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OUT 243--Missouri Black expo--pt 2 (sunday, Aug. 19)


The incomperable Grammy Award winning singer Regina Belle turned it out for the Expo crowd (well at least those who stayed til the end ). She performed her hits including, "Baby Come to me," "Make it Like it Was," and "Show Me the way."

She thanked the crowd for her having a 20 year career in the biz.

Comedian Arvin Mitchell clownin around while Belle first came out on stage.

After her perofrmance Belle greeted her fans and signed a few autographs as well.

Belle preparing to go on stage as she is getting introduced. In my opinion, Belle was rushed as the Expo people were blinking the lights for the event to be over!
NEXT PIC: Belle poses with MBE director Tom Bailey

St. Louis ' Julius Williams, who is now a featured act in Las Vegas wowed the crowd with his cabaret style performance covering songs from Teddy pendergrass and Luther Vandross. In my opinion, he went on too long, cutting the time from headiner Regina Belle.

The conversation and pic taking were on Williams' percussionist who dressed up like a Zorro Pimp.

Williams had stage managers put rose petals at the end of the stage and roses on a chair so he could....

.......pass them out to the ladies. He also did a quick suit change that had those on the sidelines in an amazement!

A rose for a rose.

Local singer songwriter and Expo performer Terese Jenee was not expecting to get a slow dance while the Julius Williams set was going on.

Well, at least Arvin got something out of it!

One of his fans congratulates Williams after his performance.

Co-hosts Bonita Cornute and Arvin Mitchell tried to keep things going throughout the Expo.

Local artist Twan set it off with his own tunes and his cover of the popular Cupid Shuffle song. He is also the owner of thw club Studio Hitz.

They also had a Hair Show featuring the styles from Natural Uhuru.

Some of the hair stylists who were featured in the hair show including Natural Uhuru owner Erika Bennett (right).

East St. Louis educator Francella Jackson attended the Expo. She was the creator of the Stop the Violence March thet took place on the streets of East St. Louis last week.

The Righteous Mind Project featuring singer Sheneatha performed covers from Stepahnie Mills, Anita Baker and Sade.

Local singer/actess Seven also performed.

One of the gospel highlights was veteran singer Dottie Peoples who brought the house down with her Patti Labelle antics and lively set.

She performed her hits including, "In Your face," "Handwriting on the Wall," and 'Just When I Needed him Most."

Before she performed, she greeted her fans.

MBE director Tom Bailey takes a picture with Peoples before she had set the stage on fire!

There were MBE scholarships provided by deserving high schoolers which included Daniel Peaston (RIGHt) who is the son of singer David Peaston and nephew of veteran soul singer Fontella Bass..


St. Louis pastors Rev. Earl Nance, Jr. Rev. Ernest Sheilds and Gospel legend Meardine Fields sing "Get Right Church" with the St. Louis Progressive Mass choir.

Rev. Shields and Fields gettin the crowd in the spirit.

A rejoicer!

Rev. Shields got the crowd in a spiritual mood.

Young local gospel act M and M got a chance to perform with Dottie Peoples during her set. they also gave her a copy of their CD. Here they are pictured with their mother.

The St. Louis Progressive Mass Choir was in a frenzy!

They lifted their voices up to the Heavens!

There was also a State of Black America forum that was held in one of the conference rooms. Pictured are Congressman Emmanuel Clever and Senator Rita Heard-Days.

Senator Days said that leadership is action and not position and that it was a travesty that the State took over the St. Louis Public schools. She also said there should be a work union movement with black people.

Rev. Dr. Ronald Bobo who talkrd about the importance of spirituality in the black community, said it is spirituality that kept us going during Jim Crow and the Civil Rights Movement. He said when the Black Power movement came and called the black church "the white man's religion' is when the disconnect occured with blacks and church.

The panelists, which aslo included Rep. John Bowman (Right)

Some of the attendees of the forum.

