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OUT 63

Hello every people in the web universe. This is the one and only Ma’atology here to give you my usual stuff for ya one more time.

OK here we go !

Last Friday was a trippy moment for me as far as trying to go out and about. Let me back track. Currently, I am helping my father with his new contract with the Illinois Parks and Recreation Department as the first phase of the East Side Riverfront project goes underway. My father was able to get a 6 month contract to secure the project with 24-hour armed guards (It will renew in January 2007). My father has been doing security for well over 20 years and he has his own company, Professional Security. I have been working with him on and off since 1988 and right now is a booming time where the contract will run for five years when all phases of the project will take place from an Amphitheater being built to a bike trail.

So I am helping him with that and the hours have been quite grueling, but I am learning and growing in this field and I am helping out as supervisor and overseer of the security people of this project. This particular Friday night, I got off of work about 11ish and my relief had come and I had half of my club clothes on (the pants) and my security short and hat on. When I gave the fellow officer his duties and left (as well as making sure I got my two cans of EVIL EYE in the frig) I made my way to Forest Park to 1st Friday at where I thought was going to be held at the Boat House. Well when I got there, I had finished one and a half can of EVIL EYE when I got the call from my boy Kameron that he was already there. It was around midnight now and I parked my car on the curb and walked up to the Boat House.

At first I thought, this couldn’t be where the event is cause therr were no black people around. So I tried to call Kameron on his celly but I didn’t get an answer, I tried calling FF co-creator Harry Michel, and no answer. So I went up to the Boat House walking around and saw all of the white people around. I went up to the bar area where this nice young white lady was wiping off the counter and I said, “Excuse me.” She said. “Yes, honey?” I said, “Is First Friday gonna be held here?” After that I don’t know what she said cause the EVIL EYE was kicking in for real, but from what I gathered they were having something there tonight but I don’t think it was First Friday. So, I politely said thanks and walked off back to my car. I then began driving up and down the street looking at the signs to try and find the right Boat House to get to this party. Then, all of a sudden, I had the urge to pee. Oh-oh.

So I as I was driving I saw a plastic Tupperware bowl on my backseat (Don’t ask me how it got there. LOL). Anyway, I fetched for it and I proceeded to whip my lizard out of my pants to take a whiz. I did that successfully, but forgot to do the “shake”. All of a sudden, some of my passed urine got on my light brown pants. DOH. Well, therr was no way I was going anywhere with soiled pants. Then I was gettin frustrated tryin to find the right area where the Boathouse was. Then I said FUCK IT and drove off. I text Kameron and just told him I was tried and was going on (Come to find out the event was not at the Boat House but at the Golf Club House!!! (A whole ‘nutha area at Forest Park that I been to before for First Friday, but for some reason couldn’t find it that night). I hear I didn’t miss out on much which is not surprising. I wasn’t really in the mood to look at the same people I see out and wonder if I was going to get access to take some snaps or pay my 20 bones to get in. So I just drove back to the crib.

On Saturday, I did my usual going to the gym at Bally in Clayton to get my swole on and saw this guy named Joe (who I found out his name later that evening and his connection to my access to the After Party. I will explain later) who is a trainer up there who was working out with a guy who was at Jamie Spencer’s 30th B-Day Party (If you remember, he was the guy with the long dreads posing with a sista in those epics from my pic blog OUT 57 ) . Afterward while going to the crib, I called a few people just to say hi, one was Ingrid Owens, the sista who is campaigning t be State rep for the 74 th District in the Lou. She gave me the update of her campaign going door to door and passing out literature for her campaign (for more info go to

She asked me what I was doing tonite and I told her checking out the Cory Spinks After Party hosted by Hot 104.1 (which was broadcasting live from the Formula with Wendy Brown, Craig Blac and Tony J of the Hot Morning Show) at Club Formula on the corner of Tucker and Washington. She said she was going to try and go therr but all the campaigning she was doing had her beat, but told me to keep her posted if I had any problems getting in (I’ll get to that later)

Later on that nite, I went to the security site, then waited for my relief around 11ish to check out the Cory Spinks After Party stuff that was going on that night. When my relief came all I had to do was out on my shirt (A “smedium” butterfly collar brown short sleeve shirt) with my white pants and brown dress sandals. After getting relieved, I drove to Club Formula and parked at a parking meter, I proceeded to get my cam-munition and walked toward Washington to the club. Well as I was walking the street (with my flyy brown Nine West shades that you always see me sportin my most of the pictures I take) this guy in a white car wanted to keep driving and drove right up on me as though he was going to run me over. Well, my first instinct was to run out the way (and that is hard to do with flipped out sandals. LOL).

