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We know we’re a day late, but we are still recovering from Mems day and all the BBQ and sleep we did.

But we are back on schedule.

Before we get to the newz of the week, OUTTOWN would like to congratulate Cedric the Entertainer Kyles who will be inducted into the St. Louis Walk of Fame. He will receioev the star Sat. June 7 at 6166 Delmarvelous Boulevard. Cedric's star is the first one that will be located on the St. Louis side of the Delmar Loop. He is scheduled to be inducted at 11 a.m. He will be the 119th stars added to the walk since it was founded in 1988 by Joe Edwards who will lead in the induction. Along with kyles will be Max Starkloff, co-founder of Paraquad and the Starkloff Disability Institute. Bill Herbert's four-piece ragtime band will play.

All right onto the newz.

The STL almost had a tornado this week when a tornado almost touched down on Page in St. Louis County Tuesday. After a funnel cloud was spotted by a spotter, the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning for eastern St. Louis County and northern St. Louis city. But it expired about an hour after the announcement. St. Louis County police and other jurisdictions as of yet have reported no damage.

Gov. Matt Blunt celebrated Memorial Day by honoring 25 Vietnam Veterans in Springfield with commemorative Vietnam Veterans Medallions, a program created when the governor signed legislation to honor and recognize Missourians who served our country during Vietnam.

There were some scary and saddening stuff that happened during that Memorial day weekend. One was the now national 911 call made by Ofallon, Mo resident Erica Strickland (PICTURED facing with 911 rescue worker) who was trying to get home with medicine for her husband when she drove into floodwater rushing over Hoff Road.Cloudbursts that pushed Peruque Creek out of its banks also swept Strickland's Ford Taurus into a field. Muddy water rose quickly in the car, forcing her to climb out the sunroof. As she held on to the car's roof — her feet still inside the vehicle — Strickland used her cell phone to call 911. On Tuesday, Strickland thanked Becky Lenk, a 911 dispatcher, for keeping her calm during the ordeal. To hear the audio go to

The other incident was not so good when a death occurred at Lake of the Ozarks from a helicopter crash killing Zachary West. Divers recovered the body Monday of the 9-year-old boy from Eureka who went down with a helicopter that crashed Sunday evening into the Lake of the Ozarks near Sunrise Beach during its approach to a lakeside landing pad at the end of a sightseeing flight around the area.. The pilot and three passengers escaped as the MD500E helicopter rolled into the water near a lake house on the main channel. The pilot was identified as Keith Baker, 50, of Sunrise Beach. His passengers included his son, Nick Baker, 13, along with his friend Michael Barth, 13, and Anna Bierman, 24, of Macks Creek, Mo. They all jumped and swam to shore after the helicopter hit the water.

So will Anheuser Busch soon become Anheuser Bev? It is looking like it. An InBev NV purchase of U.S. brewer Anheuser-Busch Cos. may trigger more mergers among beer producers seeking to match the combined company's ability to boost earnings through wider distribution. InBev, based in Leuven, Belgium, has considered buying Anheuser-Busch or SABMiller Plc since Heineken NV and Carlsberg A/S acquired Scottish & Newcastle Plc for ($15.4 billion) this year, one of the people said, adding that St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch is the favored target. There have been rumors of this as well as the split in the busch family of this possible merger but the family has staed that there is no family split, only with the stiockholder issue which most fo the living Busch’s hold. We are sure theta the thousands of employees at AB aare shaking in their boots from the VPs to the janitors of what will come of tehri jibs within the bext six months. Hmmm.

As you have already heard by now , in the battle of the Davids on Fox’s “American Idol,” David Cook (won last Wednesday. The Kansas City, Mo via Blue Springs Mo rocker defeated Utah’s young crooner David Archuleta. A record 97.5 million viewers voted on the competition. Host Ryan Seacrest said Cook had won by a margin of 12 million votes over Archuleta, who had enjoyed the most praise throughout the season. Despite Simon Cowell and the judges' surprise, Cook's success was predicted by a number of online outlets. But his song choices throughout still proved to be rebellious in the wake of a long line of pop-orientated winners. Post-Idol Cook has become the 1st Idol to land five songs on the charts, three of them in the iTunes Top 10 and -- the coronation song "The Time of My Life" at No. 1 (No. 3 on the Hot 100) , his pick of the original songs "Dream Big" at No. 7 (No. 15 on the Hot 100), his cover of U2's "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" at No. 10 (No. 22 on the Hot 100). Bubbling Under the Top 40 are his covers of Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing” ( No. 42) and his cover of Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean (No. 47) . Cook, also confirmed the rumor on "Live With Regis and Kelly" that he recently went on a date with "Idol" alum Kimberly Caldwell. It is now speculated that they are an item, well at least that’s what TMZ is saying.

We had an almost scare before the Memorial day weekend when a 15 year old Belleville East girl Roza Husein Ahmad was reported missing last Tuesday when a 49-year-old Florida man Heriberto Torres-Rodriguez picked up the Shiloh , Ill. girl and drove her to Florida. The girl's father reported her missing Tuesday when she didn't return home from Belleville East High School. Meanwhile, FBI agents visited Ahmad's house in Belleville and seized Roza's personal computer. Torres-Rodriguez rented a car May 19 in Miami, and then drove to Belleville to pick the girl up from the school parking lot about 11 a.m. the next day. He returned the vehicle to the rental dealer at 3:04 p.m. Thursday. Police said Florida authorities arrested him Friday in Opa-Locka, Fla., with Ahmad and another man. Heriberto Torres-Rodriguez, of Opa-Locka, Fla., was charged in a criminal complaint with transporting a minor in interstate commerce with the intent of engaging in sexual activity, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. He was also charged with traveling in interstate commerce for the purpose of engaging in illicit sexual conduct, which carries a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison. A potential fine of $250,000 accompanies each count. He could face up to life in prison after federal charges were filed in East St. Louis on Friday. The Associated Press also reported that the two met in Puerto Rico about a year ago. Hmmm, it seemed as though this girl had relations with him and felt comfortable with him and it wasn’t just some random act. We would question her actions as well cuz we are willing to bet they met on myspace.

And speaking of myspace, Lori Drew, the woman who was indicted last week for her alleged role in a MySpace hoax against a 13-year-old neighbor, Megan Meier in 2006 and who committed suicide will be arraigned June 16 in Los Angeles. Drew does not have to surrender to authorities in Missouri. Earlier this month, Drew was indicted on one count of conspiracy and three counts of accessing protected computers without authorization to get information used to inflict emotional distress on the 13-year-old. As reprted, Drew allegedly helped create a fake account with the online social networking web site to convince Megan Meier that she was chatting with a teenage boy. The girl hanged herself at home in October 2006 after allegedly receiving a dozen or more cruel messages via MySpace.

