Thursday, July 27, 2006

out 67

Hello one and all. This is Ma’atology here trying to give it ya safely and soundly. Well, I didn’t do much last weekend cause of the sever storms we had last Wednesday and last Friday. According to the National Weather Service believes seven tornadoes touched down in the St. Louis area last week!

Now you know that is too much playing in the city! For real.

Well the two big things that happened last weekend was of course the Post-Storm Cleanup and the St. Louis Public Schools Bruh ha ha.

Ameren UE has been working day in and day out like Hebrew slaves to try and get the lights on in the ST. Louis area (One Ameren UE worker died in an electrocution accident trying to restore power). As of this writing, most of everybody in the STl area should have power (The popular question for everybody, and I’m sure there will be T-shirts on this, if not already, was, “Do you have any power?”) At the Water Geyser Fountain behind Casino Queen where I work and supervise, we were working on a generator provided by the Illinois Parks and recreation District (Power came on Tuesday).

But the big news coming from all of this was the infamous Rev. Al Sharpton coming to St. Louis to protest alleged discrimination of Ameren UE not providing speedy service for low income neighborhoods (i.e. Black folks).

According to, this past Tuesday, Sharpton called for Ameren Corp. to roll back rates and drop its request for a fee hike in a news conference in front of the company's headquarters on Chouteau Ave. in style, pulling up in a black BMW sedan that stayed parked in the street while Sharpton addressed the media. He asked that Ameren reduce costs to consumers by 10%, because of the hardship customers suffered during the recent blackouts.

"This is a national concern. There have been blackouts in New York, there have been blackouts all over the country," Sharpton said. "When power companies fail people should not have to pick up the tab."

Sharpton said that he would give Ameren time to respond before there would be further "demonstration" or "confrontation."

The outages are an issue that impact the poor and affluent alike, Sharpton said.
"One thing about living in a mansion or a housing project -- it all looks the same in the dark," Sharpton said (THAT’S FUNNY) .

My take? Well, what can you say. Many radio folks on the AM side is calling what Shaprton did as a opportunistic and that Ameren UE’s response to all of this was they were about “the damage and not the demographics.” Well, it’s hard to say what is what especially in an emergency such as what STL experienced (one of the biggest storms in reported history).

Well, it wasn’t like Katrina and FEMA shuffling its feet to help those who were homeless from those devastating storms, but then again, Sharpton I feel is doing what he has to do to keep STL on its toes. Opportunist? Maybe. But isn’t that how America works? Someone has to make a noise and agitate the status quo.

True, I applaud Ameren UE and its efforts, but that’s their job. But it seems like Sharpton is protesting more of trying to get financial breaks for those who are low income and can’t afford to pay their light bill rather than where Ameren UE fixed lights first. I must say, we all know what happened when Sharpton came through the STL several years ago when he led a closing of I-70 to protest non-minority participation in the highway’s construction. So, Ameren UE is not crazy. They do not want all this attention on them like FEMA, so I’m sure they will, like Spike Lee, and do the right thing!!!

As far as the St. Louis School Board fiasco. It’s been kind of quiet, but still causing havoc in some ways. School Board Prez Veronica O’Brien went on Fox 2 in the Morning earlier this week to show the resignation letter that Creg Williams write and signed (and shown to the camera by news anchor John Pertzborn) and that the main reason why he resigned was because of the school losing points in accreditation (for an interesting take of the whole Creg Williams ousting, check out last week’s issue of the River Front Times (
http://www.riverfronttimes.,com/) entitled “The Execution of Creg Williams” that will shed an interesting take on the inner doings of this drama. She also wanted people to stop protesting in front of her house because of Williams’ ousting.

What I also found interesting about O’ Brien was during The Freeman Bosley Jr’s radio show on 100.3 The Beat last Sunday, Bosley played a tape of O’Brien on a show hosted by KSDK sports guy Frank Cusamano who asked her what racial makeup was the school board and that she said that she “thought she guess she was African American .” Huh? Like Bosley, you don’t play with race and for her to guess that she was black, I found that disturbing.

In unrelated (yet related) news, the lawyer for ousted STL coach Floyd Irons said on Freeman’s show they were going forward on the lawsuit and they were suing under the conflict of interest clause in the by-laws of the School Board where School Board member Bill Purdy having two relatives who are teachers in the District which I s a violation of the by-laws. Man, I tell ya, Nelly mos definitely predicted this summer when he rapped, “It’s Getting Hot in Herre!”

MA’AT-IDBITZ. I finally saw myself on TV! I was flipping through the channels and stopped on BRAVO and saw some of the Kathi Griffin reality show, “My Life on the D-List” and saw a segment where she was a guest judge on “Last Comic Standing” (the same show that I sat on when I went to Hollywood in April ) and when she was talking on the show, they showed me peeping around the corner and the camera saw me! (ABOVE IS A PIC OF ME IN THE AUDIENCE BEHIND KATHI GRIFFIN)I was tripping for a minute. I wasn’t expecting to be seen! How ironic is that. Man, I tell ya, when you are looking for something, you don’t find it (When I saw the actual show, they only shown the top of my head) , but when you forget about it, that’s when you find it.

I also found it interesting that she said that she had to spend almost 20 hours taping the show (I don’t know if it was that long, but at the segment when I was in the audience for we were there nearly 5 hours). She had me cracking up when she said that she sat there fake laughing at the comics, that no one really was out of the box funny, that she knew who was going to be going to the finals (especially the guy with cerebral palsy who she said was playing up the palsy) and that they had to choose the “least” not funniest. CLASSIC. I also made a movie of my appearance on Last Comic Standing on YOU TUBE. Just copy and paste this http and and check it out at

(FYI, You gotta pause the video at 2 second in to see me!)

STL-TIDBITZ. I found a shocking video on YOU TUBE the other day on the ST. Louis Storm that occurred last Wednesday. What you do is when you go to YOU TUBE (, type in St. Louis Storms where the search box is and scroll down to where you see “St. Louis Storm hit the Cardinals game” and they show a woman getting hit by a trash can in the stadium. It’s amazing, not funny, but you know….

Next up, the St. Lunatics’ members Nelly, Murphy Lee and Ali are doin their thang lately.

ST. LUNATICS-BITZ. Did you know that Nelly filmed his part of “Call on Me” his collabo duet with Janet here in St. Louis? According to an news report, he did (They didn’t say where though). The article also said that Nelly said his family was especially excited when it heard about the Jackson song, which will appear on her forthcoming LP, 20 Years Old. "My family flipped out," he smiled, showing off a diamond grill covering the bottom row of his teeth. "They're definitely fans of the Jacksons. I grew up singing Jackson Five songs. My uncle put a little band together with all the kids, and I used to have to be Mike. This was a long time ago." He also said he made it a point to do true collaborations with Mariah and Janet, rather than make the track the way artists typically do — where the singer records 90 percent of the record and sends the Pro Tools file to another studio for the MC to lay his verse and ad libs..The MTV article also reported that Big Gipp and St. Lunatic member Ali have their duo LP, Kinfolk, coming in the next couple of months and Murphy Lee might drop his second album, The Package, before this year's out as well. If not, the youngest 'Tic will come next year, followed by Nelly and new singer Avery Storm.

Speaking of Murphy Lee, he is leading a cast of five relatively unknown artists through their struggle to break into the professional music industry in a new reality TV show, "Da Grind," that is being shot in St. Louis. The show is also being locally produced by Hearst Productions founder and prez, Jon Hearst, and by Anthony McDonald, an industry insider and promoter. Other producers are Tony Davis (aka T-Love) who is Nelly's manager, and Pete Lamonthe, who is Murphy Lee's manager. Associate producer and writer is Trish Muyco, former news anchor and editor at KTRS (AM 550).

The show's pilot episode was shot a couple of weeks ago last weekend and highlights such entertainment destinations as the Delmar Loop and downtown's Washington Avenue neighborhood. NYC-based professionals from Sony, TVT Records and Universal were in town to work on the pilot. So much buzz was generated back in the Big Apple that the show's principals have been invited to walk the red carpet with Murphy Lee at the Video Music Awards next month. The producers are planning to officially release the show at an industry party in New York to coincide with the VMA's. Nelly and some other music A-listers have already committed to being at the party.

CHART-IDBITZ. It looks like Chingy and Nelly are putting on the competition with the colloboration duets on both the Hot 1200 and the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Charts this week. On the Hot 100, Janet and Nelly’s song, “Call on Me” make san impressive leap into the Top 40 as the song moves up 38 leaps up the chart from 63 to 25 in its 5th week on that chart whereas Chingy’s duet with Tyrese, “Pulling Me Back” moves up seven notches from 44 to 37 in its sixth week on the chart. It looks like the Janet single may reach the Top Ten much quicker than Chingy’s single on this chart, but you never know. On the R&B side, it’s too close to call. Chingy’s song move sup one space from 12 to 11 and Nelly’s song moves up one space from 15 to 14, so it’s hard to say who’s winning here. They are neck and neck in the Top 20. This race will be much more interesting to watch in weeks to come.

Now back to the regular STL-TIDBITZ.

ST. Louis implant/former St. Louis American fashion editor Keith Underwood is making some buzz out in Hollywood. He was recently seen on BET’s Access Granted showcasing Chamillionaire’s new video “Grown and Sexy.” He played the stage manager in it but in the final cut, his part was cut out (But he still got the check, though). He is also a professional go-person on the set of an independent movie with a working title, “Design Interpreter” which stars “Fresh Prince of Belair’s ” James Avery and WB’s “What I Like About You” star Wesley Johnathan (who went to school in East Boogie, East Saint Lou for a minute in the 1980s). The film is directed by Compton-native Van Elder. I’m sure when Underwood has a moment, he will give me the exclusive scoop on the set……………………………………………………………

My girl local director and director Jewelanda “Tia” Hodges has just finished a three-minute short, “ From Trial to Triumph,” a trailer for her soon-to-be-produced documentary on the life of veteran and legendary St. Louis civil rights leader and retired postmaster general Veto Reid. Sometime in August , the film short will be a part of the 48 Hour Film project films that will be seen on KDHX-TV ( For more info on the film, contact Miss Hodges at

I hear that a St. Louis transplanted cover model, Hercules, from New York is gracing some of the pages of the new July/August issue of the national black & Latin travel and entertainment guide, Flavalife ( The 29-year-old model is featured in a super four-page editorial. This brotha I believe was also a featured model on local photographer Japhus Johnson’s mag, FLAVA, too.

EVENT-IDBITZ. Tickets for the 6th edition of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase –July are now on sale at theTivoli Theatre box office during regular business hours. The film schedule is in the latest Riverfront Times or go to

Hipster Magazine and Spins & Needles present...FLY BY NIGHT
Saturday, July 29th@ 360 N. Boyle (at Lindell in Central West End) Doors @ 9 PM Party Til 2 AM Free Drinks $10 Ladies $15 Fellas SPECIAL: $5 discount for everyone before 10:30 .........

