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There was joy and congrats at Stomp the Yard competition at Roberts Orpheum last Saturday. See below which sorority in the above pic that won one of the big trophies that nite!

Photos by Mark Anthony Jones (second pic) and Ma'atology

CENTER: The cake celebrating the 5th Anniversary of Stress Free Fridays BOTTOM LEFT: Former KSDK TV anchor Randy Jackson stopped by Posh to wish Jones happy 5th. RIGHT: Stress Free Friday creators MarkAnthony Jones and Mario Wayne.

The gift bags given away that nite.

Outside Posh, Jazz aficionado and stlcityjazz web editor Gen. Edwin Pattin talked with passersby in the Central West End.

Stress Free Fridays well wishers

On Saturday, we checked out Imperial Event's Stomp the Yard Contest that was held at Roberts Orpheum Theatre (PHOTOS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE). Above, Riverview Garden High School step team Men of Visions downstairs of the theatre rehearsing their routine.

Imperial Events' Meka Wilson and her baby boy at the event.

Some crowd members gettin their groove on at the table.

Imperial Events' and event host Ekeziel Obasi on stage.

First up on stage is Alpha Phi Alpha Omega Chapter.

The Alphas demonstrated strollin. They performed it from "Swag Surfin."

Gospel sorority Alpha Theta Omega and their supporters in the crowd before they went on stage.

Dance team Crink Boyz got it crunked out. They did a crunked out version of MJ's "Beat it" that was off the meters!

Performers and supporters backstage watching the show.

The Men of Vision watchin the show from backstage.

Dance group Enigma on stage. They danced off of several songs including Beyonce's "Halo."

A long shot of Enigma performing.

Imperial Events' Karlieon and Obasi backstage.

STL rapper Kenny Knox spittin lyrics on stage.

Folk in the balcony area seats.

More folk in the balcony.

A low angel shot of Knox performing. He performed his mixes of "Trouble," and "Get Ghetto."

A Kenny Knox fan gettin his swag on.

Kenny Knox (left) was one of the six judges that nite.

Next up was a performance by Koko C'vere with a surprise hypeman (on left) and dance group Enigma.

C'vere and surprise hype man. The hypeman is.......

Fashion stylist Craig Minter! Here he's posing up with C'vere backstage.

Next up Alpha Theta Omega who stepped for the Lord.

The ATO's supporters showin them love.

Next up was the ladies of Delta Sigma Theta who performed a skit about being a diva and schooling a young Delta wanna be.

Next up was men of Vizion.

Next was the men of Phi Beta Sigma who did a humorous skit on Maury Show.

"Bonequisha" saying who the Daddy is.

Phi Beta Sigma in hambone synch.

The Men of Phi Beta Sigma also satired the sororities as well.

Young Dip on stage. He co-sponsored the event with Imperial Events.

In one of the holding rooms, Obasi and the jugdes tally up the votes for the winners.

The trophies.

They counted up the votes as time was tickin.

One of the score sheets for Alpha Omega Theta

The judges counting away.

The winners were Enigam for Best Dance Team (Crunk Boyz won 1st Runner Up); Alpha Omega for Best Sorority (Deltas was 1st Runner Up) and men of Vision (Phi Beta Sigma 1st Runner Up)

Backstage, a member of Men of Vision holds up its 1st place trophy.

After the show, we caught this street player on the corner of 9th and Washington. We also put a lil ching in his case as well.

NOTE: This event was well put together. The steppin dance crews were excellent (especially the Deltas and the Crunk Boyz). We were expecting more of an older dance participants but overall it took us back to the college days with steppin on campus yards. An interesting moment occurred when one of the members of the Deltas was as pissed as a frog on summer grass that they took 1st runner up (She said, "This is some bullshit!" and stormed off backstage). Well in our opinion, and others backstage, it's hard to beat the Lord and we think thats what gave Alpha Omega the advantage. After the event, we saw some Kappas with their canes chillin the lobby. We asked them why they didnt participate and they said that they signed up toolate. Hmmm. Anyway. they werent the only Black Greek organization that didnt particpate. The others Black Greeks that didnt participate were the Omegas, Iota Phi Theta, Alpha Kappa Alphas and Zeta Phi Beta and Sigma Gamma Rho.

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