Monday, August 06, 2007



CENTER PIC: McKinney takes time to take a snap with Nelly's manager T-Luv up in VIP....NEXT PICS: Belleville based R&B duo Az One serenades the b-day boy with their rendition of "Happy Birthday."

BOTTOM LEFT: McKinney gets some love from some of his admirng fans....RIGHT: Fomer St. Louis model Paris Caldwell (I've found you! LOL) and friend chill out at the Shindig party.

RIGHT: 104.1 Dj Cuddy and Mocha Latte pose for a flick....

LEFT: Mocha takes a moment for a flick while doin her announin thing on the 'scripper' stage.

RIGHT: Mocha and some willing female particpants on the 'scripper' stage


RIGHT: Visiting L.A. dee-jay DJ Smoothdee on the 1s and 2s

LEFT: Lucky's tennant co-manager Sonia Brascomb (third from left) and her posse pose for a pic.

RIGHT: Mocha and local singer JVAR(You still my boy, right?LOL) .

This sista was the first to do her thang on the pole. Get it, girl!

Hollis Thomas Foundation CEO/Thick Thursdays creator Maxine Elbert (See what she had to go through on the following pic) and JB of JB Ent.

"All I got is some lipstick and mace."-- That's Maxine gettin her purse searched before she got in the club.

Former Flipside writer Tiffany Bryant and friend cheese it up to the digicam.

Last Sunday's Treanna (right)and friend get it sexy black up in the club

NEXT SET OF PICS--THE MANDINGO SERIES. Two white girls at the party were doin their wild thing.........

...................................................... with this brother!

I can imagine how this set up would be like horizontally after the party!

They were off the roster! The blonde chic needs a "particular toy" to do what she wants to do to him!

A crowd scene

"You want string beans , baby?" That's Loose Cannon's Slim's auntie servin it up for some patrons.

Some sistas partyin it up.....The sister on the right was a pest. Cute, but a pest.

Party ladies (therr she go on the right).

Therr she is in the center with her girls. She asked me all night to take her pic with folks until I did a cut the neck signal for "Enough!" LOL

This is wherr it all started.

Check out the sista on the right's mohawk!

"I'm on my imaginary Blackberry."

EVENT-VIEWZ. More than 600 people packed up in Lucky's Nightlcub on the corner of Washington and Tucker for Mocha Latte's popular weekly party event Sunday Night Shindig. It also doubled as the b-day party and going away party for former University of Missouri standout/Vashon alum Jimmy McKinney (whose b-day is actually August 23) who was gearin up for his second season with the Deutsche Bank Skyliners of the German League.

I got therre about 10ish. The food prepared by Loose Cannon's Slim's Antie was off the chain (fried bird, mac and cheese, green beans, meatballs and canded yams). You can't go wrong with that set up. I got my dinner on no doubt. LOL. Not only was the grub free (Antie had a tip bucket for those who wanted to grace her with one), but the sisats got free Patron shots to wash the soul food down. I didnt get any juice, casue it was hot up in therre and I had already drank a CAMP befor eI got in therre (I only drank an H2O) to kill the buzz casue I was headin for the J.O.B. around 1ish)

By the time an hour went by, the club was as packed as pay day to a bank up in therre! The crowd was a bit thuiggish riggish bone (mainly Mckinney 's friends, fans and groupies), and it was definitely a "star search" crowd (e.g. stars gettin searched at the door. LOL).

I got a card from Phyliss, a natural hair stylsit who works at Natural Uhuru's. She wanted to hook my rolls up.
Visiting L.A. D-jay Smoothdee, who is orginally from the STL, spun on the 1s and 2s for the 104.1. on air telecast while 104.1 dee-jay Cuddy did the "Staci Static thing" and hosted (she was absent that night. Then later after the radio cast was over, Mocha got on the mike to hype the crowd (and tryin to get sistas up on the scripper stage) and Cuddy took over on the 1s and 2s.

Local photographer Arthur Miller was on the "club posing" pics.