Stray Dog Theatre presents THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES a play with music by John Guare Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. July 27 – 30, 2006 Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM / Sunday at 2 PM $18.00 Adults / $15.00 Seniors & Students…………………………………………………………………

Explore Urban Fashion Reality in STL July 23-28. STL’s own fashion Week... Contact GMS Ms. Shay @ 314.578.8238 or for more info……………………

NYC-TIBITZ. There will be GORDON CHAMBERS TRIBUTE to MARVIN GAYE FOR HARLEM WEEK. Catch the singer-songwriter alongside showstoppers Freddie Jackson, Melisa Morgan, Ashford and Simpson, Ray Chew and the Crew, Nona Gaye and Raheem DeVaughn pay tribute to one of his idols at New York City's largest outdoor festival this Sunday at 6:00 PM., Sunday, July 30, 2006 at Ulysses S. Grant National Memorial Park, 122nd Street and Riverside Drive in the NYC. Time: 6:00 PM--9:00 PM (Get there early to get a space!) Price: Free For more info:

AUDITION-BITZ. City Lights Gospel Video & Advertising a c Christian basted business is
accepting resumes and accepting applications for the following
positions with experienced only: Videographer (Film for TV broadcasting Commercials, TV Shows, Promos & more) Editor...............(Adobe Premier)Experienced Clean Cut/Well groomed Sales Rep (Great Commission) Selling TV & Radio commercials along with print material and book motivational speaker. Email resumes to or call the office between 9:30am to 5:30 pm.City Lights Marketing (314) 371-4222..ext 1

"Ghost Image," is casting in St. Louis for both extras and speaking roles. All speaking roles are paid under a SAG contract; extras are unpaid. All ages and types welcome. Some roles are being cast out of LA and will include cast members from such television shows as "Nip/Tuck," "The West Wing," and "The Sopranos." If you're interested, send an e-mail to: Attach your photo and resume or include a link to your web site. Alternatively, you can mail your photo/resume, or a snapshot, to:Mike Ketcher, 6614 Clayton Road, #393. St. Louis, MO 63117……………………………………………………….

Auditions for Chrys Yvette’s "THE DATING GAME" will be SATURDAY JULY 29th at UNION STATION (CLUB PLUSH)12:00pm to 5:00pm-. She is looking for actors, b-ball players, salsa dancers, models, rappers and comedians. For an appointment call 877-517-0472

Through July 31, The Hershey Company is calling on aspiring filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to submit entries into its Take 5 Taste and Believe filmcontest. Consumers are invited to submit their own original video (up to 60 seconds) showcasing how far they'd go to get a Take 5 candy bar. More details can be found online at


Well that be it. If ya got anything for me to pub, hit me up at!



Miami's Casablanca allure, the undercover cops and the appeal of Michael Mann’s culturally influential television series have been enhanced by time with Miami Vice, a large-scale feature film, starring Academy Award® winner Jamie Foxx as Ricardo Tubbs and Colin Farrell as Sonny Crockett. Universal Pictures will release Miami Vice nationwide on July 28th.

Miami Vice liberates what is adult, dangerous and seductive about working deep undercover, especially when Crockett and Tubbs go on their own with no backup. They find themselves with a case that pushes them to the edge where identity and fabrication become blurred, where cop and player become one.

Being an undercover agent is a dangerous game. Whatever character they believe you to be, you must be. You have to remember everything you tell them. You’re really are out there all by yourself and that’s what’s so dangerous about it,” Foxx says.

Mann shares, “The story is about what happens when you go deep undercover working on an operation in a foreign country where your badge doesn’t count. To give Foxx and Farrell a sense of that danger, Mann brought in real undercover agents to put them through the paces, including what appeared to be a real drug buy.”

“It was very, very, scary because, for all intents and purposes, this was the real deal. It was such a good set-up. And as it was happening, the energy was right up there. It was way out of hand. It was on the razor’s edge and let us see first-hand what these guys face,” Colin remembers.

In Miami Vice, Foxx’s Ricardo Tubbs is suave and dead smart. He lives with a gorgeous Bronx-born intel-analyst Trudy, played by British actress Naomie Harris, currently starring in Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. Tubbs and Crockett are working undercover transporting drug loads into South Florida trying to identify a group responsible for three murders.

Ms. Harris talks about working with Foxx, “The first time I had a big scene in this film was the love scene with Jamie. You can imagine how nervous I was. He was so supportive and was always trying to make me laugh, so I could relax. He’s an amazing actor and so much fun to work with.”

Farrell’s Sonny Crockett seems to the untrained eye to be unorthodox. But procedurally he is sound, charismatic and flirtatious. However, he finds himself in dangerous territory when he gets romantically entangled with Isabella, the beautiful Chinese-Cuban business partner of the arms and drugs trafficker he is investigating. Isabella is played by the Chinese actress Gong Li, best known for her starring role in Memoirs of a Geisha.

Farrell talks about Crockett’s attraction to Isabella, “He is captivated by her and his demeanor shifts. He falls hard for this woman and he’s gone. He finds himself too far gone, he’s in too deep. He’s in danger of losing his focus and taking his eye off the prize.”

Jamie elaborates, “When you’re out there, somebody has to bring you back from that side. It’s like being married and you’re having an affair.”

For Crockett and Tubbs the task at hand is transporting drug loads into South Florida, while they race to identify the group responsible for their friends’ killings and jointly investigating the New Underworld Order. To break the case, they fly to a seedy, dangerous locale in Dominica where they are interrogated by a drug middleman, José Yero (John Ortiz), who surrounds himself with intimidating henchmen carrying automatic weapons. They remain cool and focused. After getting passed that hurdle, they began to put the high level, million-dollar drug deal in motion. The deeper undercover they go, the more intense and dangerous the mission becomes. The partners start forgetting not only which way is up, but on which side of the law they suppose to be.

Supplementing the five-star cast, supporting players who join Mann in Miami Vice include Ciaran Hinds (Munich) as FBI Special Agent Fujima, Justin Theroux (Mulholland Dr.) as fellow vice cop Zito, Barry Shabaka Henley (Collateral) as Lieutenant Castillo, Elizabeth Rodriguez (Dead Presidents) as Detective Gina Calabrese, John Ortiz (Narc) as drug middleman José Yero and Luis Tosar (Cargo) as the stateless plutocrat (and Isabella’s pygmalion) Montoya.

Joining the writer/director/producer behind the camera are an elite group of filmmakers that include director of photography Dion Beebe (Collateral) and Mann’s returning editors William Goldenberg (Heat, Ali, The Insider) and Paull Rubell (The Insider, Collateral). John Murphy (28 Days Later) composes music for the film; Janty Yates (Hannibal) and Michael Kaplan (Fight Club) serve as Vice’s costume designers. The production designer is Victor Kempster (JFK); Miami Vice is based on the television series created by Anthony Yerkovich (Hill Street Blues), who also executive produces the film. Joining Mann in his production duties for the film is Pieter Jan Brugge (Heat, The Insider).

Copy was provided by Roz Stevenson PR (

OK, here are more tidbitz about the movie according to

Filming in Dominican Republic was suspended during October 2005 due to raucous behavior from the public and a shooting where the aggressor was injured.

Edward James Olmos was given a chance to reprise his role as Castillo, but turned it down.
Jan Hammer was asked to do a different type of score, but turned it down.

The quotes in the theatrical trailer, "We get down, if the play calls for it bud" [Crockett], and "We can close each others eyes real fast, but then nobody's gonna make any money" [Tubbs], were both lines from the 'Smugglers Blues' episode of the original series.

Gunshots heard outside of the film's Dominican Republic set on 24 October 2005 caused the crew to delay filming for three days.

The RZA was hired to do the films score, but was later replaced with Organized Noize.

The sunglasses worn by Colin Farrell are the "Slam" model made by Sama Eyewear

There was one author/reviewer on who saw the movie already named alucard69 from London and they wrote: “By far one of the best movies of the summer, Miami Vice is all any action movie fan could wish to hope for. It's got some seriously violent set pieces, amazing locations, and two really cool guys in the lead roles. I do think that a lot of old school fans of the 80's TV show may come away a little disappointed though, as it very little in common with it (apart from the title and the character names obviously). No, this Miami Vice is a serious, sweary - and ADULT - crime movie. And while it isn't quite as gripping or epic as Heat was, it's certainly more accessible to a mainstream audience (and thankfully much shorter). Highly Recommended. "

OK here is my take.

I haven’t seen the flick yet, but from what I have been hearing, this movie is definitely action-packed and very adult from the TV show( I wonder why Miami Vice Tv stars Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas wasn't asked to be in the film ala Richard Roundtree in the 2000 remake of "Shaft"? Hmmmm) and the love scene with Jamie Foxx and sexy actress Naomie Harris (who used a body double form what I heard) is very very steamy). This flick took 125 million dollars to make (GULP) and according to, Foxx hounded director Michael Mann for two years on the idea of making this movie. I’m sure the film will get fans of both Colin Farrell and Jamie Foxx in the seats the first weekend out, but it’s going to No. 1 is doubtful (It will definitely be in the Top Five) especially with the reigning clad fist now being the sequel to “Pirates of the Carribbean.” Yet in still, it could be Top Three because there are no big movie opening this weekend either (“Little Miss Sunshine” Woody Allen’s “Scoop” and “John Tucker Must Die.” )

Also, I found it interesting that when Foxx is asked about the movie away from the press junket circuit (e.g. The BET Awards Post Show and a recent Today show appearance) that he plays down the movie and focus his attention on his role in the upcoming “Dreamgirls” movie (as well as hype up Eddie Murphy who is getting Oscar buzz for his role in the film). Is Foxx trying to tell us something? Only the public will find out when it opens nationwide this weekend.

VICE UPDATE: I guess people really wanted to check this flick out its first week out, As of Julky 31, the flick took the No. 1 spot at the US Box Office taking in 25 million bones and dethroning teh sequel to Pirates of the Caribbean which took the 2nd spot at 20.5 million bones (grossing over 358 mill in three weeks.) . This will be Foxx's third consecutive flick joining Collateral in 2004, Jarhead in 2005 and now Vice (and just to mention his double platinum CD, Unpredictable hititng No. 1 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums earlier this spring.). Many critics and reporters across the country have said that Foxx was miscast in his role as Tubbs(mainly because of his Oscar winning Ray Charles role almost turning him into an iconic personality), but I'm sure it was about box office appeal and lo and behold. I was almost right in predicting where it will land at the Box Office (I did say Top Three). I didnt predict No. 1 but even geniuses can be wrong. LOL. (Well let me be thr first to predict that Foxx will have another hit on his hands when the long-awaited Dreamgirls will run beginning X-mas 2006.)

Thursday, July 20, 2006

OUT 65

Hello everyone! This is Ma’atology on the cyber-tip tryin to give it 2 ya one more time. Some of you probably won’t see this blog until the power is back on in the STL (I will explain later), but for those who have power and can surf on the net, here’s what I have for this week.