BELOW PIC: The moderators were Rev. Sammie Jones and former board director of the Hopewell Center Ida Woolfolk.


The Friendly Temple Choir also performed

This sista was definitely in the spirit!

Freindly Temple had the stage filled with the gospel truth!

A front view of FTC.

The Matiff dancers doin an impromtu dance routine. They also were one of the featured local performers at this year's Expo.

The sista with the bomb-pop hair was a standout.

Another shot of the haierr!

This aerobics team's name was actually called The Ghetto Aerobics team!

And ah one and a two and a three!

The Game Crazy booth with James Thomas.

Another day with the steppers at the Ice Cold Steppin booth.

The Red Cross was also therre taking blood from Expo participants.

BELOW PIC: There was also an interstiung forum on police and community relations moderated by retired St. Louis policeman turned ACLU Racial Justice Manager Redditt Hudson.


MBE PR Director Anisha Coleman talked about her horrid ordeal with the Overland Police Department this past July which dealt with msiatken identity when her vehicle was pulled over.

Civil rights veteran Norman Seay attended the police forum and he talked about how brutality on the police stats has been the same not just with the Norvelle Brown tragedy but also during the time when the St. Louis region had two back to back African American police chiefs Clarence Harmon and Ron Henderson.

STL-TIDBITZ. Well, I guess the main thing that has been the buzz in the STL area has been the senseless killing of 22-year-old St. Louis Norvelle Brown last Wedensday and the after effects of it including his record attendance breaking wake and funeral at Austin Layne over the weekend. I hear that it was a media frenzy there and there was some drama goin on as well with the fiancé and the girlfriend both showing up with shirts that said “wifey”. I heard they got in a vocal fight talking about they know each other’s place. Too much playin for real. I also heard from a source that Brown was quite cocky out on his beat and that the 15 year old that shot him wanted to set him up because of his hot-headness by staging a robbery and trapping him in an alley for the shooting. It was also speculated that he might have been saved but when he called in for help the dispatcher misheard him and the paramedics went to the wrong area to locate him. Either way, it is a tragedy that this occurred and it usually take something like this to make the community think about the problems that we have with police-citizen relations (The heat of the summer also plays a part in it as well.)….....................On the next night following the Officer brown tragedy, the historic St. Alphonsus Rock Church roof burst into flames causing a five alarm fire due to a lighting strike. Luckily no one was hurt because during the time of the hit, the choir was practicing. Talk about a miracle. Reports say that the church can be salvaged (Ironically, the church was going to celebrate anniversary next month!)….............Former Secretary of State Colin Powell was in the STL last week as well. According to blogger, almost.gerwitz who was therre he said,

“Former Secretary of State, visited St. Louis on Thursday and spoke at Maryville University’s Speaker Series at Powell Hall. I was one of the fortunate ones to get tickets to the event for being a graduate of Maryville. So Hans and I attended this event. I was not expecting this lecture to be as funny as it was. He of course spoke of the Iraq war, and how it is really like a civil war, but our government won’t acknowledge that.

He even took a jab at Mr. G.W. Bush. Mr. Powell didn’t specifically say why he left the White House, but it was clear that he and Mr. President didn’t see eye to eye on the Iraqi situation. I really liked it when he reminisced about what it was like at the White House and his childhood, inserting hilarious comments throughout the lecture. He says that what he misses most is his Boeing 757 with a red carpet and brass band playing at every tarmac.

One of the comments he made relating to that was, “They took my plane away, gave it to Condi, and I haven’t seen it since.” He also mentioned a recent incident at Reagan National Airport in DC. Since he is no longer a VIP, he has to go through the same security as the rest of us. He was randomly selected for the wand treatment going through security and the wand person after wanding him the security person said “Hello Mr. Powell, how are you doing today?” Mr. Powell was like “if you know who I am then, why are you wanding me?” This just goes to show that even former VIP’s have to go through the same security we do at our airports.

