Tuesday, August 30, 2005

outside 8

Well, well, well, it's me again, your man outside, maatology, giving you the 411 on what is happening in my world anyway. OK, lets get to it...Well, you know with me its always a 50/50 chance that I might get in an event especially now that I am freleancing and not full time at the St. Louis American, but I try my best with the connections that I still have...well apparently this wasntteh case for teh Mos Def concert at Club Toxic last Thursday. When I found outthat Charles Brown from Flow Ink was putting teh concert on, I kne wI wouldnt have a probelm getting in---NOT!. Me and Brown go back since the Flow poetry days in teh late 90s and, well, I thought that would at least get me 50 percent in...BUT NO. I was told the media press list was LOCKED (as in no key to open it I guess). But I didnt trip. I kept cool and just said, OK. And asked how much were the tickets and Brown was like 25 to 30 bones! What????For a Mos Def concert? With no major opening act? (Dont get me wrong local soul star Coultrain is cool, but lets be real here.) Anyway, Kevin Johnson from the Post gave me the time run down of the concert (you can also check his review of the show at stltoday.com). The show was supposed to start at 10pm. It started at 11:30 PM--with COULTRAIN. Which meant Mos Def wa sprobably going on around midnite. Now I know Club Toxic is lenient when it comes to the time their shows start (MYA's show theer started at 2 AM and doors opened at 9 p.m.!), but come on, they have to be respectful for people who are waiting to see a concert. But I hear the Mos Def show was tight and he threw down, and even serenaded a sistah at teh DJ booth for a couple of hsi jams. ANd what is thsi rumor about him being a baby daddy to about 5 kids, by different mamas? Hmmmm, I guess he;s all about spreading the love, in full circle. As an alternative, me and my boy Kam headed to Club Seven for their free night there that KONCEPTS have (teh owners of the KONCEPTS--Robert Kirk and Keith Harris werent even there!). It was a ghost town up in there cause they were all at the mos Def show(DJ Charlie Chan even showed up for a minute!). Thats the thing about the STL either all the black folks are at one huge event, and the other venues are looking crazy with no patrons. Come on STL, we got to step it up...Last Friday, I checked out the Loop Underground concert at the Pageant where local hip-hop acts like Scooby (Hypeman Stu, you should have taken off your shirt to show off that chiseled chocolate chest!!! especially after you got some dollars thrown on teh stage for ya to take it off), I-Rock, and teh main act Jia Davis (formerly of Bits and pieces), potty mouth rapper Toyy (the same one who gotteh boot for cussin at the Expo last weekend) was a guest rapper. She did her thing. It was like a backyard hip-hop party. It was about 100 peopel there--white, black, male, female straight and gay (Two whote lesbaians even ha dtehir own show freakin on each other dancing in teh mosh pit area!). I hung out with Kam and Chris Coffield and me and Chris were there to siupport Hypeman Stu (AKA STUART ALLEN) who is going to LA LA land the first of Septemeber to pursue his acting career... At the end of the Loop show Jia said, "Thank you for coming out even though y'all could have been at the 50 Cent concert!" Now why did he have to say that? We all know that the rest fo the people were at the UMB BAnk Pavillion seeing 50 do his thing, and speaking of which, I hear the show was very short (three hours) and LIl Jon didnt show up (thii is the second no show for him, when he dissed STl earlier this year when he was supposed to perform at THe Pageant.) I hear that Ciara danced her BOOTAY off, but had no vocal chops and that 50 brought on Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks do join him on stage (Peep out Kevin Johnson's review of thsi show at stltoday.com.) My boy Bill beene said 50 did not show upo at the official afterpaty at Club Toxic. I guess he as well as Lil Jon were headed for Miami for the MTV AWard parties and show....On Saturday, Kam and I checked out The Formula, formerly Club isis on Wash Ave in St. Louis . Wasnt a big crowd, but we got in free and had comp drinks (I had a 24 oz KAMO beer before I got gthere and I must say it is SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH) courtesy of Kwame Thompson. Someone had a b-day party and had chicken and mostacolli and a b-day cake. We partOOk some of the pleasantries until the b-day crew took the food and the cake! We didnt even get no cake! What was up with that? I guess they saw too many univited guests and said they were hauling teh food away as well themselves. Oh well...And speaking of the MTV show, what wa sup with DIDDY and thsi anything can happen bullish? Giving away his bling watch to a guy nearthe stage and said that it wasnt scripted, came back from commerical and said that the security guy brought the watch back to him and gave it back to the guy? What tha hell? Like Diddy dont have more watches. Then the 100,000 he gave away for the best dressed celeb man (which was SNOOP by the way) and woman(GWEN STEFANI won) at the award show and said that they will give the money to theiri fave charity because "they already have enough money?" HUH? Talk about love of self. With the deadly Katrina hurricane that blew not too far away from Miami and hitting Louisiana and Mississippi soon after the show was televised, this whole celeb fest was getting disgusting. And what was up with the Fat Joe/Tony Yayo/50 outburtss? Fat Joe saying he felt comfortable becasue of the G-Unit securitym then Tony Yayo and 50 retaliating calling Fat Joe a PUSSY BOy and FuCC boy and other expletives that were bleeped out of their performance? Cant we all just get along? Anyway, much love to Green Day winning all the awards, they deserve it for Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It was a great video and the song was rockin! And teh whole Suge Knight gunshot in the leg at the pre party at the Shore Club is too much playing (I hear he almost got stabbed at the Vault here in the STL) Is it me or is death soon will come for Suge? Well, I guess that will do it fo rme. This coming up weekend is the Labor Day weekend and I plan to go to a few parties. One B-Day party thrown by my acocuntant Josh Beeks , for his sister at the WS and the Beauty and Bling Fashion VIp party at Harrahs that I'm sure will be the bomb with invited stars athletes and music producers schedueld to show. I hear barber Steve Lacy is throwin one at Toxic on Sunday, too. .Oh and before I forget Tia Hodges and I had our first rounds of auditions for outr talk show Talk it Up last Wedsenday and we saw about 10 people (one white lady had an articfical heart that you can hear from a far and told us that she cant get excited --That blew her chances). One guy was too long winded and he reminded me of Uncle Remus. One white guy said his mother was dying of brain cancer and he just left the hospital to come to the auditon and one hefty black sista was about to break down and cry when Ishe told me her fave singer was Lutha. That was too much playing cause she was acting as though she was about to get happy like in church. That was too much playing. My boy Carlos M audutioned. He seemned a bit nervous, but he had some potential--especially drawing teh female viewers to our show. There was one young black girl that was fiesty and intelligent (a mini Sister Souljah ) and a white guy who married a black/Asoian chich that reminded me of a snide Seinfield. Those two had star quality. We may do another round pretty soon, and I';ll keep you posted.