Former Illinois Gov. George Ryan, who cleared Death Row in 2003 by granting blanket commutations, is seeking to have his own prison sentence commuted now that his legal options have been exhausted.The switch in strategy came after the U.S. Supreme Court declined on Tuesday to review Ryan's appeal, ending his long legal battle to clear his name. Within a few hours, Ryan's lawyer, former Gov. Jim Thompson, announced at a news conference that he would take the fight to the White House. Ryan, 74, has served almost 7 months of his 6 1/2 -year prison sentence for fraud, racketeering and other corruption charges. Attorneys for Ryan and his co-defendant, Lawrence Warner, sought to overturn their convictions as a result of a series of juror controversies at the end of the trial in 2006.In October, after a federal appeals court refused to reconsider a ruling that affirmed Ryan's sweeping conviction, Thompson called Ryan's appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court the "end of the line" and said his law firm had no plans to pursue a presidential pardon. But left with no alternative, Thompson said Tuesday that he would emphasize Ryan's age, years of public service and health in seeking to have his sentence commuted. At his sentencing in 2006, his lawyers said Ryan suffers from Crohn's disease and diabetes.

The two Medstar workers who were caught in gunfire spoke out this week on the ordeal. Patrick Bierman, who was shot twice, called the incident nothing short of a miracle. The Metro-East paramedic got shot Monday from last while driving an ambulance to Kenneth Hospital was out of the hospital a few days afterward. Bierman said he is lucky to be alive. "I never would have thought something like this could happen," said Bierman. The 23-year-old MedStar paramedic and his partner, Lydia Cravens, were transporting a victim from a double-shooting in Washington Park when someone fired at the ambulance. "I got hit, then swung back up. I hit the brakes on," Bierman said.

His partner, Lydia Cravens, jumped into the front seat of the ambulance and drove him to the hospital.

Bierman said he was shot twice--once in the arm, and once in the chest. "There were bullet fragments in me. One of which is close to my heart. So it's really it's a miracle. It's a miracle that I'm still alive," he said.

A miracle he owes to his partner. "Lydia definitely helped at that point in time. She saved my life," Bierman said.

The shooting changed his life. But Bierman said it will not keep him from moving forward. "I will return to work. Absolutely. I love my job. I love the people I work with. MedStar family has been great to me. And I'm going to return as soon as I can." Bierman said he will be ready to return to work in four to six weeks.

20-year old Cravens had no time to think in the moments after her ambulance was ambushed and she took the wheel from her co-worker who was shot as they were transporting another gunshot victim to Kenneth Hall Regional Hospital.
"In a situation like that, you don't know what you're doing," Cravens said. "Your thought process is not there. You don't think. You sort of move."
Cravens and her co-worker, responded. to a call of a double shooting in the 1500 block of North 51st Street in Washington Park. Another ambulance transported one of the two victims, who are brothers, and was followed by a detective. Cravens and Bierman transported the other but had no escort.
It was God," she said. "I was very blessed. We all were very blessed. So many things that should've been that weren't. The assailant was not outside of the ambulance when I got out and ran around to the driver's side. The bullets should've struck the engine but they didn't. Pat could've wrecked the ambulance. We all could've been killed. ... It was God."
On Interstate 64 at the 25th Street exit, a red Grand Am drove along side them and a suspect inside opened fire, striking the ambulance seven times. Police believe the gunman was trying to finish off the gunshot victim in the ambulance, Washington Park Police Chief Calvin Hammonds said. Police are still searching for the car.
Craven returned to work for her shift last Sunday.

The St. Louis Board of Police Commissioners voted unanimously this week to approve a 3-point-5 percent pay increase for commissioned police officers. The raise will become effective in September. Police Chief Joe Mokwa called the increase a "small step in the right direction." Mokwa said he would continue to fight for pay parity , until they achieve equality with other departments, such as St. Louis County and others. Mokwa warned that experienced officers continue to leave the department for other jurisdictions because of pay.

Two trucks were in separate accidents spewing out several edible delectibles. on Wednesday a tanker truck carrying corn syrup crashed on Interstate 270, leaving behind a sticky mess. For more than an hour, traffic was at a standstill on southbound Interstate 270, just north of Dorsett Road in Maryland Heights. Central county fire alarm sent ambulances to the scene for reports of injuries. No word on the extent of those injuries. A spokesman for the Missouri Department of Transportation, said cleanup crews tried shoveling the corn syrup. Officials reopened the far two left lanes of southbound I-270 after 10 a.m., so some traffic could creep by. But they expect the cleanup crews to be working along the highway there until at least noon. On Monday,.
a trailer truck loaded with 14 tons of double-stuffed Oreos overturned, spilling plastic sleeves of cookies into the median and roadway. Illinois State Police says the truck's driver was traveling from Chicago to Morris on I-80 around 4 a.m. Monday when he fell asleep at the wheel and slammed into the median. The force of the crash ripped open boxes of the cookies, but their plastic wrappers kept them from covering the ground. No charges were filed but both lanes of traffic remain closed while authorities removed the cookies… eating them! LOL.

Residents in the Parkside neighborhood in the St. Clair County town of Centreville are more uneasy than ever after someone attempted to set another house on fire over the weekend.
Since January, residents have reported that six houses have burned down and there have been 12 attempts to burn houses, including the latest attempt on Saturday. The Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal has been called in to investigate. The resident of the house that caught fire on Saturday, said he was inside sleeping and his dogs didn't bark.

Last week, 17-year-old Elijah Moore of St. Louis was killed when a car crashed into a bus stop. A 43-year-old woman suffered a seizure while driving and lost control of her vehicle. The woman's car hit an enclosed bus stop and other cars at the South County Center mall. An 18-year-old who was also at the bus stop was airlifted from the scene and was in fair condition. The woman, her 11-year-old daughter and two people in another car also sustained minor injuries. OUTTOWN give its sympathies and prayers to all families involved.

Looks like STL property dweller Paul Mckee is getting in the news lately. First was thewera and tear collapse of the parts of the roof of the historic Clemens Chapel on Cass Avenue after rains had precursored the damage. Now, the city is crying for him to keep up the rest of his properties. A spokesman for McEagle Properties, McKee’s company, says the company will soon announce that it will work with community organizations on the hundreds of parcels that its founder, Paul J. McKee Jr., has acquired in north St. Louis. As Riverfront Times has reported, McKee is now one of the single-largest landowners north of downtown, and his new neighbors often complain about the lack of maintenance on his properties, which include vacant lots, vacant buildings and recently vacated buildings. Marvin Steele, a construction businessman who is working with the north-side community organization Better Family Life, is recruiting teenagers for a federally funded program called Pathways. The program will be funded with part of a half-million-dollar federal outlay secured earlier this spring by U.S. Rep. William "Lacy" Clay. The young people will mow lawns in north St. Louis, where O'Fallon-based developer Paul McKee owns hundreds of properties. But the question was rasied if it was legal to use government money on private proerty? According to he RFT, The St. Louis Agency on Training and Employment (SLATE), was responsible for distributing the federal funds and its executive director Tom Jones was a little troubled by the prospect of taxpayers footing the bill. Meanwhile, Mayor Francis Slay's chief of staff, Jeff Rainford, appeared on KMOX radio (1120 AM) and told talk-show host Charlie Brennan that Steele got it wrong: No federal funds will be used on McKee's properties. Hmm, this sounded like someone approved something they shouldn’t have and SLATE’s public creations are doing the good spin and cycle job.