Anyway, when I hurriedly got out of the way and all of a sudden I hear the guy laughing. Well I was pissed! I said, “Do you find that funny?” Then the guy said, “Marcus, it’s me.” I raised my shades and it was Jacque Land from the Platinum Group. Well, after I checked my pants for another soiling, I walked up to him in the car and shook his hand and said., “Man what’s up.” He was having a ball out of scaring the BE-SHITS out of me. He asked if I was going to the After Party at Formula and I told him I was and said that he was too said that he would meet me up in there. After getting composure and putting my heart back into my chest I proceeded to walk to the club. As I was walking, I called Ingrid who made some calls to some people for me to make sure I didn’t have any problems (Earlier I tried calling Formula manager Kay but she wasn’t answering her phone either).

So as I walked up, therr was a big screen TV of the Cory Spinks—Karmazin fight (which I pre-taped from the Showtime telecast to talk about it) and a red carpet for the VIPs. Well, you know me, I walked to the VIP carpet and quickly called Ingrid. I told her I was at VIP and there was the Bally trainer standing therr getting a couple ready to go inside the club. She told me to ask the bouncer guy if his name is Joe and I did and he said yes. When it was my turn to get access, I gave him the cell phone and told him that it was Ingrid. He said, “Yes, Miss Ingrid.” Whatever she said helped me get in, but of course with some hesitancy. He then said, “Well, I can do my best, but I cant do too much if he’s not on the list. (OK here we go).

So he gave me my celly and he told me to wait a minute and got another guy who had to be one of the sponsors of the After Party from the PBMC (Professional Black Men Coalition, I think) and Black Rose. Joe told the guy that I was media and wanted to cover the event, the guy let me in and asked for my biz card. I gave my West End Word press card and I told him I needed it back after the event was over. He then said that he wanted my biz card. DOH. SO I gave him my biz card with my website on it . I went on through and got my cam-munition ready to take some snaps of the crowd.

The first people I recognize are Formula creator Sonia Branscomb and her friend and my blogfriend Indigo Sams. I showed them some love and took their pics. Then, Sonia hit me on my arm (lovingly. LOL) and said that she had a bone to pick with me. I was like, “What did I do?” Then she said that she read my blog about my commenting about her saying to me when I went to the Formula a few months back for Ingrid’s campaign Fundraiser (and R Kellys concert was about to start at the Fox that I had to go and cover) about her comments about going to the R Kelly concert (and her wanting R Kelly to do something ON her. LOL) But she said it was all good and that it was true about her comment. She said that she keeps up with my blog and that she will show me love and she understands my struggle to keep getting access to events and the hard times I been getting.

After that I was on the camera picture prowl with various people who were there including former b-ball star and STL native Anthony Bonner, 104.1 personality Wendy brown (who was working that outfit and pumps girlfriend and is really nice. She kind of looks like a prettier version of Tori Spelling on the light skinned tip LOL), Young Dip (I will call u about your mix tape), Craig Blac, Nite Owl, and Tony J, Radio One account exec Gina Covington-Foster (Now I remember you! LOL), Radio One exec Maurice Hamilton (why you afraid of me taking a pic of those brown eyes. LOL) Kwame Building Group’s Tony Thompson, Freeman Bosley Junior Show personality Darrion Phelps (I won’t tell you were therr if you wont. LOL), STL author Tracy Foster, local agent Danielle Tillis, Majic 104.9 personality BJ the DJ, and local models Ali Mosier and Jamelle. (They had a nice ice sculpture of the sponsors who put this on as well that I took a pic of too seen above). And to be quite honest, the real star was this sista who had on a bride veil on her head who was preparing to get married in the near future ( I had to take her pic but I had to convince her I wasn’t taking the pic for a Girls Gone Wild site). LOL.

Later on, a camera crew from the local show The Grind came through as well (with St. Lunatics video camera guy Dana Christian )as STL American photo-god Wiley Price came through. I thought for sure that Corey Spinks and Yung Joc may come through (They were at Club Plush) but the hype was on local rapper Rucka Puff (who was sporting a flyy Mohawk). He greeted his fans, took some shots and sat down outside of the VIP area (which was not too VIP ish if you know what I mean. They had a whole lot of food left) and chilled for a minute, I stayed til about 1:30 and tried to catch some of the after set at Club Plush. When I drove down therr they had the side street where Plush is locate don Market and 20th blocked off by the cops. So, I had to drive across the street t get a parking space. So as I was walking, therr was this very loud and very drunk sista who was using all the curse words that are possible to say around her friends about another sista who I guess must have pushed up on her. She was like, “I don’t give a fucc about her!” and all that jazz. I walked passed them and hoped the curse words didn’t hit me. Oh and on the 1s and 2s was Stan the Man.


