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Herre are pics from networking groups Free Time and SYGU's event Smokin Aces held at Club Xes and the Landing (photos by Ma'atology, and
ABOVE PIC: Sunday Night Shindig's Mocha Latte and YOURS TRULY pose for a flick at the party (photo courtesy of

LEFT: Members of Free Time and SYGu pose with friends: Roy Robinson of FT (left), STLvideographer Dana Christian (third form left), Rashad of SYGU (fourth from left), Mocha Latte (center), Eddie Hollman of SYGU(right of Mocha) and Darryl Frierson of FT (right)

RIGHT: the Smokin Aces crew: Roy Robinson, Eddie Hollman, Darryl Gillespie (SYGU) and Darryl Frierson

LEFT: YOURS TRULY and one of my fans pose for a flick.
(pic courtesy of

RIGHT: Robinson and Frierson (I had fun pulling on the tie! LOL)

LEFT; Frierson and STL rapper Louis Black

RIGHT: Rashad and sexy socialite Valerie Johnson

LEFT; Hollman and out of town Chi-town friend, Dakaria (She was a tall glass of chocolate!)

RIGHT: Move over SWV, CMJ, is in the building: Camille, Mocha and Jameelah E.

LEFT: Mocha and Frontline Protection security guard Brandon Troupe(I didnt know you were related to poet Quincy and state rep Charles Quincy!).

RIGHT: Last Sunday's Jamie Spencer (second from left) and Treanna (right) with guests.

LEFT: veteran DJ Charlie Chan Soprano on the 1s and 2s and his crew.

And of course..... Lia of So Diverse was therre!

Club Society owner John Burns (left) gets the scoop from Jack Daniels Promotions' Keenan Harris (right) of the next party in the VIP area. Harris had a nifty shirt on that read, "I Love Haters."

RIGHT: Newly married couple Mr and Mrs (Millicent) Johnson

Educator/actress Camille Morgan (before she sweated out her perm on the dance floor. LOL)

Local architect Anthony Robinson flanked with beauties Jacinta and Kay.

Robinson and model Dominque

FREE TIME's Adrian Saddler leads the Cupid Shuffle.

"You want some of this baby girl?"

Looks like Rashad of SYGU wants a hug, but not before sista girl gets her picture taken first!

"I need some air up in herre." Thats socialites Ndi ONukogu and Jahara Davis behind her walking up in VIP to "SAT" down.

Sista girl is having a real good time (or something else is goin on in her mind!).

Hey you two sistas....look over here!


Local singers Lagina and Jamie Spencer sweatin it out on the dance floor.

Cupid Shufflers

Sista girl up front gettin her pose on as she's shufflin.

Some VIP-ers gettin their drink on at close range.

Sistas doin it on the flo'.

Two ways you can tell it was hot up in therre
1) The sista on the left got a butterfly sweat stain on her back and 2) brotha man showin his dance partner what he wants to do after the party.

Butterfly girl gettin some, too!

"Trust me, I will respect you in the morning."

Some party people in the hallway gettin some AIRerr.

EVENT-VIEWZ. It had to have been over 400 people up at Free Time's and SYGU's Smokin Aces party (the first party together for both networking groups) that was held at Club Xes located downstairs inside the Drunken Fish at Laclede's Landing. It was hot up in therre, lierally and figuratively. I heard that it was so many people that the Drunken Fish owner had to pull two bartendars from the restaurant to serve the crowd downstairs at the club! The music was bumpin (when Cupid Shuffle, Wipe me Down and Soldier Boy came on it was over!).
I saw people who I havent seen awhile and those who I was surprised even went out! Therre also were afew peopel from out of town who I met as well, inclduing thsi 6 feet tall sista named Dakara from Chicago (Her pic is above). She was friends with Eddie Holman of SYGU and she had the brothas feenin' from her Cleoptara Jones stature.

Overall, err one was peaceful, err body was orderly (Frontline Protection was up in therre just in case someone wanted to clown). Only concern was getting heatstroke up in therre cause you know melanin draws heat and those fans they had down therre only circulated mo heat! LOL
Besides the above mentioned in the pics, other partiers in the house were: Charles Brown, Renaud Chavoz Lucas, Therron Joseph (So how does 40 feel now you've worn it for a few weeks? LOL), Carlos Mclaurin (What was up with that near rated R kiss with that blonde chick outside when I was coming to the club? I thought I may need a shower after seeing it!LOL), Keith Batey, MPAC's Mo and Maranda Witherspoon(Mo was the highlight who came up in therre with a Louis V hat and dark shades claiming he was trying to be incognito and he damn near 7 feet tall! LOL), Harry Michel of 1st Fridays, comedians Javon Bibbs (who was molestin sista's hair up in therre. LOL) and Deandre Whittier, IAM manager Brooklyn, Demarco Davidson (you had me almost to pass out from that DARK blue three piece suit you were wearing. LOL)

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