Man, it was so much going on here in the STL. From Mary J. Blige doing her hip-hop soul thing at the UMB Bank Pavilion (with two encores from what I heard), India Arie doing her neo-soul thing at Live on the Levee (My journalistic review will follow this intro), LL Cool J giving the ladies love at the Pageant (very brief loving from what I hear due to the bad weather which I will talk about later) and the hotbed that is the St. Louis Public School’s controversial ousting 15 year-stint Superintendent Creg Williams (I will comment on this later). Man, you would think all we needed was to flee to Cypress and it would have called it a week!

But the real star here in the STL has been the weather! Man, on Wednesday, the STL became a scene like on the Wizard of Oz as soon as Dorothy and Toto ran back into their shack and the storm blew them into OZ! It was unexpected for real. The weathermen in the area did not predict this at all which was the trip part about it (The weather even made national news!). There werr gusting winds of up to 90 mph, hurricane like rains and total destruction.

It hit the STL area about 7 p.m. and I was in the middle of it. I was just coming from the STl area from the bally Gym in Clayton, and I called the officer that was waiting to get relieved at the Memorial Park and that I was on my way to relieve them. NOT. By the time, I got across the Casino Queen area (where the Memorial Park area is locate din back of it), he weather began getting circling dusty winds and it was blowing away the construction orange cones around on Highway 64 both East and west (The construction guys were flying away as well). So, I made a detour to the Casino Queen Parking Lot (which is our first precautions with bad weather due to the Water Geyser Fountain where the park is and where our officers are stationed is too much electrical equipment in the pumphouse). So the officer called my celly and said that the weather was getting ominous and , to put it lightly, locked up and hauled ass out of therre (they went to the Casino Queen parking lot too after major turnarounds and street blockages).

Just as I was about to get out my car to go inside Casino Queen, that’s when the rain and wind picked up tremendously, I was like, oh Hell to the Naw. I was better staying in my car than being blown away with the wind. It was incredible to see! The wind made the rain blow upwards and around! It was like a Hurricane for real. I had my radio on KMOX to see how the storm was going. Come to find out it was tornadic activity going on in Southern parts of Illinois and St. Louis County and Jefferson County. I called my family members nearby and checked on them (My sister was caught on Delmar in Midtown St. Louis and could not drive at all) and everyone was OK.

All areas were in danger of this tornadic situation. The highways were shut down, trees were slice din half or uprooted, building roofs of some buildings were off (some of the roof on Lambert Airport flew into Highway 70!). there was also chaos at Busch Stadium, where parts of the plexiglass on the press box blew off and into the fans area, hundreds of people were like sitting geese as the storm hit (they eventually resumed play after the storm finished).

So for about a good hour, the storm was rockin and rollin. I couldn’t even get to the geyser area because after the storm was over, the huge 1 million dollar Casino Queen sign fell down onto some power lines and causing an unsafe area! (ABOVE IS A PIC PROVIDED BY KMOV.COM) . So I did my patrol at the Casino Queen checking every hour and updating the officers and other supervisors. It was definitely a great moment in STL history. I called the Pageant Nightclub to see if the scheduled LL Cool J was still happening and the box office said that they were still having the show and that they had power (They were one of the lucky ones. The STL Post’s Kevin Johnson said that the concert started on time, but it only lasted an hour so it must have ended around 9 p.m.) ).

After the storm, over half of a million people had no lights and no air conditioning! Ameren UE (the main power company in the Metro area) worked all nite and day to get people’s services up (And as of this writing still are). Major blackouts were going on (East St. Louis was really a Black Town for real) While still listening to KMOX afterward, KMOV-TV’s weather guy Ken Ehrhardt called in and said what had happed was what you call, “duratio” where a storm rolls from North to South (which is unusual for STL ers) and the storm turned right and rolled our way (which is odd for STL who usually gets storms coming from the Southwest )He said that the storm on Wednesday was in the Top 5 of the worst storms of all times! (What’s also strange about that storm was, it didn’t even touch Belleville/Shiloh area, where I reside, but it did tree and power outage damage to surrounding towns like Fairview Heights, Cahokia and East St, Louis! We missed it by a hair, LITERALLY! )

As of this writing, the temperature was going to reached the highest so far this summer at 102 degrees (with heat index making it close to 110 degrees!) The Clear Channel radio family in the STL (including Majic 104.9, KLOU,. Hallelujah 1600, 93. 7 The Bull and 100,3 The Beat) got on the radio ( I heard Dee Lee and Chaz Saunders on therre before I started writing this blog) on 100.3 FM signal (The other Clear Channel stations were knocked off from the weather) and banned together to get people cooling station info, checking on the elderly and challenged businesses and gas stations to loan there spots for people to get cool and to mark half off their cold drinks. For more info, go to 100.3the Beat’s website at

THIS JUST END. According to, There was an electrocuted death in East Saint Louis the first death associated with Wednesday’s storms according to The man, Chester Chapman, 50, was found hanging over drooping power lines in an alley behind a public housing complex at 14th and Missouri Avenues in East St. Louis. He was pronounced dead at 7:24 a.m., said St. Clair County Coroner Rick Stone.

OK now some of the lighter stuff.

Last Saturday, I checked out the free concert Live on the Levee below the Archgrounds for soul sista India.Arie (SEEN ABOVE IN THE PIC ON THE KEYS) . Thousands packed the area where people sat on the Arch ground steps and stood in front of the gates stage area to check out the show. But let me backtrack to give you all what went down prior to my going there.

On Friday nite, I had texted Kevin Johnson to see who was the person I needed to contact to get a VIP ticket to be near the front area to take some pics. He texted me back and said Missy Slay, who works in the Mayor of ST. Louis’ office , Francis Slay (I wonder if they are related?). So, you know me, my mission was to get that. With gas being 4,000 bones a gallon, I decided to catch public transpo. The Metro Link.

So I parked my car at the South western Illinois College parking lot to catch the Metro. When I was about to pay for a ticket, this brotha near the area gave me an extra bus transfer to catch the Metro. I said thanks and was on my merry way. A few other people were already up near the waiting area to wait for the Metro. I had my water, towel, shades and sun visor, Sunscreen on my arms to protect myself of the rays of light.

A few minutes passed and the Metro heading west to Lambert Airport came and I sat down. About 30 minutes later, I stopped at the Laclede Landing stop and walked toward the Archgrounds to see what was happening. It was a nice little walk to it (I head to walk down some long steps to get to it which was a good workout for my calves). It was about 5ish when I walked to the gate area where security was checking bags and all. They had this thing where they ask people don’t take pictures of the artists on stage (NOW, YOU KNOW THIS IS A JOKE CAUSE YOU KNOW THE FIRST THING PEOPLE WERE GOING TO DO WAS TAKE PICS THAT’S LIKE SAYING TO SOMEONE, OH THERE IS SOME FOOD HERE, BUT DON’T PLEASE DON’T BUY ANY FOOD EVEN IF YOU GET HUNGRY. PLEASE).

So when walked through, I saw the set up was of a an elongated corridor full of food vendors including Ben and Jerry’s (I got a pic of the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream mascot), 100.3 the Beat and 104.9 radio station booths, Joe Bicardi’s At&T, Family Fun Village including Radio Disney (they had a cute little competition with the kids therr where the one who can dance the goofiest will win prizes. I got a couple of shots of them as well). The booth I patronized as STL Rib Company where I got shrimp kabobs and ribs (They ran out of those big turkey legs much to my disappointment).

When I got to the front gate area where the stage was, I signaled a nice white lady who was working backstage and I asked her was Missy Slay around and that I wanted to get a VIP ticket. She asked who I was and who worked with and I did such. She told me to hold on and she walked near the back to call Missy. As I waited, loal funk band Boogie Chyld was turning it out doing covers of such artsist like Rick James, Mnary J Blige, and Tom Browne's “Funkin For Jamaica.” (They also did a funky version of Sheila E’s The Glamorous Life” that was hot.)
SO a couple of minutes later, the nice white lady came back when a sticker that had Stage Access. SO my feat was completed (So I thought. I’ll talk about that later).

Meanwhile, I was taking snaps of Boogie Chyld, I saw St. Louis Argus editor Erci Wilson (thanks for the pic of Coco Soul, man) who was just coming from a three-minute press conference held by the Black Ministers about the ousting of ST. Louis Board Superintendent Creg Williams (He said Fox 2’s Betsey Bruce was having a fit cause of the minister’s not answering questions after the very very brief press conference). Anyway, I hung with him for a bit (even chilled with him at the Cooling Station where they had fans and free water for people. You know that beer and water booths were charging 3 bones for water! What the hell was that about! So if you pass out from the humidity, you werr just ass out if you have 2.99 cents!) Meanwhile, it was going on 6:30 or so and St. Louis singer/actress Coco Soul was about to grace the stage.

I walked to this B &D Security guy who was very helpful when I asked him wheer can my stage pass give me access and he told me near the stage area. So when I walked up to the VIP area, the security guy who was standing therre asked me if I had a VIP pass and I had it in my hand. He told me that I should have it on my person. It had an adhesive back peel and I stuck it on my chest. I walked up to the Vip area which was near the stage (I was the only one therre at the time) and wlaked around for a minute and talked to a nice white lady to was barring the beer and water. We talked a minute and decided to walk around some more.

Meanwhile, Coco Soul was on stage. She sang for about an hour(with local band Level Ground) some cover jams and her originals. This girl did her thing (Her voice reminds me of Cheryl Lynn back in the day). She started off her set with Jill Scott’s “Golden” and did original jams like, “Lazy Day.” Soul also featured her background singers (who she said she has no problems featuring which was a nice touch) Melody Graves (who sang the hell out of Fantasia’s Free Yourself) and jada Avenue (who did some nice reggae stuff). Soul also pubbed her upcoming event café Soul, wherr people who can SANG can be featured in an open mic at Suite 250 this Thursday and she also got on soap about STL artist should support one another and enough of this crabs in the barrel syndrome that plagues STL (Amen, sista). I was also glad that Soul was able to show her comedic timing as well when she said, “If you all are hot out therre, All I can do is pray for you.” CLASSIC

While she was performing, I ran into my boy Christiaan Cofield and local singer and socialite Tiffany B. I was in the thick if the crowd near the front of the stage around this time and I saw all kinds of interesting characters (some I took pics of),. I also saw local earth mother Oneness with her sister dancing African style. I also saw this very flamboyant brotha with tight fatigue pants on with his lady friend trying to get an Electric Slide goin’ (but was unsuccessful. I got a pic of them too).