There is a new tunnel at Lumiere Place. Pinnacle Entertainment Inc. opened a pedestrian tunnel this Tuesday that links its $507 million Lumière Place casino and hotel development to downtown St. Louis. At a ceremony with city officials in attendance, Pinnacle Entertainment unveiled the "LumièreLink," a 400 foot tunnel which runs underground between Baer Plaza, across Broadway from the Edward Jones Dome, and the casino, which is just east of Laclede's Landing. The company spent almost $20 million on the tunnel, which it hopes will help bring downtown workers, visitors and conventioneers to Lumière Place without making them walk under Interstate 70 to get there. The tunnel is staffed 24 hours daily by Lumière Place personnel. Two sections of moving walkways take about 90 seconds to maneuver.
SIUE is looking for a new director for the Morris University Center to take over after the current director Mary Robinson who retires June 30. Director of Campus Recreation Mick Ostrander was co-chair of the search committee to find a new director of the Morris University Center, and said the committee invited four candidates to participate in on campus interviews with the university community earlier this month. One candidate, Leah Barrett, executive director of student development at Boise University, said Tuesday that she recently withdrew from consideration for personal reasons. OUTTOWNs Ma’at Atkins remember when she was hired when he was a grad student there in 1994. The Black Student Association led a quiet protest if the director was not going to be African American. Most of the student in the BSA stood up and turned their backs to the selection committee board. The SIUE paper Alestle took pics and covered that historic moment. As a result, Robinson became the first African American director at the University Center.

Anyone check out Donnybrook when it went live as Donny Bash to the Sheldon Concert Hall last Wednesday? Moderated host Mark Duggan along with co-hosts Wendy Weiss, Ray Hartmann (our fave), Charlie Brennan and Bill McClellan, they talked about various topics that was happening in STL (pretty much what we blogged last week in the STL-TIDBITZ) and beyond but the trivial topic was the city passing a beggars law that week. Earlier this year, City aldermen poised to outlaw "aggressive" panhandling, create panhandling-free zones and make it illegal to beg at night. What was weird was when Brennan said that instead of beggars going to people for change, the city should erect a meter for people to put money in just for beggars (whom he think are professional con artists) and the money can be given to local churches and the churches, in turn, can distribute whatever items beggars need from the monies raised. Well, this mos def raised eyebrows from the panel as well as the audience. Brotha can you spare a dime? Nope but I can put the money in the meter, brotha. LOL. To check out the show go to and click Donnybrook - May 22, 2008

The roadway and highway laws have gotten some work in the news as well. Its been a week since the new electronic variable speed limit signs on the Missouri side of Interstate 270 went up, but with not without controversy. The signs change speed in five-miles-per-hour increments and can only be changed every five minutes. The signs will flash for five seconds, before the speed limit changes. The slowest speed will be 40 miles-per-hour and the fastest speed will be 60 miles-per-hour. Citiznes are complaining. One in particlaur is said to have said, “When the signs say 40, everyone is driving 20 because that as fast as you can go at evening rush without hitting the car in front of you. When the signs say 60, everyone drives 70. Normally you drive as fast the slowed traffic will allow up to the speed limit. How is this supposed to help?” It was also reported that police will give drivers a month before they start ticketing drivers. This will be a 2-year pilot program. If it's successful, MODOT plans to expand it to other interstates.

Next was St. Louis Alderman Charles Quincy Troupe (Ward 1) who introduced a bill this week to repeal the ordinance allowing the use of red-light cameras in the city. Troupe's bill would end the city's controversial red-light camera program.The north-side alderman quietly introduced the legislation during an April 25 meeting of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen. Last Wednesday, Troupe penned a note to Municipal Judge Margaret Walsh demanding that the city turn over information regarding the zip codes of people who've been fined by the cameras. Troupe also wants Walsh, whose court oversees red-light camera cases, to provide a count of the number of people who've been issued tickets by the cameras for turning right on red. Troupe is concerned with four elements of the red-light ordinance that was approved back in October 2005. thwe fine is too high ($100), people are used to turning right on red 9which is where most of the fines come from), racially profiling Afrcina Ameircan communkties and the program is a histel for money. Troupe was one of the few aldermen who opposed the initial camera legislation, and adds that he's always had concerns about the behind-the-scenes lobbyists and political brokers who've profited from the cameras. For a great story on this matter, check out Riverfront Times writer Chad Garrison’s story “Red Alert,” in the March 6 edition of the paper.


Then on the East Side, Illinois will begin using photo radar in freeway work zones starting in July. Beginning in July the State of Illinois will use speed cameras in areas designated as 'Work Zones' on major freeways. Anyone caught by these devices will be mailed a $375.00 ticket for the FIRST offense, but the SECOND offense will cost $ 1000.00 and comes with a 90-Day suspension. Drivers will also receive demerit points against their license , which allows insurance companies to raise their rates. This represents the harshest penalty structure yet for a city or state using PHOTO enforcements. The State will begin with TWO camera vans issuing tickets in work zones with speed limits lowered to 45 MPH. Photographs of both the Driver's face and License plate are taken. For more info:

Congrats are in store for two power mover and shakers. The first is Jacque Land who was appointed to the Emancipation day commission this week by Gov. Matt Blunt The position’s mission is promoting, considering, recommending and being responsible for all activities and recognition in celebration of Emancipation Day, which is celebrated on June nineteenth. Land, 36 of St. Louis, is co-owner of Platinum Group, Inc. Land holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and a master’s degree in business management from Fontbonne University. Mr. Land serves as president of 100 Black Men of St. Louis and as vice president of the board of directors for the St. Louis Public Library. Mr. Land’s term will end August 1, 2009. The second is Mark Anthony Jones who will serve as an adjunct professor at Washington University in the psychology department. He is co-founder of Stress Free Fridays. He is currently principal at Riverview Gardens School district and holds bachelor’s degrees in elementary education and psychology at UMSL, and master’s degrees in elementary education and educational leadership and administration both at wash U. His group, Stress Free Fridays will be receiving a Declaration from the City of St. Louis, Collector of Revenue (Gregg Daly) at their weekly happy hour event at Grammophone (SEE EVENT-BITZ BELOW) for their four years in existence.

