inside the hood had signatures of his teammates from University of Neb. None of teh celbs with teh cars showed up, but, oh well. I hear that any car that was more than 100K was roped off and the security was no joke for real.The car show went down from noon to about 6 p.m. and people left without no mess. Now thats what I like to hear. On Monday , theer were three separate Football watch parties going on--and I didnt attened any. Marshall faulk had his benefit party at Pepper Lounge (it was for Katrina victims), Majic 104 had its thing at Cafe Eau, and Movement had there thing at Plush. Of the three, I hear Plush's had the most crowd. It should be interesting which one will become the football spot place to be cause you know how it is with STLers, if its too much of a good thing, then everybody suffers trying to get the clienete. On Tuesday, I was set to hear Spike Lee at the Touhill but he was cancelled becasue he was filming a movie in Europe. That was too bad, but my girl Tia said she had a number that I can call him to get the skinny on his new prohjects. Bump that, I want to be in his flicks. When you get into a 40 Acres Joint, you are talked about...and thats thr right thing to do. LOL. Anyway, thats it for me. Things are kind of slow this coming up weekend. I know I'm going to the Black Rep's Crossin Over Friday night and I might check out the Sunday Sip Finale at the Bed and Breakfast in Washington where they are having an Cultural arts fair as well. Until the next time, see ya outside!

Blind tea: What local manager said he was finished messin around with one his male superstar athletes after being diagnosed with an organ aliment?

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