Also around this time, I walked back in VIP and saw that people also had orange wristbands around their wrists along with the stage pass stickers. Now what was up with this, I said to myself. Come to find out, people had both to be apart of VIP. It’s al ways something. Meanwhile, Kevin Johnson, KSDK’s Jeff Small , and Christiaan (who almost had trouble getting in VIP cause of him not having his stage sticker on his person) were also in VIP, and after Coco performed they decided to go on a food run. I followed them for a moment, but walked the other way in order to find the rib booth cause the lines were just too long elsewherr. So when I tried meeting back up with them, the security guy who was guarding VIP was like, “Wherr is your wristband?” I was dumbfounded for a moment, then he was like, “Weren’t you just up here with Kevin (Johnson)? I said, yes. So he let me in (Your name got power Kev, LOL). So, I got in VIP and stayed therre cause the commotion near the front of eth stage was getting hectic cause it was almost time for India.Arie. Then around 8 ish, the earth neo diva herself came from the backstage area with a bodyguard prancing up toward the stage. Therr were a few screams from the general public area when they saw her.


The following is my review of India.Arie’s show:

India.Arie testified to thousands at Live on the Levee
By Ma’at Atkins

Several thousand fans braved the blistering summer heat last Saturday to hear the cool music panache of Grammy-Award winning
singer-songwriter India.Arie at the free summer concert series, Live on the Levee.
Performed underneath the Gateway Arch, the 90-minute concert comprised of a well- mixed variety of songs from Arie’s highly-acclaimed CDs, Acoustic Soul, Voyage to India and her latest, Testimony: Vol. 1, Life and Relationships.
Arie didn’t waste any time when she skipped up to the stage and started right into her latest hit, “I Am Not My Hair.” It was evident that Arie--who sported a bald fade with a white-sheer belled top with matching pants and a red and gold belled shimmy belt—was setting the tone of the show by boldly not performing “Hair” as the finale of her set and focusing more on just being an artist.
Intermittently, Arie—along with two female background singers and a four-piece band—performed several surprise snippets of other artists’ tunes including, Mr. Mister’s “Broken Wings,” “Beyonce’s, “ Me Myself And I,” Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us,” Ne-yo’s “So Sick” (her fave song on the radio right now) and the crowd fave, Rufus and Chaka Khan’s “Tell Me Something Good” (She even did a vamp of the Sesame Street counting number song!) The only full cover she performed was Cyndi Lauper’s “True Colors” (a song that according to Arie, “ Made her believe that songs can heal”).
The snippets were welcoming, but they consumed most of her time to perform some surprisingly overlooked songs including, “Little Things” and the very popular radio hit, “Purify Me” from the Diary of a Mad Black Woman Soundtrack (Or even a bit of the Tyra Show theme if she was going to take it there!)
Arie, who was very giddy throughout her set, did not disappoint her fans who either mouthed all the words to her better known songs (e.g. “Video,” “Strength, Courage and Wisdom,” and “Brown Skin”) or sang when they were in the spotlight when Arie positioned her mic and mic stand facing them.
Arie also had several Oprahesque-wit-and-pulpit moments during her set. One was when she said, “Enjoy yourself. Open up your heart and spirit…explore your options…If you don’t know all my songs, just listen to the words and I hope they come out the they way they supposed to do, to touch you …”
She also displayed her child-like personality when she looked up at the Arch and said, “Ooh, I wanna go up there!” She also gave her guitar player, Blue Miller, a birthday cake to celebrate his birthday. After singing “Happy Birthday” to him (as the crowd joined her), she took a piece of the cake frosting and placed it on his cheek and ran back to the front of the stage.
In regards to her new CD, Testimony, she said, “My new album is not about relationships, but learning from relationships. I learned being in a relationship…you have to be able to let them go and enjoy yourself.”
Arie was undoubtedly referring to her breakup of her four-year relationship with her boyfriend (which was inspiration for her song, “The Truth” on Voyage to India) that according to, she said, “I was in a relationship that I wrote a lot of songs about. I didn’t write about the relationship but more about the healing process…After that relationship was over, that was the best thing that happened to me in that time period.”
Nevertheless, Arie gave the crowd what they expect from her—a vocally rich and nourishing, wisdom-filled pilgrimage of her multi-talent (she played the guitar, keyboards and flute!). This was more so evident during the finale song, the whimsical ballad, “Ready for Love,” when most of the crowd held up cigarette lighters and cell phones giving her an obvious indication that this was definitely her signature song.

After India Arie’s show there was a nice firework display that was nice (The “war” marching music was a bit overwrought, but hey—It was what it was). Also at the Levee were local actor/director Joel King with new Woodie Award winner Willena Vaughn, Levee hosts 100.3 The Beat’s Dwight Stone (I was cracking up after you told the humid-drenched crowd, ‘Look at your neighbor and say, “Neighbor….It’s hot out here.”), Majic 104.9’s Chaz Saunders and local actress Lisa May (who was working double time as a B&D Security guard) It was mass hysteria trying to get back on the Metro Link at the Laclede’s Landing Station going back to the East Side. Thousands had the same idea as I as far as taking the Link (The construction on Highway 64 is making traffic just outrageously painstakingly slow). Therre were four long lines leading up the steps to the station. I was able to maneuver through it (some were trying to take the elevator which was out of the question). About 30 minutes, or so, I was on a Link and headed to the eastside.

Besides the weather, the other big thing going on in the STL is the controversial ousting of School Board Super Creg Williams (SEEN ABOVE WITH STL SCHOOL BOARD PREZ VERONICA O’BRIEN) ). Earlier in the week, according to,
According to, speculation that Williams might be fired has swirled, especially after the board fired longtime Vashon High School basketball coach Floyd Irons earlier in the month. St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay (who almost cursed during his press conference when he first heard the news of Williams ‘ subsequent firing) ) and School Board member Robert Archibald have said they believe the board fired Irons to send a message to Williams.

Williams dismissed rumors that he had applied for vacant superintendent posts in Boston and Baltimore and vowed to stand up for his job, which he has held for 15 months. He signed a four-year contract at that time.

But it came true and after that, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE.

According to an angry and caustic crowd last Tuesday night let the St. Louis School Board know exactly what it thought of the board's forced resignation of Superintendent Creg Williams and firing of longtime Vashon High School basketball coach Floyd Irons. According to the website, speakers hurled invectives at the board, directing particular at board President Veronica O'Brien and new interim Superintendent Diana Bourisaw. Nine people addressed the board in a 30-minute public comment period; many others did not get a chance to talk.

The audience chanted "Hey, ho, Veronica's got to go" and "Reinstate, reinstate, reinstate."Boos and jeers drowned out the pledge of allegiance. "We have traded in a Humvee of a superintendent, and we traded it in for a Pinto," said the Rev. Phillip DuVall, the organizer of a Monday night protest outside O'Brien's home. The speakers lambasted the board for dismissing Irons, pushing Williams out the door and replacing him with a superintendent that they contend has little experience working in an urban district.Bourisaw previously served as superintendent in the Fox School District in Jefferson County

In the business session, the board, on a 4-3 vote, approved an $385.3 million operating budget for the fiscal year that began July 1. The approval came over the objections of board member Robert Archibald, who asked that Bourisaw impose an additional $10 million in cuts in anticipation of the $30 million shortfall expected next year when the district must begin to repay a $50 million bailout loan. Bourisaw said the budget needed to be passed in order for schools to open on time, Aug. 28.

Following the meeting, Archibald expressed reservations that the district can finish the academic year without encountering a fiscal crisis.

As far as the emergency School board meeting, closed to the public, last Friday, the vote was 4-3. It came during an emergency session called earlier in the day by the board and closed to the public. Williams came to St. Louis 15 months ago as a reform-minded superintendent after stints as an assistant administrator in Chicago and Philadelphia. Attorneys for the board and the superintendent were working out details of his departure, sources said.

Well here is my take on all this MESS MESS MESS. What is really going on here? Was it politics? Was it the Board not liking Williams radical changes of moving pre-high school kids out of the school district and into pre-college courses at places like UMSL? Was it the that Williams was allegedly cutting programs that would have made the Board lose its accreditation?. Will the Board be state-owned? Talk about drama. This reminds me of when infamous super Joe Clark tried to clean up the schools do in the 80s but with a baseball bat and a megaphone.

On the Freeman Bosley Junior Show on 100.3 The Beat last Sunday after news of Williams’ ousting, host Bosley was as hot as DEVIL’s PISS at the firing of Williams and said that the board members who voted to fire him was all-black. And he said that if the super was white, they wouldn’t have fired him. WHOA NELLY ! Bosley feels like it is a racial thing going on. Well, it’s hard to say, but it does look very obvious when you look at things. But in the end—the kids of St. Louis is going to be the kids who suffer.

MA’AT-IDBITZ. St. Louis Argus Editor Eric Wilson emailed me and said that my review of India.Arie on the Levee as well as a press release of Nick Cannon’s animated flick, Monsters House will be in Thursdays edition of the ST. Louis Argus (
I got a couple of emails from two of my fans. One is former Flipside editor Marquita Parks and she wrote:

“Hey Ma’at, I just wanted to send you an email and tell you that your blog cracks me up. I read it every week. Just in case you don’t remember, it’s me, Marquita (editor from The Flipside). I’ve been reading your blog every since I ran into you at Seven about a year ago. I don’t go out nearly as much as you (playing the good wife good mother role) but I feel like I go out every weekend b/c of your blog.
Keep up the good work!
Marquita Parker Associate Publishing Editor Elsevier :: Mosby's Drug Consult

Thanks Marquita for your kind words. I definitely need that.

My other fan was Inkosi Design Art Director Kevin Bryant. He wrote:

“Marc, please remember to post a link to your blog page every time you send a message. It lets lazy people like myself, just tap the link as soon as I finish reading your message.”

Now now Kev. If you are that lazy dude, why are you trying to get buffed at the gym everytime I see you therr? LOL. Now, but seriously, thanks for your concern and I will do my best to accommodate you.

Movin on...............

I did a YOU TUBE video upload on the popular site. It’s of me taking a small movie of cars and chaos outside at Club Dreams a couple of weeks ago when people were trying to star gaze at the “Three the Hard Way” party where Nelly, Jermaine Dupri and Usher were supposed to make an appearance (as well as Janet and Ashanti and etc-but as you know that didn’t happen). But if you wanna check it out, paste this link and check it out:

STL-TIDBITZ. Congrats to STL native and former White House Aide to Bill Clinton, Keith Boykin who won a Gold Medal at this year’s Gay Games in Chi-Town. He won a medal in the wrestling competition. On his website (, he gets into detail as far as his regimen (remember that word. Lol) of how he got in shape and that the reason he got into the games was to show that gay people can play sports. A little history on Boykin: He left the White House to write his first book, “One More River to Cross: Black and Gay in America,” published in 1996. His second book, “Respecting the Soul,” was published in 1999. he can currently be seen on BET J’s talk show “My Two Cents.” Good going Keith and much love to you!...........................................................

I heard that STL native rapper Chingy had a fashion show for his new clothing line, Get it Together at the Glass House at Forest Park. Anyone check this out? Spekaing of Chingy, he and fellow STl rapper Nelly are competing on the Billboard ‘s R&B/Hip Hop Charts. Chingy’s song “Pulling Me Back” with Tyrese moves up from 15 to 12 on that chart in its 9th week on the chart and in Chingy’s old spot last week is Janet’s duet with Nelly, “Call On Me” which move up one spot from No. 16 in its fifth week on the chart. Its going to be interesting which song will go the highest. I will keep you posted each week.