My boy Enoch has an update on his film that he's doing thsi fall. here is the update:

For immediate release: The Hunger Project is pleased to announce that auditions for an independent feature film called “The Hunger” to be shot in St. Louis this winter, will be held on Friday, September 9th between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 644 Gravois. Actors, extras and crew are needed! This is an urban film about an aspiring music producer/artist and his passion for his craft, whom enjoys success in the music industry only to suffer his most coveted personal relationships as an end result. The following is a list of the primary cast requirements: 1. Bounce- This is our main character. African American 25-30 yrs old, artistic and eccentric 2. Dokka- Bounce’s main partner. African American 25-30 yrs old, rugged street sharpened intelligent hoodlum 3. Thelma- Bounce’s woman. African American 22-24 yrs old, frustrated and pregnant working class spouse 4. Kenbai- This is Bounce’s brother and Manager, African American, 34-37yrs old, slick and hip, fast talking hustler type 5. Merc(ury)- A female record label A&R, African American 25-30 yrs old, temptuous and savvy, modern professional 6. Noiz- Bounce’s conciousness/guardian angel, African American, 30-35 yrs old, dredloced Rastafarian sage 7. Extras of all ethnicities needed for various everyday scenes, as well as evening party and street scenes Unfortunately we cannot pay SAG, AFTRA or any other agency’s standard wage. We will offer stipends to those that participate in the project TBA upon selection/acceptance. All casting including extras will take place in September and rehearsals begin at the beginning of October. We are scheduled to begin shooting in early December with a very brief Xmas break, and will shoot for 8-10 weeks, concluding in February 2006. If you or anyone you know are interested, we hope that you’ll come out and be a part of this production. ARRIVE EARLY to register and complete necessary paperwork. Please email enoch@knocradio.com for more information, or call Shawn “Enoch” Williams at 314-495-1391 after 7:00 p.m.
OK until next time, see ya outside!

