Wednesday, May 31, 2006

OUT 50

Whats happening webfans. It is I Ma’atology one more time giving you the scoopy on what I been doing since the last time I e-scribed on my post. Well, let’s get like Marvin and get it on.
Last Friday, I checked out local writer/director. And actor David Conley’s flick, "Tapestry of Shadows" that was being shown Friday and Saturday at the Scottish Rite on Lindell. I was really excited to see this film because it was filmed here in the STL area and it had a positive message about the black community.

The following is my review of "Tapestry of Shadows"

"Tapestry" dealt with a local preacher who takes matters in his own hands to cleaning up the crime in his neighborhood after two youths are struck down innocently from gunfire.
Overall, "Tapestry." Which was based on the gospel play that Conley wrote and has toured in the South, was a noble effort. Although it played like a stageplay, with its long drawn scenes and didactic dialogue from its characters, its main characters especially Conley, Paris Crayton III as gang member and Johnnie Fernandez as the gun-toting mother keep[ the drama moving with their engaging performances.
Another interesting thing about Tapestry is its Pulp Fictionesque storytelling as the story is told non-linear and inductively (you would have to see a few more times to understand the chronology of the film). The innovative camera tricks (eg. The wife changing hairstyles as she’s running outside from her"seer"premonition of her husband also helps in keeping the story and scenes interesting.
"Tapestry" is definitely one of the local films to create a buzz on the new gosplotation genre films (along with artsy-para-gospel film, "Pieces of a Dream"). True, it has its major flaws with the pace of the film, but it definitely can be overlooked especially with what the film can do to create more of its kind.
The night I saw it, I wore a sky blue suit with a low cut white tee and sky blue sneaks (I was very much the sky. LOL) . The turnout was a decent crowd (about 300 or so) and as I was waiting for the film to start, I ran into my SIUE college buddy Jamal Isaac who I was shocked to see. We frat hugged and sat and talked for a minute. He told me about his life (He is divorced with a young child and was about to break up with the lady he was with that night. OOOPS)) thus far and that he worked with the ST. Louis City Fire Department.

He told me he found out about the film because David Conley’s; brother is a firefighter and Jamal knew his brother. He asked if I ran into any members of the organization, The Black Literary Guild, that we helped to form when he were students at SIUE. .Jamal said that he ran into Evette Bean, who was treasurer of BLG, a few years back when she got breast reduction surgery and ran into a relative of hers and asked if she was married and that the relative laughed and said that that was funny (I guess). I told Jamal I ran into Michelle Foster, who was the secretary, a few months ago (I must have conjured her up the following night—I will tell you about it in a few). As we were back and forthin’, David; brother introduced the cast and film and Jamal ran back up to his lady and his seat.(Oh, and my boy Christiaan Cofield was volunteering as the ticket person, too. )

Afterward, the cast greeted the crowd and I had the chance to say my niceties with Conley (who is very soft spoken,), but was shocking was when we shook hands, he bowed! I was not ready to be royalty right then and there even though I was lookin royal blue. LOL). I also gave dap to Crayton (who told me he was working ion a stageplay at Harris Stowe U in July) and Fernandez who was gracious and asked if I could tell people about the film. I also saw Freeman Bosley Junior Show personality Nicci Roach (Who was looking ni-I-I-I-ice) and gave her a hug as we talked about the film and what was up with her (She is about to get her Master’s in a couple of months—congrats). She also told me she was going out of town to sing at a prison (Whoa! You are non-stop!). As people were schmoozing, the second show of the film was about to begin.

For more info about "Tapestry of Shadows" go to MY LAST BLOG POSTED HERE OUT 49

Saturday, I went to the gym at Ballys in Clayton and worked on whatever I was working on, got my protein bars and drove to Forest Park for the annual African Arts Festival at the Pavilion. I got there about 3ish and it was steaming hot outside (SO hot, dark black people even got tans!) The first thing I noticed when I walked up the 100s of steps was the crowd was sparse, I walked around the food court and they had maybe four food booths (One was Fatima’s which is a Nigerian-based catering company, whos owner, Fatima’s had a restaurant on Delmar but closed down unfortunately) that was scaled down (I got the spicy rice and beef which was off the chain—you can contact her at 314-725-1363 or 314-363-5968 and they will hook you up on the catering).

I walked around to the performance stage where local poet and event coordinator David A.N. Jackson was holding it down for the mainstage. When I got there, there was a dredhead kettle drum player who was trying to sing but he sounded like he was tired. After him, local gospel singer and Unity Theater actor Herman Gordon and Friends performed and TOE IT UP. They really got the crowd hyped (including the sista shown on my blog above with the lime green sweet suit). They sang gospel faves like Donnie McClurkin;s "Stand" and the standard, "Jesus He Will Fix it."

As they were singing, they had the traditional African Big Man stilt walkers and renown jali drummer Sylvester "Sunshine:" Lee and his crew drumming beside the Big Man walkers. It is always a treat to see this cause it is the spiritual backbone of the festival and everyone is so fascinated by this spectacle. I text my girl Tiffany Blackmore to see if she was still able to go see "Dreamgirls" at the Black Rep that night and she said she could. Around 5ish, I jetted so I could get ready to go to see "Dreamgirls" and shower the heat from my skin!
Later that night, I met up with Tiffani )who was rockin a Lauryn Hill circa 2002 Afro/ dread. I had put on a "smedium" butterfly short sleeve brown shirt with a makeshift necklace made out of paperclips, and some faded loose jeans.

So, I walked up with Tiffani into the Grandel Square Theatre, I looked around and saw that it was swimming with people. I looked around hoping to see Black Rep PR ‘s Karla Goldstein and didn’t see her who usually has my press kit and tickets waiting for me. I then saw Exec Director Rudy Nickens and shook his hand. He told me that my press kit was at a table nearby and to enjoy the show. So one of the sistas at the table gave me my press kit with tickets and Tiff and I proceeded into the theater.

WE got our seats (which was on the stage right instead of the usual centerstage but I was not complaining. ). The curtain call was about 8: 10 and they began the show
The following is my review of "Dreamgirls":

The Dream was Alive and Well with ‘Girls’ at Black Rep

The Black Rep ends its 29th mainstgage season with the long awaited musical, Michael Bennett’s "Dreamgirls." The production, which will run at the Black Rep until July 2 at the Grandel Theatre, tells the story of the rags to riches tale of three young girls from Chicago, Effie (played brilliantly by Willena Vaughn), Deena Jones (played by Jia Taylor) and Lorell (played by Malkia Stampley) and discovers the pitfalls of fame.

The two and half hour musical is definitely a must see for those whop arer fans of this musical (and the long awaiting film starring Beyonce in December ). From the glam gowns, three-tiered Broadway styled stage and toe-tapping soul numbers, "Dreamgirls" is not only entertaining, but it gives a great history lesson of how R&B music was compromised (via white influence) in order for it to be spoonfed easier to white America.

As far as the performances, the main cast has its moments, but the standout is Black rep newcomer Willena Vaughn, who plays the Tony Award winning part of Effie, played famously by Jennifer Holliday. Her rendition, which was refreshingly not like Holliday;s but Holliday influenced, , of the show stopping, "And I Am Telling You, I’m Not Going" during Effie’s exodus out the group, is spine chilling and rousing (I would go see the play just to see her perform the song). She is a definite shoo-in to win the Woody Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Musical at this year’s Woody Awards bar none

Other noteworthy performances were Black Rep newbie Jahi Parker who plays the flamboyant R&B singer Jimmy. His loose and limber comedy is definitely entertaining (His pants dropping is a classic moment in the show) and J, Samuel Davis and the crooked manager Curtis. Although Davis’ performance is a little reserved and mailed in, he hold it up when his vulnerable side is shown as he sings "You Are My Dream" to Taylor’s Deena’s character when she decided to leave the group.

The Black Rep could not go wrong with "Dreamgirls" because like its season opener, "Caroline or Change" in January, it is a Broadway classic and the only way it could be done wrong is if the cast does it wrong—and that is definitely not a case, I enjoyed this production tremendously. A little long, but it is worth your money to check ioy out and compare it to the upcoming film in December.

For more info on tickets call 314-534-3810. Be aware that date June 3, 17, 24 and July 1 are SOLD OUT.