This was a phenomenal lecture. I was totally impressed by Mr. Powell. I just wish he would run for President.”

On Tuesday, there was a shooting at the Casino Queen parking lot with a cab driver and a another guy that the driver knew. The police blocked the parking lot to investigate. The guy that was shot got shot in the arm. Why I bring this up? I was a few miles from the Casino Queen working at the Water Geyser a few hundred feet from the Queen and I heard the shots (I thought it was a Cards homerun at Busch Stadium and fireworks erupted. That’s too much playin_)….................Looks like teens in Illinois are gonna be holdin on to their driving permits a little while longer before turning pro with a drivers license. Last week, Gov. Rod Blagojevich signed into law starting Jan 1, new drivers to keep their learner's permit for nine months instead of three, teenagers to drive only one other teenager at a time for the first year they hold a license, and students to complete six hours of driving with an instructor. Simulators wouldn't count,. The law was passed to curb drunk driving and reckless driving. Okay, well, what do you think will happen after they get their license? They gonna show off and probably be reckless driving while showing off!................I saw the funniest thing while coming to SWIC to type up my blog on Wednesday. As I was walking into Schnukcs to get change for a Benjamin, I saw a bench that is used for bus waiters. The pench had an advertisement on the back part of the bench about citizens finding Shawn Hornbeck?!! Hello, did Metro Bus get the memo?.............Nicci Roach is back on the Freeman Bosley Junior Show. She made her reappearance last Sunday (She say that the crew twisted her arm for her to come back after her two month hiatus! Man if it was a paying gig, she would be the Katie Couric of St. Louis. LOL)…...................Speaking of Bosley, is it me , or did I see a local medical care commercial that featured Freeman Bosley SENIOR?.I heard that the Black Pride Fest went down last weekend and they had a White Party on Boyle that featured both female and male strippers (I guess for those attending who couldn’t decide what they wanted to see. LOL) Porn star Anaconda also was in town for the festivities….........Congrats are in store for two St. Louis sistas who are getting hitched, local TV personality Jeannie Roberts and Foxy 95 manager/DIVA Planning co-creator Gina Foster who is marrying Majic 105 personality BJ the DJ (is that legal for competing radio stations hookin up?LOL). I don’t know when Jeannie is jumpin the broom , but Gina and BJ date is Sept 2…. Happy birthday is in store for Stress free Friday co-creator Mark Anthony Jones who will turn the big 4-0. he sais he has been celebrating his b-day all this week and it will finalize at Posh where SFF will take place this week…...................I heard that the last drive-in in the Midwest region Skyview in Belleville, Ill will play its last feature on Aug. 25……………..Anyone heard the debut radio talk show UC-Me hosted by St. Lunatics Murphy Lee and Kyjuan and STL comedian Darius Bradford? I hear its hilarious. It comes on Sundays at 6 p.m. on 100.3 The Beat…………..Does anyone know if radio personality Queen Isis Jones cut off her dreadlocks?......….Where was the Boxing Tourney and the Kids playgrounds at this weeks Missouri Black Expo? And what was up with international traveling agency YTB passing out literature and cards to the Black Expo crowd?................... Former NBA star Anthony Bonner returned to coach Vashon High after being let go last month. Not only is he coaching, but he is also gonna be a permanent substitute teech for the ST. Louis Public Schools. Hmmm, whats really going on?…...................Alive Magazine is hosting St. Louis Fashion Week this week. (See EVENT-TIBITZ for details)…. I hear that baby Phat mogul/reality show star /St. Louis native Kimora Lee Simmons may be on Donald Trumps’ upcoming Celebrity Apprentice…..I heard that the Fabolous concert at Club Society last Sunday only drew less than 400 (As compared to 1,000 plus that usually attend hip hop concerts atteh venue). Could it have been the because of the pricey 50 bones a ticket?…......................Why is Fox 2 anchor Margie Ellisor not revealing the gender of her unborn child? Is it that big of a deal? ….Event coordinator/host Mocha Latte says that her successful weekly poetry series Got Lyrics will start up again in October...............….the St. Louis Idol winner was Natalie Delucia who is a Muny musical actress. The winner was picked Wednesday on Fox 2 news. She was of the top three finalists that were chosen for the running to compete at the auditions in Philly On Aug. 26. Interestingly, one of the top three finalists was East St, Lousian Anthony Tarvin Jr whose mother was former East ST. Louis Mayor Debra Powell (the other was Susan Benedict, a black girl who wants to be a country singer). Interestingly enough, they ended up all three wil be flown to Philly for the audition (so what does that really say about the actual winner—can anyone say Taylor Hicks?) To check out the footage from the Fox 2 show go to and type in St. Louis Idol …............. …Platinum Group’s Jacque land has a talk show on the AM dial called Lets Get Wealthy that comes on at 11a.m on WGNU (920 AM)…...................And speakin of radio, who is Paradise? She always calls up the Breakfast crew show on Majic 104.9 talkin ish about sumpin……... And speakin of Majic, congrats are in store for the Breakfast Crew (Tony Scott, Tammi Holland and Arika Parr, producer) for being nominated for Radio and Records’ radio Award for Best Urban Morning Program (they are in the same category with WBLS’ Wendy Williams of NYC!) . It is a first for the show and it is well deserved (especially surviving the syndicated radio monster and being the only local urban morning show in ST. Louis)

