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RIGHT: On the 1s and 2s for the show and intermission was KDHX's Andrea Dunn

ABOVE PICS: Scenes before the fashion show

More scenes before the show. BELOW: Designers pose with Alive Magzine editor-in-chief Attilio D'Agostino (right)

Patrons saw a hot video entltled L.A. Bloom which featured some of the hottest fashions in Los Angeles.

Folks await the show

The following pics are some of the fashions of Jesse Kamm.

Love this shot (and the model aint bad either,. LOL)!

The models climbed the walls (literally) and ended up on the window sills.

Another shot of the window sill models.

SBLy's Rebecca Rodgers and YOURS TRULY after the festivities.

ANOTHER EVENT THAT WEEK WAS CALLED FORBIDDEN FASHION HELD AT TEH SKYHOUSE ON THURSDAY AUG> 23, 2007 (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY) Nick Verreos and Kara Janx of Project Runway had shown 13 collections from 2007-2008 and 10 emerging designers showcased their collections wich included Phyl Casual Couture, Zeto, Rebecca Lorraine, Tashe, Johanna Martinez, Katie Kantley, Vika, Milm, Lara Miller and Lyndsy Walker

This model was the fiercest walker of the models doin the Naomi Campbell!.

As you see the models were in all forms of dress and undress.

I like this shot!

I could have gotten the rest of the fashions AT FORBIDDEN , but my cam ran low of battery juice! Local VIPs that were in the house were: City 10's Giberto Pinella, The Post's Debra Bass and Kevin Johnson, model Christiaan Cofield, KDSK Jeff Small and architect Anthony Robinson


THE LAST BIG EVENT WAS LIQUID STYLE HELD OUTSIDE NEAR THE POOL AT THE CHASE PARK PLAZA, FRIDAY AUG. 24, 2007 (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY) The designers highlighted were Jesse Kamm, Yoanna Boraschi, and Vivek K. Nagrani

Is it Constantine from American Idol? No, just a model. I thought runway guys couldnt have facial hair?

This male model got a lot of screams from the ladies and other "interested parties."

There was elegant waiter service for the VIps.

That chicken must have been really good!

I think he plays for the Rams.

My best pic in my opinion.

Alive Magazine editor in chief Attilio D'Agostino, thanks those who came out and participants.


Entertainment was provided by a breakdance-hip/hop crew led by COCA instructor Nicholas Gates.

Gates (center) and his crew turned it out

Their dance style was West Side Story meets the Franchize Boyz.

They also did a male vs female dance battle that was tight.

Here is long view of the battle. They also did the Solider Boy dance that was unexpected. I think many were watching them closely casue they were so clos etop the water doin thsoe deft defying dance moves!

Overall the event was a great motion forward for St. Louis having a fashion week. Bringing in top designers from acros the country as well as St. Louis was also a good step in the right direction putting ST. Louis on the map. I just suggest that more diversity in the models be done next time around (eg. African AMerican male models ) and looked like some of the female models need to become more comfortable walking in heels down the runway. Kudos to Alive Magazine and for a job well done (and props to photographer Cristy Miller for hooking me up on the events).

After LIQUID STYLE was finito, I was interviewed by City 10's Gilberto Pinella's on my opinion about the show and what I was wearing (I can recall some of the things I said, but for the most part I was buzzed out of my head. LOL) . It should be running (if not already) on City 10 channel.(I was also told that I was seen on Channel 5's Midday show with Jennfer Blome and Art Holliday taking snaps at one of the events!)

MA'ATMOMENT--After I got interviewed and all, I went up to the Posts's Kevin Johnson and some other black people who were huddled together schmoozing and said, "Goodbye, Cullud people."LOL (Hinting that there were very few of us therre. )


On Saturday, I attended one of the parties for Alive's Fashion Week at N----L---- which also doubled as Rams player Orlando Pace's Pre-Season Celebration (They also had a genral public party next door). Dj'ed by Steve Meier, the event was hosted and sponsored by (A POPULAR NETWORKING GROUP) .
I had no problems gettin in, but there was a problem when I was seen taking snaps of the crowd. I was told I could not take shots and put it on my blog. ( Wow! I didnt realize this group knew my blog like that) I was told by the sponsor head in a professional manner. I had no problems with their request (I think it was because I didnt get permission before hand to shoot it cause was there as well and they do pretty much the same things I do) . I had my Alive Magazine Staff necklace, but I had it around my cell phone holder on my hip, but oh well..