FYI, during intermission, I talked with Michelle Foster, the sista that I talked about to Jamal at the "Tapestry:" film at Scottish Rite and I saw her at the Balck Rep (how wild is that)_. She introduced me to her husband who said that I looked familiar and that didi I go to Bally’s. I said Yes. He seemed relieved and I continued talking with Mcihelel and told her that I ran into Jamal the previous night. She seemed schamred (He had a crush on her in college and she knew it). And, who was the tranny who was there in the Toni Braxtion,’He Wasn’t Man Enough" hoochie dress at the Black Rep?

Then, I walked Tiffani to her car and she gave me a very funny rundown of her life and I told her that she needed to do an open mic for comedians. She thought about it. She reminds me of Whoopi Goldberg and Caroline Rhea put together as far as her delivery of talking funny about life. She is definitely talented.

Last Sunday, I played photographer to my girl Jewelanda Hodges’ son, Blake Harris’s (seen posing with cake) graduation /BBQ party at her house in the Central West End. She asked me if I could take some shots for her son who graduated from high school and is preparing to go to Mizzou next week. Blake’s fam was on one said and his friends was on the other side . Both sets were under tents as they talk, ate and drank. It was a diverse crowd:white, black, and all in between, mainly because of Blake’;s partioviaption in the Jewish –Black relation diversity Program he was a part of where both ethnic groups shared each other’s culture.

In the house was Chrys Yvette, who is Blake’s second cousin (Jewelanda’s first cousin). She is a mover and shaker in Hollywood who put on her play, "A Woman’s Worth:" in the STL last summer starring singer Anne Nesby and actor Dorrien Wilson (She told me she was doing a film in the STL in August and was going to give me the skinny on auditions so I will keep you posted for those who may want to try out) .. Also in the house was Blake’s father, Thomas, who is a screenwriter who wrote, "Every Dog Has His Day" that was turned into a stageplay and put on my Jewelanda in 2003 at Florissant Civic Center and in 2004 at Harris Stowe wherr I was both stage managers for.

I stayed over at the BBQ from 5 ish to 8 ish and afterward I rushed over to The Network Group and poet Chill Da Playa’s "Cometry" (Comedy and Poetry) show at Missouri History Museum..When I got therr, I opened up my trunk and got my dressy shirt and sandal shoes and changed in the car so I could look at least presentable (Talk about Clark Kent-Superman change!)

As I walked to the museum, I saw someone’s lights on their Lexus were on. So, I jotted down the license plate and therr I saw that they had several booths in the lobby like Knowledge Tees, Ujamaa and T-Mobile .One of the survey sistas from the Network Group gave me s survey to fill out and I obliged (Even though I hate doing surveys which means I’m going to get something in the mail or email_) . But she was nice and pretty sexy so that helped. I asked the sista where was Duane Bess, the overseer of the Network Group and she motioned me to him.

We greeted each other and he got me a comp ticket for the show.. I saw that Chill Da Playa’s wife, Stephanie was the ticket person and I smiled at her and she said to me that its been a while since she saw me (And she’s right. I haven’t done poetry for real in 4 years). So I was led into the theater and saw Jamie Spencer therr (who was one of the ushers –not project coordinator that he told me when I saw him at work at AG Edwards—DOH)

I sat near the front and saw Rochelle "Coco Soul" Walker (to whom I said, :"I saw you [in Dreamgirls" last nite and did a thumbs up at her) with St. Louis Post Dispatch Pop Critic Kevin Johnson. Singing was this Justin Timberlake singer named Javon )I think). He sang like Justin too (He even walked down the isles singing to the ladies and they loved him!) The comedians who performed were STL’s Eric Rivers (who I saw at the Spot before who sings his "Chinaman:" song), Bad Boy of Comedy./Comic View comic Shawn Morgan (Seen above on my blog—who killed with that "turtleneck condom" joke), and poets Chi-towns’ UGLY (he was off the chain especially with his double entendre poem, Death by 35 MM), and STL’s Sherrod (who is like a Stacy Ann Chin poetess who said that the only thing that cute will get you is fukked—WHOA). It was hosted by Maurice Minor aka Invisible Man (Who are pretty good as host and funny as well). Cometry co-organizer Chill da Playa intro’d Invisible Man. The Network Group also did a commercial of sorts asking people to give to Sickle Cell and to do their part in the Stem Cell Bill that is on the November ballot.

It was over at about 11ish and I jetted. I was about to go the Loft on Olive but didn’t feel like it. I decided to be daring and decided to go to the Complex and check out a drag pageant—just for the hell of it. It was entertaining and to see men in drag as women was fascinating to me (One of the drag queen’s tits even came out of her dress while she was performing a Karen Clark Sheard song which was a Kodak moment). I stayed therr till about 2:30 and went to the crib.

On Memorial Day, I went to the gym and left therr about 4pm and drove back to the African Arts Festival. On the mainstage were belly dancing troupe Oasis Dance and spoken word by this sista named Blu who performed with a guitar and sounded like Yoko Ono meets Tracy Chapman. But the highlight was Cometry host Invisible Man who performed this great piece by Amri Baraka that was about 10 minutes long about our black heroes and sheroes. It was definitely a standing ovation performance (I was also glad that he had no shame to read his work ON THE PAGE cause he said he promotes literacy —Kudos to ya on that!) . There, I ran into Oneness, a deep sista who just came back from France wherr she studied French, She was the sista who I cast in my pre-production, "Three Ways To Lovve" (also starring Keith Underwood who co-wrote the play with me). I told her I was about to re-light that play and wanted to cast her again in it. She gave me her contact info and this sista is very ethnic and regal with short hair and model like features. She is also a helluva actress and inspiring for me to do this play. Thank you for my seeing you again!.

MA’ATIDBITZ. This week two shows that I participated In the audience, "Last Comic Standing" and the "Gameshow Marathon" (That I talked about on my blogs of my trip to Los Angeles) debuted this past Tuesday and Wednesday respectively. The episode of Last Comic Standing that you may see me on will be next Tuesday , at 8 p.m. CST on NBC (I have a gioid shot to be seen cause I was sitting7 behind celebrities actor/comedian Tim Meadows, comedienne Kathi Griffin and TV veteran producer Gary Marshall ) . As far as the Gameshow Marathon, it airs Wednesdays at 7 p.m. on CBS and I was in the audience of the reincarnation of The Match Game (I’m sure they won’t show the blooper when host Ricki Lake said "shit" LOL) I don’t know when they will air that one, but it should be shown soon (You might not can see me on there cause I SAT WAYYYYYYY in the back of the studio).
I will have event tidbitz next week.

If you have anything for me to pub, give me an e-holla at!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

OUT 49

Hello one and all. This is your online blog reporter Ma'at here (or Ma'atology if you prefer). I did pretty much last weekend so I wanna go ahead and get into it.

Last Friday, I checked out my buddy Joel King's two act production of "Me, Don and the Psychiatrist" at the Vaughan Cultural Center in Grandel Square. Put on by J.P.E.K. and the Network Group, the play was attended by about 90 patrons (which is a packed out for the Center) and it was a free event. It starred local actors L.A. Williams and my girl Shawn Guy Pitts and King himself (at the last minute--I will explain later--the pic of the play is shown at the upper left hand corner of this blog). The play ran for two nights (Friday and Saturday) and it was mainly about a woman taking her man to a shrink because of his obsession with her vagina.

It was definitely something worth reckoning especially for King who mostly does Christian based plays. It was experimental theatre at its best with all of the plesantries of an R-Rated "Mad About You" episode. King had to step in at the last minute (literally) becasue the actor who was supposed to play the psychiatrist had a family emergency and had to cancel the day of the first production. Well, come to find out King had to step in at the last minute, don the actors' costumed and pretend to analyze the couple with his clipboard but was actually reading his lines (and played it off well).

My only beef was the ending was predictable (She forgives him) and there was no real surprises in the play. But overall, it was a good piece of work. Big ups to Christian Cofield and Cody Aaron who did the music and lights respectively for this show.

On Saturday, I went to the Jazz Loft on Olive just to get out of the house. Nothing special was going on but I did see the regulars up in therr. I ran into a female colleegue at AG Edwards who was suprised to seeme up in there ( I wasnt for sure if it was her or not cause I had drank two Kamos prior to getting to the Loft so you know I was TOE-UP and no I didnt have a straw in my mouth. LOL). I also saw Edward Jones broker Roger Macon making his rounds and local actor Stuart Allen who I was surprised was up in therr cause he mostly go to the vanilla clubs (aka Club Buka). I stayed til about 2:30ish and jetted.

