Wednesday, June 17, 2009


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Monday, June 15, 2009


Photos by Ma'atology (IN ORDER OF SHOW)

The crowd starting to pack in the Ampitheatre.

One of the earlier artists to get interviewed by Hot 104.1 personality Young Dip at its booth was Hurricane Chris.

Monopoly Promotions Mocha Latte and daughter Sydney at the event.

Inbox perosonality NeKayy interviewing Hurricane Chris before he performed on stage.

Oh Myy Tv personalities Kocapeli and Big Sexy Maxine also interviewed Hurricane Chris.

First on the bill was STl rapper and newly signed DTP artist Joka.

The crowd.

Hurricane Chris on stage performing hits such as his latest, "Miss Berry."

Joka gettin ready to do a plug for The Block TV.

We were represented in the Media Tent.

Hot 104.1. personality Tony J on stage.

C-Note on the 1s and 2s rockin the crowd between acts.

Rapper Soulja Boy got on stage early so he could catch a flight to a gig in Kansas City.

He sang his hits including "Crank That."

He also spat his latest "Swag on."

His Baby Mate Air Jordans.

The crowd enjoyin Soulja Boy./

Soulja took off his jacket to get into his hit, "Kiss Me Thu the Phone."

Some Superjammers walkin toward the Ampitheatre.

Next up was East St. Louis based female rap duo Unladylike

Ooops, gotta get the shoes.

The duo sang its latest hit, "Dough."

...and also did a mini tribute to Salt N Pepa.

In the Hot 104.1 booth, OJ Juiceman was gettin interviewd.

Dip and Juice get outcammed.

In the media tent, Block TV tags STL rapper Ludy who also perfomred that day.

Mr Tommie of WESL-Tv 26 interviewed OJ Juiceman.

More crowd.

And more crowd.

One of the several vendors was Styles Clothing with sellers Nicalette (left), vendee, and Trina (right).


OJ Juiceman on stage and his recorder (which was a pattern that was ongoing with many of the hip hop acts)

Hot 104.1. personality Janee interviewed R&B sensation Jerimih.

After Jermih's interview, he hit the stage. Meanwhile, his "cuz" Willie Taylor (right) and the rest of Day26 was preppin to get interviewed.

Day26fans taking pics of the group.

Day26 fans went wild!

"Hey, what about me?" Miss Sydney was tryin to get her "fan on" with STL rapper and Superjam 2 performer Young Ro who greeted his fans.

Meanwhile, Day26 fans huddled for autographs.

Jerimih on stage performing his #1 hit, "Birthday Sex."

More crowd.

Before their performance, Day26 at the media tent as Suite STL /STL-Tv prepared to interview them.

NeKayy takes a flick with Que of Day26.

The sea of fans.

The STL Dolls: Mocha Latte with some of the Hot 104.1 lady staffers including Daraisha Cosby (middle) at the Hot 104.1 VIP Room.

Meanwhile, Day26 was like the black NSynch on stage as Willie does his best LL Cool J Jr.

Day26 performed their hits "Got Me Going," "Imma Put it On Her" and the album cut, "Stadium Music." Soon after their set, they jetted a plane to Kansas City.

Ludy in the Hot 104.1 booth talkin with fans.

Unladylike gets interviewed by a Sister Chronicles reporter.

One of the unscheduled artists who performed was STL native national recording artist Jibbs who performed his hits, "Chain Hang Low," King Kong" and his latest "Aye DJ"

Hot 104.1 personality Staci Static interviewed Lil Boosie

The crowd went wild for Lil Boosie.

WESL- TV 26 also interviewed Lil Boosie.

Young Ro greeting his young fans.

This sista was gettin into it!

The crowd.

Lil Boosie on stage who performed his featuring and main hits including his big hit, "Wipe Me Down."

One of the many TMP (TOO MUCH PLAYIN) pics of the event. Security had to escort this Old G for being sagged too low.

Jibbs in the Media tent doin his swag on local TV.

Another TMP pic was this sista who was wearin gold hair and shoes to match!

Jibbs in the Hot 104.1 booth with Janee.

Folk walkin from the ampitheatre.

Another TMP pic. This brotha with the giraffe neck. Wow!

Jibbs signing autographs for fans.

Newly hired 104.1 personality Shorty da Kid (who also performed unscheduled) gettin interviewed by STL-TV.

Pleasure P on stage relied mostly on singing hits with his former group, Pretty Ricky before he sang his R&B hit, "Boyfriend #2." During his set he quipped, "I didnt know the STL was so quiet." Hmm.

For a moment, we thought it was Ne-yo on stage. LOL.

Another TMP pic. This Old G with the beer in his hand lookin like he just finished working under his car .

Rapper Yo Gotti was next on stage.
He got it goin with hits including his latest, "5 Star Chic."

Gotti was the last act who performed at Club Society in May before the club closed permanently.

Yo Gotti and his hypeman gettin it done!