Before I left out, I ran into my girl, former STL model Paris Caldwell (who was in my MIA file a few weeks ago) who told me she is now in Dallas doin' her modeling thing.
As I was walking out, I saw former VOKAL veep Yomi Martin surrounded by some of his boyz in the lobby waitin around.

Therre were no dramatic things that happened (beside the sista who kept pesterin me all nite about takin her pic with her girls) , err body was peaceful and one thing for sure, the Cupid Shuiffle is the best thing that happened for black people since the Civil Rights Movement. LOL To see err body doin the shuiffle all at one time up in the club was something to see!

Other local VIP's in the house (who I saw) were comedians Deandre Whittner and Javon Bibbs(get some R.E.S.T.) and Jamie Spencer.


STL-BITZ. Is it hot or is it hot up in the STL? Its been in the three digits and no end in sight(Reporters from CNN were even up in the Lou this week downtown covering the story in suits!) . Good thing Mayor Francis Slay and Cool St. Louis are donating air conditioners to the elderly (One elderly lady was interviewed on Fox 2 and she started singing "Wonderful....marvelous.").....I see that former Rams player Demarco Farr is back in the Lou to do color commentating for the St. Louis Rams pre-season.... TVONE has bought the rights to air STL native comedian's Cedric The Enterationer's variety show that originanlly aired on FOX in 2003. The show will air five nights a week on the cable network AND ABC has ordered a pilot for a sitcom starring Cedric the Entertainer. The comedian will play a man who has always been the proud breadwinner for his family and has difficulty adjusting when his wife's hobby turns into a multimillion-dollar enterprise.....Has anyone checked out STL native Kimora Lee Simmons' reality show "Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane" on the Style Network?Anyone?...I am feelin for STL Fire Chief Sherman George whose job might be on the line. He has to promote African American firefighters in the deptament and none qualified based upon the tests that were taken. It has been alleged that Mayor Francis Slay is pressuring him to promote or George would get fired (Of course Slay is denying this report). Recently, according to, Slay sent George a letter, asking him to end a hold on the advancements. George countered with a three-page response.To make it even dramatic, the Black firefighters held a protest on the test being racially biased (but a court case had ruled that the tests were not biased which yielded Slay to demand George to begin the promotions process). All I can say is hold on to what is right Chief George, I smell somethin fishy and it aint sushi.....2006 American Idol finalist Katherine McPhee was in the STL last weekend to perform at Six Flags. before she hit the stage, hours before, she came through the local Fox 2 news studio to present the weather and traffic. Its posted all up on YOUTUBE. (You can check it out at She is hilarious on therre) .....Former ST. Louis Cards player Keith Hernandez won the Best Sports Moustache from the American Moustache Institute(In case you care)....Did anyone know that Rev.MC Hammer was in town last weekend to help audition and pick some local dancers for a film project at the West End Community Center? I heard he rolled up in a White Rolls with a small posse (I guess that wa sone fo the few toys he was able to keep after the Chapter 13)....Kroger's, one of the nation's largest retail grocery chains has announced plans to switch to milk free of synthetic hormones. The announcement earlier this month from Kroger Co. is another blow to suburban St. Louis-based Monsanto Co., which already had been reducing inventory of its milk production-boosting hormone as Starbucks Coffee Co. and other retailers rejected it. The Food and Drug Administration and the company insist the hormone is safe (Yeah, as safe as a condom with a hole in it.). Local Christian- based magazine Today in Church had a rooftop party Tuesday at J Bucks to celebrate the release of its newest issue. Congrats! City 10 was therre to televise it and the special invited guests were Debra Winans and STL comedian Arvin Mitchell (Anyoen know if they showed up?) I hear they had free food and 2 for 1 on drinks. Now I find that hilarious! A Christian-based mag having a two for one on dranks!! LOL. To check their mag go to its website ..........Former St. Louis American fashion editor Keith Underwood is makin his rounds up in Hollywood as he recently helped coordinate a segment of a fashion show for designer Woody Wilson 10th Anniversary in participation with the 11th Annual Los Angeles Urban League/Jim Hill Celebrity Golf Classic & Fashion Show. Celebrity models included Malik Yoba, Richard T. Jones, St. Louis' Guy Torry and Telma Hopkins.......What is this I'm hearing about an exclusive weekly networking party that will debut in the STL this coming up Saturday called the Lounge? I hear it suppose to be like the parties P. Diddy put on wherre you got to be correct at the door as far as your grooming or else you can't enter.. Does anyone know if newly wedded brother Jessie Taylor's back from his honeymoon in Jamaica?...Last Thursday, I went to TGI Friday's in Fairview Heights to turn in my gift certificate for 10 bones off an entree. Last Thursday was the last day for me to take advantage of it and got my grub on(I got me a Marguerita and for my entree I got a big plate of shrimp pasta).....Has anyone heard of this new prank that kids are doing acorss the country callD Fire in The Hole? It is wherr someone goes up to a drive through fast food joint, order a large drink, and when they receive their drink from the fast food worker, they scream out "Fire in the Hole" then throw the drink on the worker and drive off (A lot of the pranksters have put them on YOUTUBE). It s just a matter of time that we hear something like this goin on in St. Louis. Mark my words.... I would also like to apologize to local R&B singer JVar. I misquoted him a couple of weeks ago in regards to why he left the stage and didnt perform at Laughs on the Landing 2 weeks ago. I thought he said that he wasnt feeling the crowd which caused him to leave the stage. But that was not true. He actually left the stage cause the dee-jay had messed up his intro music for his song. I heard that he was highly pissed off and I mos def don't want to do that. Again my apologies (Welcome to the media, my friend. LOL)