On Sunday was the annual Annie MAlone May Day Parade which was held on Market from Harris STowe State University to 7th and Market. There was much controversy over this particular parade cause for the longest time it was on NAtural Bridge in North County and when it was decided by the Annie Malone board to move it downtown there was uporoar and howling about its change. This was my first time going to the parade overall and I wanted to go myself to see how many people were goign to show up.

I parked my Kia Spectra at the Metro Link at the SWIC and took it to Union Station. I got off and it was about 12ish or so when I walked west up Market to find teh perfect spot to see the parade (which started at 1 p.m.) There was a nice gathering of people who congrageted on both sides of Market either standing or sitting under shady trees. I got situated on the corner of 20th and MArket with my bag that had my digital camera, my snacks and my water. And the rest was history....

Before the parade began there was ghetto drama ten fold. First was this family that got out of this ghetto cruiser on teh corner of 20th and had packed everything but the kitchen sink for this outing. One of the females in the car had so much stuff in her hands(including a 24 case of bottled water) that I knew for sure a catastrophe was about to happen. And it did. She dopped teh case of water and three of them fell out of the case while she dropped the other things that was in her hand near the curb. A family member was yelling at her that some trucks were coming her way. She managed to get eveything out of the way, but it was too late for the three bottled waters that were splashed under one of the big rig's truck wheels. She mumbled, "I wasnt going to get those anyway." CLASSIC.

Now it was about 12:45 pm and it seems as though the polics and fire departments were just setting up the area for cars to stop driving on MArket! I was like, didnt the city know that the parade was about to start around 1? I thoughtthat was pretty tacky for the city to wait the last minute to shut down the street as well as set up the Amercian flag with two fire truck ladders holding it up 100s of feet from 20th and MArket.

Another was the weather. True it was going to be good weather for the parade, but it was humid as in I will pass out if I breathe humid. It caught a lot of people off guard and wasnt expecting for the weather to be that humid. But other than that, the parade was successful.
There were about 50 or so floats from area schools and orgaizations and radio stations (even WESL on the East SIde made an apprearance) I was ecxpecting a Grand MArshall to begin the parade, but I dont think there wa snone. My boy Jessie Taylor form 100.3 The Beat was on the radio stations' float (which I thought was the best float as far as creativity with its mini concert with Dun Deal, Rucka Puff and Pimp C). I shouted out Jessie name and he saw me and yelled out with a megaphione, "Marcus ATkins is in the building." I felt rellay special and important after that. LOL

Some of the local celebs who particpated was KMOV-TV;s Vickie Newton, Fox 2's Elliott Davis, Rob Desir, and Bonita Kornute, Majic 104.9's Tammie Holland (when are you expecting?), and Tony Scott, Fire Chief Sherman George, Police Chief Joe Mokwa (who walked toward the curb in my side and threw out some candy into the crowd and that casued a mini-apocolypse with the kiddies)May Day Parade. They also had many stretch minos and Ciorvettes flossin on dubs, UPS trucks (I Guess), Fire trucks, belly dancers, Ol Skool Drill Teams (which was a fave ), frat and soror steppin, and politicnas like State Rep Yaphett El Amin and County Board Prez Charles Dule.

The DONT DO THAT AWARD (Sorry Freeman Bosley Jr SHow for biting your award) had to go to the heavy set sister that was on one of the floats who had on a wet t-shirt, Daisey Dukes with all of the cheese on her thighs who turned around and shook her thickaliciousness to teh crowd. Hello this was a event with kids. Wherr did she think she was at the Pink Slip Strip Club? That was too much playin.

FYI. Someone one told me that rapper Chingy wa son a float. I don't know cause I stayed til the end. Maybe he was at the African Heritage Festival, the rival event that went down at Natural Bridge. I know the Rose Man showed up cause I saw him with suit and all selling flowers. You know it aint an event without him. LOL.

Overall, the parade was nice. There were no fights. Everyone was ruly and I think the parade should stay downtown so it can attract more people (even though the "accidental" white people who was there had that out of towner look and looked like--Where are all these black people coming from?) and the cops can be on deck to handle any mishaps.

After the parade, which enede dabout 4 p.m., I walked to the Metro LInk at Union Station (where an oficer was giving a young sista a ticket for unlruly behavior at the ticket booth) and rode to 8th and Pine for the Post-Jazz fest hosted by radio personality The Real JR where singers like Kim MAssie performed her ASS OFF for the crowd. I ran into a few of my assoiciates therr like Vanita Applebum, Rene Thomas Woods, Eric WIlson (we gotta talk about the column), and Chantal Owens(We gotta talk about your exodus from inbox girlfriend).

Now the trips were two committed bound people who were part of this crowd. One was the sista with the veily red dress with Converse on (Shown to the right of this blog). She was dancing and having her own concert (even pointing to the crowd while singing with the performers), but she took the cake when she got on stage while one of the performers were singing and walked near the back to shake hands with the performers. I gulped wondering what was she doing up there. After a few minutes, she walked down from the stage and JR whispered somthing in her ear (probably, Dont ever-ever-everevereeerer do that again!)

The other was the older motorycle black guy with a helmet on who was dancing and bending backwards as though he was giving himself the Hemlich. I had to take a pic of him, It was too priceless not to snap. (If you ant to see pics of the parade as well as Motorycle man, check out more pics on OUT 48 following this blog post)

R.I.P. The world has lost dancer/activist/anthroplogist Katherine Dunham (pictured in teh center of my blog). She died in a Manhattan assisted living facility last Sunday at the age of 96. There have been so much said about her (for more on her life check out ) but I want to put a more personal spin about Ms Dunham.

I heard that she was hard to work with and very stern, but I must say, you have to be that way in order to gain respect from others, especially artists who are ego centric. But I had a chance to meet Ms. Dunham on several occassion when I was member of the Eugene B. Redmond Writer's Club and even seranded her with poems during her birthday celebrations (The next one will be June 22 by the way at the Dunham Museum in EASt St. Louis).

I've had the pleasure to give her roses in behalf of the writers' club and kissed her gently on her cheek as well. I also had the privilege to hear her speak to many. One such instance was at the Missouri History Musuem in the mid 90s and I believe and she spoke and she was talking about women of today and she said that women who fuss about men and what they do to them she said, "Onbe day, they will get tired" meaning they will eventually give in and submit to men. I thought was a bold statement to make especially around black women.

I'm sure now that she has left this earth, there will be many to put her legacy in his riteful place, escpailly my mentor Eugene B. Redmond who was mentored by her when she came to live in East ST. Louis in the late 60s to join the SIU-Edwardsville faculty and had a center named after her in downtown East St. Louis.

There is also a Katherine Dunham Musuem that is still in existence in downtown St. Louis at Katherine Dunham Place (Pennsylvania Drive). And for those who had the privilege to learn and/or teach her Dunham Techique (like Ruby Street and Keith Tyrone), the responsiblities are now on you to carry on her legacy. She will be greatly missed. The center is accepting tax dedictible contributions to pay for the funeral services in NYC. For more info call 618-531-0403

FYI. Her last appearnce was on Oprah Winfrey's Legends TV Show this past Monday on ABC, one day after her death.

STLTIDBITZ. My girl Erica Sutherlin wiull be in the Green Show Production of Julius Caeser called, "Soothsayin' a pre-show before the Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park. It starts tomorrow, May, 26 and runs until June 18. It is free. For more information call 314-531-9800 or go to

Freedom Trails, Legacies of Hope will present a Miles Davis street change event and jazz concert with ESL native saxman Russell Gunn and other local artists, Friday, May 26 at Miles' birthplace 17th and Kansas in East St. Louis. The event commemorates Davis 80th birthday. For mor einfo, go to

The NETWORK GROUP PRESENTS, "COMETRY"--comedy and poetry, AT 8 P.M., SUNDAY. MAY 28, AT THE MISSOURI HISTORY MUSEUM AT FOREST PARK. Hosted by The Invisble Man. Comedians include Ray Lapowski, DeANdre and Eric Rivers and National Poetry Slam champ UGly from Chi-town. Admission is 20 bones. For more info, call 618-531-1360.......

Big ups to my girl Rochelle "Coco Soul Williams who was cast in the ST. Louis Black Rep's version of the Tony Award winning musical, "Dreamgirls." The play will run this week up until July 2. It is perfect timing becasue of the hoopla of the film starring Beyonce (A source told me that the film got a standing O at the Cannes Film Festival this month).

