Wednesday, August 03, 2005

out town 4

Well I thought I would have a report for ya on the Babyface concert at The Pageant but again, I was tripped out of getting a free ticket to review claiming they weren't giving press tickets away for his show. Well, according to Kevin Johnson of the Post Dispatch who just so happened to review it said that his set was tight and his brother Kevon even made a cameo appearance and sang with him on many of his songs he wrote for himself as well as for others. He said Babyface was short in person, hmmm, well that is not surprising, but he makes up for MOOLAH. OKay. A friend of mine back in the day told that Babyface used many tactics to swindle people out of their songs. He was supposed to be on LA-face Records back in the day, but pulled the rug out of it because of what he wanted to do with Toni Braxton. Talk about CUT THROAT. Oh well. Anyway, I didn't have time to go to it anyway because I was busy putting the final touches of the student film I did Last February called I married A zombie. It was directed by Webster U d Justin Kerr. I play the role of Dr LAssington a professional professor/zombie who helps a zombie family resurrect the body of one of their neighbors. It is like a Rocky Horror Show meets Leave it to Beaver. I'll keep you posted on the times it is suppose to run in the STL...On Friday, I checked Cafe Eau in the Chase Park Plaza on Lindell. Friday nite is the nite to go cause everybody--black, White, err-one in between go to socialize and get their drink on and listen to a hot band. That night it was Friends of Mike. It was a white band that played and performed straight up old school R&B. It was too wild. When they started doing songs like Car Wash, I said, is nothin left to the world of soul music? I guess not. Anyway, I met up with some buddies like Christian, Kameron, and also saw Pete Foggy chillin in the cut. He told me that the show I used to host Reel Entertainment TV had been can celled. This is the same show that gave me the boot cause they didn't like my style of reporting, but at the same time I was considered to be nominated for a regional Emmy this fall. Talk about Poetic Justice. ...Afterward I cruised onto Club Toxic and tried to catch Done Glenn Lewis perform. Well, when I got there he was performing the last few bars of his one and only hit Don't You Forget It. I asked the front guards how long has he been on stage and he said 15 minutes. Man, if you blinked , i guess those who were there would have missed his show as well. Oh well. I stayed for about a couple of hours and chilled out. It wasn't a lot of people there, but those who were there got their party on in spurts--dance a little, chilled a little. I got a good close view cause I partied with my boy Hypeman Dwight Stone who was spinning the 1s and 2s. My boy Kameron was chilling at Formula (formerly Club Isis) and spitted that it was on and poppin. Someone had a b-Day party up in there and turned it out. When I decided to roll through there there were all kinds of firetrucks on Washington Ave. They had the street blocked off and I couldn't tell what was going on. Too much fire on the dance floors I guess. I didn't know which club had the emergency (no major damage I hear was reported). I digress....On Saturday, I was getting my swole on in the Bally Gym in Clayton, went to Whole Foods to get some organic grub and went to target to get me a "PROTECT YOUR NUTS" Tee.( You have to see it the next time I wear it. I may wear it at the Common concert at the Pageant Wednesday nite). Bought time I decide to go home--I couldn't. 64 and 44 were backed up cause of the heavy construction repairs on the highway, I had about a hour just to look around at the other cars and trucks waiting to go 1 mile an hour. I even saw a helicopter that had an advertisement of US Cellular that was circling above us and I was counting the many times it was circling area. The time I got home it was damn near 6 p.m. and I was debating on whether to go out or not--but I did. Kameron said he was going to Lucas Park on Washington so I decide to meet up with him. If ya'll haven't been to Lucas Park its like the show Friends with a touch of the Show CHEERS. It is mostly an all white bar, but it was packed like sardines up in there. I wanted to check out Formula and see if there would be a repeat performance from ;last nite--NOT. It was shallow ground s near empty up in there. I don't understand STL sometimes, they support you all the way, then not the support, the next. But I had a good time anyway, Much love to Kay and Sonia for the compliments while we were there. ..On Sunday, I did not go to the Sugar Water Festival and decided to chill out at the Pepper Lounge with Carlos M and his lady. It was also dead up there. I realized not only the Sugar Water Fest was going on but also the Scream 4 tour at the Savvis (I hear it was Usher wanna bes with the artists who performed especially Omarion and Marques Houston). Things picked up around midnite when white girls and black guys got their groove on with no shame. I saw my girl Jackie up there who was asking where was hollabackboi--I wanted to tell her in my right pocket, but I didn't wanna offend her and not have her not give the hook up to some of the upcoming events(like the mtv Awards in Miami). Oh by the way Christian C was telling me that he went out of town last weekend to Champaign ,Ill and went to this hot club called SOMA that is off the chain. Whenever your in Champaign,drink some Cristal (like Chritsiaan) and act a fool.
PROPS: Much love To Curtis S, Mr Beeks, Chrys Yvette, Melvin Moore (glad you have s sense of humor) and Enoch for checking out my site and givin gme props. Speaking of Enouch, my boy wanted me to give ya'll some info on what he's doing. Here it is:
1) MK Stallings and myself will start a new monthly event at Troy Williams new lounge/addition to the Sweet Dough/Hot Beans spot where Nik's wine bar was starting Thursday,September 8th called "Brown Sugar". This event is to be a variety event with a Competitive poetry segment callted 'The Sweetest', a musical or comical guest and a one man/woman monologue we call Hip Hop Theatre with me as the DJ, MK is the host.
2) Falaq and myself will begin production on another film this fall and we'll begin casting it next month and we shoot in December for 8 weeks, entirely on location in St.Louis. There'll be club scenes and plenty room for extras and... if you publish happenings as a resource in your blogspot you may wanna print this:
For immediate release:
The Hunger Project is pleased to announce that auditions for an independent feature film to be shot in St. Louis this fall, will be held on Friday, September 2nd between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 644 Gravois. Actors, extras and crew are needed. Please email for more information or call 314-495-1391 after 7:00 p.m.
3) I am launching a product line and doing a fashion show in the fall to complement it and will fill you in on the details once everything is solidified and on paper.
We still hold "SpokenWordGroove" at Legacy Books and Cafe each Friday at 10pm and hardly noone covers it, yet it is still the best running Poetry open mic in the city for five years now.

BLIND ITEM: What STL actor got his identity stolen by a STL actress who was using him to get credit cards in his name?
NEXT UP: The Common/Dela Soul Concert at The Pageant--Until then, see ya outside!!

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hollabackboi said...

Once again wassup to all of my A-lister in the Lou. Hey Maa't you forgot to mention that my boy Terrance Booker of Mainstreet was in the house at the 2020 Washington loft party that my boy Ced sponsored for one his peeps from Cali. The spread was nice and people were dress to the nine or should I say some folks. Oops! Can you believe this one young country ass cat from the Lou of course tried to get off on my shirt. You know I don't like to put people down but I had the let the little punk have it. First the shirt was Jean Paul Gauthier which I told him cost more than anything he had on and also in his closet and I said the last time I checked outside I drive a $70,000 Suv and you were still bumming rides to get from a to b and then I said I live in a $600,000 home and you still live with your sister in her basement. My boy Terrance stepped in and said who is this M' Fucker with these cheap ass clothes on. I told him one of my many haters in St. Louis and we walked aways. First of all Ced told me that he wasn't invited and came with someone who heard about the party. The party was off da chain even with the two peasants. The party was for VIP's only. Cedric really knows how to throw a party I hear there is a halloween party in the making that should be nice because I am coming naked so stay tune. Peace