The sponsorhead gave me two options:1) I could hang out, but I would have to take my digicam back to the car or 2.) Go next door and I can take all the snaps I want. Well, I was about to do option three, which was to just leave, but I wanted to chill out and check out the scene(Plus, my cam batteries were on the low again, so it worked out).

I couldnt do shots, but they didnt say anything about who was therre right? LOL

In the house were St. Lous Rams' Orlando Pace and Jon Alston (there may have been more Rams players but I just didnt know their names), Fox 2 Sports' Rob Desir, Mike Roberts Jr., St. Louis American's Melvin Moore, So Diverse's Jameelah E. (thanks for the booty-on-you dance. LOL) and..............Lia, 100.3 The Beat's Kiki the 1st LAdy (no I am not Kevn Johnson. LOL), MPAC's Mo Witherspoon (I promise I wont mess with you about the disguise. LOL), stlonfire's Drew Daniel Luckett and Andrew Clark, ALIVE Mag's Attilio D’agostino and Cristy Miller (thank you for catching my fall. LOL), the Post's Debra Bass ( I saw you doin your Bruce Springsteen-dancing in the dark dancin.lOL), Koncepts' Keith Harris, Frontline's Brain Stemmons and the models and deisgners who particpated in Alive Mag's fashion week.
When I left, there were a good hundred waiting to get in at the velvet rope section including Relax and Breathe's Robert Kirk who was shouting out to someone about something. I cant recall what it was buit I think he was tryign to get attention to himself. LOL
STL-TIDBITZ. The two hot topics goin on in the STL involves a baby and a rookie cop. The jury is out sort of speak on whether to charge the parents of a Parents of a 7-month-old girl, Sophia Knutsen, who was left for hours in a sweltering car On Thursday in a car seat in the back seat of her parents' sedan on a parking lot of the Washington University School of Medicine.The parents are claiming miscommunication of who should have gotten the child but the protecting attorney are saying manslaughter. Last report, the parents were not getting charged. What do you think?Do you think the parents should get charged?........................ ….Then a few days later, a female rookie STL cop shot and killed a 16-year-old boy who had pulled a gun on her in a robbery attempt outside her home late Saturday near Lawn and Fairview avenues. The officer was a Police Academy classmate last year of Officer Norvelle Brown, who on Aug. 15 was shot to death, allegedly by a teen. The irony of it all was, the officer had just attended a fundraiser to benefit Brown's family. Last report, the fatally wounded teen’s accomplice got charged for first degree robbery........................……I saw two juicey bits from on two St. Louis bred superstars. has learned that the divorce battle between Kimora and Russell Simmons is just starting to heat up. And so far it looks like Kimora may have just won the first round.In what many in the industry are calling the coup of the century, Kimora Simmons has just taken Russell Phat Farm organization right from under his nose. You see, earlier this week it was announced that the former model was being promoted to become the new creative director for the entire Phat Fashions enterprise - a role previously held by her soon-to-be ex-husband Russell. And Russell, well, he was asked to leave the company. Had Russell not been fired, he would have been Kimora's direct spoke with a top level executive over at Phat Farm who gave us the inside scoop on what's going on there. According to the exec, Kimora gave the company an ultimatum, either Russell goes - or she does. Tells the company insider, "Kimora is extremely valuable to this organization. So when she asked to have Russell fired, we went along with her." The insider continued, "It was sad for everyone to know that Russell, the man who founded the company, was getting pushed out. But it was in the best interest of the company. And we're sure he'll do fine in his next endeavor."