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

outside No. 7

Wassup all. I hope those who have been checking out my blog have been sending teh word out to others about this. I'm trying to create an atmosphere where it's no holds barred on what I say and how you all will repsond to it. Feel Free to Post up when you feel
OK on to the town...Last weekend was the Missouri Black expo weekend and I partaked all of it. On Friday, I checked out the benefit gala and awards banquet at The Pageant. It was a sit down, black tie affair. I rolled up in there with a black muscle shirt and shiney aluminum blue jeans. I was not putting on a tie for that, no sir. Anyway, I was there to check out Najee who performed after the awards portion of teh ceremony. He was cool, but it seemd peopel were kind of laid back from all that fish, salad, vegetables and chocolate cake that was served during the event. He kept repeating to the crowd: Are you all right St. Louis? Are you feeling me? Thats not good. But I guess for a 35 and up crowd wearing their fine to do's they werent trying to sweat and get funky (except for the sista with the fetahered red mini dress that was too TIGHT and wring for that occassion). He started his set by playing his sax throughout the crowd (another omen-). I guess he had a notion that the crowd wa sgoing to be laxed after eating, but he played on like a trooper. He played some of his classic hits including the remake of Anita Baker's "Sweet Love" and "Betcha DOnt Know What's Goin On." The highlight was when he brought out a suinger name Shasondra and performed his 90s hit "I'll be Good To You" (originally performed with Vesta). She tore it up with all the notes that were unimaginable, but people for some reason were not into Najee's set. Oh well... Next up was the Hip Hop Summit After Party at Club Seven. It was bumpin a lil bit. The party was to welcome the panelists--including Russell Simmons and rapper Paul Wall-- who were going to speak at the Missouri Black Expo(NOT EXACTLY WITH THE EXPO, I"ll EXPLAIN LATER) on the financial topic, "Get Your mOney Right" that following Saturday. Anyway, I hung out with Miss Budda fly (love the scarf around your waist and insect shades) and my boy Kameron. We all walked in there as though we were related with shades and crazy outdfits to match (KJ, no we did not plan that). Anyway, up in there, Dougie Fresh was spinning serious East Coast jams as me and my crew trekked up to VIP where they had the usual food spread (chicken, fruit, meatballs, etc). While we were waiting on Russell and the gang, I spotted sevral local VIPS inclduing Kevin Johnson. Hollabackboi, Terrence, Sineta, Jacque and Leate LAnd, and Mr Anheuser Busch Johnny Furr (who paid for the free AB products that we parTOOK). Dougie Fresh made an announcemnt on the mike that Najee and Petey Pablo was in the house. He was here for Suge Knight;s Talent Search that went down at The Vault (I hear Suge was at Buffett's for a hot second--and I hear he has lost weight). I stayed up in there until about Oneish and then popped over to PAnama reds to check out T SHirts and Panties, a party event put on by X-Jam and all I gotta say is people must have forgot to wear underwear cause no one showed up. I thought for sure it was going to be bumpin especialy since their last party there a couple of months ago there. Oh well, keep your heads up and I'm sure teh next one will be off the chain. Meanwhile I hear Nelly(who was a no show at the Club Seven party) had trouble trying to get in a party at Formula(formerly Club Isis) thrown by DERRTY ENT's Topher on Washington. I heard that Nelly and his bodyguard Big B were told they could not park their vehicle in front of Formula by a StL female cop. The cop told them they could park behind the club, but not in front. Now the trip part about it was all other clubs had vehicles parked in front of their establishments, but the cops were not having it at Formula. Uh, color me racial, but that sounds like cops were profiling to me. Anyway, that didnt kill Nellys spirits for the Hip Hop Summit that he participate din teh following day at the America;s Center where he, Paul Wall, Chingy, Russell Simmons, penelope (where was J-Kwon and Dougie Fresh?) and Ben Chavis had a panel discussion entitled, "Get Your Money Right." It was OK , good information (REAL ESTATE is the key to your financial woes), but it wasnt liek last year when they had teh voting campaign going and it wa smore star power like Free, former host of 106 and Park, Loon, Dougie Fresh, Ruseell Simmons , Rev. Run, and Remy Martin. I had a chance to interview Nelly
and Chingy before the summit and they were cordial. Chingy said that he was working on his 3rd album "Hood star" and promottng his new artist Spliff who was next to him while doing his interview. A little shy, but I'm sure Chingy will school him about being a hood star. Nelly was nice and talked about going on vacation from all the success he;s had within the past year espcially promoting the blockbuster flick The Longest Yard. SPeaking of the Summit, it was not a part of the Expo this year which was puzzling. I hear that the Expo and the Summit split due to the fiasco of the Expo last year with the separate concert venue that occurred and alledgedly some oney was being pocketed and not given to the peopel involved in the concert and Hip Hop Summit last year. MMMM. no t good. Anyway, the summit was cool. Aloha, who was also on the panel, opened up the Summit singing showing teh crowd that she deserved to be on this years American Idol. I was tripping on Nelly when he said that he was trying to buy a car and they ran a credit check on him and that his credit did not clear and he was like, "What, what do you mean, I'm Nelly." The crowd laughed of course but I was liek, Okay, I think Nelly pee and shytt just like the rest of us. I also found it interseting that they had Russell Simmons sitting in between Chingy and Nelly who allegedly are enemies of each other (they even shook hands backstage for the media to take snaps of