Monday, October 29, 2007



LEFT: Ant of Dynasty Productions and Mocha Latte posing with some of the alcohol apparati. At first, looked like they were going to be the bartnedars of the evening--for about 10 minutes. LOL

RIGHT: Ms. Bridgette, one of the sponsors, was a sexy butterfly and Harve as Run of Run DMC who lives at the spacious loft-styled house.

RIGHT: Therre's Fashion deisgner and stylist Fat Cat (LEFT) with some friends posing for a pic before takin care of some quick biz on the celly

RIGHT: What is Mocha Latte lookin at and poet Renee smiling at?

Event co-sponsor Anthony Robinson wore a Black Panther get up.

Therre's Robinson with Charter Cable' Christina Bailey who was a hip-hop version of Tina Turner.

You won't belive what was playing on the plasma screen! All I can say is, the flick is coming out Nov. 2. LOL

Another great costume, The Hip-Hop Pope

Folk gettin their party on.

Man bitches better have their money! The Best costumes and names of the party. Bishop Donna Juan and Bishop Don Juanita. CLASSIC!

Event sponsors Anthony Robinonson, Jennifer Poindexter, Derrick Hibbler as a Afro Grecian and Mike McIntosh as a gynecologist.


Two photos of the party from upstairs.

Wonder what he wants her to referee? LOL

Mocha took over the hosting duties to get the event hype while vet DJ Tossin Ted spun on the 1s and 2s (and anseewrwd his celly. LOL)

Is it Midget Man from I LOve New York 2? No, its 6 foot-five Slim of Loose Cannon' Slim coming up the stiars. LOL

Tossin Ted gettin the tracks together on his computah.

There's The Foundation's James Vesser gettin his party on with a guest.

A beauty and Anthony Robinson, I mean Fred Hampton Robinson,--LOL.

Ant and STl rapper Huey's dee-jay, Cristol.

A Cutie genie and Robinson.

EVENT VIEWZ. I liked this party that was thrown by Dynasty Productions which consisted of Derrick Hibbler, Mike MciNtosh and Anthony Robinson. It was a bit hood but they had the free drank and the standard CMM (chicken, meatballs, mostacolli). Err body look like they had a good time. Many were in costume, and were not. From my understanding therre was su[pos eto be a Thriller Contest and a Twister Contest but those contests were not played or done. But it was still cool.

I was mostly tripped out the cleeeeeeeeeeeeeean copy of the flick that was playing in the living room that has yet to hit the Box Office (It set to open this weekend) Clean, not in the content but of its video quality TMP! YOURS TRULY was dressed in my "gi" (a black karate outfit) with a kente cloth of my college graduation sash wrapped around my waist like a belt. As the nite progressed, say around 1ish, the scene got to be a bit hedonist and puff puff pass, but it was late to check out Boone, Treanna and Jamie Spencer's Soul Stylz debut event, Zociac at Kitchen K, so I stayed on as long as I could until sleep and buzz took its told and I had to call it a nite.

FYI, Look at OUT 284 STL-TIDBITZ where I will tell you a BLIND ITEM from this event!



BELOW LEFT: Marcus Jones, the father of Mychal Bell of the Jena 6, spoke to the crowd thanking them for their support of the Jena 6 issue. as DJ Charlie Chan looks on.

RIGHT: SO Diverse's Lia and DJ Charlie Chan Soprano

RIGHT: Louisiana radio host Tony

Brown was there and posed with Jones. He was the spearheader of the Jena 6 Movement. For more info about the Movement go to his webiste at

DJ Charlie Chan on the 1s and 2s

RIGHT: Poet/event coordinator Mocha Latte with real estate agent David Carroll.

LEFT: Mocha and her girl,Kindle Barton

The crowd gettin started!

"Yo, yo, yo." Therre's socilaite Tiffany Graham doin some serious iggin. LOL

RIGHT: Therre's STL rapper Vandalyzm gettin his party on.

The crowd got all up in their party that nite!

There's Mr. Andrew of "Ask Andrew" from the popular entertainment website tryin to find a spot to party.

Folk of course gotta get their drank on!

Look at the cobwebs up in the ceiling! Oh, it was for Halloween... DOH! LOL

The sista in the pink had her own party going on. Check out the next series of photos and you will see how!

During Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied." She went into a trance like zen state!

"Pat your weave!"

"Scissor legs!"

Folks of course got their Cupid Shuffle on in that teenie space.

EVENT-VIEWZ. This was an interesting event this go round at socilaite Robert Kirk's monthly event at 609 under his company, Precision. What made it unique were the two things that happened. (ONE GOOD AND ONE BAD) The first was Marcus Jones, the father of Jena 6's Mychal Bell and Louisiana radio personality Tony Brown, who spearheaded the black radio frenzy for the march down to Jena 6 wa stherre to address the crowd about the Jena 6 Movement. It was definitely a Party with A Purpose from that moment on as they spoke to the crowd about the imprtance of the Movement. YOURS TRULY had a chance to talk with both brothas and told them how noble they were of their efforts opf making the Jena 6 a movement and Brown wanted me to email him when the pic of he and Jones were ready for publication.

Also in the house was Rams' Fakhir Brown gettin his party on ( I gave him a pity pat on the shoulder when I saw him. LOL. )

And now the BAD (and I don't mean good. LOL)

It occurred in the back of the venue where there is a closed off section den section for those who want to host private parties. Well, YOURS TRULY was in the vicinity next to the priavte area and next thing you knwo there was a tall stout brotha coming out of there yelling and screaming. Then the sista who was throwin the party, a b-day party I believe--was yelling back to him saying, "Mind your own business."

