Thursday, May 04, 2006

out 45

Hola seniors and senioritas, this is Ma'at here again shining as bright as the light bulb in your ceiling, about to give you my scoop and skinny on what I have been doing since the last time we e-chatted. OK here we go.

Last Thursday, I checked out Hipster Magazine's The Official Phat Farm BEYOND THE GREEN Club Tour party at the JAzz Loft that was hosted by rap/fashion mogul Russell Simmons with ATL's DJ Tayrok on the 1s and 2s. I got there about 10:30 p.m. and got siked about checking this party out(That is me in the upper right hand corner with hollabackboi in shades. Thanks to Jacob of ST Louis Online for taking the pic).

When I got there, it was like I was going to a Hollywood premeire. They had a red carpet diplay in the front of the club, beaming rays of lights and a big ole tub of comp Anhueser Draft bottled beer right before you enetered the club (The only thing missing were the paparazzi and the array of onlookers hanging on to see the celebs. They had the big tall bouncer (who was dressed like Shaq does when he is in dress clothes and brim hat)who was checking IDs before you eneterd and some of the First Friday security guys were patting folks down (I managed to escape all this becasue I know them quite well).

So I got my free beer and went inside. I went to the front desk ladies to see if my name was on the list and it wasnt. I didnt sweat it because I didnt mind patronizing this event becasue it was definitely the atmosphere that turned me on to this and who was hosting this (IT was only 10 bones to get in). So when I went inside, it was like the club morphed into a Hollywood nightclub: two go-go female dancers on pedestals near the dance floor, two colorful spotlights and a projected screen of commericals on Anheuser Busch products was shown at the back of the club where the garage door was. They also had male models dressed in black t-shorts and jeans wearing TV monitors on their persons that were showing the same commercials. I was very impressed.

The first person I recognized was local socialite and newest A G Edwards colleague Jamie Spencer (I hop ethat 30 th B-Day bash via X-Jam will go smoothly next month.) who was with his cousin Treanna (who was sporting a white gele aka Erykah Badu). I did my niceties with them as I got a clal from hollabackboi that he was en route (He had to find valet space for his bus known as a Hummer. LOL) He text me on my cell that he wa sin and was able to get in free through the secutiy people (Yeah, rub it in why don't you--it must have been the chestless shirt that got you in. LOL)

Anyway, I met up with hollabckboi and flossed throughout the club. Around this time,it was about 11ish and the man of the hour came through. Russell Simmons, dressed like a beggar with cap and sneaks (He keeps it real!) .He and his enterouge of freinds (Cedric The Entertainer, Guy Torry, Johnny Furr, State Rep Mike MicMillan, Freeman Bosley Jr., Eric Rhone, etc) proceeded up to the small VIP area that was roped off by some velvet ropes. People started swarming a round Russell as though he had only 1 ticket to Heaven. I was not really feeling trying to act like a groupie and try to see him up close and personal.

Most of the media and photo folks in the STL area were doing their job of getting pics and interviews, but I just laid in the cut. I was like, I didnt really need to do the media thing cause I didnt have to. I wanted to chill. And that's what I did. I didnt really feel all of the VIP thing cause it wasnt really VIP, excpet for Russell and Cedric (has he lost weight or is it just me?). Everyone else were known locally (well, maybe Eric Rhone, too, but he is more behind the scenes as Ced's manager).

After awhile of taking snaps and biz cards, Russell walked out of VIP to sit down near the table area with a big security guard guarding him as though he was ready to take a bullet if he needed to. It seems like Russell was freindly and cordial with those who were able to talk with him, but I'm sure he was very guarded now that he has been in the news about his separation with STL bred fashion mgoul Kimora Lee (at lest her half-brother Ali Mosier was there). .

Meanwhile, The ATL DJ got on the 1s and 2s (after playing typical crunk hip hop hits), he began to turn it up with diffrent kind sof hip-hop and mixing it up (He even had some of the STL Police brothas who were up in there poppin their collar. LOL) . He statrted playing hip-hop that was popular in other cities as well (He played "Lately I Been Hustlin" that is the hot ish in Miami right now) People were getting hyped all the way with this dee-jay (escpailly JAmie Spencer who was dancing like Jerry Lewis throughout after three or four fire drinks). I even saw local singer Silky SOul dropping it like it was hot and bending down to the toes as she was dancing with this brother., It was too hot to handle, for real. All I saw was her red Afro almost dusting the floor, she was so low gettin her dance on. LOL.