Some of STL’s underground hip-hop artists are performing at this years RFT Music Fest in the Delmar Loop on June 1. One is rapper/producer Vandalyzm, who is the only act nominated twice for the RFT 2008 Music Awards. Van is up for "Best Live Act" and "Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist". Vandalyzm along with Gotta B. Karim & Trackstar the DJ is performing on the main-stage at Vintage Vinyl. The times and places are: 5 p.m. Vandalyzm performs; and 9 p.m. Gotta Be Karim(who is also nominated as best Rap/Hip Hop Artist) and 10 p.m. Others includes Needles(nominated for best Hip Hop DJ) , 7 p.m. at Pin-Up Bowl and Nite Owl (nominated for Best Funk/Soul/R&B) at the Elvis Room in Blueberry Hill. For more of the schedule of acts go to You can vote for these acts at http:// The deadline is June 1 and winners will be revelaed in the June 12 edition of the Riverfront Times

Lamar Harris (who is nominated for Best Funk/R&B/SouL in the RFT Music Awards nominations along with Nite Owl, Dogtown All Stars, Upright Animals and Kim Massie) is releasing his long awaited CD “Live on the Bistro” on May 30. This CD/DVD release chronicles his January 2008 performances at the popular St. Louis venue, Jazz at the Bistro. The CD/DVD features Lamar showcasing his jazz and soul influences, while performing with notable St. Louis musicians such as “Good 4 The Soul”, Duane “Jingo” Williams, and C Jay Conrod. He will have a party for its release at The Gramophone in conjunction with Stress Free Fridays (SEE EVENT-BITZ BELOW) The Gramophone, St. Louis's newest live music venue. Harris also will perform Tuesday, June 3 at the Old Rock House for STL bassist Wildmann’sb0day. It will be a all-tar jam session. Others performing include Black Spade, Bradd Young, Aloha Mischeaux, Coco Soul, Silky Soul, Gotta Be Karim, Vandalyzm, Flirt, Jada Avenue, and Motre.

Although STL weightlifter Derrick Johnson did not qualify for this year’s Summer Olympics, he does have a pictorial of the qualifications event in Atlanta May 17. You can check it out at

Two STL comedians are setting to do new adventures on the stage. Darius Bradford’s long awaited club Big Joker will be opened in June in side Union Station and Javon Bibbs is setting off to move to Los Angeles to continue his bright career.

STL fitness model Fred Williams was at Carolina’s Kitchen in Baltimore last weekend. He was there for a book signing for the book ONE AINT ENOUGH.
Frontline Security’s Brian Stemmons will actually be back in the STL from his five month Air force duty overseas this weekend. We erred and said last weekend. Frontline’s Brandon troupe is still awaiting is duty papers for the Marines.
YOURS TRULY Ma’at Atkins’ East St. Louis Senior High School landmark reunion year will be in August. He is still on the fence of attending. LOL

IN THE MIA(MISISNG IN ACTION) FILE-Where is 2004 American idol contestant Tankah?

BLIND BITZ. Which mover and shaker had a case of the bubble guts and had a venue’s restroom sounding like a symphony? (Hint. The mover and shaker is seen in at one of the events blogged this week and they are part of the “rainbow.”

BLIND PICZ.Who was drivng this Rent and Roll van?


Who pictured here is in dire need of a dentist?


MAY IS CELEBRATION MONTH AT “THE POT ” thru May 31 st $15.00 off for Military * Happy Hour 5 to 7 pm, weekdays * Wine School May 20th $15 dollars off for 15 days--This special program is for our friends and neighbors in the Military and neighbors get $15.00 off when they order the Big Night Out four course dinner. Just bring your Military ID or CAC and tell your server. Thanks for all that you do. Call us at 314-725-4141. For more info email Mike at Or call 314-725-4141

The Black Rep, the country’s largest and premier professional African-American theatre company will close its 31st Season with SARAFINA! The Music of Liberation by Mbogeni Ngema, May 28 - June 29, 2008 at the Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square in St. Louis, Missouri. Reserve your seats by please calling (314) 534-3810 or visit

This Tony Award nominated musical is set in South Africa during the Soweto riots of 1976 and is told through the eyes of Sarafina, an ambitious schoolgirl actress-activist. SARAFINA! burns with the raw truth about life under apartheid that was not published or televised because of the government’s censorship of news coverage.
Following the imprisonment of her inspirational teacher, Sarafina inspires her classmates to rise up and join her in protest of the racist apartheid government.The young talented cast includes members of the company’s Professional Intern Program and the Summer Performing Arts (SPA) program.
Sarafina! is directed by Ron Himes with choreography by Keith Tyrone and musical direction by Charles Creath.Single tickets range from $33 to $43. Student rush tickets (30 minutes prior to curtain) are $10 with valid I.D. The Black Rep continues its Target “Next Generation Family Series” this season where young people ages 8 -18 are admitted free with the purchase of an adult ticket on Thursday evenings and at all Saturday matinee performances. Limit one child per adult. To reserve your seat please call (314) 534-3810 or visit

Performance Schedule, May 28 - June 29, 2008
Wednesday and Thursday Previews at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday performances at 7:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday performances at 8:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday matinee performances at 3:00 p.m.
SUBWAY Noonday Series: Join the director and designers for a lively discussion on Thursday, May 29 at
12:00 p.m., lunch provided by Subway Delmar Loop
Student matinee performances on Wed, June 4 and June 18 at 10:00 a.m.

Legendary Too $hort is performing free at the Old Rock House, 100 S. 7th Street, 9 p.m., Thursday May 29 , FREE FREE FREE. Must RSVP to to enter

Stress Free Fridays/Lamar Harris CD Release Party
Friday, May 30, 2008> > 5pm-UNTIL> Gramophone (> > 4243 Manchester--The Grove Neighborhood> > St. Louis, Missouri 63110> > 314-531-5700> > FYI: The Stress Free Fridays 4 Year Anniversary> Celebration will be held on June 6, 2008...stay tuned!> > > > **EARLY ARRIVAL IS HIGHLY SUGGESTED!> > > Stress Free Fridays visits one> of the> > newest venues in The Grove Neighborhood,> Gramophone...this> > will also be the CD Release Party for local musician> Lamar> > Harris...Lamar Harris will be performing LIVE...get> there> > early to avoid the cover charge...bring a friend or> two and> > unwind from your stressful work week...Early arrival> is> > suggested as we expect a huge turnout...Do not forget> to> > bring your business cards and be prepared to> > network...ample parking is available.> > > > Please visit our NEW website:> >

Precision presents Panache at the Metropolitan Square Building, 211 North broadway-9 p.m. May 30