as though they were Maclolm and King)Anyway, after the Summit I rolled through the main stage area of the Expo where I caught some of the local talent. One in particular was rapper/singer Toyy. My girl got on stage and performed a song called Punk Ass Niggaz and the lyrics were talking about she didnt want no punk as niggaz and that she needs a man with some nutz on him. WHA THA???? I ran backstrage to get a stage manager and told her that she was up on stage cursing. Well, needless to say, they did a Sandman on her and told her she needed to get off stage. She was all excited talking, walked backstage with teh stage manager and she said she didnt know she couldnt curse and that it was a family event. Hello???. Now mind you, this was a family event, with kids and elderly in the audience and she said she didnt know she could curse. Yeah, and we all boo-boo the fool. They also had an Urban Idol where regular STLers coudl compete for 100 bones and perform before the headlining acts Faith Evans (on Saturday) and Whodini and Big Daddy Kane (on Sunday). Some folks who comepted were decent, buttehre wa sone guy who looked and sang liek Frankenstein and should have left Aint No Sunshine alone. The judges were nice saying that he needed to work on his stage presence and vocals. I woudl have said how about not Singing in public AGAIN. Saturdays winner was Ebony Wilson who's a music teacher for the St. Louis Public Schools (she also is the vocal coach for the play A Womans Worth that rehearsed here in St. Louis and is touring starting in Peoria this coming up weekend). ...I also had a chance to see the local documentary Hairkutt, about four St. Louis friends dricving up to tennessee at a cabin to help their friend Hairkutt kick his heroine addictyion. dirceted by STL director Curtis Elloitt, the hour long film was really good. The scenes where Hairkutt was detoxing was extermely powerful (and frightening at teh same time). I see why the film won several awards for his film... Other local sinegrs who performed were Spin City record artist Jzaneell (picture a dark skinned Ashanti sex kitten with talent to match); Phillipe who was a former semifinalist at American Idol thsi year (he gave you Lenny Kravitz style), and Coultrain who is a dreadlocked neo-soul artist with a Donny Hathaway voice. They also mentioned that he was opening for Mos Def at Toxic this Thursday (I should have a write up on that concert next week) . I ran into Arvin Mitchell, the comedian who was on BET's COmic View and Coming to the Stage last year. He gave me a comp CD of his phoney phone call CD, "Hello" (It is off the GHETTO chain, it will keep you in stitches --to order it, go to arvinmitchell.com) Then, Faith Evans rolled up on stage. She has really lost weight. She looks like Michelle from Destiny;s Child just light skinned with red and orange hair. She performed all her jams, but the puzzling part of her show was her bodyguard standing on stage looking out into the crowd as thoughhe was waiting to jump in front of her if a East Coast/West CAoast scenerio might have occurred. That was too much playing. Anyway, she showed people why she has withstood all the wanna-be female singers out here clowining withher big voice. She reminds me of the Clark Sisters with her shivering alto sound. On Sunday, I went to Ballys gym in Clayton and saw my boy Jacque who said he was supposed to be at the Expo sitting atteh 100 Black Men booth. I told him I was going there but I refused 2 be there all day like I did yesterday (from 10 am to 10 pm). I gotto the Expo around 4 p.m. I peeped some of the gospel acts like Praiz who performed his song "Lord Deliver Me From My-Self" (He had on this purple and black striped golf suit and hat that was TOO MUCH for the eyes can see). Also performing was Queen Isis Jones with Level Ground. She performe dsongs from her CD, "Woman Child". She did a decent job (she was wearuing thso ethick high heels, though). Everytime I hear her perform I get nervous cause sometimes she get excited while singing and is not sure of her self when she hits high notes, but she mainatained especially during the song" I'm Not Hurt." Before her set ended, she brought on STl rapper Potzee who performed"Good Evening." The crowd went bananas. They also had the other Urban Idol singers to perform. They were Purple King (she wore purple with a short BLONDE Afro!). She performed "What A Differnce A Day Makes." She was good . Nice smokey vocals. Next was Trinicia Combs who did a godo imitation of WHitney's "I'M Every Wman." She could sing, but no originality in my opinion. Last was Zina Bush who perfomed "Chain of Fools." It takes a lot of guts to do Aretha, but she was able to make teh song hers. (Oh by the way, it was good seeing the TALL and sexy Leticia Sims modleing atteh Ecko fashion show Saturday). The headliners on Sunday was old school rappers Big Daddy Kane and Whodini. They brought on the real hip-hop. Although they are in their 30s (Big Daddy looked a little full in the face, but still looks good), they didn't miss a beat on their rap flow. Teh highlight at Big Daddy's set was tribute to rap pioneers Jam Master Jay, Big Pun,. Biggei and 2 Pac by havinghsi dee-jay play snippets of their sings whiel Bilal's "Soul Sista" instrumental track provided teh background. Whodini's highoight was the whole show. they put on a better show than Kane, not to say Kane's was bad, but becasue Whodini is two rappers and Kane is one, made it better. The crowd was able to walk up to teh stage and interact with WHodini. One girl was able to recite every lyric to Whodini's songs. It was definietly a party train especially when they performed Freaks Come Out at Night. Overall the concerts were cool, not as good as last year with Brian McKnight, tamia, Fat Joe, Twista, and EnVogue, but it was do--able. FYI, I am about to start the first auditions for my talk show, Talk it Up, will be gioing down at the Vaughan Cultural Center. I'll give you the skinny of the audigtioners next week as well as a recap of the Mos def concert at Toxic.