Is Nelly about to become a (nother) baby daddy? According to, Grammy Award winning St. Louis based artist Nelly may have a little bundle of joy on the way. An Atlanta exotic dancer named Precious is saying that she's pregnant with the rappers baby. The new mom-to-be, who went by the name Precious when she danced at the popular club Strokers, is four months pregnant. One of Precious' former co-workers told, "She stopped dancing about 2 months ago and told everyone that she was pregnant with some [celebrity's] baby." The insider continued, "At first she was very secretive about whose baby she was having. But I saw her last week and she was excited [to] tell me that it was [hip hop Superstar] Nelly's ... I believe her because Nelly used to always come into the club and she was definitely his favorite girl." And if you're worried about how Precious' pregnancy may affect Nelly's relationship with R&B singer Ashanti - don't be. As reported months ago, Nelly and Ashanti are no longer in a committed relationship. While the two still haven't officially announced their separation, they have been apart for many months now. Nelly currently has two children with a St. Louis woman. This I'm sure will be a developing story(The real question is, will nelly bring Ashanti to his Labor Day parties in the STl this coming up weekend?)…...................................................In other St. Luntaics stuff, Nelly’s St. Lunatic colleague rapper Ali's long overdue CD "Kinfolk" with Atlanta rapper Big Gipp is finally released . According to, Universal quietly released the CD last week, with songs including "Go 'Head," "N Da Paint," "Almost Made Ya" featuring LeToya Luckett, and songs featuring fellow St. Lunatics Murphy Lee and Kyjuan (I recall getting a demo of this CD like last fall) .........................................….Speaking of new CD’s, the late jazz great and East St. Louis’ adopted son Miles Davis’s estate just released a new CD from the icon, sort of. The new CD, "Evolution of the Groove," released Tuesday, is a re-mix of some of Miles Davis' greatest hits, featuring rap star Nas and guitar great Carlos Santana. Davis's nephew, Vince Wilburn Jr., co-produced the disc with Davis' son, Erin............................................ I hear that Illinois State Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed into law to have cars that have built in breathalizers (What’s next, cars that yell at you that you are about to have an accident?)….And speaking of the State, they finally got a budget. This week, Governor Rod R. Blagojevich signed the state’s Fiscal Year 2008 budget, of close to $51 billion and exercised his veto authority to remove nearly $500 million in ‘pork’ projects and other spending the state cannot afford (I thought pork was the great white meat?LOL)......................Anyone heard Jermaine Dupris SO So Def’s radio on 100.3 The Beat over the weekend?. Dupri and Janet I hear will be in the STL to be a part of Nelly's Black and White party festivities this weekend. .......Anyone been to any of the special venue spots to check out comedian Rickey Smiley and his crew (These Nuts) to welcome their syndicated morning show to the STL?...............................STL comedian Lavelle Crwaford is still in the house on Last Comic Standing. Lets hope he can go all the way. The show comes on tonight, Wednesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.....Speaking of comedians, comedian Deon Cole emailed me to thank YOURS TRULY for doin my coverage of his hilarious comedy show when he performed at Laughs on the Landing last Saturday(I’m still waitin to hear back from the Rose Royce camp)….…...............Congrats to Belleville singing duo Az One who will perform at the pre-party for rapper Common at the Halo Bar Sept. 19. Common will be in the STL to perform at the Pageant adjacent to the Halo Bar next month (Belleville’s in the house!) …..I hear that rehired Vashon coach Anthony Bonner 's second job in the STL public school system is a public speaking teacher (I thought he was a permanent sub?) . The talk on several radio talk shows is whether he is qualified to teach the class.....................I hate that Thick Thursdays is closing shop. The weekly fluffy girl contest was makin a statement in the STL on the size issue of models and the big girl's’ answer to the Eye Candy contests (SEE EVENT-IDBITZ )….Local actor/model Stuart Allen has just wrapped up a film called Shadowland (wherr dose pics man?) that filmed in St. Louis. I will keep you posted ion the release date….Were you one of the unlucky ones to get a speeding ticket on I-170 Monday? I hear that they pulled over 90 or so cars in three hours forspeeding…...................EXCLUSIVE--While at the gym at Bally in Clayton Sunday, local model and former Ebony Fashion Fair model Carmen Currie’s got a stalker, sort of. There is a middle age brotha who always talks to her gettin under her skin. Well, he was at it again. While saunaing, he was trying to get his mack on trying to figure out how old she was and would she forget him when she gets famous. She is losing patience with being nice and evasive with him. Later on she said to YOURS TRULY, that one of these days that she was goin to give him a good sister girl cussin! Whoo this is too much playin....And lastly, my condolences goes out to Freeman Bosley Junior Show personality Nicci Roach who recently lost her grandmother.

