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Photos by Ma'atology Cafe Soul had its monthly R&B/poetry showcase event at its new home at the Loft.

Its creators R&B singer/host Coco Soul, Live Nation's Angie Brown and Nichol Stevenson pose for a shot after doing a plug of its event for STL-TV.

Brown setting up the tees that were sold that nite.

Soul, who was sporting an new "hair accessory", on stage welcoming err body to Cafe Soul, the old and new heads.

Poet Abbey talkin with a patron at the event before he got up on stage to perform.

Stevenson with Foxy 95's Deevine Soundz who dee-jayed in the VIP Room during the event.

Soul got it started singing Stevie's "All I Do," and Rufus and Chaka's "Ain't Nobody" with backgrounds by CJ Conrad and Shelitha (who also did solo stints that nite as well.)

Coco in her element.

First up was Abbey who spat the poem "Daddies."

Saxophonist Rhoda G on the sidelines . She performed throughout the event with the band along with mo0st of the featured showcasers.

Erika sang Jill Scott's "He LovesMe."

A long shot of Erika on stage.

A candid shot of a patron at the event.

Nashville poet Rashad performed. The beginning of his piece was, "Sistas, be aware of men in kid's clothing." Before he spat he told the crowd he was performing at Legacy Books that Friday at Urban Hang Suite.

One of the highlights of the showcase was when ....

Shelitha (right) and her singers ....

Sang and performed En Vogue's cover of "Giving Him Something He Can Feel."

...With all of the choreographed girl group moves!

....And all of the shoop shoops! lol

Next was poet Diesal

Coco Soul then performed with Elements of SOul in improvisation with the DJ (DJ Ro) who played LL's "I'm Bad," BBDs, "Poison," and EU's"Da Butt."

During intermission, people got their party on. The brotha in this pic was tryin to get his foot up in it. LOL

After intermission was the segment Finish That Song. The contestants were Jessica (left) and Shandra. After several rounds, the winner was....

Crowd members included CVC's Rebecca Rodgers (left) and hotel manager Michelle Robinson (next to Rodgers).

..........Shandra! She won two tickets to see Mint Condition at the Pageant on that Saturday. Coco was the opening act.

Spotted in the crowd was SYGU's Rhashad Shadzilla Whittier as he was hammin it up with some ladies in the crowd.

Also there were singers Silky SOl and Brian G.

Next up was Jamie Spencer who sang a very spiritual version of John Legend's 'So High" , one of the other highlights from the showcase.

After Spencer's performance, a few of the musicians got inspired to do some solo work including Mr. Craig on lead guitar.

Poet A.D. spat the title spoken word piece off his CD.

Mr. Teddy also got in on some riff action.

Next up was Helen Marie who sang India. Arie's "Ready for Love."

Next was Tiffany Michee who sang Lauryn Hill's "X Factor."

Coco, CJ, Silky and Rhoda G joined in with Tiffany.

B-day girl and friend gettin into the OUTCAM.

Wildmann (second from left) also got into the singin with the group.

Featured act, singer/actor Terrel Carter gothisset started singing a bio intro . Then, he addressed the crowd fumbling his curse woirds. He then asked, "Is it OK to curse?" When he asked, Silky ran near the satge (as you see) to tell him thant he can curse.

Before he started is set, he said that he was happy to hear so many talented singers in the STL and that he has to definitely come back to the city. He also said, "Go out and support India.Arie's new CD. I have a song on there I did with her called, "Yellow." She is on another level."

The ladies were loving them some Terrell, but Carter said that the brothas wasnt really feeling him. He said, "Yeah that nigga ain't all that in those shows (referring to Tyler Perry plays). Bruhs, I'm representing yawl."

Carter catered to the women in the crowd, even bringing this young lady up on stage to croon to her. He sang songs from his three indy CDs including "You're the Only One," "Nothin I Won't Do," and "Only Wanna Be With you." He also sang, "Thick Girls", a song that he recorded for the soundtrack of the upcoming film, "Precious." Before he snag it, he asked, "Where my thick sistas at? I love them thick. My mother was a thick girl."

Ladies seemed to be mesmerized by the tall and handsome singer. Other songs he sang were the autobiograpical "Better Than" and Stevie's "Ribbon in the Sky."

He also did audience participation with the crowd

Hennessy bottles arrangement in the VIP Room.

In the crowd was comic Arvin Mitchell (right) who was coming from a show at the New Ambassador.

Silky Sol sang Rose Royce's "Car Wash."

The Kicthen Lady was gettin her groove on !

Singer Justin Hoskins sang Al Green's "LOve and Happiness."

Meanwhile in one of the VIP booths, Carter took pics and signed autographs with his admiring fans.

Ohh My Tv personality Maxine "Big Max" Elbert got an autograph of Carter's CD that he was selling.

....and biig hug!

Fans Vika and Kayla take a pic with the singer.

Loft co-owner Melanie Stith also takes a pic with Carter.

Meanwhile on stage Crystal Heywood sang, Etta James' "At LAst," which got the attention of Carter while he was socilaizing with his fans in VIP

A group shot with Mitchell, Brown, Carter, Stevenson and Stith's brother.

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