Monday, May 05, 2008

OUT 392--OUT ON THE TOWN--NELLYs B-BALL GAME at Harris Stowe/After Party at Skybox May 2 and FLY 2 ENT presents the Jump off at Francois May 3

PHOTOS by MA'ATOLOGYThis is the only pic that OUTTOWN was able to get of the Nelly's DERRTY ENT. v Slim's Loose Cannon Charity B-Ball game at Harris Stowe Auditorium last Saturday. We were stopped in our tracks in the lobby by a 4Sho 4 Kids staffer (who sponsored the event) who said that they had enough media for the event. We had to sneak this pic until security told us to stop taking pictures. Oh, we did get the final score for the game. It went into overtime and Nelly's Derrty ENT. won the game 135-130.


The Skybox waitresses: Lindsay, Jamie and Tasha. They were nice.

WE SEE YOU!. Therre's Mr. Darius and educator/Fitness trainer Malcolm Lee who was OUTTOWN's MIA last week. Now he's found!

The brotha on the right playing Rockstar videogame.

DJ Trife Trizzle of Derrty ENT was on the 1s and 2s. he also has a slammin mixtape that he has with St. Lunatics'Murphy Lee. To hit him up email him at

This Marine Sergeant was gettin his chill on.

Some of the sports memorabilia in Skybox.

Restroom, attendant Mr. Herman was the only one of the event that showed OUTTOWN some love.

Therre were plasma TVs err where!

And I do mean err where! LOL

The upper area of Skybox was where VIP area was located. OUTTOWN was kicked out of it by strict orders from Nelly's security crew before he arrived a few hours later.



EVENt VIEWZ. All I have to say is, as long as I have been blogging for OUTTOWN, covering this event gave me the hardest time. I did not get full access to cover this event. Dont get me wrong, I think it was a noble effort for Nelly's camp to hold a strict policy on who covers the event, but this was a charity event for kids, not just a regular party and you can never have enough media to cover a positive event such as this.
I am not blaming anyone for my not being able to cover the event, but as STL security guy Brian Stemmons said in an interview I did with him last year, all media should get access and event holders should understand media ettiquette regardless of how big or small the medium is.
True, media sponsors should have gotten full access to cover an event but pics and post-event information from this event of this status was going to be used by second and third media outlets regardless of who got first dibbs at it.
I was told that I would have to pay to enter. In other words, pay to work. I decided to leave.
Then I was instructed to get to Skybox for the Afterparty before 10 p.m. to get in free to cover the Afterparty. I did. And I had no problems. Then I went up in VIP where I was the only one in there waiting for the mad rush of Nelly b-ball attendees and the players. But I was told by Nelly's secuirty crew that I could not be in VIP to take pics. Another dis. I could have stayed, but it was just the idea that New Media was not getting any love at all. So I left.
We live in a copy and paste, Internet world where news can be sent to other media outlets and consumers in seconds. To forbid some media to cover an event does not make sense because of that fact.
Again, the event was great for the kids and for Nelly to give back, but to pick and choose who cover the event, was not cool.


Newbie promotions group Fly 2 Ent.'s GQ and Rance John. This was the group's inaugural event, which was a b-day party for GQ hosted by John.

The flier of the event.

The bar's emblem.

The promoter's logo.

The Fly 2 gettin ready to strike the crowd.

John and What's Ya Flava's Keisha Davis.

Ms. Natalie Albert (soon to be Mrs. Ray Hill as in Ray Hills Beer))attended the event.

Waitress and singer Candice Johnson got her club pose on.

Divine Soundz was on the MP3s.

Pretty meets pretty. Well wishers Kim Gardner and Danielle Jones.

Based on this pic, if there was an after party that was about to go down, somebody was probably going to jail or at least called 9-1-1. LOL.

The brotha in all white we guess didnt have a tape measurer! LOL.

"Girl, whurr you at?"

Hood sista lookin fly.

Uh, well...yeah.

This is what I was drinking.

Then it was time to party.

And party.

DA VIP. We dont know what the sista on the left was doin, but I guess she was gettin her crunk on (Click on pic to get a better look!) .

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