IN the meantime, see ya outside!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

outside part six

Hello Outside People this is Ma'at tology here. Hope things have been well with you and you have been able to grind these days and get what you wanted. Me? Well, I'm still grindin. Here's some of things that Ive been up to (that I want to tell y'all anyways)
I went to the Celebrity Spoken Word Gala sponsored by 100.3 The Beat, Majic 104.9 and Chill (Da Playa) Enterprises. It was given by national love poet Mr Talley. The event took place last Thursday at Club Seven. Disppointingly, Y and R soap stud Kristoff St. John was suppose to co-host with my girl Queen Isis Jones, but he was a no show. I have yet to find out why he didnt show, but I'm sure it was bizness related (or maybe he caught a cold--COUGH COUGH). Another disppointing factor was the weather. It was the start of the many MONSOONS that hit the STL. and I think many people didnt show up becasue of that. Anyway, it was nice crowd (about 100 or so) who sat on sofas and the poets were OK. I dropped off the poetry scene about two years ago becasue I was tired of hearing the same ol poetry ish: love,sex and blakc kings and queensims. Well, this go round was about love--and all the hybrids in between from romance to "wait til you see my" (OH!. Young poets from across the Chocolate cities came thru the STL for this like Miami, Chi-town, Nawlins, and of course the STL. Some were good like MIAMI's Butterfly (I'm still blazin from that metaphor about wanting to slide down your mans throat like his coffee!). The very worst was Heaven and earth, Two brothers from Nawlins. I liked the concept with one guy raps and the other sings and play accoustic guitar, but their material was very FOUL (STINK STINK). One line that sticks out was when the guy from the group said to a young lady who was brought to the stage and told her he would smell her ARSE (what????????????????). That was half of it. Now I'm all about freedom of expression, but at least be creative with it! Anyway, some of the local poets who spat and represnted were Impakt (Congrats on the engagement), Fo Feet (going through the change?); and Starlite (lookin slim and trim). MK Stallings got a humanitarian award for his contribution to the STL community (brother on the grind, congrats). Then it was Mr Talley. I peeped his flier and he brings on poets from across the country and they are like his opening act for his love Jones poetry. If you dont know who Mr Talley is, well, he was voted one of Ebony Magazines hottest bachelors. Still dont know who he is? DOnt fret, you're not missing out on anything. The brother got up to spit on the mic and he was just OK. He has a deep voice and he did the romance thing with his words and groped CHill's lady Stephanie and one of the sistah's who was one of the award presenters. He had his DJ spin his backround music that was spacey and erotic, but the thing that got me, he was doing everything but looking at teh sistahs the whole time he was spitting his love and sex play. He was spending half of his time looking at ME! Huh? What was going on there? (A couple of other brothers I talked to after the show said the same thing about Mr Talley). Hmmm, I guess he is a variety of all flavors. LOL. Anyway, the show was hosted by Isis Jones who graced teh stage with one of her cuts , "That Hugh" (Keith Murray Remix) from her CD Woman Child. Food was catered by Richards. That had FILET MIGNON and shrimp that were good and they had comp mini champagne bottles to set the mood for the VIPS. In the house were Tia Hodges (rockin those mini dreads), Kevin Johnson, Brian, Queue *(Good seein ya), and Tiffany. Soon after the Club Seven crowd came through and I knew it was tiem to G-O. On Friday, I peeped out Guitars and Saxes featuring Wayman Tisdale at the Pageant. It was definitely a hot ticket with this jazz show. The former b-ball player was not selfish and he let his other friends perform including Mindi Abair, Jeff Golub and Warren Hill. They performed solo and togther and clowned on many cover songs including Cant Hide LOve by EWF to Birdland, to Play that Funky Music White Boy. The highlights were Tisdale playing his bass guitar like Jimi Hendryx. It was too much playing. The other highlight was when Rick Sanborn said he had a hard time promoting the show now that WSSM Smooth JAzz station was axed earlier thi syear then the crowd BOOED when Smooth Jazz station WSSM was let go. Hmmm, I guess that should be a wake up call to Clear Channel who gave them the boot. Overall, the concert was laid back and a great weekend teaser. I chilled with my buddies Robin Kason THE Bally Trainer and Pete Foggy.
On Saturday, I chilled out because the rain pretty much took over. It was mos defintely Wizard of Oz during the hurricane. I just watched TV like Harrah's Big Break (That show takes itself too seriouslY). On Sunday, I chilled and watched TV. I peepd out Six Feet Under. I love this show. I hate that its going off the air. For those who are SFU fans, Nate died from another brain malfunction (caused by him sleeping with his step-sister!)and the rest of the episodes deal with how the family copes with it. I also peeped out the premiere of the tv show Barbershop, based on the hit movies. Starring Omar Gooding in the Ice Cube role. This 30 minute revamp is not good. Its too choppy and the chic who plays Terri is too crude (Eve wasnt even that crude in the movies). I think they are trying too hard to prove a point and the guy who plays the Cedric role as Eddie is not good. Now he should be more irreverent, but the new Eddie is not even that funny. They even had Calvin's wife give him a b-job to convince Calvin to hire her ex-con cousin to work in the barbershop! Huh? Whats really going on? Are they trying to be extremely vulgar to get us to watch? Since Soul Food left Showtime, I guess the cable channel is trying to get the same audience with this show, but with SF, the characters were like the ones in the original movie, the charcters on Barbershop seem like ducks in a pond waiting to get shot by a duck hunter.Oh well, I see that Darius Bradford's comedy night at Plush has went from $3 before 9:15 p.m. to FREE. Hmm, whats up with taht? That doesnt look good. I know one person who wasnt there--ME! I had enough (check out my first posting on my experience there if you missed out)
FYI, I am working on a new talk show for Double Helix (Fingers crossed) called Talk it up. I will give you anupdate in the upcomign weeks. Okay. Until teh next time, see ya outside! Oh and I will give you my recap of this weekend's The Missouri Black Expo
THE SAY WHAT SECTION. My buddy Aron emailed me this:

A Hip Hop Clothing Store Called "Nigger"
My name is David Sylvester and I recently completed a charitable bicycle trip in Africa, riding over 7000 miles from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town,South Africa . The trip made me the first and only African American tocross two continents on a bicycle. I have plenty of great andfascinating stories. Many are funny, others bittersweet, some arepoignant, but all are entertaining. Surprisingly one story has stood out and if it was not for the fact that I have a picture of it, many wouldnever believe it. It is for that reason that I am sharing it withyou.
While in Lilongwe, Malawi, I came across a store by the name of"Niggers" ---that's right " Niggers"! The other riders, who were allwhite, could not wait to inform me of this to see my reaction.Initially, I thought that it was a very bad joke but when the otherriders were adamant about the existence of the store, I had to see itfor myself.
What I found was a store selling what the owner called 'hip hop' styleclothing . It was manned by two gentlemen --- one of them asleep (Talkabout living up to or in this case down to a stereotype)! I asked theguys what was up with the store name. After hearing my obvious non -Malawian accent and figuring out that I was from America, the manthumped his chest proudly and said, "P-Diddy New York City! we are theniggers!"
My first reaction was to laugh, because many things when isolated can be very funny, but it quickly dawned on me that this was so not funny atall. It was pathetic. I did these bicycle trips across the USA andthrough the 'Mother -Land' in honor of one of my good friends, mentorsand fellow African American, Kevin Bowser, who died on 9/11. Here I am,a black man riding across the world on his bicycle in honor of anotherblack man, riding 'home' and what do I see?? Some Africans callingthemselves niggers! They were even so proud of it they put it on theirstore front to sell stuff. When I relay the story to folks back home inPhiladelphia, most of them laugh too and rationalize it by saying "well, we can say it to each other" or "there is a difference" or even "theyjust spelled it wrong". It should have been "nigga's" or "niggah's". Gee,like that would make a difference.
The issue is not the spelling. I was wrong. We are wrong. There is nojustification for an infraction of this magnitude. The word and thesentiment behind it are Flat out wrong! We have denigrated and degradedourselves to the point that our backwards mindset has spread like acancer and infected our source, our brothers, our sisters, our MotherLand. I have traveled all over the world and have never seen a store bythe name of "Jew Devils", "spic bastards" , "muff divin' dykes" oranything like that- Only the store Niggers!
I am to blame for this. Every time I said the word I condoned it, by not correcting others or rationalizing it gave it respectability, by looking the other way when others said 'hey nigga what's up' allowed others tosee it and ultimately that when I purchase CDs, DVDs, T-shirts and other stuff, I enriched it. I now see the error in my ways and I am so sosorry black men and women. The flame that we called entertainment, thatwas only to warm and entertain us, now engulfs us and scorches our ownself esteem. If a child only knows to refer to men and women as niggers, bitches, pimps and hoes, then what is he/she to grow up thinking ofthemselves and others as he/she gets older?
The bottom line is this I rode over 12,000 miles on 2 continents through15 states and 13 countries and broke 2 bikes in the process to get to astore in AFRICA called niggers. I am willing to step and admit my partin the havoc that we have wrought on our mindset but I think that We all are to blame.
I finish with 4 things:
If you don't like being called a "nigger", "bitch", "faggot", "dyke", "spic", "Jewdog", "wop", "towel head" or anything of that ilk- then THINK. THINK beforeyou speak those words, write those lyrics, support that rhetoric andmost of all THINK before you purchase! Purchasing is akin to compliance- I may like the beats and rhythms of some songs, but I can not support itany more. You rappers are intelligent- find another word to describeyourselves.
A PICTURE IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS!Read the quote below: "If they call you a nigger is one thing but if youanswer to it then there is really something wrong!" Please forward thisto the black folks that you know, and let us please, please stop themadness.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