Lastly, I would like to give a big ups to slugger Barry Bonds for breaking the Henry Aaron record of 755 homeruns of all time with 756. He broke it on August 7, 2007 about 9 p.m. CST in the fifth inning (with 3 balls and two strikes!) against the Washington Nationals at At and T Stadium in his hometown in San Fran. What does this have to do with St. Louis? Nothin really(Well, he did play at Busch Stadium last month when he was about four homruns from tying. LOL).
But as far as the whole controversy of his alleged steroid (BALCO) use, I put it like this. You can take as many drugs that you want, but if you can't hit the ball, then it doesn't matter what you do (drank, smoke weed, whatever). Well, we all know some of the reasons why he is getting mixed reactions from fans: 1)He isn the happy jolly Negro to the press and 2) White journalist got to deal with the fact that he broke Henry Aaron's homerun record (which was more about breaking the old school/good ol boys era than anything).
But let's not forget the hate mail and the death threats that Henry Aaron got when he broke the record from Babe Ruth in 1974. So let's all dig down a bit deeper of what's REALLY goin on.
But my questions are. Are they gonna let him do the Going to Disney World commercial and name a candy bar after him like the other kings Babe Ruth (Baby Ruth) and for a spell Henry Aaron (Oh Henry)? LOL.

In the MIA File--What happened to socialite Guy Dunn?

EVENT-IDBITZ--LAUGHS ON THE LANDING presents BET comedian Shang , Aug. 9-11, 8 p.m. Showtime, 801 NORTH 2ND STREET ST LOUIS MO 63102 MAKE SURE TO CALL FOR RESERVATIONS!! 314-241-5233

Stress Free Friday, August 10, 2007, 5pm, Il Bel Lago( 11631 Olive Boulevard(City Place, east of Highway 270)> Creve Coeur, Missouri 314-994-1080



WHEN: AUGUST 10, 2007
TIME: 9PM-2:30AM

Kevin Sandbloom, Fri. August 10, LIVE@LEGACY Series -The HOTBOX Virtualclub.STL, 5249 Delmar, $7 Cover , $5 per person with reservations, cash bar, café menu / Call 314.995.2605 for information and reservations.



Absolut Sundays at Club 609 on Eastgate, with DJ Nappy needles and other special guest dee-jays, Doors at 7 p.m. networking at 9:30 p.m.Ladies free all night. Fellaz $5 after 9:30 p.m.