FYI—BITZ. Did you know Platinum Group’s Jacque Land used to be a rapper (Now wonder he kilt Roll call at Café Souls’ 1st year Anniversary party at Lucas House). Also did you know that Majic 104.9 personality Tammi Holland went to high school with him? Did you know that teachers in Bellevile are the highest paid in Illinois? They also make 3,000 more bones than St. Louis teachers.

VICK-BITZ. As far as my take on the Michael Vick dogfight thing, all I gotta say is, true what he did was wrong, but isn’t it just as wrong for those who kill animals for fir? Or poachers who shoot deer and other animals for sport? Whats really going on?

IN THE MIA FILE –What ever happened to model/socialites Joe Whitfield and Joe Davenport?

OUTTOWN FEATURE ALERT—In a matter of weeks, I will have a juicy cover story about the ST Louis club scene as told from the eyes of one of St. Louis’ top doormen at the clubs. You want to be sure to keep reading for more details!

SPOTLIGHT: Stress Free Fridays, Friday, August 24, 5pm, Posh( 408 N. Euclid (Euclid and McPherson)
St. Louis, 314-361-POSH. Join us this Friday, August 24, 2007 as we visit
Posh. We will be celebrating the Birthday of our very
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Free Fridays Co-Founder, Mark Anthony Jones a "Happy Birthday" and please bring much needed school supplies so that our young people will have a successful school
year...The supplies will be sent to the West End Community Center and then distributed to St. Louis schoolchildren...Monetary donations will also be accepted. Please support this worthy cause.

Absolut Sundays at Club 609 on Eastgate, with DJ Nappy needles and other special guest dee-jays, Doors at 7 p.m. networking at 9:30 p.m.Ladies free all night. Fellaz $5 after 9:30 p.m.
The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free/Free Food.
SLO DOWN presents Flirtatious Fridays at Club 314, Hwy 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (in the Econo Hotel Lodge behind Ryan’s. Ladies free til 10;30 p.m. For Vip and b-day party info call 314. 479.6283


Relax and Breathe 1 year anniversary at 609, 800 East Gate in the U City Loop, Fri. Aug. 24. Free Admission with Guest List Only. $5 After 11 p.m.