I also saw this white guy ala Tony Soprano of HBO (but geeky) trying to pull some sistas up in there to go home with. I don't know if he was lucky or not cause by the time I saw him trying to pull them, he was back in the club.

Other people I saw were Brandon, Jamelle, Keenan and Keith Harris (I didnt know y'all were related!!, Chantal of inbox, Brian Swift, Mr. Lee, Freeman Bosley Jr. co-hosts Nicci Roach and Darrion Phelps (Did y'all ever leave out of VIP? LOL), Black Heat (Kelly Wimbley's wife) and her poet friend (She spoke to me and couldnt think of her name for the best of me).
When it was over, I saw a few Hummer Limos and a party bus parked out front ready to roll to the next party. I wish I was a fly on either of thsoe vehicles cause I know the Moet and Cristol was poppin up in therre. Anyway, I flossed a bit and had hollabackboi take me to my Spectra 2005 in his Hummer (I had to roll out in style, right. LOL)

Overall, it was a great event. But my beef is, why did it have to take someone like Russell Simmons to make the STL black clubs act like a real club as far as atmosphere? STL black clubs need to get it correct and try and sport new and innovative ideas when it comes to making Hollywood happen here on all levels. Ya heard?

IT'S HARD OUT HERE FOR A TEMP. The temp gig at A.G Edwards on Jefferson and MArket is going OK. This is my second week there and I am making some headway there. I had to try and adjust to wearuing a tie to work and act very proper around the office setting. I work in the F Building in New Accounts where I am a glamorized gofer. There are very intersted people who work there. All kinds in the rainbow--if you catchmy drift. LOL Young, old, black, white, Asian, Puerto Rican, fat, skinny, you name it. From the janitors to the big CEOs, A.G. Edwards defiitely is a place to observe (I even got busted out by a siusta who remebered me from working at the St. Louis AMerican when I was in an elevator full of people waiting to get to my stop inside the parking garage. She was like, Arent you a reporter on the side?" I could have said NO. But I went on and said yes. Then, she said, "For the American?" I just said YES even though I havent worked therre in almost three years,. It was an awkward moment, but I knew from that second on, news would travel taht I was working there. Oh well, so much for my cover.

On Saturday, I checked out Part One of Michael Jackson's (no not the singer but the local event promoter of Bonafide Productions), birthday bash at Lucky Strike at the St. Louis MIlls. I was there for a minute because he invited me and wanted to be a man of my word and at least show up. He was telling about a private bash that was about to go down after the Lucky Strike party that rapper Chingy was throwing for him at someone's house in St. Peters. He invited me, but I was getting tired and I didnt get a chance to go, but from the crowd that was at Lucky Strike, I'm sure they were not playing Tiddly Winks.

L.A. TIDBITZ. The 7th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival (HBFF) will once again be the host to many groundbreaking films, celebrities, numerous industry-related panels/workshops, HBFF Filmmaker & Storyteller Awards, Opening and Closing Night Galas, live entertainment and many more festivities throughout the week. The 2006 festival takes place June 13-18, 2006 in Beverly Hills, California. You can now register to attend HBFF 2006. For your optimal festival experience the Hollywood Black Film Festival offers a variety of passes. Visit our Registration page for all the details. Remember, save $$ by registering before the May 16th early-bird deadline! For ticket information, travel and hotel accommodations, and a complete schedule of films, panels and special events, visit the website at

STLTIDBITZ. For those who don;t follow football, actor Denzel Washington's son, John David Washington (shown in the football pic above) was recentyly signed to play with the ST. Lousi RAms. The the leading career rusher at NCAA Division II Morehouse College, was drafted last week to the team. I wonder if Denzel will make any of the home games here in the Lou as STL people gawk at him as though they were looking at Inside MAn? (Michael Jordan came to the Lou last year and was spotted at the former Club Seven up in VIP. He was in town to support his son who was golfing here, so I don't see why not.)...