outside five

Hello Outside People! This is Maatology here. Trying to give you the skinny, the 411., the 911, on what Ive been up to since the last time we rapped. Well, first off let me say thanks to those who have been checking out my blog. Its been a road to toll to try and promote this new concept of my writing career and I tell you, just like a seed to water. It needs to grow for change to occur. OK enough with my little words of affirmation--on with the skinny.
This past Wednesday, I was at the John Legend/Common.Dela Soul concert at The Pageant and I must say, I had a kewl time there. Everybody did their thing. The best I thought was Common. He is definitely an entertainer. He has a presence and star quality that is just burning to shine. I saw him a couple of years ago when he came with The Roots when his critically acclaimed CD Electric Circus was happening. The concert he did this time around was actually the same kind of concert where Kool cigarettes sponsored different eclectic R&B/hip hop acts a and packaged them with a DJ (This time around it was DJ JS-1) spinning old school hip hop and R&B for the 18-25 crowd who were not around when peeps like AL Green, and Isleys were the ish. Although John Legend was headlining this tour, Common had the most energy with his. My boy jumped the stage side to side and even did some break dancing on the stage. HE also brought on a sista on stage named Grace from Hazel wood and gave her a bump and grind basement party dance that I;m sure had her underwear drenched (EUUUUUUUH). He also talked about how people though he lost his hip hop roots when he was messing around with boho-queen Erykah Badu and his response to those peeps weer: Fucc them! I heard that. John legend was cool. When I saw him at the Fox with Alicia Keys, he was more behind the piano singing. This time around he was trying to dance a little bit and even walked into the mosh pit and sang. He seemed to be stiff shirted to me (he used to be a music teacher) and with him relating to the crowd on a personal level like that was interesting (remember Alicia Keys use to be stuck the piano until someone told her she was sexy enough to shake her azz to the crowd). De LA Soul was the weakest--not untalented, but just in their performance. They are more recoding artist than performers. They do not have much showmanship, but the cuts they performed from Three Feet High to Grind State had the range of fans bopping their headz. There was even a surprise performance by Dres from Black Sheep during De AL Soul's performance and when he spat The Choice is Yours. It was all over. Next thing you know, it became the Black Sheep show. But the real highlight was Rahzel, formerly of the Roots, who is the reigning beat box champion doing his thing beat boxing the instruments and some vocals on some old school and new school hip-hop records. One in a particular was the Art of Noize's old school groove Moments in Love. It was too much playing. He even did Jesus Walks, the beat and the chorus all at one time! I think he had another voice box somewhere hiding in his pocket for real. Overall, the show was tight. A little long (about 4 hours) especially on a weekday, and when John legend hit the stage after 11 p.m. people were either looking at their dials or hitting the door. But his set was cool, classy and when he sand Ordinary People, it was the pinnacle. When he hit his encore, it was still entertaining, but people, like myself, was ready to roll. But let me tell you, before I left out, I saw this threesome couple--two black guys and one white girl in an oreo sandwich grip. She was sin between the two guys--one in front of her and one in back, and one of the guys was gripping the other guys legs to get a firm squeeze of the female! I was like, this is TOO MUCH PLAYING. Talk about CREAM!. They must ve had too many comp drinks from the comp tickets Kool were passing out for those who purchase cigarettes for the evening. Oh and the guy who pushed me to the side near the railings cause he couldn't see--gets no Love. It was already crowded and he was going to do that,. I was about to BUST HIM UP, but I said No I didn't want to be escorted out of the spot. In the house were Vanita Applebum, Maurice (Invisible Man), Renee Thomas Woods, Joel King, Christiaan Coffield, Bill Beene.Last Friday, my boy Carlos M, the model man of the minute invited me to cover Unique fashions' lingerie fashion show, the fashions were designed by Tamara Jordan. The show took place at the Comfort Zone, a hole in the wall, bar/club in North County. I got up in there and the show was suppose to start at 4 p.m. , but I was two hours to early (No surprise). Then, I discovered, Tamara wanted me to take some shots of the event for them. I was not really all that prepared to take so many shots (I only brought my snap-snap for about maybe 24 shots). But I was a trooper and deiced to go ahead. The show was mega-hot. All kind of lingerie--men and woman--from Asian style, French maid outfits, Egyptian style attire, psychedelic garb. Although some of the models were a little short, my girl Jamelle, was giving you straight up Tyra Banks model, and wen Carlos and this other choc late brotha cam, out in just briefs, the sistas in the audience were howling. One girl said: I have never seen underwear worn that good! It was definitely hot up in there. Then I heard some people left cause they thought the show was disgusting. What is wrong with modeling underwear and lingerie? Its not like they don't see it at Frederic ks of Hollywood or not wear it all when they are re with their men? Come on people, it was snot that serious. Its lingerie, not hell and damnation. They had one singer who sang named Elijah who was about no more than 18 who gave some voice. He said he was going to the ATl to record his debut CD. Much Love to you. On Friday, I went to First Friday at Westin Hotel on Spruce in downtown STL. And all I can say is they should not have it there anymore. The two areas that were reserved for us were too small (we might as well been as Club Seven) and the drinks were too high (&.25 for a martini, 6.75 for a mixed drink, beer was 4.25--the biggest seller of the night). They had two sides of different music going on. The lobby was poppin old school hip hop and the main room, Where Charlie Chan was, was spinning the usual hip-hop stuff, but the speakers in ether were WEAK, You had to be near r the dance floor to really hear the music. I did not care for this month's event.On Saturday, I attended two functions: Peses Boutique Polo Party in the Loop area and Mya's concert at Toxic. Christiaan and I Hung out a little bit at Peses and it was OK. We got there about 9 p.m. and it was 5 bone to get up in there. It was giving you NY a little bit. You looked at some of the makeshift designs on polo shirts and spraypainted sneaks. But the free alcohol was NASTEE--Kool aid mixed with Vodkas. That was a NO-NO. I ha maybe two, but it was worse than drinking Listerine. YUCK/. I stayed for about an hour and said PEACE to Christiaan and jetted to Club Toxic to check out the Mya concert--so IO thought. The concert was still going on--but it started at 2 a.m! Now what;s really going on. She was there around midnite or so, but I guess Toxic owners were waiting until a crowd got there (most of them were at Plush next door), but I was like this is tool ate to be trying to have concert. She stayed in the DJ booth for a minute, then she came down (she sis prettier in person), and started mingling with the patrons befire she performed for about 20 minutes. She sand her hits (Ghetto Superstar, Fallen, My Love is Like Wo) and shook and bent her ARSE to the crowd and that was that. I jetted about 2:30 a.m. to meet up with Carlos and his crew (who left Toxic early and didnt see the Mya concert)at Pepper Lounge, but when I got there , they were gone (Did you know they charge 5 bone to get in Pepper Lounge on Saturday whereas on Sunday its free?). I stayed there for a hot second and left to meet Carlos and his crew at the Penthouse on the East Side (all I can tell you about that spot is it is definitely a Player;s Club atmosphere just with white people) and some of the female strippers became really friendly with one of the females in Carlos' crew. That's all I can tell you on that one before i get myself in trouble.Last Sunday, I checked out Hustle and Flow , the new movie starring Terrence Howard as a Memphis pimp going through a midlife crisis and tries one more time to make it--as a rapper. The story was so-so, but it was Terrence Howards' compelling performance that brightens up this movie (kind of like what Jaime Foxx did with Ray). This is definitely a Oscar worthy performance for Howard (and deservingly so), Taraji Henson as one of his girls, also did her thing also. before I Go, my buddy Toriano, wanted me to let ya'll know about a film he;s having screened at the Black Expo this year:
HairKutt chosen to screen at Missouri Black Expo> August 20th and 21st > > August 8th, 2005--St. Louis, Missouri—Refusing to> surrender the momentum gained from winning two> separate awards for his griping documentary about> the ill effects of heroin abuse, filmmaker Curtis> Elliott has partnered with the Missouri Black Expo> to screen the film during MBE’s annual event at> America’s Center August 20th and 21st. Show times> are 3:30, 5:30 and 7:30 P.M. each day, with a> special screening at 2:00 P.M. Saturday August 20th> for Teen Summit participants only.> > The film, HairKutt, was recently awarded Best> Feature Documentary by the St. Louis Gateway Film> Critic’s Association at the Cinema St. Louis> Filmmaker’s Showcase at the Tivoli Theatre July 21st> . That award was the second for HairKutt, having won> Best Social Documentary at the New York> International Independent Film and Video Festival in> Los Angeles in March.> > HairKutt is the Reel Life story of three friends who> take their lifelong friend, Bryant “HairKutt”> Johnson, a heroin addict of more than 15 years, to> the Smokey Mountains of Tennessee in the hopes of> curing him from the throes of his addiction. > > The documentary takes many twists and turns as> “HairKutt” becomes so debilitated from the> withdrawal of the poisonous drug that he attempts to> walk away from the rented cabin used as a drug rehab> facility. His destination? A return to the streets> of St. Louis (more than a ten hour drive away) and> the source of his addiction: heroin.> > Coaxed back to the cabin by his friends,> “HairKutt” is eventually rushed to a rural Tennessee> hospital in the hopes of saving his life. Is the> hospital trip a death bed for “HairKutt” or a> springboard for a new life free from the drug that> has dominated his teen and adult years? The story> climaxes more than two years later with a tell-all> truth about the fateful trip and “HairKutt’s” final> condition.> > Elliott has scheduled four live remote broadcasts> with Clear Channel’s 100.3 The Beat on-air> personality Tossin’ Ted to sell advance tickets to> the 2005 Missouri Black Expo. A list of the> locations with times and dates of the remotes> accompany this release.> > > > For more information contact: Reel Life Films> > Toriano Porter 11430 Bellefontaine Rd. > > > St. Louis, MO 63136 > > > 314.395.2342/314.680.6542>
Well, until the next time, see ya outside.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