EVENT-TIDBITZ.Stray Dog Theatre presents THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES a play with music by John Guare Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. July 13 – 16, 20 – 23, 27 – 30, 2006 Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM / Sunday at 2 PM $18.00 Adults / $15.00 Seniors & Students…………………………………………………………………

Through July 31, The Hershey Company is calling on aspiring filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to submit entries into its Take 5 Taste and Believe filmcontest. Consumers are invited to submit their own original video (up to 60 seconds) showcasing how far they'd go to get a Take 5 candy bar. More details can be found online at

Legacy Books & Cafe will old an anniversary celebration, July 20 -23, 2006, 5249 Delmar, St. Louis, MO. Contact David @ (314) 430-9816 or (314) 995-9570 or email him @

AUDITIONS for Chrys Yvette’s "THE DATING GAME" will be SATURDAY, JULY 22nd and SATURDAY JULY 29th at UNION STATION (CLUB PLUSH)12:00pm to 5:00pm-. She is looking for actors, b-ball players, salsa dancers, models, rappers and comedians. For an appointment call 877-517-0472 …………………………………..

From stlfilmwire, a feature film, "Ghost Image," is casting in St. Louis for bothextras and speaking roles. All speaking roles are paid under a SAG contract; extras are unpaid. All ages and types welcome. Some roles are being cast out of LA and will include cast members from such television shows as "Nip/Tuck," "The West Wing," and "The Sopranos." If you're interested, send an e-mail to: Attach your photo and resume or include a link to your web site. Alternatively, you can mail your photo/resume, or a snapshot, to:Mike Ketcher, 6614 Clayton Road, #393. St. Louis, MO 63117……………………………………………………….

PORTFOLIO GALLERY OPENING RECEPTION, July 21, at 6 p.m. of 14 Show Me St. Louis Artists. Call 314.533.3323 for more information or visit our website at

Tickets for the 6th edition of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase –July are now on sale at theTivoli Theatre box office during regular business hours. The film schedule is in the latest Riverfront Times or go to

I got an email from Sharee Galvin talking about the All NEW Sunday Sip at the black-owned and operated Central West End Bed and Breakfast (therr rooms are lavish and off the chain!) . The e-mail read that if you mention Sharee Galvin’s email you will receive a free glass of wine and tell them Mocha Latte' sent you (who hosts the event). The show, which features local artist in an outside backyard table setting, starts at 6 p.m., located at 4045 Washington. Contact info is 314-535-7900. 5 bones to enter. 1 bone for their bed and breakfast tour…………………………………………….

Explore Urban Fashion Reality in STL July 23-28. STL’s own fashion Week... Contact GMS Ms. Shay @ 314.578.8238 or for more info……………………

Gifted Productions presents the gospel stageplay “Daddy Come Home” at the Emerson Performance arts center on the Harris Stowe Campus. July 21 at 8pm and July 22 at 2pm and 6pm. Tickets or $20 in advance Tickets will be sold at the Transformation Christian Bookstore (Page and Sarah) and Knowing Books and Cafe (Jamestown Mall) They can also call me at 314-535-5720. $25 at the door……………………………..

I also got an email from my friend Annie M. Burks, of flymusic, who just wrapped production of a short film called "Ra Energy.". Come and check her flick out on Wednesday, August 16 at the Webster University’s Film Series. She said “bring your friends, lovers, partners, family, etc. You must scream and clap loudly when the movie ends so that I can feel great and possibly win an award. But do this only if you mean it...” (I love her for that)She also said that Webster has not yet issued a specific time the shorts will screen, but she will email me with the time .

OK well that will cover it for me right now. In the meantime, if you have anything for me to pub or put the blog on anything, hit me up at

OUT 64

Here are a few snaps from the LIVE ON THE LEVEE concert. In the house were Clear Channel's C. Felice McClendon (in pink top with staps) with Vanita Applebum (in yellow), Yours Truly in a blue sun visor tryin to be sexy with actress Lisa May, a shot of the thousands that were at the concert, the guy in the fatigues and his friend who was trying to get a Electric Slide going, kids at the Radio Disney Goofy Dance contest, the Ben and Jerry mascot, Opening act Coco Soul (in the brown outfit and afro puff ) on and off stage (thanks for the on stage pic Eric Wilson!!!) with her background Miss Melody and Miss Jada and opening act Boogie Chyld.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

OUT 63

Hello every people in the web universe. This is the one and only Ma’atology here to give you my usual stuff for ya one more time.

OK here we go !

Last Friday was a trippy moment for me as far as trying to go out and about. Let me back track. Currently, I am helping my father with his new contract with the Illinois Parks and Recreation Department as the first phase of the East Side Riverfront project goes underway. My father was able to get a 6 month contract to secure the project with 24-hour armed guards (It will renew in January 2007). My father has been doing security for well over 20 years and he has his own company, Professional Security. I have been working with him on and off since 1988 and right now is a booming time where the contract will run for five years when all phases of the project will take place from an Amphitheater being built to a bike trail.

So I am helping him with that and the hours have been quite grueling, but I am learning and growing in this field and I am helping out as supervisor and overseer of the security people of this project. This particular Friday night, I got off of work about 11ish and my relief had come and I had half of my club clothes on (the pants) and my security short and hat on. When I gave the fellow officer his duties and left (as well as making sure I got my two cans of EVIL EYE in the frig) I made my way to Forest Park to 1st Friday at where I thought was going to be held at the Boat House. Well when I got there, I had finished one and a half can of EVIL EYE when I got the call from my boy Kameron that he was already there. It was around midnight now and I parked my car on the curb and walked up to the Boat House.

At first I thought, this couldn’t be where the event is cause therr were no black people around. So I tried to call Kameron on his celly but I didn’t get an answer, I tried calling FF co-creator Harry Michel, and no answer. So I went up to the Boat House walking around and saw all of the white people around. I went up to the bar area where this nice young white lady was wiping off the counter and I said, “Excuse me.” She said. “Yes, honey?” I said, “Is First Friday gonna be held here?” After that I don’t know what she said cause the EVIL EYE was kicking in for real, but from what I gathered they were having something there tonight but I don’t think it was First Friday. So, I politely said thanks and walked off back to my car. I then began driving up and down the street looking at the signs to try and find the right Boat House to get to this party. Then, all of a sudden, I had the urge to pee. Oh-oh.

So I as I was driving I saw a plastic Tupperware bowl on my backseat (Don’t ask me how it got there. LOL). Anyway, I fetched for it and I proceeded to whip my lizard out of my pants to take a whiz. I did that successfully, but forgot to do the “shake”. All of a sudden, some of my passed urine got on my light brown pants. DOH. Well, therr was no way I was going anywhere with soiled pants. Then I was gettin frustrated tryin to find the right area where the Boathouse was. Then I said FUCK IT and drove off. I text Kameron and just told him I was tried and was going on (Come to find out the event was not at the Boat House but at the Golf Club House!!! (A whole ‘nutha area at Forest Park that I been to before for First Friday, but for some reason couldn’t find it that night). I hear I didn’t miss out on much which is not surprising. I wasn’t really in the mood to look at the same people I see out and wonder if I was going to get access to take some snaps or pay my 20 bones to get in. So I just drove back to the crib.

On Saturday, I did my usual going to the gym at Bally in Clayton to get my swole on and saw this guy named Joe (who I found out his name later that evening and his connection to my access to the After Party. I will explain later) who is a trainer up there who was working out with a guy who was at Jamie Spencer’s 30th B-Day Party (If you remember, he was the guy with the long dreads posing with a sista in those epics from my pic blog OUT 57 ) . Afterward while going to the crib, I called a few people just to say hi, one was Ingrid Owens, the sista who is campaigning t be State rep for the 74 th District in the Lou. She gave me the update of her campaign going door to door and passing out literature for her campaign (for more info go to

She asked me what I was doing tonite and I told her checking out the Cory Spinks After Party hosted by Hot 104.1 (which was broadcasting live from the Formula with Wendy Brown, Craig Blac and Tony J of the Hot Morning Show) at Club Formula on the corner of Tucker and Washington. She said she was going to try and go therr but all the campaigning she was doing had her beat, but told me to keep her posted if I had any problems getting in (I’ll get to that later)

Later on that nite, I went to the security site, then waited for my relief around 11ish to check out the Cory Spinks After Party stuff that was going on that night. When my relief came all I had to do was out on my shirt (A “smedium” butterfly collar brown short sleeve shirt) with my white pants and brown dress sandals. After getting relieved, I drove to Club Formula and parked at a parking meter, I proceeded to get my cam-munition and walked toward Washington to the club. Well as I was walking the street (with my flyy brown Nine West shades that you always see me sportin my most of the pictures I take) this guy in a white car wanted to keep driving and drove right up on me as though he was going to run me over. Well, my first instinct was to run out the way (and that is hard to do with flipped out sandals. LOL).

Anyway, when I hurriedly got out of the way and all of a sudden I hear the guy laughing. Well I was pissed! I said, “Do you find that funny?” Then the guy said, “Marcus, it’s me.” I raised my shades and it was Jacque Land from the Platinum Group. Well, after I checked my pants for another soiling, I walked up to him in the car and shook his hand and said., “Man what’s up.” He was having a ball out of scaring the BE-SHITS out of me. He asked if I was going to the After Party at Formula and I told him I was and said that he was too said that he would meet me up in there. After getting composure and putting my heart back into my chest I proceeded to walk to the club. As I was walking, I called Ingrid who made some calls to some people for me to make sure I didn’t have any problems (Earlier I tried calling Formula manager Kay but she wasn’t answering her phone either).

So as I walked up, therr was a big screen TV of the Cory Spinks—Karmazin fight (which I pre-taped from the Showtime telecast to talk about it) and a red carpet for the VIPs. Well, you know me, I walked to the VIP carpet and quickly called Ingrid. I told her I was at VIP and there was the Bally trainer standing therr getting a couple ready to go inside the club. She told me to ask the bouncer guy if his name is Joe and I did and he said yes. When it was my turn to get access, I gave him the cell phone and told him that it was Ingrid. He said, “Yes, Miss Ingrid.” Whatever she said helped me get in, but of course with some hesitancy. He then said, “Well, I can do my best, but I cant do too much if he’s not on the list. (OK here we go).

So he gave me my celly and he told me to wait a minute and got another guy who had to be one of the sponsors of the After Party from the PBMC (Professional Black Men Coalition, I think) and Black Rose. Joe told the guy that I was media and wanted to cover the event, the guy let me in and asked for my biz card. I gave my West End Word press card and I told him I needed it back after the event was over. He then said that he wanted my biz card. DOH. SO I gave him my biz card with my website on it . I went on through and got my cam-munition ready to take some snaps of the crowd.

