Monday, August 06, 2007


PICS: A security guard givin the wand to a female patron....Hot 104.1. deejay Cuddy on the 1s and 2s.

Security workin overtime. BELOW: Hot 104.1. personalities Staci Static on the mike during the radio broadcast and Tony J.

RIGHT: The highlight of the evening was when model/fitness trainer Maurice Dunlap (left) and his brother Calvin got the crowd hyped with their testosterone-driven dance moves.

One sista got into their act.

She was keepin up with them!

She didnt get too far on this pic, but I hate I didnt get a pic of her pumpin on Maurice when he was lying down!

RIGHT: The Dunlaps and their new fan thought fo sho they were at a Body Blast at Affirmation East on the east side for real!

Calvin breakin it down.

Ouch that should hurt!

Staci commentating on the action with the Dunlap brothers.

RIGHT: The Dunlap boys was showin err body what they were about.

Yet, they were about to get some competition.

From this brotha (He even put his drank on the floor to show them some fo his moves)!!!

Take that!

And that, son!

Well, in the "end," the Dunlap brothers got what they wanted as you can see.

These sistas were very friendly with each other.

They didnt need men to get their dance on, okay?.

party people!

More, more more!

'Mmmmmm, this feels gooooooood!"

Da Crowd

Poeple doin the You KNow What.

Down, down, Do your dance!

EVENT-VIEWZ. Last Saturday I checked out two free events (well, one half free events). First I checked out the Loft where you can get in free til 10 p.m. while thr 104.1 radio show was being broadcast. I went up in therre (The security people interestingly enough dont check ID's or anything during the FREE period).

It was cool. I thoughtthe evenin was gonna be just another nite up in the club of people dancing, drinking, eating chicken, talking and mixing. But not this nigght. I saw the Dunlap brothers (Maurice and Calvin), the model/fitness trainer duo, up in therre. They set it off up in therre with their exotic style dancing ( I got a preview of them last November at the 4246 Fashion Show. You can go to and go to OUT 105 to check them out)) causing fever for the female crowd (and some male admirers I'm sure. I ain't mad at them. If I could dance like a Chippendales pro, I would do it too!)

They had the floor on fire as they did their style of pump me-limbo dancing, as the females werr drawn in a frenzy(I m sure it was planned before they got up in da club). One fluffy sista even joined them in their routine as she tried to keep up.

Then, she shocked err rbody when she jumped on top of Maurice and started pumping on him as though she was doin him! It was a sight to see! All that was misisng were the tips stuffed in the boys' pockets.

Later on when Maurice saw me, he said to me,"You see me out there acting a fool? They are makin me work." Then I quipped, "Looks like you are ready for them to me." All he can do is laugh and gave me some dap.

I left the Loft around 11ish and drove over to Posh in the Central Eest End to check out the free event there. They began its Seven Summer Series, wherre people can network every Saturday for free up until Sept. 15 (see OUT 237 ONGOING BITZ). It was OK. I saw most of the local VIPS up in therre including SYGU, Keenan and Keith Harris, Jameelah E. of So Diverse and fitness trainer Malcolm Lee. But that was about all that was going on.

Dj Kue was on the 1s and 2s.

I left about midnite.

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