Don't forget to cop your movie ticket to the STL filmed, "Tapesty of Shadows". Its premiere will be in St. Louis May 26 and 27, 2006 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral 3633 Lindell Blvd. Tickets are only $10 Tickets go on sale Monday May 8, 2006 (Next Monday). You can reserve them by going to PEOPLE ARE RESERVING THEM ALREADY, SO DON'T DELAY!!!..............

Kudos to my boy Kameron Hopson who recently filmed a commercial for Anheuser Bush at Sportman's Bar in the STL with other models and sportscaster Joe Buck. The comemerical was in tribute to legendary sportscaster, the late Jack Buck, I will keep you posted when the commercial will air. ......................

L.A. TIDBITZ. The 7th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will once again be the host to many groundbreaking films, celebrities, numerous industry-related panels/workshops, HBFF Filmmaker & Storyteller Awards, Opening and Closing Night Galas, live entertainment and many more festivities throughout the week. The 2006 festival takes place June 13-18, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. You can now register to attend HBFF 2006. For your optimal festival experience the Hollywood Black Film Festival offers a variety of passes. Visit our Registration page for all the details. Remember, save $$ by registering before the May 16th early-bird deadline! For ticket information, travel and hotel accommodations, and a complete schedule of films, panels and special events, visit the website at

NYTID-BITZ. My buddy singer songwriter Gordon Chambers will be performing with Grammy Award winning R&B diva Stephanie Mills at BB KIngs Bar and Grill, 237 West 42nd Street in NYC. June 2, 2006, 8:00PM Price: $69.50 Advance, $75.00 Day of Show For more info go to Stephanie Mills Website or

Well that is it for me.If you have anything for me to pub, hit me up!

OUT 48

Here's more pics from the May Day Parade held on Market Street in ST. Louis last Sunday. From the 100.3 the Beat float, to the Mohawk chick striking a pose, to STL jazz singer KIm Massie at the Post- May Day Jazz Concert in Kiener Plaza to the Que Dogs and Deltas stepping. If you have any crazy pics from the MAy Day Parade that you want to share, email me at