out town 4

Well I thought I would have a report for ya on the Babyface concert at The Pageant but again, I was tripped out of getting a free ticket to review claiming they weren't giving press tickets away for his show. Well, according to Kevin Johnson of the Post Dispatch who just so happened to review it said that his set was tight and his brother Kevon even made a cameo appearance and sang with him on many of his songs he wrote for himself as well as for others. He said Babyface was short in person, hmmm, well that is not surprising, but he makes up for it...in MOOLAH. OKay. A friend of mine back in the day told that Babyface used many tactics to swindle people out of their songs. He was supposed to be on LA-face Records back in the day, but pulled the rug out of it because of what he wanted to do with Toni Braxton. Talk about CUT THROAT. Oh well. Anyway, I didn't have time to go to it anyway because I was busy putting the final touches of the student film I did Last February called I married A zombie. It was directed by Webster U d Justin Kerr. I play the role of Dr LAssington a professional professor/zombie who helps a zombie family resurrect the body of one of their neighbors. It is like a Rocky Horror Show meets Leave it to Beaver. I'll keep you posted on the times it is suppose to run in the STL...On Friday, I checked Cafe Eau in the Chase Park Plaza on Lindell. Friday nite is the nite to go cause everybody--black, White, err-one in between go to socialize and get their drink on and listen to a hot band. That night it was Friends of Mike. It was a white band that played and performed straight up old school R&B. It was too wild. When they started doing songs like Car Wash, I said, is nothin left to the world of soul music? I guess not. Anyway, I met up with some buddies like Christian, Kameron, and also saw Pete Foggy chillin in the cut. He told me that the show I used to host Reel Entertainment TV had been can celled. This is the same show that gave me the boot cause they didn't like my style of reporting, but at the same time I was considered to be nominated for a regional Emmy this fall. Talk about Poetic Justice. ...Afterward I cruised onto Club Toxic and tried to catch Done Glenn Lewis perform. Well, when I got there he was performing the last few bars of his one and only hit Don't You Forget It. I asked the front guards how long has he been on stage and he said 15 minutes. Man, if you blinked , i guess those who were there would have missed his show as well. Oh well. I stayed for about a couple of hours and chilled out. It wasn't a lot of people there, but those who were there got their party on in spurts--dance a little, chilled a little. I got a good close view cause I partied with my boy Hypeman Dwight Stone who was spinning the 1s and 2s. My boy Kameron was chilling at Formula (formerly Club Isis) and spitted that it was on and poppin. Someone had a b-Day party up in there and turned it out. When I decided to roll through there there were all kinds of firetrucks on Washington Ave. They had the street blocked off and I couldn't tell what was going on. Too much fire on the dance floors I guess. I didn't know which club had the emergency (no major damage I hear was reported). I digress....On Saturday, I was getting my swole on in the Bally Gym in Clayton, went to Whole Foods to get some organic grub and went to target to get me a "PROTECT YOUR NUTS" Tee.( You have to see it the next time I wear it. I may wear it at the Common concert at the Pageant Wednesday nite). Bought time I decide to go home--I couldn't. 64 and 44 were backed up cause of the heavy construction repairs on the highway, I had about a hour just to look around at the other cars and trucks waiting to go 1 mile an hour. I even saw a helicopter that had an advertisement of US Cellular that was circling above us and I was counting the many times it was circling area. The time I got home it was damn near 6 p.m. and I was debating on whether to go out or not--but I did. Kameron said he was going to Lucas Park on Washington so I decide to meet up with him. If ya'll haven't been to Lucas Park its like the show Friends with a touch of the Show CHEERS. It is mostly an all white bar, but it was packed like sardines up in there. I wanted to check out Formula and see if there would be a repeat performance from ;last nite--NOT. It was shallow ground s near empty up in there. I don't understand STL sometimes, they support you all the way, then not the support, the next. But I had a good time anyway, Much love to Kay and Sonia for the compliments while we were there. ..On Sunday, I did not go to the Sugar Water Festival and decided to chill out at the Pepper Lounge with Carlos M and his lady. It was also dead up there. I realized not only the Sugar Water Fest was going on but also the Scream 4 tour at the Savvis (I hear it was Usher wanna bes with the artists who performed especially Omarion and Marques Houston). Things picked up around midnite when white girls and black guys got their groove on with no shame. I saw my girl Jackie up there who was asking where was hollabackboi--I wanted to tell her in my right pocket, but I didn't wanna offend her and not have her not give the hook up to some of the upcoming events(like the mtv Awards in Miami). Oh by the way Christian C was telling me that he went out of town last weekend to Champaign ,Ill and went to this hot club called SOMA that is off the chain. Whenever your in Champaign,drink some Cristal (like Chritsiaan) and act a fool.
PROPS: Much love To Curtis S, Mr Beeks, Chrys Yvette, Melvin Moore (glad you have s sense of humor) and Enoch for checking out my site and givin gme props. Speaking of Enouch, my boy wanted me to give ya'll some info on what he's doing. Here it is:
1) MK Stallings and myself will start a new monthly event at Troy Williams new lounge/addition to the Sweet Dough/Hot Beans spot where Nik's wine bar was starting Thursday,September 8th called "Brown Sugar". This event is to be a variety event with a Competitive poetry segment callted 'The Sweetest', a musical or comical guest and a one man/woman monologue we call Hip Hop Theatre with me as the DJ, MK is the host.
2) Falaq and myself will begin production on another film this fall and we'll begin casting it next month and we shoot in December for 8 weeks, entirely on location in St.Louis. There'll be club scenes and plenty room for extras and... if you publish happenings as a resource in your blogspot you may wanna print this:
For immediate release:
The Hunger Project is pleased to announce that auditions for an independent feature film to be shot in St. Louis this fall, will be held on Friday, September 2nd between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 644 Gravois. Actors, extras and crew are needed. Please email enoch@knocradio.com for more information or call 314-495-1391 after 7:00 p.m.
3) I am launching a product line and doing a fashion show in the fall to complement it and will fill you in on the details once everything is solidified and on paper.
We still hold "SpokenWordGroove" at Legacy Books and Cafe each Friday at 10pm and hardly noone covers it, yet it is still the best running Poetry open mic in the city for five years now.

BLIND ITEM: What STL actor got his identity stolen by a STL actress who was using him to get credit cards in his name?
NEXT UP: The Common/Dela Soul Concert at The Pageant--Until then, see ya outside!!