So when I walked up to the entrance and saw bouncer (the very beefy) Brian Stemmons talking with a few sistas who were googly eying him. I gave him some dap and asked him what was the 411 up here and he said that people were paying 40 dollars a pop to get up in the club to see Cory Spinks (who now was celebrating his win over Karmazin) and Yung Joc (who was performing as I got therr). So I walked around the exit area and they and it open for those to leave and come back out. Therr were also police and security (one security guy who had a pointer with a light on it scoping sistas outside. One sista came out of the club barefoot walking drunk as a skunk and one of the security guys said , “Damn, baby, you gonna be Okay? CLASSIC) ). I got a glance of the crowd and it was THUGGISH RUSSIGH up in therre. I heard Cory Spinks thanking the crowd for supporting him and then Joc starring performing “It’s Goin Down” (I’m sure it was the same dance routine Spinks and Joc did price to the fight.)

One of the policemen who was inside who walked outside told people if they were coming in to come in. Just as I was about to come in, one of club security guys said that this was for exit only and we had to go around to the entrance (Well, the entrance was closed cause the club was about to close up in another hour). I felt it wants that serious to try and get in so I just left. While I was walking there were two pretty sista sitting on a stone pillar next to Union Station selling DVD’s of their SHAKE UP collection. For ten bones. I told them I just had a credit card ad they gave me a flier and my oh my. The stuff on that flier alone would make your flick click for real. LOL

As far as the fight itself (ABOVE IS A PIC OF SPINKS WITH DON KING AND KARAMZIN IN THE STL BEHIND THE ARCH ) , it was definitely a redeeming one for Brother Spinks, who is 28, last Saturday at the Savvis Center. The fight went all 12 rounds. He won by a narrow margin (115 to 113) on a fight that was almost a draw, but as his reaction was when he found out he won (he got on his knees and cried), it was evident that Spinks was Superman for real who came back from the Kryptonite, Zab Judah, last February at the Savvis (which became the biggest selling in house arena sports event in this country’s history more than 22, 600 seats filled). Although the seats were half filled this time around (a little over 12,000 this time from reports), the world was definitely watching Spinks overcome and regaining a belt from Karmazin, who is 33.

After his win, Spinks said to boxing commentator Jim Gray in the ring, “I knew I could do it….I take my hat off (to Karmazin) who is a great greater. I kept my faith in God… He also thanked his trainer Kevin Cunningham (who had some colorful language going on with Spinks in between each round that I will share later) and his mother (his dad, legendary boxer Leon Spinks was not in attendance). He also told Gray that he promised him he was going to paint him the perfect masterpiece with the fight (During the pre-fight interview in Spinks’ locker room he told Gray that he was a painter and that he was going to pant the perfect masterpiece with the fight—Gray later on in the telecast said that it wasn’t the perfect masterpiece-whateva!).

Gray also brought back the supposed setbacks of his life with the weight loss from the Zab Judah fight, the reported domestic problem he had with his lady involving his stabbing and the 4 minute long pre-fight Crip-walk-Motorcycle-Revving dance stuff he did with rapper Yung Joc as he walked up to the ring (which I hear he practiced earlier that day of the fight). But of course, Spinks, had the last laugh and that he was ready for a REMATCH (and so was boxing promoter Don King who was sported about six or so blinged out chain, one being of the American flag). I hear Spinks got 200 thousand bones for this fight (Karmazin reportedly got 300 thousand bones). After taxes (and Don King’s cut there’s no telling how much each actually got!).

But getting to the drama during the fight. Spink’s trainer Kevin Cunningham was off the chain. He got on Spinks’ azz like green flies to turnip greens! Some of the words Cunningham shouted at Spinks in between rounds were as follows:

This Mutha fucka ain’t gonna let you rest ! Stop being lazy! Tie this mutha fucka up! You in tip top shape! The best shape in your life!”

Cunningham: How you feelin?

Spinks: I feel good.

Cunningham: Well you DON’T LOOK LIKE you FUCKIN GOOD. HOLD this man on the inside!

As some of this was going to Jim Gray said that Cunningham was upset with Spinks. As Spinks said when the fight was over and I tend to agree that he wasn’t upset with Spinks, he was getting revved up. Another example of how the black expression gets misinterpreted from the media.

Now what was peculiar was Karmazin’s camp between rounds. His trainer was American and Karmazin had to have an interpreter to talk Russian to Karamzin! What tha! They couldn’t get a Russian trainer for Karamzin? TROUBLE. I thought Russia was a Democracy? They couldn’t fly out a Russian trainer for him? I found that to be extremely odd.

Following the fight (and apparently before he went to Plush), Spinks and his camp, according to, had went to a Clayton restaurant that was the site of promoter Don King's traditional post-fight celebration. Dressed in all white, Spinks got an enthusiastic ovation from the attendees as Spinks and Kevin Cunningham, his trainer and manager made their way through the room, shaking hands. As the ovation died down, someone shouted out, "Bring on Mayweather!"It has been speculated that it is unlikely that he will fight Floyd Mayweather Jr. But other names kike Shane Mosley had come up. We’ll see. It is a “tinder box” now that Spinks has regained his title and his boxing dignity. We’ll see in months to come. STL here we come!