The First 25 Years hosted by Fate and Talea at the Metropolitan Square building, 42nd floor For more info go to May 30

Better Family Life presents Forces of Nature Dance Theatre and Sankofa Productions in Concert May 30 & 31. For tickets call 314.367.3440 or visit‏

Home Grown Ent, The Parker Brothers, Brainstorm, and Rob Kirk present Birthday Blast for B-ballers Allen Iverson and STl’s Larry Hughes May 30-June 1. Fri—the White Party at Nectar; Sat—The Play Offs at the Skybox and Sun The Playoffs at Lush. All parties open at 9 p.m. For more info go to


CALL TO ONENESS. Starting Friday May 30th, Saturday May 31st, and Sunday June 1st, a > oriented "State of Emergency" panel discussion. Incorporated in to this evening, with the help of Hot 104.1 will be the finals of a hip hop/rap contest hosted by Dynasty Productions.
This event will be housed at the Lindbergh campus of Shalom (Church City Of Peace) 5491 N.Highway 67, Florissant, MO 63034.Saturday will be the implementation of education. We will host workshops and classes at satellite sites throughout St. Louis City, County, and East St. Louis, all united via video conferencing. Saturday evening will encompass an evening of basketball at Harris-Stowe University. There will be a group of games played by local all stars and "not so all stars" alike. >
The weekend will culminate on Sunday with the most outrageous, powerful, and > magnanimous gathering of black men that the Midwest has ever seen. We will unite 20,000 black men at the Robert's building on Kingshighway, and march the old Annie Malone parade route ending in Tandy park. After the parade, we will be blessed with speakers, leaders, and fellowship the type unheard of in St. Louis to introduce the plans of "A Call to Oneness". . For more info please contact Erich Morris at (314)653-2300.


GOT Lyrics hosted by Mocha Latte’ every Wednesday night is back on track. Got Lyrics is held at the new location, Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro, 3200 Shenandoah Ave. , from 7pm to12am each week. Admission for the event is free before8pm. After 8:00 the cost is minimal; $3.00 for poets and $5.00 for audience. Members of the press are welcome and encouraged to attend opening night........................Ladies Night OUT Thursdays at Dante's hosted by Mocha Latte . Ladies Free Admission and Drinks til Midnite………….. The Best Damn Friday Night Period at the Skybox in the Landing. Doors open at 9 p.m. All free til 10 p.m……………………. Loose cannon Weekend May 30-June1; B-Day Bash at Skybox May 30; All White Party at Club Society May 31 and Private Pool Party June 1. For more info on tix call 314.646.9917

Pick up an Evening Whirl on Mondays and check out Mocha Latte’s column COFFEE TALK!

OR CALL 314-831-7505
Please tell them Mocha Latte' referred you.

Writer, poet, singer, musician. Te’ V. Smith is a talent worth seeking out! From his humorous and playful yet educational political and social songs to his mind and soul challenging poetry he has amazed crowds from Kentucky to Paris France.An accomplished jazz pianist and soul writer his debut onto the national scene came mid 2007 when he joined the legendary “Roots” for a 5 city tour sharing the gift of word through poetry and song.

With a strong following on the poetry/spoken word circuit Mr. Smith is sure to continue to push the envelope, raise the bar and change lives.Other credits include: The Washington Post’ 100 most influential writers of the next generation 1997 ; Guest youth poet at le deil with Saul Williams and Ani Difranco 2000; featured on BET’s Lyric Café 2006; guest performer for Floetry’ “Floetry remix Tour” 2007; andfeatured artist on Russell Simmons’ Def Poetry Jam 2007HEAR HIM SHARE HIS LIFE at WWW.MYSPACE.COM/TEVSMITH

Contact Mocha Lattte if you want to book him.For more info on these events, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or

Please be advised that Sheryl Crow’s May 22nd concert date at the Fox Theatre has been CANCELLED..
Go, Diego, Go LIVE! The Great Jaguar Rescue 5 performances at the Fabulous Fox Theatre! Saturday, May 31 at 11am, 2pm & 5pm ; Sunday, June 1 at 2pm & $43, $33, $28, $24, $20 & $15At the Fox Box Office, MetroTix outlets or by calling 314/534-1111Order tickets online at BADU with THE ROOTS NEW AMERYKAH TOUR Thursday, May 29 – 8 p.m. Fox Theatre $59 $49 $38............................... MAMMA MIA!, the smash hit musical based on the songs of ABBA, makes a triumphant return to the Fox Theatre for one week only, June 3-8 as a special offering of the U.S. Bank Broadway series. Curtain times are Tuesday through Friday at 8 p.m., Saturday at 2 and 8 p.m., and Sunday at 2 and 7:30 p.m. This marks the musical’s fifth engagement at the Fabulous Fox proving to be a St. Louis favorite! Tickets for MAMMA MIA! range from $25 to $69 depending on performance date and seat location. Tickets go on sale April 27 at the Fox Theatre box office and all MetroTix locations. To charge by phone, call MetroTix at 314/534-1111 or order on-line at Groups of 20 or more can call Fox Group Sales at 314/535-2900 for special rates on select performances. MAMMA MIA! is a special offering of the U.S. Bank Broadway Series and sponsored by American Airlines...................................................................KETC / CHANNEL 9 presents Willie Nelson with Special Guest James HunterSaturday, June 14 • 7:30 pm at the Fabulous Fox Theatre!$53, $48, $43, $38Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 12 at 10 am!...................................................................RETURN TO FOREVERwith Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Al Di Meola, Lenny WhiteBack together again for the first time in over 25 years!Tuesday, June 17 • 8 p.m.Fabulous Fox Theatre$74.50, $64.50, $49.50, $44.50, $39.50VIP Packages also Headhunters, John McLaughlin’s Mahavishnu Orchestra, Joe Zawinul and Wayne Shorter’s Weather Report and Chick Corea’s legendary Return to Forever. Formed in 1971, Return to Forever is known for improvising complex compositions and melding the jazz tradition with rock music. Though the lifespan of the band was only from 1972 to 1977, Return to Forever has been heralded as one of the most innovative bands in jazz history. The highly anticipated return of Return to Forever gives original fans and a new generation of listeners a chance to experience their unparalleled pure sound live..............................................................ROBERT PLANT AND ALISON KRAUSS Featuring T Bone Burnett Thursday, June 19 • 8pmFabulous Fox Theatre$67.50, $57.50 & $47.50Tickets are on sale now. Recipients of the 2007 Grammy award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, for the track “Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)”, ROBERT PLANT and ALISON KRAUSS – along with Raising Sand producer and band leader T Bone Burnett – are creating a show that will feature songs from their collaborative release, as well as from the artists’ extensive career discographies. Band members for the tour include Jay Bellerose (drums) and Dennis Crouch (bass) – both of whom played on Raising Sand – as well as Buddy Miller (guitar) and Stuart Duncan (fiddle, mandolin and other instruments). Burnett will play guitar and 6-string bass, as well as perform several songs. For more information, go to ……. TOM WAITSGlitter and Doom TourThursday, June 26 • 8 p.m.Fabulous Fox Theatre$102.50, $90, $70--2 ticket limit per orderMelissa Etheridge The Revival Tour 2008 Fox Theatre Monday, August 11 • 8 p.m. On-Sale Information: Purchase tickets at the Fox Box Office, MetroTix outlets or by calling 314/534-1111. Order tickets online at ............................................. ON SALE MONDAY, MAY 19 AT 10AM!GLADYS KNIGHT&AL GREENSunday, July 13 • 7:30 p.m.Fabulous Fox Theatre$124.50, $64.50, $54.50, $44.50, & $34.50On-Sale Information:Tickets on sale Monday, May 19 at 10am!Purchase tickets at the Fox Box Office, MetroTix outletsor by calling 314/534-1111.Order tickets online at U.S. Bank Broadway Series Shows and Specials: (Subscription Season in Bold) Oprah Winfrey presents THE COLOR PURPLE, October 21-November 2, 2008 SWEENEY TODD, November 14-16, 2008CATS, November 28-30, 2008LEGALLY BLONDE the Musical, January 20-February 1, 2009The Rep presents SPRING AWAKENING, February 10-22, 2009CIRQUE DREAMS JUNGLE FANTASY, March 17-29, 2009Dance St. Louis presents STOMP, April 3-5, 2009HAIRSPRAY, April 24-26, 2009Dance St. Louis presents RIVERDANCE, May 1-3, 2009A CHORUS LINE, May 12-24, 2009RENT, June 2-7, 2009MARY POPPINS, AUGUST 13-30, 2009THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, September 23-October 17, 2009