FYI-BITZ. This week commemorates the 44th anniversary of the March on Washington and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King's iconic speech 'I Have a Dream.".....Did you know that all of the male memebrs of the 60s/70s pop group the Fifth Dimension ( Billy Davis Jr, Lamonte McLemore and the late Ronald L. "Ron" Townson ) were all born and raised in St. Louis?....
BLIND ITEM-BITZ.Which STL female artist went almost out of her mind when a national comedian who performed recently at a popular venue promised to "kick it" with her but told her after his show he had an early flight and called it a night breaking her heart in the long run (Hint. She is not a singer and he goes by one name)?

IN THE MIA FILE….Wherre is socialite model Jimmelle?

MIA FILE…FOUND—Anthony Beasley. He was seen at Cafe Soul this past Wednesday at Lucas House. He didn’t give an explanation as to why he has been gone from the club scene, but he did "win" some comps at Cafe Soul to the Common show at the Pageant next month.

OUTTOWN FEATURE ALERT—In a matter of weeks, I will have a juicy cover story about the ST Louis club scene as told from the eyes of one of St. Louis’ top doormen at the clubs. You want to be sure to keep reading for more details!

EVENT-IDBITZ.Friday, August 31, 2007, 5pm, Moda Bistro and Lounge ( N. Central Avenue, Clayton, Missouri 63105, 314-863-2552 > Kick off your Labor Day Weekend with us as Stress Free Fridays visits the Moda Bistro and Lounge, located in the Heart of Downtown Clayton. You will be able to enjoy delicious Italian/Mediterranean Cuisine,> > fantastic Drink Specials (5pm-10pm) and the great sounds of the R&B Band, Black Diamond (7pm-10pm or later). Our good friend, Pimon Edwards, will be celebrating his Birthday with us--stop by and wish Pimon "Happy Birthday!"
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The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free/Free Food.
SLO DOWN presents Flirtatious Fridays at Club 314, Hwy 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (in the Econo Hotel Lodge behind Ryan’s. Ladies free til 10;30 p.m. For Vip and b-day party info call 314. 479.6283

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1st Friday & Budweiser Select present
LADIES FIRST Friday September 7th, 2007 @ The newly opened J. BUCK’S Restaurant & Lounge located at 1000 Clark St. (10th & Clark) in the heart of St. Louis’ Downtown Loft District. Experience one of the cities hottest special events as 1stFriday urban professionals celebrate the 2007 Cosmopolitan Woman. Ladies the night is yours as we tribute you for your beautiful sexy cool. LADIES enjoy free admission until 10:30 p.m., drink specials all evening, and the summer vibe of Hip Hop, R&B and Classic Soul from St. Louis’ Hottest DJ’s. The Love begins at 9pm with The St. Louis Summer Honey Model Search. Early arrival is suggested. We look forward to seeing all you beautiful people at this months’ 1stFriday.
LADIES FREE BEFORE 10:30PM Attire: Beautiful/Sexy/CoolValet Parking & Bottle Service are available. For VIP seating contact: more details visit:

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Diana Krall & Chris Botti
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Tickets for Tyler Perry’s What’s Done in the Dark are on sale now at the Fox Theatre Box Office and MetroTix outlets. To charge by phone call MetroTix at 314/534-1111 or online at Special prices for groups of 20 or more, call 314/535-2900.
The Sheldon Arts Foundation has announced artists and dates for the 2007-2008 Cabaret in The Savoy Room series. This series will feature the following premier artists including: Steve Ross, Julie Budd, Andrea Marcovicci and KT Sullivan & Mark Nadler. All will perform in the Savoy Room at The Sheldon. Performance times are Thursday & Friday at 8p.m., Saturday at 5p.m. & 9p.m., and Sunday at 2p.m. St. Louis favorite, Steve Ross will open the series from October 25-28, 2007 performing his new show GOOD THINGS GOING – Steve Ross Sings Sondheim. Julie Budd continues the series with her show, The Standard of Things from November 29-December 2, 2007. We will welcome Andrea Marcovicci from January 31-February 3 to perform Andrea Sings Astaire with musical direction by Shelly Markham. Closing out the 2007-2008 series will be the magnificent duo of KT Sullivan and Mark Nadler from March 27-30 performing TIME AFTER TIME – Celebrating the American Song Book. Past subscribers will receive renewal information in early September with new subscriptions going on sale September 15. On-sale dates for individual shows will be announced later. To charge your subscription by phone please call Cabaret series concierge Mr. Terry Love or his assistant Mr. Luke Thomas at 314/535-1700. For more information, please visit Cabaret in The Savoy Room is produced by The Sheldon Arts Foundation in association with Fox Associates.
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Better Family Life presents its Annual family Week thru Sept. 1
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Join us for the Labor Day Musical event introducing A.C. Records artists Min. Tiffany Brown & AV. Special Guest Mike Lumpkins & Prosperity, Youth On The Move 4 Christ, Phase 2, Something Special, Jermell Rainer & New Vision, Damon Carter & Levitical Praise, & Regina Pugh. This event will take place on September 2, 2007 and to be held in the St. James Missionary Baptist Church 1644 Semple St. Louis, MO 63112. This event is a FREE to the Public Event, No Tickets Sale. You don’t want to miss this event!


Site: 1644 Semple St. St. Louis, MO 63112

Date: Sunday, September 2, 2007

Time: 6:00PM – Doors open at 5PM

If you are interested in sponsoring this event orplacing an ad in our event program booklet please e-mail us at,,
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After Catharine Holly is the sole witness to her cousin's mysterious death during a recent summer vacation, her Aunt Violet schemes to prevent the truth from being revealed!!

Nancy Lewis / Julie Layton / Liz Hopeful / Rusty Gunther / Jan Niehoff
Chelsea Zotta / and Saint Louis newcomer : Joshua Thomas



SEPTEMBER 6-22, 2007
(Saturday 9/22 at 2PM only)
$18: Adults / $15: Students & Seniors

FOR TICKETS & INFO. CALL: 314-865-1995

2336 Tennessee Avenue
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Black Rep Kicks-Off Season 31, The StoryTellers!

The Black Rep’s 31st Season will open with BOESMAN AND LENA by Athol Fugard September 12 – 23 at the Edison Theatre at Washington University followed by a weekend of performances at the Orthwein Theatre at Mary Institute Country Day School (MICDS). This powerful production marks the start of the “Year of the Griot,” the storyteller, the bard.

Single tickets are $35, a $5 discount is available for students and seniors. Student rush tickets (30 minutes prior to curtain) are $17.50. Subscriptions for all six shows range from $140 to $218.75 and are on sale now. To reserve your seat please call (314) 534-3810 or visit

Written by South African Activist, Athol Fugard, BOESMAN AND LENA is set on the banks of the river Swartkops in South Africa. The story revolves around two ragged wanderers who have been evicted from their home and are once again forced to scavenge for shelter, food and firewood in order to survive. As the dialogue unfolds we learn that these two have shared a life together consisting of hardship and strife, anchored in power and often times delving into cruelty. Boesman and Lena have only each other, their past is over, their future uncertain, thus they have only now.

2007 Performance Schedule
Wednesday and Thursday Previews at 7:00 p.m.
Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.
Sunday matinee at 3:00 p.m.

On Wednesday, September 12, The Black Rep’s Board of Directors will host a Special Preview Performance of Boesman and Lena Co-Chaired by Karl Wilson and Barbara Bennett. Tickets are $50 and include a post show champagne reception. Call (314)534-3807 to reserve your seat and support The Black Rep!
Legendary Grammy Award winning Gospel artist and evangelist Shirley Caesar will be performing at East St. Louis Senior High School, 4901 State, Sat. Sep 08, 7:30 PM, Ticket Pricing VIP $50.00 GEN ADM $20.00. For more info call (314) 534-1111
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HELP-BITZ. Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services for the youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyone who is in need of some extra educational support, please feel free to contact her or give them her contact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314) 418-9803................

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They also threw in the Soldier Boy up in that piece!