Another TMP pic. Another sagger--Tiger Woods style.

WESL TV 26 interviewing Ne-P, we mean Pleasure P. LOL.

Nekayy interviewed STL singer Aloha Mi-sho who just released a new single entitled, "They be on Me."

Meanwhile R&B hearthhrob Trey Songz had the ladies screaming for him.

His fans were glued to him.

Songz, who suprisingly dressed very plain, sang his hits including, "I dont Wanna Leave," "Brand New," and his featuring on Ace Hood's song, "Ride or Die."

A long shot of Trey Songz on stage.

Some out of towners showin love for their favorite artist.

When Songz took off his shirt, the ladies went b-a-n-a-nas. He then sang his biggest hit, "Can't Help But wait."

Songz also made his way to the media tent to be interviewed. (We were told by his people to only shoot him from the chest up! )

Showin love STL style.

Sexy R&B singer Keri Hilson, although under the weather, performed an energetic set.

She put it on with her hits, "Energy," "Turnin Me On,' and started off her set with her latest #1 hit, "Knock Me Down."

Hilson also relied on eye candy (as well as her booty) to get the crowd into her set (Now whatt up with the dancer on the left and her under arm! Whoa. LOL)

After her set, Hilson made way to Home Nightclub nearby in Earth City where she was was making a special appearance.

The highlight of Superjam 2 for sure was rapper Plies who had a very raunchy yet uplifting set (We will explain later).

Plies let all the vulgarities
shine rapping the unlcean versions of his hite including, "Shawty," and "Bust it." He also sang the song, "Dat Bitch" a crowd fave . Before he performed it he asked the crowd, " Who got bail for me if I go to jail after perofmring this next song?"

Plies told the crowd that he is bound to do anything even take off his clothes(which he didnt) and for the crowd to hold up their cellphones so he could do something for their screen savers on their computers which was, making a "V" with his hands up to his mouth and sticking out his tongue in between it as though he was licking the vaj-j. (This pic was just before he did it). Another shocking moment was when he asked the ladies in the crowd, "How many women had their pussy eaten with a spoon?" DAYYYYYYYYYAM.

A close up of the blinged out medialion that was on Plies' neck until...

....he offered it to a 14-year old girl in the crowd (middle) who got on stage after Plies asked who was his number one fan and who wanted to come on stage to rub inside teh front of his pants, ladies only, of course. What was a bit troubling during this moment in his set, he was also asking for a woman to fuck that nite. When several girls got on stage, it was evident that many who got on stage were underaged. But, he told them that they were too young. The 14-year old got a hug from Plies as she screamed and cried being next to him. That was when Plies "gave" her his chain (She was escorted backstage after his set which gives us the impression that he probably politely asked for it back) But a touching moment occurred when he asked for crowd members to come on stage who had family members locked up (the two guys in the pic above were some of the ones who walked up on stage). Afterwards Plies took out a wad of money and started passing out money to those who came on stage!

DJ Sno on stage settin his songs as the crowd awaited for the next act which was the surprise guest act...

The St. Lunatics. Up first was Ali.

Then Kyjuan.

Then City Spud.

Then Nelly

And interestingly last was Murphy Lee.

Nelly and Murph got the most scraems that nite, but for a moment it hard to tell who got the most.

Murph's sneaks.

Errbody was on stage even the UC Me mascot (left)...but strangely enough hypeman SLodown was not on stage.

The main theme of their set was introducing City Spud back into the group after his nine year stay in prison...

...and the scripted routine of how City Spud missed many alndmark moments in teh St. Lunatics career and going back memory lane with their group and solo hits inclduing when Nelly had a party for the release of his double CDs "Sweat Suit" and in Nelly's words, "closed off two streets for it" then performed one of the hits from it, "Na na na." and also featured St. Lunatics' solo albums from Ali with the dance craze, "Chicken head" with his song, "Breathe in, Breathe Out," and Murphy Lee's "My Shoes."

A long shot of the St. Lunatics on stage.

The Hot 104.1 staffers clowning during the show.

Headliner Jeezy on stage.

Jeezy fans was still energized after seven hours to hear him spit his hits ,"The Realist,” “Soul Survivor,” and “I Luv It,”

Another interesting sight was seeing the long line of his posse on stage behind him as he performed.

One of the posse members was on his cell phone in a wheelchair. TMP!

Jeezy closed out the concert with his latest hit, "Put On."

Jeezy fans chanted his name before he got on stage (they started before the St. Lunatics got on stage).

We left during the mddle of his set, but we are more than sure that he performed several of his featuring hits. (Did he do Usher's "Love in this Club?")

NOTE: We got there at 2: 30 p.m. and left at 11 p.m. so you know we were T.I.E.D. It was estimated that more than 15,000 folk attended this event, breaking its own record of the estimated 10,000 who attended last year. Will Superjam 3 be a record breaker of this year's? Guess we gotta wait 11 months from now to figure that one out!