Man on Fire Conference 2008, “This is Why I’m Hot” June 3-6, 2008, Bread opf Life fellowship, 5000 Humbert Road ion Alton,. Ill. For mroeinfo contact Elder Chris Harris at 618. 462.6871 or
The Mckinley Bridge Grand Opening Celebration/Bike Trail; Saturday, June 07, 2008. The Great Rivers Greenway District and the Metro East Park and Recreation District will jointly celebrate the grand opening of the McKinley Bridge Bikeway and Brance Street Trestle on June 7, from 11 am until 2 pm. Both organizations share credit for improving bicycle and pedestrian access across the bridge. See website for more events on that day.Cost: Free Website:

The 3rd Annual All-Male Celebrity Fashion Show for Call for Help Inc, Sunday, June 8 at the Moulin, 2017 Chouteau, Doors at 5 p.m.; Show at 6 p.m. Tix $65 Order tix online by June 3 at

3 Way promotions presents Summer in the City. SUMMER IN THE CITY IS BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND. IT’S THE DENIM & SNEAKERS EDITION histed by Biog tah COME WITNESS THE SEXIEST PARTY OF THE SUMMER- MONDAY JUNE 9TH @ THE LOFT. 8 p.m. EVERYBODY FREE TIL 10:30 p.m. DJ Cuddy on the 1s and 2s. Perforemance by R&B female trio June 5 conetstants must eneter before 11:30 p.m. Three winners will receive cash , VIp treatment, a spread in the Summer in the City 09 Calendar. For more info call 314.713.0926 CLICK THE LINK TO SEE SUMMER IN THE CITY MODEL SEARCH FOR THE 08 CALENDAR

Riverfront Times Theatre critic Dennis Brown on Stray Dog Theatre's
upcoming production of Morning's At Seven:
"Osborn's Morning's at Seven is one of the most underrated treasures in all American theater, a timelessly charming comedy that every generation needs to rediscover. (Mark your calendar now.)" - 11/07/2007


Witty and slightly wacky, five women along with the men in their lives
are disrupted when a series of well-kept secrets come to light.
(Photo: John Lamb)



JUNE 12 - JUNE 28, 2008


For Tickets and Information
CALL: 314-865-1995

My Daddy is a DJ produced and starring Tony J TheTraffic Man written and directed by Henry Davis, kickin off Father’s Day weekend, Friday June 13 at the Central Visual and Performing Arts High School, 3125 Kingshighway, $15 door $10 w.student ID doors open at 5 p.m., show starts at 7 p.m. For more info call 314.306.7740. Special guests include Hakeem Da Dream, Da Fam, Thyck Clyck, Gangsta Grits, MC, Rucka Puff. Nikko Smith and Jibbs...................................................

Father’s day dinner “A Tribute to fathers” , June 15 at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton. Dinner at 5 p.m.. Program at 6 p.m. rev. Starsky Wilson guest speaker. Wayman Smith dinner chair.


The Pocketbook Monologues (aka the black Vagina Monologues) Presented by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Omicron Theta Omega Chapter, Sunday, June 22, 2008 at 6:00 PM at the Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO 63108. Single Tickets On sale Thursday, May 01, 2008 at 9:00 AM Ticket Prices$35 general For more info call 314.533.9900 or go to

AUDITION BITZ ..It's Just Me April. I'm looking for all kinds of talent for a promotional live show to be held at a cafe in Indianapolis Indiana. If you sing R&B,Soul,Jazz,Gospel, Neo Soul,Country,Blues,Rap,Rock what ever. If you play any kind of insturment,spoken word, dance, 1-3 person stage act. Please contact me at
............................................St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase - July 19-24, 2008 Cinema St. Louis is proud to announce that submissions for the 8thannual 2008 St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase. Deadline for submissions isMay 31, 2008. Click here for an Adobe PDF of the official submission application and entry rules. A Word document can be supplied upon request…………………….
JOB-ITZ City Light is a gospel video production company that continues to grow on and on and on!!!!!!!!!!!! We are currently looking for a professional independent videographerwho is experienced in filming, creative and skilled in editing with alove for video and eager to learn with an ability to travel. We are also looking for an additional shooter and PA's free to travel and an interest in assisting on the following: 100 Black Men National Conference........July 2008 Orland, FL (In Disney) Essence Music Festival ......................June 2008 New Orleans, LA(Only filming City Lights client's participation on stage and workshops) NAACP National Conference..................June 2008 City TBA Urban League National Conference..........August 2008 City TBA Live Gospel Music Video.........................October, 2008 Durham, NC Church musical service............................October, 2008 Durham, NC Gospel Music Video .............................. September, 2008 Durham, NC (2) Gospel Music Video................................Date TBA Denver, CO All PA's travel and hotel fully paid with possibly 1 to 2 meals per work day Camera operator hourly pay per work hour along with travel and hotel fully paid. Skilled students and ladies are encouraged to apply!!!!!!!!!!!!! All interested please reply to this email and put or leave Employment in Subject Line! no phone calls please! Thank You for your interest in working with City Lights!!!!!!!!!!!