Thursday, May 18, 2006

OUT 47

Wassup again.This is Ma'at here again.Well, I got a lot to cover and (uncover) so I'm gettin right to it.
Last weekend was quite festive for me. LAst Friday, I attended the Tom Joyner Skyshow(pics are the first ones above ) sponsored by Radio One's Foxy 95.5. that was held at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre downtown St.Louis. I got up about 3:30 that morning to make it over there.You know that you gotta get up before the birds start chirping in order to get a seat at this free event.
I got there about 4:30 (I told my AG Edwards gig that I woud be running late (WINK WINK) in order to get to this event) and saw that it was a line of hundreds waiting in the chilly wee hours of teh morning to get a seat at the Skyshow.Ive been to a couple of other times a few years ago when I was a reporter at the St.Louis American and actually one of the musical acts,THE Whispers,was repeat of one of the shows I attended when I was at the American at the Pageant about 2002 or 2003.
Well, I got a parking space nearby in one of the parking lot areas about two blocks down from the Pageant on Pine and proceeded to walk toward the crowd. When I got there, I talked with a brother who was there ( I cant recall his name right now-a brotha was still fighting off not getting sleep). So we were shooting the breeze about the Skyshow and he told me that it was word that singer R.Kelly was in town to visit singer Ron "Mr Biggs"Isley who was in teh hospital in the Lou and that he may make a surprise visit to the Skyshow. Well, you know how it goes in the Lou, you gotta show us if it is real before we belive it (He never did show up to the SKyshow).
Anyway, while, we were waiting to get inside (A young lady was passing out free coupons to get one of those Asian slads from Mickey D's which was nice), Foxy's rival station Majic 104.9 had its free appreciation Day at Kiener Plaza at the same time (Hmmm,I wonder what wa sup with that. FYI, The Breakfast Crew moived their remote show radio cast from Thursday to Friday on teh same day of the Skyshow. Coincidence?I'll leave that alone.)
It was about 4:55 and the line was moving rapidly toward the front of the theatre (In the meantime, I got a voice mail message from Jewlanda Hodges stating that she had VIP tickets and that she was wondeing if I woudl be there). I was near the end of the line (There were people up front who stayed in libe since Thursday night!)so me and my new buddy got seats up in teh balcony.I didnt complain cause I was lucky to even get a seat cause it was definitely crowded (Jewelanda told me later on that they had to be escourted to their VIP seats cause there were peopel trying to jump in the VIP line with them in order to get a seat!).
If you havent been to a Skyshow, I hate to tell you that those wh attend, promses us to never tell what goes on at the SKyshow--but I am not one of those peopel who don't tell. LOL
Overall the show was OK.It wasnt the best ones Ive seen. (The Couples exchanging clothes in front of curtain game was not done and miss Dupree was a no show).The musicla cts were good.The Whispers threw down and jammed all of their cuts from "Olivia" to their newest cut "Butter" off their new independent CD. Vivian Green also showed up and she was a little unnerved about performing so early in teh morning, but she did a good job.She was also apologizing that she had to sing with prerecorded tracks and not a band, but the crowd was in her corner. She sang her hits "Emotional Rollercoaster"and her latest 'I Gotta Go"and a fewother cuts off her newest CD.
The SKyshow personalities, Joyner, Jay Anthony Brown, Sybil and Myra J got their clown on throughout the show (The whole Jay Anthony Brown liking white women bit wa shilarious). They also had CHi-town comedian Damon Williams to perform. He was really funny.The best line he said was, "Y'all heard of the new sorotity for big women, called, "I Ate A Pie?"Hilarious.
They also had the dance and talent contests. For the dance contests, there was one elderly lady named Eloise who won when she was dropping it like it was hot, going allthe way to the ground! (She had to be about late 60s). The crew asked her what church she belonged to and asked teh crowd does she go to anyone's church and make sure they dont tell the pastor. She won two free tikcets from Southwest Airlines. The talent contest had three contestants who was vying for 1 ghrand. The three contestants were Alfie (who did this blues tune that Jay Anthomy Brown joaned on her about making the crowd depressed), Carmen (who did a by-the-numbers version of Teena Marie'sOut on a Limb) and the winner, a rapper named J-Cruz (the rapper is seen above on myblog) who did an origianl rap with music called, "I thank The Lord I Can Breathe."
They also had check presentations. Anheuser Busch's Johnny Furr and his crew gave The Tom Joyner Foundation 200 thousand and The Foundation gave Harris STowe University a check for over 200 grand, but the check still had Harris Stowe State College on it (Their name changed recently to Univeristy but I'm sure the check will still be cashable, trust).The prez of Harrso STowe, Dr.Henry Givens, gave Joyner a Presidential Mediallion which was a nice touch.
Jay Anthony Brown also did his Muder the Hits bit,. This time it was the Whispers' IN The Mood. It was now called, "I'll Buy yOu a TAnk of Gas, To Get you in the Mood (Then the refrain was:And you know what rhymes with Gas). A video was shown on screen that Jay did takling about he does everything in his draws from washing the car with his draws to water the lawn (and of course he had the garden hose near his private area where it looked like he was pissing.LOL)
He also took off his clothesdown tp his goldboxers when he was challneged by Myra J that he didnt have a better body than one fo the buffed security guards at the show.
Overall,it was a cool show.I wasa little sleepy (Joyner caught a sista sleeping and busted her out as teh camers showe dher on teh big screen), but I was able to get a least four hours of work at AG Edwards.
Later that night, I attended the Pronto Fashion Show that took place uin the lobby at 555 Washington in downtown St.Louis. It was a comprition for nine designers from across the country. They were Nina Arora(404 area code) , Lauren Chlebowski (303 area code), Chrsitophe Graffitti (a local brotha), Kara Janx (917 area code), Anita Romero (from the STL), Jen Sertl (from the STL), Natalya Bagrova/Timothy Showalter (212 area code), Lesly Tempe(the STL), and Michael Tomlinson (STL).
It was defintely an extravangant show (100 bones for VIP and 50 bones general admission). My boys Christiaan Cofield and Kameron Hopson (seen above on this blog) were two of the 15 models that were in this show. It reminded me of show in Miami somehwerr.There were no dance routines, no models bending down and posing (There were a few female models who had a little cellulite on those J-Lo's when they were wearing hot pants though) .It was straight runway and they had a 50 foot long stage that was amazing. The clothes I saw were creative (I would have likedto have ssen more daring fashion for the guys but oh well).
They had several judges who judged the deisgns who were founders of fashion organizations, fashion deisgn ers, fashion photohgraphers and boutiquye owners. . They were Saskya Emmik-Byron, Maria Hemprey, Susan Jackson, Kristina Torchin and Melodie Tauben. I was a slient judge as I was taking snaps of the models.I circled Nina Arora who had soem creative East Indian inspired clothing that were breathtaking. The judges picked her too so I felt that I have some taste in what is fashion.
When she won, she cried. It was very touching. After ward, everyoie drank on wine and beer, snacked on foo-foo appetizers and listend to music by the Javeir Mendoza Band. In the meantime, I was schmoozing with everybody (I even got mistaken as a model by a few who were trying to get models for a fashion shows).I took pics with the models and all. It was defintely a night to remember.
The after party was at Mosaic near 11th and Washington. I walked with to it with Harris Stowe professor Brian Elesser who was one of the models in the show.He talked about his joib at Harris Stowe (He's one of a few white teachers up at the mostly black university) and his life as a part time model and a married ladiesman (LOL) .When we got there, he asked what I wanted to drink (LOng Island of course) and we walked in this private room where the rest of the models were and it was interesting to get up close and personal with models and how they react to one another (Its a very beautifulpeople scene, if you get I'm saying).
I had a good timr though and thsi was defintely something to remeber. Thanks to fashion show PR lady Hazel Tamano for the ticket to this event!
Last Sunday was Mother's Day and I decided to take my mother(WE ARE SEEN ABOVE IN MY BLOG) to STL jazz diva and actress Denise THimes' annual Mothers day concert (Pictures are above) at the Sheldon in Grandel Sqaure. So we got all dressed up and I took her to it.We got there about 5ish and got our seats that were in the baclony (Is this a habit now with the balcony and myself? ).Anyway, her two hour show was phenomenal. Her voice reminds you of jazz stylist Nancy Wilson but with more expression.Before she came out to sing, she had local gospel singer Karen Hylton to perfom 'Jesus is in this Room"and she was accompanied by her mother on piano. Very touching perfromance and Karen has a voice like an angel--literally.
Then Denise's brother former Majic 104.9 personality The Real JR was on stage and he talked about how the station fired him and that he was looking for a new job. He said that he asked his sis for a job and he said that she said that her foundation already has one star already,. The audience laughed. But after the light banter with the crowd, he intro'd his father, Lou Fatha Thimes(who got a standing ovation from teh crowd)and they into'd Denise.
She was elegantly dressed (in red and white gowns and bling bling jewels) and sang her butt off.She sang everything from light jazz standards ("Skylark")to the blues (I Dont Get Around Much Anyomore)She also had a stellar band with her including Danny Mixon on piano (with alternating pianists Johnny ONeal and Tony Simmons), Jeff Anderson on bass, Yoran Isreal on drums and veteran sax player Houston Person.
She also intoduced her kids on stage, Simone, 8, and Jabril, 11 (as well as her little baby nicee who was in her arms and joked that she took awhile to have her.) She had them to showcase their talent. Simone did a cute number called,"Everything is Coming Up Roses, 'her audition piece she did for the Muny and Jabril did a drum solo. It was very Sonny and Chersih variety style. I see that music and talent runs in the Thimes family.
Overall, her show was wonderful and I had her to meet my mother whom she said was beautiful with her eyes and cheekbones.My mother blushed. AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW>
STL SIGHTINGS. I saw Talk showhost Montel WIlliams at Bally Total Fitness in Clayton last Saturday.He was just about to leave out to his limo when he was talking to someone there.He was in town for his concert at the Argosy (Yes he sings!).He looks skinnier in person )(Well the camera does put on 10 extra punds)and he has a goofy laugh as well. If I saw him in the street I wouldnt have reconigned him!......... I heard that Actor Denzel Washington was at Rams PArk watching his son practice who is on the ST.Louis Rams. I wonder if anyone there stopped to gawk at daddy Denzel as they were rolling out football plays?......Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers team were at New Sunny Mount Baptist Church to Jerome Hughes' funeral, the younger brother to their teammate Larry Hughes ( I wonder of Cav owner Usher was nearby?).That was a nice touch and speaks vloumes that the NBA does have heart.
BLIND ITEMS. What nightclub had a smutty ad written in majic marker inside of the men's handicapped stall stating that they will do blowjobs and lick your ass and had two numbers for men to call? What model at the Pronto fashion asked the models if they were to take off their clothes in front of the other models while dressing for the show?
One of my blog fans, Barrietta Killiebrew sent me thsi tidbit about a planatiationh ome in Missouri.
Plantation Home Receives National Recognition
FERGUSON, Mo. - The Wildwood Plantation, built by slaves more than 100 years ago, has been officially listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
The house at 40 Dames Court is the home of Ms. Barrietta Killiebrew and her mother, Ms. Carol Austin. They have owned the home since 1998 and worked diligently to have their home placed on the Register. Final approval for placement was supposed to have occurred in the fall of 2005; however, it was completed on April 5, 2006.
Ms. Killiebrew and her mother are the first African American owners of Wildwood Plantation. For each of them, being placed on the Register has been an experience.“It’s a major breakthrough and an accomplishment that’s been almost eight years in the making. This is something we wanted from day one,” said Killiebrew. “I don’t have the words to explain the feelings my mother and I have. We’re both overwhelmed and ecstatic.”
Wildwood Plantation will also be recognized by the Ferguson Landmarks Commission on May 21 during the Century Sunday celebration. “We are embracing this honor and we’re glad that the community seems to be excited about it too,” said Killiebrew.
Century Sunday is celebrated in conjunction with National Preservation Week, sponsored by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Several homes in Ferguson will be honored as Century Homes by the commission, made up of residents appointed by the City Council. There are currently 98 Century Homes in Ferguson.
Speaking on the future of the home, Killiebrew “envisions renovating the home to what it once was by rebuilding the parts that burned down or were torn down. We’d like to see it become a St. Louis attraction and a showcase for Ferguson to honor the history and heritage of the plantation.”
For more information on the Wildwood Plantation, please contact Barrietta Killiebrew at (314) 497-0229, or go online to
STL-TIDBITZ. JPEK Productions and the NetworkGroup and Urban League Presents "Me, Don & the Psychiatrist" at the Vaughn Cultural Center. For more information call 314.615.3624. Don’t know exactly what to do about that cheating spouse and just plain no-good lover? After witnessing the two-act satire of Me, Don and the Psychiatrist, your questions may get answered. Two performances May 19th & 20th at 8:00 p.m. Free admission. First come, first seated.
The NETWORK GROUP PRESENTS, "COMETRY"--comedy and poetry, AT 8 P.M., SUNDAY. MAY 28, AT THE MISSOURI HISTORY MUSEUM AT FOREST PARK. Comedians include Ray Lapowski, DeANdre and Eric Ruvers and National Poetry Slam champ UGly from Chi-town. Admission is 20 bones. For more info, call 618-531-1360.
National Black MBA Association, St Louis Chapter presents "Spring Job Fair", May 18, 2006, 1:30-5pm @ Harris Stowe State University, Emerson Performance CenterPhone:
Mary Meachum "Legacy Event"Saturday, May 20thGrounds open at 11:00am. Celebrate this powerful event with a re-enactment of the slave escape, four Church choirs, over 40 vendors, ethnic food from BBQ to Jamaican, dancing from Egyptian to Praise and African Drumming. So, come back to the river from whence our heritage came and renew the spirit of your soul.
11:00am - Grounds open12:00-3:00pm - Continuous entertainment, including gospel choirs, poets, ethnic and praise dancers; live blues and Christian jazz. 12:00 - 4:00pm Story telling and children's activities3:00pm - Live re-enactment of the slave escape4:00pm - Balloon launch in honor of all the slaves who made the attempt for Freedom4:00pm - 6:00pm Live entertainment on main stage
FOR MORE INFORMATION - Call the National Black Tourism Network at (314) 865-0708 or Doug Eller at Grace Hill at (314) 340-3207 Friday and Saturday.
Don't forget to cop your movie ticket to the STL filmed, "Tapesty of Shadows". Its premiere will be in St. Louis May 26 and 27, 2006 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral 3633 Lindell Blvd. Tickets are only $10 Tickets go on sale Monday May 8, 2006 (Next Monday). You can reserve them by going to PEOPLE ARE RESERVING THEM ALREADY, SO DON'T DELAY!!!..............
L.A. TIDBITZ. The 7th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will once again be the host to many groundbreaking films, celebrities, numerous industry-related panels/workshops, HBFF Filmmaker & Storyteller Awards, Opening and Closing Night Galas, live entertainment and many more festivities throughout the week. The 2006 festival takes place June 13-18, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. You can now register to attend HBFF 2006. For your optimal festival experience the Hollywood Black Film Festival offers a variety of passes. Visit our Registration page for all the details. Remember, save $$ by registering before the May 16th early-bird deadline! For ticket information, travel and hotel accommodations, and a complete schedule of films, panels and special events, visit the website at
Well that is it for me.If you have anything fo rme to pub, hit me up!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

OUT 46

Hello one and all. This is Ma'at ONE MORE GAIN for you all. A brother is trying his damnest to get to this blog every week and I am determined to make this blog the hottest blog not only in the STL, but the globe. One of these days, I am going to post up the comments that I have been getting via my email (Maybe I will do that for my one year anniversary). All right, let's get down to it.

