Monday, May 19, 2008


Although OUTTOWN was not able to take pics at this 'exclusive event," ALIVE Magazine gave us this courtesy pic of the event. Therre's STL Fitness Model Fred Williams (left) and YOURS TRULY (right) with one of Williams' fans in the middle of us. (photo by Mr. Ryan of Alive Magazine)

EVENT VIEWZ. Overall this event was a good precursor to the summer. Despite our almost near problem at the door (The RSVP list guy was making folk pay to get in and the RSVP was complimentary til 11 p.m.--we got therre at 10:30 p.m.--but we got him straight on that matter quickly!) it was very cosmopolitan atmosphere. Produced by SYNERGY Productions, Koncepts and and Ciroc Vodka, hundreds were gettin their party on inside and on the rooftop.
The man of the hour, STL Rams' Orlando Pace got there about midnite and sat in VIP (and not being very socialable to the crowd surprisingly) but at that time, folk were busy gettin their dance on to care as well as gettin autographs and fliers from STL Fitness Fred Williams who was networkin on the book ONE AINT ENOUGH where he is a cover model. He damed near stole the event from Pace!
At any rate, the event was cool. Nothin special, just a party. In the house were Fox 2's Rob Desir and Summer Knowles, Precision's Rob Kirk, Alive Magazine, and Jack Daniels' Keenan Harris to name a few. We believe some of the Rams players were there, but we couldnt figure out who they were cuz they were trapped in VIP. The Music was by DJ Big D.
The event ended around 1:30 a.m.

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