The first people I recognize are Formula creator Sonia Branscomb and her friend and my blogfriend Indigo Sams. I showed them some love and took their pics. Then, Sonia hit me on my arm (lovingly. LOL) and said that she had a bone to pick with me. I was like, “What did I do?” Then she said that she read my blog about my commenting about her saying to me when I went to the Formula a few months back for Ingrid’s campaign Fundraiser (and R Kellys concert was about to start at the Fox that I had to go and cover) about her comments about going to the R Kelly concert (and her wanting R Kelly to do something ON her. LOL) But she said it was all good and that it was true about her comment. She said that she keeps up with my blog and that she will show me love and she understands my struggle to keep getting access to events and the hard times I been getting.

After that I was on the camera picture prowl with various people who were there including former b-ball star and STL native Anthony Bonner, 104.1 personality Wendy brown (who was working that outfit and pumps girlfriend and is really nice. She kind of looks like a prettier version of Tori Spelling on the light skinned tip LOL), Young Dip (I will call u about your mix tape), Craig Blac, Nite Owl, and Tony J, Radio One account exec Gina Covington-Foster (Now I remember you! LOL), Radio One exec Maurice Hamilton (why you afraid of me taking a pic of those brown eyes. LOL) Kwame Building Group’s Tony Thompson, Freeman Bosley Junior Show personality Darrion Phelps (I won’t tell you were therr if you wont. LOL), STL author Tracy Foster, local agent Danielle Tillis, Majic 104.9 personality BJ the DJ, and local models Ali Mosier and Jamelle. (They had a nice ice sculpture of the sponsors who put this on as well that I took a pic of too seen above). And to be quite honest, the real star was this sista who had on a bride veil on her head who was preparing to get married in the near future ( I had to take her pic but I had to convince her I wasn’t taking the pic for a Girls Gone Wild site). LOL.

Later on, a camera crew from the local show The Grind came through as well (with St. Lunatics video camera guy Dana Christian )as STL American photo-god Wiley Price came through. I thought for sure that Corey Spinks and Yung Joc may come through (They were at Club Plush) but the hype was on local rapper Rucka Puff (who was sporting a flyy Mohawk). He greeted his fans, took some shots and sat down outside of the VIP area (which was not too VIP ish if you know what I mean. They had a whole lot of food left) and chilled for a minute, I stayed til about 1:30 and tried to catch some of the after set at Club Plush. When I drove down therr they had the side street where Plush is locate don Market and 20th blocked off by the cops. So, I had to drive across the street t get a parking space. So as I was walking, therr was this very loud and very drunk sista who was using all the curse words that are possible to say around her friends about another sista who I guess must have pushed up on her. She was like, “I don’t give a fucc about her!” and all that jazz. I walked passed them and hoped the curse words didn’t hit me. Oh and on the 1s and 2s was Stan the Man.


So when I walked up to the entrance and saw bouncer (the very beefy) Brian Stemmons talking with a few sistas who were googly eying him. I gave him some dap and asked him what was the 411 up here and he said that people were paying 40 dollars a pop to get up in the club to see Cory Spinks (who now was celebrating his win over Karmazin) and Yung Joc (who was performing as I got therr). So I walked around the exit area and they and it open for those to leave and come back out. Therr were also police and security (one security guy who had a pointer with a light on it scoping sistas outside. One sista came out of the club barefoot walking drunk as a skunk and one of the security guys said , “Damn, baby, you gonna be Okay? CLASSIC) ). I got a glance of the crowd and it was THUGGISH RUSSIGH up in therre. I heard Cory Spinks thanking the crowd for supporting him and then Joc starring performing “It’s Goin Down” (I’m sure it was the same dance routine Spinks and Joc did price to the fight.)

One of the policemen who was inside who walked outside told people if they were coming in to come in. Just as I was about to come in, one of club security guys said that this was for exit only and we had to go around to the entrance (Well, the entrance was closed cause the club was about to close up in another hour). I felt it wants that serious to try and get in so I just left. While I was walking there were two pretty sista sitting on a stone pillar next to Union Station selling DVD’s of their SHAKE UP collection. For ten bones. I told them I just had a credit card ad they gave me a flier and my oh my. The stuff on that flier alone would make your flick click for real. LOL

As far as the fight itself (ABOVE IS A PIC OF SPINKS WITH DON KING AND KARAMZIN IN THE STL BEHIND THE ARCH ) , it was definitely a redeeming one for Brother Spinks, who is 28, last Saturday at the Savvis Center. The fight went all 12 rounds. He won by a narrow margin (115 to 113) on a fight that was almost a draw, but as his reaction was when he found out he won (he got on his knees and cried), it was evident that Spinks was Superman for real who came back from the Kryptonite, Zab Judah, last February at the Savvis (which became the biggest selling in house arena sports event in this country’s history more than 22, 600 seats filled). Although the seats were half filled this time around (a little over 12,000 this time from reports), the world was definitely watching Spinks overcome and regaining a belt from Karmazin, who is 33.

After his win, Spinks said to boxing commentator Jim Gray in the ring, “I knew I could do it….I take my hat off (to Karmazin) who is a great greater. I kept my faith in God… He also thanked his trainer Kevin Cunningham (who had some colorful language going on with Spinks in between each round that I will share later) and his mother (his dad, legendary boxer Leon Spinks was not in attendance). He also told Gray that he promised him he was going to paint him the perfect masterpiece with the fight (During the pre-fight interview in Spinks’ locker room he told Gray that he was a painter and that he was going to pant the perfect masterpiece with the fight—Gray later on in the telecast said that it wasn’t the perfect masterpiece-whateva!).

Gray also brought back the supposed setbacks of his life with the weight loss from the Zab Judah fight, the reported domestic problem he had with his lady involving his stabbing and the 4 minute long pre-fight Crip-walk-Motorcycle-Revving dance stuff he did with rapper Yung Joc as he walked up to the ring (which I hear he practiced earlier that day of the fight). But of course, Spinks, had the last laugh and that he was ready for a REMATCH (and so was boxing promoter Don King who was sported about six or so blinged out chain, one being of the American flag). I hear Spinks got 200 thousand bones for this fight (Karmazin reportedly got 300 thousand bones). After taxes (and Don King’s cut there’s no telling how much each actually got!).

But getting to the drama during the fight. Spink’s trainer Kevin Cunningham was off the chain. He got on Spinks’ azz like green flies to turnip greens! Some of the words Cunningham shouted at Spinks in between rounds were as follows:

This Mutha fucka ain’t gonna let you rest ! Stop being lazy! Tie this mutha fucka up! You in tip top shape! The best shape in your life!”

Cunningham: How you feelin?

Spinks: I feel good.

Cunningham: Well you DON’T LOOK LIKE you FUCKIN GOOD. HOLD this man on the inside!

As some of this was going to Jim Gray said that Cunningham was upset with Spinks. As Spinks said when the fight was over and I tend to agree that he wasn’t upset with Spinks, he was getting revved up. Another example of how the black expression gets misinterpreted from the media.

Now what was peculiar was Karmazin’s camp between rounds. His trainer was American and Karmazin had to have an interpreter to talk Russian to Karamzin! What tha! They couldn’t get a Russian trainer for Karamzin? TROUBLE. I thought Russia was a Democracy? They couldn’t fly out a Russian trainer for him? I found that to be extremely odd.

Following the fight (and apparently before he went to Plush), Spinks and his camp, according to, had went to a Clayton restaurant that was the site of promoter Don King's traditional post-fight celebration. Dressed in all white, Spinks got an enthusiastic ovation from the attendees as Spinks and Kevin Cunningham, his trainer and manager made their way through the room, shaking hands. As the ovation died down, someone shouted out, "Bring on Mayweather!"It has been speculated that it is unlikely that he will fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. But other names kike Shane Mosley had come up. We’ll see. It is a “tinder box” now that Spinks has regained his title and his boxing dignity. We’ll see in months to come. STL here we come!

MA’ATTIDBITZ. I have interviewed my two guys for the Black STL Who’s Who anthology book. Hubert Hoosman, a brotha from East Boogie (East St. Louis) who is CEO and Pres of Vantage Credit Union and Michael Holmes who is SR VP for Express Scripts. I will keep you posted when the book will be out and ready for the public.

STL-TIDBITZ. STL native comedian Cedric The Entertainer will have his first ever solo HBO comedy special, “Take You Higher” debut on the cable station, July 15 at 9 p.m. CST. Directed by veteran director Stan Lathan (Sanaa’s father ) this hour show was taped live at The Wiltern in Los Angeles a few months back and features Cedric's hilarious takes on fame, TV, rap music, sports, diets, plastic surgery, and more. Spicing up the festivities will be several song and dance numbers featuring a smokin' band and a sexy group of dancers he calls the "Cedibles." I sounds a little bit like his much ballyhooed Fox variety show a couple of years back sans the sketches. Hmmm. I hope now he gets it right this time around on the TV tip cause he is extremely talented……………………………..

All of you STLers who have passed by Coffee Cartel in the Central West End have probably caught a glimpse at sexy actress Jessica Alba who has been in town for some weeks now filing the movie “Bill. ” I hear Miss Alba has been spotted around there and is quite the temperamental diva from what I hear. From my sources, she has been signing autographs with unkind sayings like “Jerk” and all. If that is true, she better watch out, cause the people that she offend here can easily not go and see this movie just like they did with that movie, “Honey.” Ooops……………………………………………………………

Who is the new TV announcer on Fox 2? Her name is Summer Knowles. Wow , she is foxy! She looks and talks like Robin Givens. Move over April Simpson, here comes another sexy sista on the local airwaves getting ready t’break some hearts……

I hear local fashion designer Marcell is doing his thang in Hollywood. His recent work can be seen on Mary J Blige’s hot video, “Enough Cryin” when the hip-hop soul queen showcases a flowing sultry red dress. My source said that Marcell is doing good in Tinseltown and that on the set of her video, Mary J is a sweetheart to work with. Her husband? Well, I hear he was quite the opposite. Maybe he was just being protective of his star-wife? You think? I’m glad Marcell is redeeming himself because after the last fashion show he had at Scottish Rite about two years ago where there were more people walking the runway than in the audience. It was very much a fiasco in front and behind the scenes on that. Anyway, much love Marcell!

EVENT-TID-BITZ. Stray Dog Theatre presents THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES a play with music by John Guare Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. July 13 – 16, 20 – 23, 27 – 30, 2006 Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM / Sunday at 2 PM $18.00 Adults / $15.00 Seniors & Students…………………………………………………………………

Through July 31, The Hershey Company is calling on aspiring filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to submit entries into its Take 5 Taste and Believe film
contest. Consumers are invited to submit their own original video (up
to 60 seconds) showcasing how far they'd go to get a Take 5 candy bar.
More details can be found online at
Judges will include veteran comedy director Peter Segal. One winner will receive a $10,000 grand prize. Four runners up will receive $500 each……………………………

MVP will hold a FITNESS BOOT CAMP. Visit us at or call 314.831.7505 to register……………………………………………………………

Legacy Books & Cafe will old an anniversary celebration, July 20 -23, 2006, 5249 Delmar, St. Louis, MO. Contact David @ (314) 430-9816 or (314) 995-9570 or email him @

12:00pm to 5:00pm-. She is looking for b-ball players, salsa dancers, models, rappers and comedians. For an appointment call 877-517-0472 …………………………………..