The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free/Free Food. MOCHA LATTE IS DOIN SUMPIN SUMPIN FOR THE GUYS. THE FIRST 50 WHO EMAIL HER AT will get in her SUNDAY NIGHT SHINDIG ABOSLUTELy FREE! All you gotta do is email her with the subject line to read "MAN FOR FREE" and write that you saw the update on OUTTOWN then you in like flynn!

UPDATE: The Flava of Love 3 casting producers will be at Lucky's this Sunday selecting sistas to be part of the show. So if you think you gto what it takes, roll down therre!

SLO DOWN presents Flirtatious Fridays at Club 314, Hwy 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (in the Econo Hotel Lodge behind Ryan’s. Ladies free til 10;30 p.m. For Vip and b-day party info call 314. 479.6283

Contact for more info to these hot events!

Special Event for STL Minority Professionals--Wine Tasting & Final Performance of Les Miserables at The Muny, Aug,. 15 with St. Louis native/Tony Award winner Ken Page (RSVP @ 314.361.1900 ext. 350 or

DT ENT and Derrty DJ's present STL Unleashed, Thursday, Aug. 16 at the Pageant featuring Beano, Ludy, Nikko Smith and Deandre Perryman to name a few. 8 p.m. $5 . For more info call 314.652.8025

When two of the hottest promotion crews in STL get together you know its gonna be smoking...So FreeTime LLC and SYGU Group present "Smoking Aces."So on August 17th Come on down to the Landing's new chic Club Xes(612 N. 2nd Street) and experience a night to remember with the party of all parties to end the summerNow upscale dress is a MUST!! So lets keep it real and look fresh to def...Doors open at 9 and we partying all the way till 3 in the morn.For more info/VIP contact:314-397-4007 Don't forget to look to your left to see the "Smoking Aces" CommercialFreeTime website: SYGU website: STL social networking group SYGU taped a hot commercial regarding their upcoming party Smokin Aces. To peep it out go to It was produced by videographer Dana Christian

UNION AVENUE OPERA presents PORGY AND BESS by George Gershwin, director Ron Himes, conductor Scott Schoonover, Aug. 17-26 @ 733 N. Union Blvd, St. Louis, MO. Call 314.361.2881 for tickets!



WHEN: Friday, August 17, 2007

6-7pm Networking/Hors'doevers
7-8pm Introduction of Xtreme Lashes ™
Xtreme Lashes ™ Promo Video
Distribution of Gift Certificates/Brochures
Lash Model Search/Contest
Demo Application
8pm-Midnight Launch Party

WHERE: Halo Salon & Spa
905 Locust Ave.
Saint Louis, MO 63101 314-241-3131

Lash Model Contestants: Please write one paragraph on why you should receive a complimentary Xtreme Lashes ™ makeover and attach a photograph. Send it to or send the paragraph and photograph to Halo Salon & Spa, Attention: Xtreme Lashes ™ by Natalie by August 15, 2007. For more information view:


Misouri Black Expo, August 17, 18 and 19 at the America;s Center. $8 Admission each day.

Schedule of Events
August 17--
MBE Multi CulturalDiversity Job Fair 11am-4pm America's CenterFREE ADMISSION

August 18--
100 Black Men Prostate Cancer Survivor's & Awareness Walk7a – 11am, Keiner Plaza $10.00 to Register! 1.3 Mile Walk! All men 35+ get a Free PSA Blood Test at America’s Center!