Meanwhile, Kirk was pushing back the stout brotha telling him to calm down as the sista was still spewing out her "Mind your business" epitaths.

To this day, who knows what was goin on, but OUTTOWN suspects it was one of two things

1.He was pissed cause he wasnt invited OR

2. He was pissed cause he saw her with some other man

Who knows, but it almost got ugly especially after such positivity with the Jena 6 ordeal.

Caint we all jus git along!


ANITA BAKER BRINGS CLASS AND SASS BACK TO THE STL(Photos by Ijebuman's Diary) by Ma'at Atkins

The Fabulous Fox Theater was turned into a two-hour smorgasbord of classy R&B soul as its music's very own chantuese, Anita Baker graced the stage last Friday.

Much to the delight of fans, Baker gave her all with a series of her hits from the years from "Sweet Love," To "Caught Up in teh Rapture," To "Giving You The Best That I Got" and "Just Because."

Accompanied by a seven-piece band, her set--which had no intermission--also had some album faves including, "Been so Long," "You Bring Me Joy," and even a few bars of, "You Belong To Me," which was not on the playlist of scheduled songs for the evening.

At one point in Baker's set, she quipped, "Anything can happen tonight. There's just these lights. If you wanna dance you can. Just pretend this is your living room. We pride ourselves of being very spontaneous." And so it was in that she asked the crowd was song they wanted to hear--just as long as it was in the scheduled songs. LOL

Oddly missing from the repertoire were songs from her 1994 CD, "Rhythm of Love" and her comeback 2004 comeback album, "You're My Everything."

During the show, a film crew was there filming parts of her show, which was part of her limited tour, for the upcoming Jamaica Jazz Festival she will be a part of and having the crowd to say, "Hello Jamaica" to the camera."

There were however some semi-diva moments when she asked the sound man for more drums and reverb on her mike. She was a pro and tactful in her request.

Quite bubbly in her persona and humble she thanked the crowd for being able to what she does for 20 years, then comically chimed in on her human beingness when she told the coprwd that she will be 50 years old in january and that "she have to slow it up a bit."

Baker, who was given roses by a couple of men from the audience, also promised the crowd that a new album was in the works of doing another reocrd and to be able to see the crowd again.

After a faux ending for the encore, she perfomed her first hit, "Angel" from "The Songstress" and the radio fave "Fairytales," from her 1990's CD, "Compsotions."

Baker definitely did not diappoint and in her words, "it is important to still keep keep live music alive."

Amen, sista!
EDITOR's NOTE: A source who was at the show told me that security had to throw a sista up out of therre cause she refused to give up the seat that she was NOT supposed to sitting in. From my understanding, the actual perosn who was supposed to sit in the seat came but arrived late, but the one who was already sitting in the seat's explanation for being in the seat was was that the show was almost over. Well, B and G security had something for her--the Fox exit doors. TMP!


HERRE ARE PICS FROM THE DEBUT OF SNEAK A PEAK....INTRODUCING THE UNDERGROUND WORLD OF FASHION AND ART AT I AM BOUTIQUE (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY) ABOVE PIC: Message therapist Chakita Coburn poses with event host/creator and comedian Tahir Moore. Coburn was offering free messages that night. Moore's event is to showcase artsist and fashion designers monthly at I AM.
BELOW LEFT: Popular STL guitarist Wildman (left) talks with some of his fans.

BELOW RIGHT: Poeple waitin for the show to start.

Poets Eccentric and Silhouette dropped by for the event.

Moore, who was on the short lived BET comedy competition, Coming To the Stage, introduced the talent. DJ KT (in the background) was holdin it down on the 1s nd 2s..

Photographer Demond Meek and I AM manager Brookyln share a laugh during the show.

The crowd

Harris Stowe PR rep Nisa and her friend Tricia came to support Tahir who attends Harris Stowe.

Therre's poet Sir Ervin talkin with Chakita before he went up to perform.

Therre's local comedian Javon Bibbs (right) lookin over a photo manuscript of a young artist.

Sexy socialite Michella bartended the event as she asks a customer what they were drinking. The drinks were FRIZEE by the way.

Bibbs, who has performed on BET, was first on the mike. He gave the crowd his brand of hip-hop comedy.

Bibbs performed his famous routine, "That's What I Thought.' that put the crowd in stitches.

Local gangsta hip-hop artsists 2G was raw and rugged with two originals, "Gettin them Presidents" and "Down in the St. Louis Hustle."

Sir Ervin did two conscious pieces, "Freed," and "Stand." that got the crowd listening on its ear to every word as Michella and body paint artist Jessica Dana look on in teh background.

A candid shot of Black Pearl's Roland Page and guest at the event (Too bad I couldnt get a pic of the tattoo on the top of his head! LOL) .

The last act was Teresa Payne accompanied by Wildman. She was like a new school version of Millie Jackson who can sing and be funny. She sang, "If Only I Could Give You a Piece of Mind," Go To Hell, Baby," and ended her set with a short prayer thanking God of her life.

EVENT-VIEWZ. After I attended the St. Louis Magazine Party at Westin last Thursday nite, I trekked over to IAM Boutique in University City for the debut of this event. I only found out about this new monthly event the day before when I got a flier on my car while I was at Got Lyrics at Van Goghz. Although the crowd was a bit sparse, the show was enteratining and gave people a chance to network and hear some of STL's talented people.