Tickets for the 6th edition of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase –July 23-27 are now on sale at the
Tivoli Theatre box office during regular business hours. ……………………….

Explore Urban Fashion Reality in STL July 23-28. STL’s own fashion Week... Contact GMS Ms. Shay @ 314.578.8238 or for more info……………………

Gifted Productions presents the gospel stageplay “Daddy Come Home” at the Emerson Performance arts center on the Harris Stowe Campus. July 21 at 8pm and July 22 at 2pm and 6pm. Tickets or $20 in advance Tickets will be sold at the Transformation Christian Bookstore (Page and Sarah) and Knowing Books and Cafe (Jamestown Mall) They can also call me at 314-535-5720. $25 at the door.

Oh, and Keep Your Head Up Brotha Floyd Irons!

Well that will do it for me, if there’s anything for me to pub up, you know the email,!

OUT 62

Here are afew pics of the PMRC/Black Rose Cory Spinks AfterParty at Club Formula (Sorry some of the pics duplicated in the publishing process on here.) As you see local rapper Rucka Puff was there (in the mohawk saying SHHH), Wendy Brown (the sista with the pose), Tony J (in the glasses) posing with Tony Thompson, b-ball star Anthony Bonner (the tallest guy in a pic with the brothas including Jacque Land on the far right), author Traci Foster (in the black dress) with Darrion Phelps, Jamelle (in the dreads) with her sis, BJ the DJ with Sonia Brascomb (in the brown strapless top) and Gina Covington and Sonia with her buddy Indigo Sams (in the black halter). Craig Blac (in the black shirt) with Formula manager Miss Kay (also in black) and a pic with Young Dip (in red shirt) Oh do you also see the bride to be, too? LOL Below are some of the party people that were there.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

out 61

Hello cyberfriends. This is Ma’atology here again trying to give you all what you all need—MO STUFF.

Before I get started, I would like to inform my fans that I am celebrating two birthdays this week. My earthly birth (July 6) and the celebration of the first year that my blog was posted (July 8—I have a special edition of the celebration posted on OUT 59). Two major accomplishments and hope to celebrate many of both and I thank the Creator and my parents for my birth and my fans for the blog birth.

OK let’s get this one on and poppin!

Last Thursday, I went to my buddy Christian Cofield’s 30th B-Day get together (all of my friends I know have b-days in the Cancer cycle. Hmmmm). He had it had Bar Italia in the Central West End. I got there about 10 ish and all of his family, friends and colleagues were there to celebrate with Christiaan. It was fun and mostly talked and drank (I didn’t which was shocking). I mostly took cam shots for Christian’s album (like the two seen above of Christiaan and I and Christiaan and his his brothers).

It was the first time I ever been to Bar Italia and it is definitely a place I wouldn’t mind returning to. The crowd is mixed and the club next to it (which was very teeny) is house, salsa and techno. It reminds me of Club 609 but more diversity, The great part about this spot is one of the First Friday guys was passing out yellow paper bracelets for people to enter the club part for FREE. That was an added bonus.

In the house were: The Post’s Kevin Johnson, local socialite Jamie Spencer(Are you still sore? LOL) , Kameron Hopson, local theater director Joel King, Stuart Allen, local model Millecent (who was wearing that J-Lo top! Lookin like a sexy chocolate Cher from the 70s) , local singer/actress Coco Soul, local writer/hip-hopper WV Davis, KSDK’s Jeff Small. I also local music producer James Glasco (who I saw a lot this past weekend) getting his party on as well.


On Friday, I peeped out my boy comedian Jessie Taylor’s Soul Comedy Jam (that is Brother Taylor above in pic on stage) that was hosted by his 100.3 The Beat co-host Dee lee of the Dee Lee Morning Show. It took place at the Funny Bone located in Fairview Heights, Ill.(they had two shows Friday, Sat, and Sun) I went to the 8 p.m. show so I could roll over to Hipster Magazine’s Fly By Night club grand opening (I’ll get to that later).

I got there about 7:45 and when I entered the hotel area to get to the Funny Bone, a beefy brotha who was asking people if they had reservations asked me if I had some and told him I was a guest of Jessie’s and asked if he was there. He wasn’t so, I waited in the lobby area in order to get access and take some pics for my blog. Around 8:15 I asked the bouncer (who was very flirty to the female workers there asking if they wanted to see his body!)if I was on the list and he had me to sit inside the club until Jessie got there. The comics showed up about 8:30. I saw Jessie and he gave me some dap. He had me and his pregnant girlfriend (who is 6 months and is a boy) to sit at the raised dais area to see the show in the back (which was cool).

Dee Lee started off the show with some funny bits about trying to jack off with a porno mag and having to turn the page to get finished. Then he brought Jessie on stage and he talked about subjects that I’ve heard him speak on before like how different white people and black people are when it comes to dogs like white people feed their dogs dog food and black people feed their dogs table food and wonder why their dogs can’t bark. That’s always a funny. The highlight was when Taylor brought a white guy on stage named Adam from Hillsboro and made him an honorary black guy making him “talk and walk black.” But Adam was a riot himself when he raised his shirt up to show his stomach and tried to raise Jessie’s shirt! (That was funny). Next up was Cool Bubba Ice who was very animated in voice with all the sound effects he was doing (especially Chewbacca). His running joke on how older women (The Miss Johnsons) will take care of younger men by grocery shopping for them , have the man eat them out and give them money afterwards.

The featured comic Corey Holcomb was definitely off the chain (His T-shirt alone had a design of him slapping a woman in the face and the wording above it said DISCIPLINE). His comedy reminds me of Redd Foxx: blue, innuendo and thinking comedy. Some of his highlights were when he said therre was a blue book for the price value for hoes, how mistresses need to have Dec 26, the day after X-mas , as their holiday, so their married man can stay with their real families, slipping an abortion pill in a date’s drink and when a woman said to him as she was giving him head, “Your dyck tastes nasty.” Then he replied, “I guess so, cause I just had it in your azz.” OH MY GOD. I couldn’t believe some of the stuff he was saying (And he even acknowledged himself that he knew he was wrong for some of the stuff he was saying).

But overall, the show was cool, raunchy and funny. Afterward, I was about to go to the grand opening of the club Fly By Night, the club with DJ Nappy Needles as the house dee-jay, on Lindell and Boyle, but it was the thuggish ruggish up in therre and decided not to and drove to the crib.


On Saturday, I had a chance to stand outside of Club Dreams on Washington and Compton to observe the goings on with the Three the Hard Way Party that was suppose to bring out all of the A-list black celebs including Nelly, Usher , Jermaine Dupri , Janet Jackson, Ashanti and so forth (I will get to all that later). You say why I was outside? Well, let’s just say that me, ONE PERSON, would have mad eteh event have TOO MUCH MEDIA to have access (I’m not going to get into this too much because my bandage has made my wound heal on this). So anyway, I said, the show must go on and I decided to put on my best hip gear (a white Kangol , a sky blue suit, a white tee, white Hawaiian style necklace, and white pants--a pic of it above with my girl Jamelle thanks to Jacob of for the pic! ). I left the crib around 9:20 in order to get a good parking space pending the rush of people who were going to be there to gawk at the celebs that were scheduled to be there.

I was driving on I-70 on the Popular Bridge and to my right was the fireworks extravaganza. I took my cam-munition out and tried to take a pic of it but it turned out to be like a flash of light race through the shot). I got to Dreams around 9 :45 and parked near the club. It was about 20 or so people outside the front area waiting to get in. Now mind you people paid 30 bones for general admission and 100 bones for VIP (with free Patron all nite) just to get to this party based upon the hype of who was going to be thrre (And 104.1 radio personality Staci Static who was broadcasting from Dreams helped on the hype machine as well).

I decided to drive around to see the other clubs nearby ( Dante’s and Loft ) to see if any thing was going on there (very little as expected). Then I called hollabackboi to see if he was coming through but said that he had a friend from out of town and they may go to Loft and skip the Dreams party. Meanwhile, I drove to Bank of America ATM on Euclid to draw some cash out (luckily 10 bones was still in my account LOL) So, when I drove back to Club Dreams, I decided to park my car at a parking meter between Dreams and the Loft so I could have access to both if needed.

So I walked up to Club Dreams and the intensity and chaos were mounting with people waiting to get inside, strict security rules form them and the car show that was brewing, police screaming at cars that were trying to stop and gawk up and down the street (It was like a car show from the hood with all of the souped up hoopties with 20s on the rims).
The security were telling us who were taking snaps to stop, if we were weren’t in line we had to either go across the street or leave and overall too much drama to be dealing with.

Around 11ish, the crowd was welling with people all around trying to get in (It was a No ID no access policy for those who wanted to purchase tickets or had tickets in advance). General admission tickets for on the spot were 50 bones (Man talk about getting your hustle on). I walked across the street and stayed on the sidewalk to swallow all of the action that was happening. I called local photo man Carlston Edwards to see where he was (who was flashing for the American) and he said he was in the crowd and told him I was across the street. He walked up to me, shook my hand and rapped to me for a minute about the potential action that was about to happen. He talked for about 10 minutes (He got a call for Kevin Johnson who was on his way there) and walked back across where the people were.

As I was standing there, a homeless guy tried to sell me a silver chain for 5 bones, 104. 1 radio personality Wendy Brown who was with her three girlfriends was stopping traffic (LITERALLY) wither hot pants outfit sporting her long legs. One truck full of guys stopped near the corner of Compton and asked who she was and she told them that she was Wendy Brown and they couldn’t believe it was her and asked for her ID . The scene was very street and she handled herself well cause the scene could have turned into a proposition if you get what I mean. There also was this guy who had very long permed hair with shades and one of Wendy Brown’s girls asked him that he looked like Will.I. Am of the Black Eye peas and he commented, “You have the wrong band member.” Then she asked, “What is his name?” then he said, “I don’t know.” CLASSIC.

Around midnite, I walked back across the street near the side of the club and ran into Jacob of He talked and he said that he didn’t get access and that they weren’t taking any more pictures (Which was incorrect but again, I’m not getting into why certain people were getting in and those who were not). As we were talking, a sista was amongst the crowd selling VIP tickets fist for 90 bones then she said that when Usher and all of them come the price will be raised from 150 to 200 bones! What the hell is really going on here? Hood scalping at its very best and feeding people’s anxiousness to socialize with the celebs. Meanwhile I heard a car full of guys driving near me and the guy driving yelled, “Let us in man.” I said, “man, I can’t even get in myself. “ It was laid Lester Robinson, a local socialite who also works out at Bally in Clayton, of all people who I was surprised be that animated about anything.