Last Friday, I attended Belleville bred jazz singer Brian Owens (pictured on the lower left) at Vaughan Cultural Center in Grandel Square, I got there about 8p.m. (It started about 7:30 ish). I was trying to find somewhere to park cause the area was buzzin with stuff happening at the Fox (Broadway play Hairspray was in town), Powell Symphony Hall and the Black Rep. SO, parking was scarce, but I was able to find one last parking space behind Vaughan Cultural center next to a tour bus.

So, I trekked in there and saw a familiar face, lawyer/poet Richard Hayden who asked for me to sign in on their mailing list. I also ran into Urban League director of employment Kim Love who told where to sit in the near packed audience (about 80 or so which is a flood). I asked him if I could take some shots and he said that he was taking some for the Urban League. when I told him I knew Renee (Thomas Woods, he lit up and said that it was OK (I tell you, it's all in who you know.) So, I sat in the back to try and take some snaps, but the room was too dim and all of my shots were too dark :o(

Anyway, his show was the bomb. This man is mad talented. He was performing tunes off his debut CD, B Natural (including the title track) and also did covers such as Marvin Gaye's "What Goin On." He reminds me of a male version of Ella Fitzgerald. Man he can scat like nobody's business. Although he not an extreme showman, he makes up for it with his flowing voice and energy.

After the show, I had a chance to greet him and told him that he sounded much better in person than on his CD (Not saying that his recorded voice was bad). He took it as a compliment and said that since he's been studying voice and music, he feels that he is improving his craft. I also said to him I was the one who gave him a shout out on my blog via Renee Thomas Woods and kje thought about it and remembered the shout out. He is a very down to earth brotha who is definitely going places. The next big event he is supposed to perform is at the Forumla May 20 with Lamar Harris. To cop his CD go to

After Brian Owens' show, I drove downtown to get to 1st Friday which was going to be at the Forumla. I contacted my boy, 1st Friday co-owner Harry Michel via celly earlier that day, and he said that it was cool for me to breeze through. I told him I was coming through to take some snaps of the people up in there. I decided I was going to take more snaps at events cause that is what people think of when they think of media. So, I will dedicate myself to add photography to my jack of all trades cap (Watch out Beene B., Jacob, and Kevin J (no, not you Johnson. LOL), Ma'at will be sporting his digitable snapper at events from now on.)

The snaps I took above are from The Formula. They are The Post's Kevin Johnson and East Boogie girl Nichol Stevenson (upper left) Real estate broker Dawna and my boy Kameron (right) and party sisters Ree and Lady Ree (below in the matching black and white outfits). Jacob from St Louis Online took of pic of Kameron amd myself at First Friday (I am with the shades, black hat, white jacket and purple shirt with my chest out trying to be Ne-Yo in his "When You're Mad" video. LOL)

Anyway, I got there about 10:30 ish (I waited about an hour in my car cause I wasnt feeling driving back to the East Side and coming back to the STL after the concert!) and there was a small line out front. So, I decided to wait in it becasue I wasnt for sure what was going on as far as getting access in. Harry said that he put me on the guest list, but I know how things can get when its time to get up to the door and had to pay(I have had experiences like that in the past.). As I was standing my girl STL Rep candidate Ingrid Owens saw me and greeted me with a hug and I gave her a peck on the cheek. She was wondering why I was standing in line and I just shrugged my shoulders. She got me out of line and told me that I need to already be inside. So she got me into the club as her date and I had no problems getting in (Much love sista!)

While in, it was just getting packed. DJ Charlie Chan was doing his thing on the is and 2s and I walked around to see who was there. I ran into Formula owner Sonia Brascomb who was trying to accomodate the couples up in there who wanted to sit down. Then, Kameron called me and said he was on his way and asked if there were anyone up in there. I told him that it was getting packed. Meanwhile, this pretty sista named Nikki, asked me if I liked Anheuser Busch products and I told her that I go with the flow. She was with the Busch giveaway crew who were handing out free beer to people getting them to buy its products in the club (They had a raffle of a DVD player for those who bought its products--CLEVER).

While this was going on, I began to walk around seeing who was who. I saw a lot of familiar face-no name people but I wanted it to be known I was in the house and I was ready to take some snaps (The Ree sisters thought I was Jacob. LOL) . Around 11ish, it was packed as day old sardines up in there and the AIR was not circulating (I got so bold that I stole a piece of ice from one fo the ice men's buckets when he walked past me and rubbed the ice all on my chest--The ice guy grunted after what I did but I had to do what I had to do!!!). It was not too pretty as time progressed. People were taking off shirts and jackets. It was definitely like a sauna up in there (Even one of the First Friday security guys talked about the conditions up in there).

Meanwhile, DJ Charlie Chan gave DJ duties to DJ Nappy Needles (He did some old school-new school mixes up in there that was interesting--for instance, he played the Jackson Five's "ABC", then played Naughty By NAtures' "OPP" (which samples ABC), then he played Ray Charles' "I Got A Woman" then played Kanye's "Goldigger" (which samples Woman). He also segued, New Edition, "I'm leaving You Again" with Bow Wow and Ciara's "Like YOu" which samples the NE song!)

One scary moment occurred when a sista passed out up in there from the heat and had to be carried out by a bartendar. I hope that she was OK cause that is not cute to see a sista vulnerable like that.

In the house along with those mentioned were Hot SHots photographer Japhus Johnson, St. Louis American's Bill Beene, photographer Kevin Jordoan, local actress Cody Aaron (likes the blonde streaks. LOL), Bally trainer Deanthony, Jamie Spencer, local model Ali Mosier, Treanna, Freeman Bosley Show personality Darrion Phelps, Indogo Sams, FF co-owners Harry Michel and Fred Finley.

STL-TIDBITZ. Former St. Louis model turned author Cedric Mixon sent me an email about a book signing of "The Hoodlum Preacher", by local author Rev. Burton Barr at Barnes & Noble at New Halls Ferry @ Lindbergh, (Cross Keys Shopping Center)Friday, May 12 @ 7:00PM-9:00PMBOOK IN STORES NOW!!! TO PREVIEW "THE HOODLUM PREACHER": You can listen to the author at MORE BOOK INFO:

There will be an grand art exhibit opening/reception of Kansas City based quilt artist Sonie Ruffin, of her work entitled A.S.K., May 13, 2006 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the Portfoloio Gallery, 3514 Delmar. Gallery Hours: Mon. Wed. & Fri 9:00 to 5:00 PMTue & Thur: by appointment It will run until June 2006. Check out its website at

Sunday May 14, 2006, STL jazz diva Denise Thimes will have her Annual Mother's Day Concert at 5:30 p.m., at The Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Boulevard Saint Louis, MO 63108. The concert will feature jazz pianist extroidinarie: Danny Mixon from New York City. Dinner served from 3:00-5:00 pm in the 3rd Floor Louis Spiering Room (Sorry no one served after 5:00p.m.) For More Informatiom: Contact Valerie Granger (314) 773-0337 or Metro-Tix/314-534-1111.........And speaking of Denise Thimes, my story on her is in this issue of West End Word Newspaper (peep out the website as well at

My girl Shawn Guy-Pitts will have a one woman play on MOTHER’S DAY at the HILTON BALLPARK HOTEL, MAY 14, 2006 (BROADWAY & MARKET)at 11:30 a.m. Tickets at $25 (Brunch included) THE THEME: CHRISTIAN MOTHERS CELEBRATING YESTERDAY, TODAY, AND TOMORROW THE SHOW WILL DEPICTION OF MOTHER/DAUGHTER RELATIONSHIPS. IT IS SPONSORED BY: LANE TABERNACLE CME 10 N. NEWSTEAD. For more info call, 314-533-0534 (Shuttle from church available)................