My interview with jazz diva Denise Thimes and her Mother's Day concert at the Sheldon , May 14 went well. It will be published in the West End Word, May 10.......................

Kudos to local actor/director Joel P.E. King and the Network Group (Dwayne did you get that stain out? LOL) for his continuing run of his talke debut stapgeplay, Meeting at the Elkder's Circle." I checked it out last Friday and I must say it was a pleasant surprise as far as the scene changes I saw in this one from the last time I saw it at the Loft a day before going to L.A. The play stars Alicia Mosely (GREAT) , Erin Dempsey (GREAT), and Mr. King himself (in drag). Great satire about the black church (Kudos to behind the scenes people Christian Coifield and Lisa May for handling it back there) . If you get a chance, peep it out, The remaining dates and times are, Friday May 5 @ 8 p.m., Saturday May 6 @ 3:30 p.m. & 8 p.m., Sunday May 7 @ 8 p.m. It's playing at the Tin Ceiling Theater, 3159 Cherokee St. , St. Louis, MO 63118 (East of Grand (South) and Gravios) For ticket and contact info:call (314)268-3651 or go to

Much love to Majic 104.9's Deneen Busby for putting me on her favoirite websites....

JazzyPhatSOUL (ala First Friday) will take place, Friday, May 5 at the Formula Club. Doors will open @ 9:00pm Cover $15 before Midnight. Dress is Stylish Hip Sexy . The Address 1204 Washington Ave Directions Washington & Tucker (nearest maj. intersection) For more info contact 314-754-5628, or

The Brian Owens Trio with Jason Swagler, Fri. May 5, 2006 @ 7:30pm @ the Vaughn Cultural Center 3701 Grandel Sq. St. Louis, MO. Free! Call 314.615.3624 for more info......................

Hipster Magazine is putting on Select Nights with Dj Nappy Needles. starting this Thursday at CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM 3750 WASHINGTON BLVD starting at 6 p.m. until 9 p.m. It then moves to the Pepper Lounge. Enjoy free admission, swank snacks by Wolfgang Puck, and $2 Budweiser Select. Guests must be 21 or older to enter. Upcoming Select Nights: June 1, July 6, August 3, October 5, November 2 and December............................

Afro World cordially invites you to experience "Hattitudes". a hat fashion show, with Rosebud of New York, May 6, 2006, 3-5pm @ 7276 Natural Bridge Rd, St. Louis. RSVP @314.389.5194.............

I peeped out this new website called where you can log onto all kinds of videos from A to Z, local to national, to strange to the absurd. I was persuing in there I saw some local stuff on there inclusing the Janky Boys (Pic is on the bottom of all the other pic son the blog) featuring former 100.3 The Beat personality Silli Asz. It is reality TV at its best. One epsiode had Silli driving with stolen car tags and one with him being a ghetto superhero. CLASSICS. You gotta check it out! Just log on and do a search on Janky Boys and there you go!.....................

The local film, "Tapestry of Shadows" will have its big STL film premeire in St. Louis May 26 and 27, 2006 at the Scottish Rite Cathedral 3633 Lindell Blvd. Tickets are only $10 Tickets go on sale Monday May 8, 2006 (Next Monday). You can reserve them by going to

Local visual artist and painter C'BABI BAYOC will have an open house, Saturday, May 6th, 3:00-6:00pm, at 3301 Meramec. The painter is also looking for two high school students from the city who are passionate about art. The “budding artists” will be his apprentices and will help develop their skills as they continue their artistic education. He is also offering one-on-one private lessons with any age. For more info call, 314-452-8339

Condoloences goes out to the family of rapper T.I.'s personal assistant Philant Johnson who was killed in a shoot out on a Cincinatti highway this week after performing at Club Ritz after money was supposedly thrown from teh stage toward a group of men. T.I's camp were traveling towarad the STL for T.I.'s concert at the Pageant (which was cancelled due to the incident). The afterparty with T.I and opening act YOung Joc at Plush was also cancelled.

Well, that will do it for me. Hit me up at if you got any thing for me to pub or probe. Until the next time. Be out!

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