It’s a Block Party—BBQ, Beats and Beauties Car wash and Car Show, Fleetwood and Sons Restaurant and Lounge, 1901 St. Lousi Ave., Sat. Aug. 25, 8 a.m to 8 p.m. Cars $7. Trucks $10; $3 Martini;s . Hosted by Mocha LatteMODELS NEEDED TO WASH CARS...(MALE AND FEMALES) THE WAY YOU DRESS WILL APART OF YOUR SUCCESS! YOU GET TO KEEP THE MONEY- HONEY!!! $10 ENTRY FEE FOR YOUR SUPPLIES.FORM A TEAM AND KEEP ALL THE GREEN! CALL ME IF YOUR INTERESTED IN HAVING FUN AND WORKING! COME PROMOTE YOURSELF... OR JUST COME SUPPORT!
FREE TIME’s 2nd Year Anniversary, Drunken Fish at Maryland Plaza and Euclid in the Central West End. Women Free before 10 p.m. DJ Charlie Chan on the 1s and 2s. For more info, call 314.397.4007 or go to or

For more info, contact her at

UNION AVENUE OPERA presents PORGY AND BESS by George Gershwin, director Ron Himes, conductor Scott Schoonover, THRU Aug.-26 @ 733 N. Union Blvd, St. Louis, MO. Call 314.361.2881 for tickets!

Alive Magazine presents St. Louis Fashion Week
Highlights Include:.WED 8/22: Celebrity designer Jesse Kamm premieres her Spring 2008 collection before heading off to her first shows at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. St. Louis area native Jesse Kamm launched to international acclaim at LA Fashion Week and is carried by some of the world's most exclusive boutiques including Caviar And Kind (LA) and Colette (Paris). Since launching, Jesse has been featured by Vogue, Elle and Bazaar and will be ALIVE's September cover model.
THURS 8/23: Nick Verreos of "Project Runway" hosts The Time Boutique's "Forbidden Fashion" show. Verreos will be joined by fellow "Project Runway" alum Kara Janx for an evening of fashion shows featuring 10 Spring 2008 collections plus the collection of St. Louis celeb designer Tiffany Alana and seven other emerging designers from around the world.
FRI 8/24: Jesse Kamm & Virginia Kerr host "Liquid Style." Staged on the beautiful pool deck of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, this show will feature the hottest designer ready-to-wear from some of St. Louis' top boutiques. St. Louis celebs from KMOV-TV, MOViN Radio and the St. Louis Rams will join socialites and special designer guests Yoana Boraschi, Vivek K. Nagrani and Mark & Marvin Austin for a red carpet night of fashion like no other seen in St. Louis.
SAT 8/25: Anatomy of Style hosts St. Louis' first ever "Boutique Crawl." All participating St. Louis Fashion Week boutiques have secured national and local designers to host a one-day trunk show at their locations. Enjoy Ecco Domani wines and special discounts throughout the day. This event is open to all Fashion Week Pass holders.
SAT NIGHT 8/25: St. Louis' most fashion-forward crowd will converge on The Pepper Lounge for the first ever Prêt-à-Partie to celebrate the conclusion of Fashion Week. Prêt-à-Partie will feature special guest appearances by Fashion Week designers, models and celebrities. Present your ticket from any Fashion Week event for entry - space limited, arrive early. SHOWS WILL SELL OUT! ORDER TICKETS NOW - CLICK HERE: keyword: "Fashion Week" to purchase tickets.Go to for more info on shows and designers..............................