ArtsINTERsection, Metro Theatre Company’s exciting arts education program returns to New City School, 5209 Waterman Avenue, June 9 – 27, 2008. ArtsINTERsection offers a preschool program for children ages 4 – 5 and school age children ages 9 -11. “At ArtsINTERsection kids can expect to have a busy day exploring theater, music, visual art and movement led by a staff of experienced, professional teaching artists with loads of individual attention in a caring environment where every child feels successful,” said Emily Petkewich, Director of Education Metro Theater Company. Four and Five year olds will explore creative drama and music in the morning and visual art and outdoor play in the afternoon. This unique program is great way to get preschoolers ready for their fall school experience! Six through 11 year olds explore acting and improvisation, creative movement, a creativity lab and visual art. Each week brings new creative challenges! Children may attend one, two or all three weeks of the program. Before and after care is also offered by New City School for an additional fee. Tuition is $230 per week, For more information or to register visit
or call (314) 997-6777……………………………………………….Stray Dog Theatre Hop into spring dance classes for children taught by Sheila Rabbitt - professional teacher/choreographer Come learn beginning modern and jazz dance in a positive environment where children will not only learn steps but create their own dances. Great for kids just starting out and those with some experience! Tuesdays and Thursdays 4:45-5:45 pm 4:45-5:45 pm Children 6-9 Children 10-12 Cost $48 for 8 week session Class size is limited. Early registration suggested. Please call Sheila Rabbitt at (314) 898-0374 to register. LOCATION Tower Grove Abbey 2336 Tennessee Avenue..................................... Stray Dog Theatre 2008 SUMMER ON STAGEChildren’s Theatre Arts Camps for Kindergarten – 5th Grade* Join Stray Dog Theatre’s ARTS IN MIND for a summer season of theatre camps.Camps are taught by theatre professionals and offer a variety of hands-on fun and education, culminating in a week’s end play for friends and family. Snacks and materials are provided. Space is limited, so make your reservation today. Come join the fun! TIME9:00am – 12:00noon LOCATION Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63104 COST $100 per child, per week (Check, Money Order, or Credit Card)CONTACT Call for information and registration (314) 276-9039 and .......................................Kobalt Books has just inked a movie-production dealwith Factor Media Group/Applecrate Films/OmniquestMedia to develop the true life story of Rev. BurtonBarr Jr. and his autobiography, “The HoodlumPreacher”, into a feature film. The publisher, KobaltBooks, is currently looking to raise development fundsfor this film. Potential investors will come on asmanaging members of the company thatproduces thefilm.For More Investment Info, Contact:Cedric Mixon at 314-503-5462........................................Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services forthe youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyonewho is in need of some extra educational support,please feel free to contact her or give them hercontact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314)418-9803................STL rapper/producer J-Kwon-has a new label deal and we are looking for someinterns to work on the new label HOOD HOP MUSICgraphicdesigners street team female street team club streetteam models internet teams (e-blasting,bloggers,writers)We are looking for the best. So instead ofjust grabbing the person that says they are the best,we are looking for people to SHOW us they are the best at what they do. The bread-winners will be put onpayroll with a permanent job with the company. If youthink you will be the next hottest publicist, model,A&R, sponsorship writer, whatever it is that you do,then get at us! If you can do mixtape covers, adcovers, posters, willing to do street team work and beapart of this new label contact me directly at…………………………..Joel P. E. King, owner of JPEK CreativeWorks LLC and The Space, wants to make an offer tothose of you who are in search for party and eventspace. Close to 2,000 square feet of available spacefor your next event, wedding party, baby shower, artexhibition and more. Here at The Space, you willacquire elegance, convenience and wonderfulhospitality. The Space located at 320-24 N.Vandeventer (off Lindell Blvd. in SLU area) Contact:314.494.5976 or 314.494.9095................Saint Louis has a new STREET TEAM. STL Promotions Professional Staff ,On time reporting with Pictures Electronic Marketing:E-Cards, E-Blast, Website Presence, Guerilla Marketing Techniques, Service Street, Radio, College, and Mixtape DJs, Special Events, Telephone Conferences,Retail, Market Visits, Professional Marketing Strategy for Saint Louis, Premium Product Placement, Exposure every day and every night at every event Our machine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!! We will exceed your expectations!!! Contact us at 314-750-6806................
NEW. presents Therapy every Sunday at Lush, 3037 Olive, doors at 10 p.m. (close at 3 a.m.) Ladies free til midnite. Fellas $5 before 11 p.m. ladies $5 after Midnite. $2 martinis til 11:30 p.m. Dress Code enforced. Free B-day parties (limited space). For info call 314.392.7882 or

NEW. Fred and Harry Inc. presents Champagne Sundays at Sol Lounge, 4241 Lindell, 3:30 p.m. Cocktails $5, Cover $3. For more info go to
NEW. The Head Nodders Ball w DJ Needles Mondays at the Delmar Lounge, 6235 Delmar 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. $3 Cover..........................

NEW: Neo Soul singer Silky Sol and Godo for the Sol perform Sundays at Janae’s West, 7555 Olive Blvd, 5 p.m. Fo rmor einfo call 314.863.7420

Mondays are Comedy Nites at Janae’s West 7555 Olive Blvd, hosted by Darius Bradford. 8:30 p.m. $10 Cover. (314)863-7420...............................

Francois cognac and cigar bar presents Evening of Expressions, every Tuesday a blend of culture, spoken word and neo soul, 326 N/ Vanderventer. Free until 9 p.m. $5 after 9 p.m. For more info call Ms. Bell at 314.229.7952 or Alexander at 314.448.2939
Suite Soul Spot, 1st Tuesday of each Month at the Old Rock House, 1200 S 7th Blvd. 9 p.m. 314-588-0505.2 Dollar Tuesdays at The Spot, 8370 N Broadway. $2 to get in and $2 drink specials all nite long. Doors at 9 p.m. for more info call 314.385.4545
J’var, JE and Maxxed Out Entertainment Present Lyric Lounge every Wednesday @ House of Comedy (formerly Laughs on theLanding), 801 N. 2nd Street Featuring Poets, R&B, NeoSoul, Jazz and Funk artist weekly……Singers and poetryslam enthusiast gather weekly to present a uniqueblend of spoken word poetry and music from local andnot so local artist…….Doors open @ 8 show starts @9…..$100 weekly cash prize to the hottestlyricist….live band …..door prizes….giveaways…….allfor only $5 at the door For more info, call 314.241.5233
NEW: Power Stiletto Entertainment Presents "Power Networking Wednesday's"where "powerful" minds meet to do "powerful" things in our community!
Date: Wednesdays 6 p.m.
Attire: Business/Business Casual (Stirctly Enforced)
Admission: Free
Ambiance: Sophisticated and Mature
Attitude: Bring your "A" game and plenty of business cards
Join us as we celebrate the Grand Opening of the In Spot Dessert Bar and Lounge5854 Delmar Boulevard
This event is also in support of the Saint Louis Susan G. Komen Race for the cure of breast cancer visit us at

NEW: Fusion with DJ Needles of the Solution, Wednesdays at Posh, 408 N Euclid, 8 p.m. 21 Y.O. and up NO HATS FELLAS. FREE

Roc-a- Star presents Refreshin with DJ NeedlesThursdays at Xes behind the Drunken Fish, 612. N. 2ndSt. Laceldes Landing. Ladies FREE til 11 p.m..............