Also I was wondering when the celebs were coming cause it was after midnite and no one major really showed up. NOT A GOOD SIGN. Around 1:15 in the morn, there were screams coming from the people who were still waiting to get in and it was Nelly coming out of a truck. He walked on the red carpet that was in front and took some pics and proceeded into the club. OK, the celebs you would think would have started comin soon after Nelly. NOT. At 2 in the morn, the security people announced that no more people were getting in (Later reports was that the crowd was over capacity).

While Jacob and I were talking, we saw the police run into the club. Oh shyt, I said to myself. Someone is fighting up in there. And as predicted, someone did and it involved STL rapper Chingy and a bouncer in the club. About 20 minutes later, a bare chested (and well buffed) bouncer walk in front of the crowd talkin to people about what happened (Jacob even knew him they were gym buddies) The story went down like this: Chingy and his bodyguards (who all go to Bally as well BTW) wanted access to the stage area (which I hear was as packed as a box full of matches). The bouncer guy told him NO (OUCH talk about ego breaker). Then I guess theire thing was that Nelly was up on on stage and the bouncer said that Nelly’s people were already up there (and that it was his party). Then the bodyguard said, “Watch this.” The bodyguard forced himself up on stage and the bouncer trumped down on him. As a result, a melee ensued with Chingy’s bodyguards and the bouncer causing tables t to fly around and people to scatter. The bouncer also got hit with a beer bottle from one of the bodyguards causing the front right section of his head to bleed. I guess the bouncer must have lost not only some blood but his shirt cause he was shirtless when he came outside. And so that is the lowdown on that. Afterward, Jacob took a shot of his head for lawsuit purposes (I hear that the bouncer is going to sue). As far as fault if I was judge? BOTH. The bouncer could have just given them access cause it wasn’t like Chingy is not known and the bodyguard didn’t have to force himself up there for the bouncer to even put his hands on him. What do y’all think? Email me and sound off . I will put your comments on a future blog.

Meanwhile a charter bus was driving in front fo the club as though there were celebs that were to be picked up. This was puzzling cause we didn’t see any come through the entrance and from my knowledge there’s no back door to the club, so that was a strange occurrence. Chingy left in a white car as a fan outside near the car took his picture as his driver drove off.

As the bouncer was telling the story (who know had a shirt on at this time), her were many people, especially the ladies, were PISSED because of the no-shows of all of the celebs that was supposed to show up to the club (At least the So So Def mascot in costume danced on stage from what I hear. LOL) . Many of the females wanted to see Usher and their high heel shoes were indication most were stiletto high and were in their hands when the night was over ). Around 3in the morn, Jacob and I left the premises. Now from a good source, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri were en route to come to the party but they got note from security that the atmosphere was too dangerous for them to come through. I’m sure that wont help in saying apologies to the many wh bought over 100 bones worth of tickets to get inside the club. Oh well.

On Sunday, I got access to Nelly’s Black and White Ball (Thats a pic of me in the shades and hollabackboi chillin therre in the pic seen above) that was held at the Contemporary Art Museum in the Grandel Square Center. Given by Synergy and funded by by Anheuser Busch, this party was an invite only and you had to wear black or white and in your fine-to-do’s. I got there about 8:30 and the area as like a Hollywood premiere with a black carpet (instead of a red carpet) out front, cameras ready to take shots and everything. I waited up on hollabackboi (who is now driving a special edition burnt orange Hummer these days) when he valet parked (which was FREE BTW) in order to get to the party. Our names were on the list and a young lady from the St. Louis Post Dispatch was the first to take our pics and asked us our names, where we were from and what we were wearing (I told her I wore International Male–hollaback wore Gucci).I had on a black opera coat, black pants with slits and cowry shells on the side, and a bright white and black tie. (Of course I got many comparisons to the Matrix (thanks to Rob Desir and Darius Bradford LOL) –the same coat I wore for the regional Emmys last year) Before we could enter, hollbackboi had to button up his short cause they didnt allow shirts open (it was black tie for real) , so I had t wait in order for him for that. Anyway, while walking in and onto the black carpet, there was a plethora of camera people taking our picture (One was good friend Darnell Singleton) . I felt like a movie star for real and didnt know how to deal with all that attention.

While inside, there was a lady who took our picture and surprised us with it. She took another picture that didnt make us look too startled. While inside, the ballers and VIPs all were mingling about while looking at the art work. The invited celebs were not there yet but I knew that this was definitely the event to be attending. As the crowd swole up, the local VIPS that I recognized were coming inside the museum. I got my drink (which were FREE) and proceeded to see who was therre. The first one who I saw was Black Rep Fonder Ron Himes who was therre with Debra Denham. We fellowshipped breifly as he went on . Hollaback boi saw some of his church members next to the stage and we talked for a minute. As we were talking, the waitress brought over some swanky appetizers (sushi, shrimp cream puffs,etc) and sat them on the table.

Then we got word that the area we were standing was going to be for the celebs who were planning to be therre (I asked one of the bodyguards and he just nodded when I asked him does he know the celebs that supposed to be in the area) and suddenly we were whisked away from the area so some “velvet ropes” can be therre (I’LL talk about that later). As the dee-jay spun old school R&B, I saw Evander Holyfield in the building conversing with the crowd. That was a good sign of what was to come. A few of the St.Lunatics (except for Murphy Lee) were also in the building including Slo Down and Kyjuan . The local VIPS that I saw around this time were Jamelle (who was wearing to death that strapless ruffled black gown), City 10's Antwone, Fox 2's Rob Desir, KSDK ‘s Corell Whitlock, Fox 2's Bonita Kornute, Nelly’s manager T-Luv, AB’s Johnnie Furr, Equaal’s Arnold Donald, and local singer Steve White.

It was now going on 9ish and the party people just kept coming in. Next up I saw restauranteur Patrick Steptoe, Sarah Thompson, Virvus Jones, local comedian Darius Bradford, fashion designer Skylar, Hipster’s Keenan Harris, KSDK’s Jeff Small, Fisrt Friday co-creator Harry Michel, dance legend Judy Best, hip-hop star J Nicks, 104.1 radio personality Staci Static, business tycoon Ricky Arceneaux, and former American Gladiator Saber (who looked big and out of shape!). He walked passed us earlier and I asked hollaback, isn’t that Saber ?And we were both shocked at how CORNFED big he has become (Check out Mortal Kombat the movie and you will know what I’m talkin about.)

Around 10ish, I saw comedian D.L Hughley socializing and taking pictures with his fans. I also saw Fox 2’s April Simpson and Freeman Bosley Junior (I’ll try and call your show, too) But it was during the 11oclock hour was when things began to become a Hollywood party when Nelly and his A-listers walked to the party from the back area. (I knew something was up when I saw all kind of security trying to direct people traffic up in therre). In comes Ashanti (seen in pic above with boyfriend Nelly) , Jermaine Dupri and his love Janet Jackson (seen in pic above also) ! THE JANET JACKSON. Oh my God, you should have heard the squeals and shouts when it was discovered that she was in the building. She and Jermaine were holding hands and they took a brief tour of the paintings that were hung on the wall in the back area of the VIP section (It was cute seeing them together cause both of them are short and she is taller than JD!)

Nelly came up on stage to welcome everyone for coming and all and the actual performance part of the show was to begin (One of the many refrains throughout the night was...And Janet is here.) Meanwhile, ESL b-ball star Darrius Miles was in VIP chillin with the ladies up in there and boxing promoter Don King also made an appearance (later on Allen Iverson and his crew came up in there. He had on Mork from Ork shades with a black top hat on top of a white doo-rag. A member of the group Jagged Edge was also there (one of the dark skinned guys). St. Lunatic Ali and his model wife Allison crossed the front of us to go into the VIP section as well (but left soon after to get a bite to eat)

Darrius Bradford got on stage as the host and tried to say a few jokes (and I do mean a few). Me and hollaback was fortunate to have stayed near the ViP area cause when the performance section of the party began, we were in front. Bradford gave me a high five from the stage and asked me wherr I was from and I told him, Belleville. I was like, okay here we go with the joke, but his comeback line was, Anyone else from Belleville?” It was a couple of people who raised their hands and we all actually toasted each other for being from Belleville.

He must have been nervous cause he wasn’t his usual self as far as being ghettofab with his comedy.I think the mixed crowd and bougieness of the crowd intimidated him. But things started to get better when D.L Hughley got on stage and had his way with crowd His first joke was talkin about how the crowd was mixed and that we were going to separate after the party is over. Then he did what he does best–talkin about people in the audience (Luckily he just said what’s up to me). He brought on a few people on stage including a white guy who was wearing sandals with his suit. Hughley said that he had on Jesus shoes (He also said Janet Jackson was there) . FUNNY.

Then there was a very sexy white lady in a white tight shirt dress who got on stage and DJL asked her who did she come with and she pointed to the guy with Jesus shoes and another white guy (who looked like he was straight from modeling in Milan) and she said that she came with her two gay friends. Ooops. Can we say Outed? . DL couldn’t help but to laugh at that as far as her outing her friends in front of everybody (I was cutting my eye over at the VIP section and saw that Janet was laughing). Then, hollback boi was told to come up on stage and DL was like, “You better come up here. Don’t let me come down therre.” So he got up therre and DL said “ladies and gentlemen, “Montel Williams.”

So as DL was talking to Curtis about what he did for a living he kept talking about hollaback’s tight shirt. It was a funny moment but he kept his cool and looked very much like a celeb up there. DL talked to a few other people (Even hooked up one sista with a possible scholarship through his doing!) and then it was time for the band, Houston-based Scott Gertner Band (They were a tight R&B band with a white guy who could put any black male singer to shame!) As people partied, people were gazing inside VIP where the stars were like, as Kevin Johnson put it, “we were at the zoo.” Looking at the stars as though they were on TV. It was not a cute set-up. I didn’t like the fact that the stars were separated from the regular folks. I mean, we all were VIP that night and why did STL had to pull this at a private function? Ya feel me? Anyway, as people got their party on, all fo a sudden a bunch of black and silver confetti came down from the ceiling onto the party people. It was very New Year’s up in there for a minute and was a nice touch for the night.

Around midnite, Nelly got back up on stage with Darius to say that the After Party was at Nectar Lounge .(Darius said who said one funny thing up there after Nelly;s announcement when he said that we all needed to put on another stick of deodorant on, go to Walgreens somewherr and pick up a stick.) And USHER did not show up at this event either (I hear he was traveling).

After it was over and people were mingling outside, hollaback got his Hummer from valet and I drove on eth passenger side to see how the crowd was at Nectar and of course it was packed. We decided not to go in and he took me back to my vehicle. I did hear that at the after party, Nelly and Jermaine Dupri performed and the dee-jay debuted the new single from STL rapper J-Kwon produced by Nellys bodyguard, Big B. Ashanti was also there and so was Allen Iverson who all were chillin at the adjoining club Pepper Lounge in the VIP section (No, Janet was not there!) . I hear that Nelly was going to have this ball as an annual thing. I think that’s good. STL needs to have some Hollywood stuff going on here and Nelly is definitely the person to do it.


TIDBITZ will return next week.

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