Better Family Life presents its Annual family Week Aug. 23-Sept. 1Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thursday, Aug. 23 Art & Soul Café/ Kick-Off Reception3:00pm – 9:00pm (Awards Reception starts at 6:30)Scott Joplin House2658 DelmarEstimated Attendance: 200 - 300

Saturday, August 25, 2007Family Festival & Alumni Classic Softball GameHerbert Hoover vs. Mathews DickeyMathews-Dickey Campus (Kingshighway & I-7011:00am – 9:00pmEstimated Attendance: 700 - 1000

Tuesday, August 28, 2007Caring and Sharing Day -St. LouisLocation: Better Family Life Cultural Center and Museum (5514 Page Blvd.)12:00am – 7:00pmEstimated Attendance: 1000 - 1500

Thursday, August 30, 2007Caring and Sharing Day - East St. LouisLocation: Lincoln Park15th and Piggott Ave.11:00am – 6:00pmEstimated Attendance: No Historical Data

Saturday, September 1, 2007Community Festival &Who’s Who in Black St. Louis vs. Who’s Who in Black IndianapolisCelebrity Softball ClassicLocation: Harris-Stowe University (University Campus Softball Field)11:00am – 9:00pmEstimated Attendance: 2500 – 3000

Activities include Gospel Idol, an all metro high school reunion, areobics, and a 100 particpant slide as in Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide)For more info, contact James Clark VP, Community Outreach Better Family Life, Inc.(314) 746-0760 or
August Eye Candy Party Thursday the 30th @ Dantes! The August Eye Candy Party is your official Labor Day Kickoff! It will take place at an all new location Dantes (formerly Club SEVEN. ) Ladies have a chance to win $500 and a premier PR package from MPAC. The PR package includes: radio interviews, television appearances, picture and bio in the St. Louis American, and photo shoots! All ladies have to do to enter is register for FREE before 11:00. Doors open at 9 and EVERYBODY is only $5 before 11! For more info call 314.226.5777 or to see previous parties log on to It's a party not a pageant!
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Thursday, August 30th @ Nectar (2001 Locust)
Doors at 9 pm Party til 2 am
Ladies FREE til 11 & Guys $5 til 11 with an RSVP

SWAGGER is back and better than ever with another hot party at Nectar on Thursday, August 30th. Party with St. Louis’ social elite as we provide you with three events in one: the kickoff event of an action-packed Labor Day weekend, a post-game player party immediately following the Rams’ final preseason game and a big-time birthday celebration for Keenan Harris. This is a night that you definitely don’t want to miss.

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Labor day weekend Grown and Sexy Party at Blackmon’s Plaza, 127 Collinsville Ave in East St. Louis, Fri. Aug. 31, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. $10 ADV; $15 at the door For more info call 314. 267. 1992 or 618. 363.6295


Legendary Grammy Award winning Gospel artist and evangelist Shirley Caesar will be performing at East St. Louis Senior High School, 4901 State, Sat. Sep 08, 7:30 PM, Ticket Pricing VIP $50.00 GEN ADM $20.00. For more info call (314) 534-1111

Festival 2007 2nd Annual Sushi Eating contest at St. Louis Wasabi Sushi Bar on Washington Ave. between Tucker and 13th Street, Sunday. Sept 30. 3 p.m.-8 p.m. Gifts, live entertainement, free food, free drinks and Japanese drum showcase. For more info, contact Jacque Land The Platinum Group 314-231-3500 or

HELP-BITZ. Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services for the youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyone who is in need of some extra educational support, please feel free to contact her or give them her contact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314) 418-9803................
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Femme Fridays presents Rappers Delight, feat. local artists, Club 747, 1624 Delmar, 10 p.m. for more info email
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If you want to get on Vanita Applebum's hot new entertainment newsletter, email her at
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Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School imitation...nolimitation! The house party will be live at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferry and West Florissant!For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

Check out blog local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literary activities for the family and youngsters.
Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at,or call her at (314)401-0710
For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs and other special effects, contactJessica Dana at go to
For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics,go to
KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a podcast calledSTAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and the world of stage, screen, cabaret and related places.Go to it directly at
Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at orgo to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.
For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!
Peep out Marquita Parker's hot new entertainment blog,
STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. Itis
Popular DJ Enoch has just posted a new episode on his podcast. the title is Knocturnal Sunshine Episode: Knocturnal Sunshine #214. You can hear it at
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