Power Couple Inc presents XCLUSIVE THURSDAY'S A place for the business professional looking for the true benefits of an UltraLounge. Join us at Posh Ultra Lounge for a relaxing evening of music, food, and never a cover with drink specials all night. Exclusive Thursdays @ POSH... where the elite meet. Happy Hour at 5 p.m. Ultra Lounge at 9 p.m.

Urban Causal Fridays hosted by Bishop V-luv, HappyHour at Spruills, 1101 N. Jefferson. Free from6p.m.-9p.m. (2 for 1) Free food 9 p.m.-11p.m. Drinkspecials until midnite. Party 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Ladies free til 11 p.m. for more info call 314.574.9601 or314.625.4595 or go to

Status Fridays every Friday at Dolce Ladies $5 before 11 p.m. 9 p.m.-3 am

CAFE SOUL, every 3rd Friday of the Month, Lucas House, 1220 Allen at Gravois, Doors 8 p.m., Band 9 p.m. FOR VIP SEATING PLEASE CALL 314-504-7405. GET THERE EARLY! SEATING IS LIMITED!
The Virtual Lounge Expressions, A Christian based open mic every 1st Friday, Cookies jazz and More #20 AllenBlvd. Webster Groves, Mo. Doors open at 8 p.m. Cover $10. For more info go to

Tuff On Paper ENT presents Network and ShowcaseSaturdays every first Saturday of each month and LoveYourself Saturdays every third Saturday of each month,9.m.--until at the Spyglass, 255 Union at Lindell $5at the door. first 50 Ladies Free until 11 p.m. First25 ladies get a free drink. 21 and older. Grown andsexy attire. For showcase info hit up
or call 314.443.5001

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School limitation! The house party will belive at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferryand West Florissant! AND at the new Knockouts! For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

One of the most critically-acclaimed, powerful independent films of our generation!!!

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since it's worldwide release in December 2007.

Check out Leannett Payne’’s CHOCOLATE BLOG by emailing her at!

UC ME Radio with Murphy lee, Kyjuan and comedian Darius Bradford, 6 p.m. Sundays on 100.3 The Beat.

NEW: For your hip-hop ministry and Christian music services check out Mynista’s website at

For all your photography needs go to

The Black Rep's blog, Black Reppin. It can be found on its website,

Bosley and Associates Traffic Law Centers .Suspensions, Speeding. Revocations. DWI. PointProblems. Accidents. Frison ‘s Flea Market, 7025 St.Charles Rock Rd., Fri-Sunday 9 am-5 p.m. or Big TopFlea Market, 367 Chambers Road. For more info, call314.621.1744

If you want to get on Vanita Applebum'shot new entertainment newsletter, email her at

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or go to her my space page at
for local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literaryactivities for the family and youngsters.

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or go to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

STL videographer Dana Christian has a website where people can send their professional music videos and films to get exposed. Itis

Well that will be it,.Thanks all for your comments and keep em comin. Hit me up at for pub or info you want on OUTTOWN.


OUT 412--SYGU presents TEESE 08 at OLD ROCK HOUSE May 25

Photos by Ma'atology and

CENTER PIC: The SYGU guys Darryl Gillespie, Eddie Hollman and Rhashad Whittier. BELOW LEFT: Whats ya Flava's Keisha Daniels on the mike BELOW: Hip-hop artist Vandalyzm was one of the entertainers of the eve (You wont believe what was on his tee! You will see in a few!).

RIGHT: Gillespie and his tee.

LEFT: DJ Reminise and Monopoly's Mocha Latte. Rem was one of three DJs who spun that nite!

RIGHT: Hip-hop artist Black Spade was the other performer of the night.

Needles was one of the one of three DJs.

RIGHT: Model Jimmelle in fashion forward tee gear.

Stlonfire's Andrew Clark and his tee made it obvious what mood he was in!

Miss Rachel and Hollman.

Daniels and her laid back tee.

Sommer, Patrice and Cora

St. Louis American Graphic Designer Melvin Moore, Kelly and Attorney Daniel Brown and his two Coronas. LOL.

LME's Otto Nichols and Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings.

So Diverse's Lia Cleere and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins. Did you notice that her hair color matched my shirt? LOL

Power couple Kevin and Danielle (Fields) McCoy
seemed to still have that honeymoon gleam goin!

Mocha trying to figure out how to operate the what the 1s and 2s. LOL.

Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer and Treanna along with 714's Chris Draper and model Ms. Nia.

Looked like Corey Cleere had something else on his mind while taking this pic with Miss Andrea as she and LME's Tim Slater looks at the OUTCAM.

There was a FUCK YOUR TEE crew at the event.

Corey and friend who, according to shirt is the Black Victoria Beckham.

Vandalyzm and Daron.

Daniels and Whittier clowning on stage.

Looked like this sista wanted some groupie action with Whittier.

The crowd gettin their party on. Looked like Spencer was having to much party goin'. LOL.

I AM Boutique manager Brooklyn was having a confab with DJ Trackstar, who was one of the three DJs.

A low angle from the balcony of the stage.

The crowd.

The DJ Truimvrate: Trackstar, Needles and Reminise.

The crowd gettin their groove on with Vandalyzm, SYGU and and the DJs on stage



Big Tah was therre.

A long shot of the stage.

A sista and her Color Purple.

Sistas in the corner.

Corey was all over the place, even in some bootay!

A crowd shot. We say it had to have been over 400 folk up in the joint!

Mo Crowd

Mo Mo Crowd

Mo Mo Mo Crowd

For more pics go to, and
EVENT VIEWZ. Just like last year's Teese at the CWE Bed and Breakfast, this second annual event was an all out party with folk wearing graphic tees of all types. At least we can say the majority of the folk there followed the rules and wore graphic tees. Not only that, the crowd got enetratined by Vandalyzm, Black Spade as well as the three dee-jays. The vibe was great. It was definitely a historic event and will be considerd as one of best social events of 2008!
FYI-- hopefully the SYGU guys will consdier having a graphic tee contest next May which we are sure will get people even mo re motivated to wear a graphic tee!