I recently spoke with Spin City Records' Clifford "Q" Wade and he was in Miami for Jermaine Dupri's Spring Break event last weekend. He was telliungme that his artists Jzanell and Nick Demo was perforing down there. He told me that Demo is getting serious radio play as well. Kudos to ya man!...............................................

Anyone peep out the Fox 2 interview that Bonita Kornute did with STL rapper Nelly? It was OK. Nothing was really revealed that we didnt already know (his clothing line, VOKAL, his charities 4 sho 4 Kids and Jes Us For Jackie, his co-owning the Charlotte Bobcats, etc.) It was revealed that he is trying to get a clothing store put in his native city University City and that he and his fellow ST. Lunatics will have that resturant constructed on Howdershell in ST. Louis County. Other than that, it was no juicy stuff.

Although it was sort of telling when Nelly told Bonita that when former BET owner Bob Johnson wanted Nelly to co-own the Bobcats with him that he told Mr, Johnson taht he didnt have 150 million to go in with him, but he only needed about a few million or so and that he told him that he did have those kind of millions. He did play it off with a blinged out grin and a laugh (That is so irresistible!) . He tried to be modest with his comment, but you know its hard to be that when the rest of us is struggling with the dollars in our own pockets. Ya feel me?...................................

East Boogie native and former American Idol contestant DeAndrae Perryman (aka DSTLOU) sent me a text message that he will be doing his vocal thing, Thursday, May 18, at Club Toxic where he will perform at the St. Louis Gong Show. BET will be filming there, too. He also is doing his hosting duties at Improv Theatre every Tues. For more info go to

COMMUNITY WOMEN AGAINST HARDSHIP, will host its 2ND ANNUAL WALK FOR LIFE, WALK-A-THON, SAT. MAY 20, 2006. For questions call 314.289.7523...................................................

National Black MBA Association, St Louis Chapter presents "Spring Job Fair", May 18, 2006, 1:30-5pm @ Harris Stowe State University, Emerson Performance Center. Phone: 636.230.2404 or go to

Don't forget to cop your movie ticket to the STL filmed, "Tapesty of Shadows". Its premiere will be in St. Louis May 26 and 27, 2006 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral 3633 Lindell Blvd. Tickets are only $10 Tickets go on sale Monday May 8, 2006 (Next Monday). You can reserve them by going to PEOPLE ARE RESERVING THEM ALREADY, SO DON'T DELAY!!!..............

There's a hot new STL rapper who is doing his thing in Los Angeles. He is called Stylish Wesley. My A.G/ Edwards colleague Tianisha Loyd hipped me to him (It's her brother). He has a unique style and flow, does his own original tracks and even did a a track with Snoop Dogg. His Official Site is

L.A. TIDBITZ. The 7th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will once again be the host to many groundbreaking films, celebrities, numerous industry-related panels/workshops, HBFF Filmmaker & Storyteller Awards, Opening and Closing Night Galas, live entertainment and many more festivities throughout the week. The 2006 festival takes place June 13-18, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. You can now register to attend HBFF 2006. For your optimal festival experience the Hollywood Black Film Festival offers a variety of passes. Visit our Registration page for all the details. Remember, save $$ by registering before the May 16th early-bird deadline! For ticket information, travel and hotel accommodations, and a complete schedule of films, panels and special events, visit the website at

DC-TIDBITZ. My friend Gordon Chambers will have a concert along with Raheem Davaughn and Rasaan Patterson, at 7 p.m., Sunday, May 14, 2006 (Mothers Day), at H20 Restaurant and Lounge800 Water Street SW, Washington, DC, $45.00 including dinnerFor more info: WaterfrontFor reservations: (202) 484-6300

RIP. Condolences goes out to St. Louis bred b-ball star Larry Hughes' younger brother who died this week. He had heart problems since he was born and had a transplant a couple of years back. Our prayers go out to you and your family. Also to Michael 'Bear' Taliferro. He was famous for saying the line, "You gon' eat your cornbread?" in the movie "Life' Starring Eddie Murphy. He died this week after complications from a stroke. He used to come to a lot of the Joe Torry Basketball Challenge games when they came to the STL in July(last year's he was sitting on the bench in a cast on his leg) and was very funny when it came to acting silly with the audience. When I checked, he was filming the movie "3/5 of a Man."

Well that is it for me. Have a good Mother's Day and I will see you in seven days! If you have anything for me to pub, hit me up at!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

out 45

Hola seniors and senioritas, this is Ma'at here again shining as bright as the light bulb in your ceiling, about to give you my scoop and skinny on what I have been doing since the last time we e-chatted. OK here we go.

Last Thursday, I checked out Hipster Magazine's The Official Phat Farm BEYOND THE GREEN Club Tour party at the JAzz Loft that was hosted by rap/fashion mogul Russell Simmons with ATL's DJ Tayrok on the 1s and 2s. I got there about 10:30 p.m. and got siked about checking this party out(That is me in the upper right hand corner with hollabackboi in shades. Thanks to Jacob of ST Louis Online for taking the pic).

When I got there, it was like I was going to a Hollywood premeire. They had a red carpet diplay in the front of the club, beaming rays of lights and a big ole tub of comp Anhueser Draft bottled beer right before you enetered the club (The only thing missing were the paparazzi and the array of onlookers hanging on to see the celebs. They had the big tall bouncer (who was dressed like Shaq does when he is in dress clothes and brim hat)who was checking IDs before you eneterd and some of the First Friday security guys were patting folks down (I managed to escape all this becasue I know them quite well).

So I got my free beer and went inside. I went to the front desk ladies to see if my name was on the list and it wasnt. I didnt sweat it because I didnt mind patronizing this event becasue it was definitely the atmosphere that turned me on to this and who was hosting this (IT was only 10 bones to get in). So when I went inside, it was like the club morphed into a Hollywood nightclub: two go-go female dancers on pedestals near the dance floor, two colorful spotlights and a projected screen of commericals on Anheuser Busch products was shown at the back of the club where the garage door was. They also had male models dressed in black t-shorts and jeans wearing TV monitors on their persons that were showing the same commercials. I was very impressed.

The first person I recognized was local socialite and newest A G Edwards colleague Jamie Spencer (I hop ethat 30 th B-Day bash via X-Jam will go smoothly next month.) who was with his cousin Treanna (who was sporting a white gele aka Erykah Badu). I did my niceties with them as I got a clal from hollabackboi that he was en route (He had to find valet space for his bus known as a Hummer. LOL) He text me on my cell that he wa sin and was able to get in free through the secutiy people (Yeah, rub it in why don't you--it must have been the chestless shirt that got you in. LOL)

Anyway, I met up with hollabckboi and flossed throughout the club. Around this time,it was about 11ish and the man of the hour came through. Russell Simmons, dressed like a beggar with cap and sneaks (He keeps it real!) .He and his enterouge of freinds (Cedric The Entertainer, Guy Torry, Johnny Furr, State Rep Mike MicMillan, Freeman Bosley Jr., Eric Rhone, etc) proceeded up to the small VIP area that was roped off by some velvet ropes. People started swarming a round Russell as though he had only 1 ticket to Heaven. I was not really feeling trying to act like a groupie and try to see him up close and personal.

Most of the media and photo folks in the STL area were doing their job of getting pics and interviews, but I just laid in the cut. I was like, I didnt really need to do the media thing cause I didnt have to. I wanted to chill. And that's what I did. I didnt really feel all of the VIP thing cause it wasnt really VIP, excpet for Russell and Cedric (has he lost weight or is it just me?). Everyone else were known locally (well, maybe Eric Rhone, too, but he is more behind the scenes as Ced's manager).

After awhile of taking snaps and biz cards, Russell walked out of VIP to sit down near the table area with a big security guard guarding him as though he was ready to take a bullet if he needed to. It seems like Russell was freindly and cordial with those who were able to talk with him, but I'm sure he was very guarded now that he has been in the news about his separation with STL bred fashion mgoul Kimora Lee (at lest her half-brother Ali Mosier was there). .