MA’ATTIDBITZ. I have interviewed my two guys for the Black STL Who’s Who anthology book. Hubert Hoosman, a brotha from East Boogie (East St. Louis) who is CEO and Pres of Vantage Credit Union and Michael Holmes who is SR VP for Express Scripts. I will keep you posted when the book will be out and ready for the public.

STL-TIDBITZ. STL native comedian Cedric The Entertainer will have his first ever solo HBO comedy special, “Take You Higher” debut on the cable station, July 15 at 9 p.m. CST. Directed by veteran director Stan Lathan (Sanaa’s father ) this hour show was taped live at The Wiltern in Los Angeles a few months back and features Cedric's hilarious takes on fame, TV, rap music, sports, diets, plastic surgery, and more. Spicing up the festivities will be several song and dance numbers featuring a smokin' band and a sexy group of dancers he calls the "Cedibles." I sounds a little bit like his much ballyhooed Fox variety show a couple of years back sans the sketches. Hmmm. I hope now he gets it right this time around on the TV tip cause he is extremely talented……………………………..

All of you STLers who have passed by Coffee Cartel in the Central West End have probably caught a glimpse at sexy actress Jessica Alba who has been in town for some weeks now filing the movie “Bill. ” I hear Miss Alba has been spotted around there and is quite the temperamental diva from what I hear. From my sources, she has been signing autographs with unkind sayings like “Jerk” and all. If that is true, she better watch out, cause the people that she offend here can easily not go and see this movie just like they did with that movie, “Honey.” Ooops……………………………………………………………

Who is the new TV announcer on Fox 2? Her name is Summer Knowles. Wow , she is foxy! She looks and talks like Robin Givens. Move over April Simpson, here comes another sexy sista on the local airwaves getting ready t’break some hearts……

I hear local fashion designer Marcell is doing his thang in Hollywood. His recent work can be seen on Mary J Blige’s hot video, “Enough Cryin” when the hip-hop soul queen showcases a flowing sultry red dress. My source said that Marcell is doing good in Tinseltown and that on the set of her video, Mary J is a sweetheart to work with. Her husband? Well, I hear he was quite the opposite. Maybe he was just being protective of his star-wife? You think? I’m glad Marcell is redeeming himself because after the last fashion show he had at Scottish Rite about two years ago where there were more people walking the runway than in the audience. It was very much a fiasco in front and behind the scenes on that. Anyway, much love Marcell!

EVENT-TID-BITZ. Stray Dog Theatre presents THE HOUSE OF BLUE LEAVES a play with music by John Guare Presented by special arrangement with Samuel French, Inc. July 13 – 16, 20 – 23, 27 – 30, 2006 Thursday – Saturday at 8 PM / Sunday at 2 PM $18.00 Adults / $15.00 Seniors & Students…………………………………………………………………

Through July 31, The Hershey Company is calling on aspiring filmmakers and movie enthusiasts to submit entries into its Take 5 Taste and Believe film
contest. Consumers are invited to submit their own original video (up
to 60 seconds) showcasing how far they'd go to get a Take 5 candy bar.
More details can be found online at
Judges will include veteran comedy director Peter Segal. One winner will receive a $10,000 grand prize. Four runners up will receive $500 each……………………………

MVP will hold a FITNESS BOOT CAMP. Visit us at or call 314.831.7505 to register……………………………………………………………

Legacy Books & Cafe will old an anniversary celebration, July 20 -23, 2006, 5249 Delmar, St. Louis, MO. Contact David @ (314) 430-9816 or (314) 995-9570 or email him @

12:00pm to 5:00pm-. She is looking for b-ball players, salsa dancers, models, rappers and comedians. For an appointment call 877-517-0472 …………………………………..

Tickets for the 6th edition of the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase –July 23-27 are now on sale at the
Tivoli Theatre box office during regular business hours. ……………………….

Explore Urban Fashion Reality in STL July 23-28. STL’s own fashion Week... Contact GMS Ms. Shay @ 314.578.8238 or for more info……………………

Gifted Productions presents the gospel stageplay “Daddy Come Home” at the Emerson Performance arts center on the Harris Stowe Campus. July 21 at 8pm and July 22 at 2pm and 6pm. Tickets or $20 in advance Tickets will be sold at the Transformation Christian Bookstore (Page and Sarah) and Knowing Books and Cafe (Jamestown Mall) They can also call me at 314-535-5720. $25 at the door.

Oh, and Keep Your Head Up Brotha Floyd Irons!

Well that will do it for me, if there’s anything for me to pub up, you know the email,!

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