Meanwhile, The ATL DJ got on the 1s and 2s (after playing typical crunk hip hop hits), he began to turn it up with diffrent kind sof hip-hop and mixing it up (He even had some of the STL Police brothas who were up in there poppin their collar. LOL) . He statrted playing hip-hop that was popular in other cities as well (He played "Lately I Been Hustlin" that is the hot ish in Miami right now) People were getting hyped all the way with this dee-jay (escpailly JAmie Spencer who was dancing like Jerry Lewis throughout after three or four fire drinks). I even saw local singer Silky SOul dropping it like it was hot and bending down to the toes as she was dancing with this brother., It was too hot to handle, for real. All I saw was her red Afro almost dusting the floor, she was so low gettin her dance on. LOL.

I also saw this white guy ala Tony Soprano of HBO (but geeky) trying to pull some sistas up in there to go home with. I don't know if he was lucky or not cause by the time I saw him trying to pull them, he was back in the club.

Other people I saw were Brandon, Jamelle, Keenan and Keith Harris (I didnt know y'all were related!!, Chantal of inbox, Brian Swift, Mr. Lee, Freeman Bosley Jr. co-hosts Nicci Roach and Darrion Phelps (Did y'all ever leave out of VIP? LOL), Black Heat (Kelly Wimbley's wife) and her poet friend (She spoke to me and couldnt think of her name for the best of me).
When it was over, I saw a few Hummer Limos and a party bus parked out front ready to roll to the next party. I wish I was a fly on either of thsoe vehicles cause I know the Moet and Cristol was poppin up in therre. Anyway, I flossed a bit and had hollabackboi take me to my Spectra 2005 in his Hummer (I had to roll out in style, right. LOL)

Overall, it was a great event. But my beef is, why did it have to take someone like Russell Simmons to make the STL black clubs act like a real club as far as atmosphere? STL black clubs need to get it correct and try and sport new and innovative ideas when it comes to making Hollywood happen here on all levels. Ya heard?

IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A TEMP. The temp gig at A.G Edwards on Jefferson and MArket is going OK. This is my second week there and I am making some headway there. I had to try and adjust to wearuing a tie to work and act very proper around the office setting. I work in the F Building in New Accounts where I am a glamorized gofer. There are very intersted people who work there. All kinds in the rainbow--if you catchmy drift. LOL Young, old, black, white, Asian, Puerto Rican, fat, skinny, you name it. From the janitors to the big CEOs, A.G. Edwards defiitely is a place to observe (I even got busted out by a siusta who remebered me from working at the St. Louis AMerican when I was in an elevator full of people waiting to get to my stop inside the parking garage. She was like, Arent you a reporter on the side?" I could have said NO. But I went on and said yes. Then, she said, "For the American?" I just said YES even though I havent worked therre in almost three years,. It was an awkward moment, but I knew from that second on, news would travel taht I was working there. Oh well, so much for my cover.

On Saturday, I checked out Part One of Michael Jackson's (no not the singer but the local event promoter of Bonafide Productions), birthday bash at Lucky Strike at the St. Louis MIlls. I was there for a minute because he invited me and wanted to be a man of my word and at least show up. He was telling about a private bash that was about to go down after the Lucky Strike party that rapper Chingy was throwing for him at someone's house in St. Peters. He invited me, but I was getting tired and I didnt get a chance to go, but from the crowd that was at Lucky Strike, I'm sure they were not playing Tiddly Winks.

L.A. TIDBITZ. The 7th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will once again be the host to many groundbreaking films, celebrities, numerous industry-related panels/workshops, HBFF Filmmaker & Storyteller Awards, Opening and Closing Night Galas, live entertainment and many more festivities throughout the week. The 2006 festival takes place June 13-18, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. You can now register to attend HBFF 2006. For your optimal festival experience the Hollywood Black Film Festival offers a variety of passes. Visit our Registration page for all the details. Remember, save $$ by registering before the May 16th early-bird deadline! For ticket information, travel and hotel accommodations, and a complete schedule of films, panels and special events, visit the website at

STLTIDBITZ. For those who don;t follow football, actor Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington (shown in the football pic above) was recentyly signed to play with the ST. Lousi RAms. The the leading career rusher at NCAA Division II Morehouse College, was drafted last week to the team. I wonder if Denzel will make any of the home games here in the Lou as STL people gawk at him as though they were looking at Inside MAn? (Michael Jordan came to the Lou last year and was spotted at the former Club Seven up in VIP. He was in town to support his son who was golfing here, so I don't see why not.)...

My interview with jazz diva Denise Thimes and her Mother's Day concert at the Sheldon , May 14 went well. It will be published in the West End Word, May 10.......................

Kudos to local actor/director Joel P.E. King and the Network Group (Dwayne did you get that stain out? LOL) for his continuing run of his talke debut stapgeplay, Meeting at the Elkder's Circle." I checked it out last Friday and I must say it was a pleasant surprise as far as the scene changes I saw in this one from the last time I saw it at the Loft a day before going to L.A. The play stars Alicia Mosely (GREAT) , Erin Dempsey (GREAT), and Mr. King himself (in drag). Great satire about the black church (Kudos to behind the scenes people Christian Coifield and Lisa May for handling it back there) . If you get a chance, peep it out, The remaining dates and times are, Friday May 5 @ 8 p.m., Saturday May 6 @ 3:30 p.m. & 8 p.m., Sunday May 7 @ 8 p.m. It's playing at the Tin Ceiling Theater, 3159 Cherokee St. , St. Louis, MO 63118 (East of Grand (South) and Gravios) For ticket and contact info:call (314)268-3651 or go to

Much love to Majic 104.9's Deneen Busby for putting me on her favoirite websites....

JazzyPhatSOUL (ala First Friday) will take place, Friday, May 5 at the Formula Club. Doors will open @ 9:00pm Cover $15 before Midnight. Dress is Stylish Hip Sexy . The Address 1204 Washington Ave Directions Washington & Tucker (nearest maj. intersection) For more info contact 314-754-5628, or

The Brian Owens Trio with Jason Swagler, Fri. May 5, 2006 @ 7:30pm @ the Vaughn Cultural Center 3701 Grandel Sq. St. Louis, MO. Free! Call 314.615.3624 for more info......................

Hipster Magazine is putting on Select Nights with Dj Nappy Needles. starting this Thursday at CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM 3750 WASHINGTON BLVD starting at 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. It then moves to the Pepper Lounge. Enjoy free admission, swank snacks by Wolfgang Puck, and $2 Budweiser Select. Guests must be 21 or older to enter. Upcoming Select Nights: June 1, July 6, August 3, October 5, November 2 and December............................

Afro World cordially invites you to experience "Hattitudes". a hat fashion show, with Rosebud of New York, May 6, 2006, 3-5pm @ 7276 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis. RSVP @314.389.5194.............

I peeped out this new website called where you can log onto all kinds of videos from A to Z, local to national, to strange to the absurd. I was persuing in there I saw some local stuff on there inclusing the Janky Boys (Pic is on the bottom of all the other pic son the blog) featuring former 100.3 The Beat personality Silli Asz. It is reality TV at its best. One epsiode had Silli driving with stolen car tags and one with him being a ghetto superhero. CLASSICS. You gotta check it out! Just log on and do a search on Janky Boys and there you go!.....................

The local film, "Tapestry of Shadows" will have its big STL film premeire in St. Louis May 26 and 27, 2006 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral 3633 Lindell Blvd. Tickets are only $10 Tickets go on sale Monday May 8, 2006 (Next Monday). You can reserve them by going to

Local visual artist and painter C'BABI BAYOC will have an open house, Saturday, May 6th, 3:00-6:00pm, at 3301 Meramec. The painter is also looking for two high school students from the city who are passionate about art. The “budding artists” will be his apprentices and will help develop their skills as they continue their artistic education. He is also offering one-on-one private lessons with any age. For more info call, 314-452-8339

Condoloences goes out to the family of rapper T.I.'s personal assistant Philant Johnson who was killed in a shoot out on a Cincinatti highway this week after performing at Club Ritz after money was supposedly thrown from teh stage toward a group of men. T.I's camp were traveling towarad the STL for T.I.'s concert at the Pageant (which was cancelled due to the incident). The afterparty with T.I and opening act YOung Joc at Plush was also cancelled.

Well, that will do it for me. Hit me up at if you got any thing for me to pub or probe. Until the next time. Be out!