State Farm Gear-Up Leadership Summit Featuring: Nick Cannon, Jibbs, Aloha, Isis Jones and more! 10:30am – 12:30pm at America’s Center; Gear Up Summit DJ Show & Concert Featuring Nick Cannon & Jibbs 12:30pm – 1:30pm at America’s Center

State Of Black America Panel Discussion Featuring Dr. Nelson Adams, John Hope Bryan Presented by University of Missouri-St. Louis 3:30-6:00pm America’s Center

US Army National Invitational Boxing Tournament Semi-finals Featuring Teams from St. Louis, Memphis, Cincinnati, Little Rock, and Illinois 3pm to 7pm at America’s Center

MBE American Family Insurance Music Fest Featuring “The Grand Party at the Expo” with Rose Royce & The DAZZ Band 6:30p – 9p America’s Center

August 19
City Wide Church ServicePresented By Westside Baptist Missionary Church at 9a-11aAmerica’s CenterFree Admission

MBE Gospel Fest featuring: Shalom City Of Peace, Lively Stone & Friendly Temple Choirs 1:30 – 4:30p at America’s Center

Gospel Superstar Concert featuring: Dottie Peoples Live In Concert at 5pm at America’s Center

State Of Black America Panel Discussion Featuring Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II on Politics Presented by University of Missouri-St. Louis 3:30-6:00pm America’s Center

US Army National Invitational Boxing Tournament Championships Featuring Teams from St. Louis, Memphis, Cincinnati, Little Rock, and Illinois 3pm to 7pm at America’s Center

MBE American Family Insurance Music Fest Featuring Julius Williams Regina Belle Live in Concert! 6:30p – 9p America’s Center

Better Family Life presnets its Annual family Week Aug. 23-Sept. 1
Thursday, August 23, 2007
Art & Soul Café/ Kick-Off Reception
3:00pm – 9:00pm (Awards Reception starts at 6:30)
Scott Joplin House
2658 Delmar
Estimated Attendance: 200 - 300

Saturday, August 25, 2007
Family Festival & Alumni Classic Softball Game
Herbert Hoover vs. Mathews Dickey
Mathews-Dickey Campus (Kingshighway & I-70
11:00am – 9:00pm
Estimated Attendance: 700 - 1000

Tuesday, August 28, 2007
Caring and Sharing Day -St. Louis
Location: Better Family Life Cultural Center and Museum (5514 Page Blvd.)
12:00am – 7:00pm
Estimated Attendance: 1000 - 1500

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Caring and Sharing Day - East St. Louis
Location: Lincoln Park
15th and Piggott Ave.
11:00am – 6:00pm
Estimated Attendance: No Historical Data

Saturday, September 1, 2007
Community Festival &Who’s Who in Black St. Louis vs. Who’s Who in Black Indianapolis
Celebrity Softball Classic
Location: Harris-Stowe University (University Campus Softball Field)
11:00am – 9:00pm
Estimated Attendance: 2500 – 3000
activties include Gospel Idol, an all metro high school reunion, areobics, and a 100 particpant slide as in Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide)

For more info, contact James Clark VP, Community Outreach Better Family Life, Inc.
(314) 746-0760 or

HELP-BITZ. ACT II Community Theatre needs your help to save their community theater. This Thursday is the budget meeting that could spell the demise of community theater in St. Peters. Simply, link to their site so that you can auto-send an email to the Mayor and Board of Alderman. Go to for more info.............

Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services for the youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyone who is in need of some extra educational support, please feel free to contact her or give them her contact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314) 418-9803................

ONGOING BITZ. Seven Summer Saturdays. Saturday Nights @ Posh (408 N. Euclid) Limited Time Only - 8/4 thru 9/15 Experience the indoor/outdoor vibe of Posh while the weather still allows. Seven Summer Saturdays will be held for seven consecutive Saturdays and that's it. When they're gone, they're gone. So make the most of the rest of your Summer and meet us on Saturdays at Posh - 8/4 thru 9/15Doors at 9pm Party til 1:30am No CoverPosh - 408 N. Euclid in the Central West End. DJ Kue spinning Hip-Hop and Old SchoolIntelligent Dress Code Enforced. Jack Daniel’s, Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Drink Specials All Night!

Maxim Fitness presents Boot Camp Fitness classes until Sept. 1 at Harris Stowe State University, 3026 Laclede Ave., St. Louis. at Softball Field at the corner of Laclede and Compton. To register call 314.355.3572. or email at go to

Mellow Mondays at the Main Ingredient, 3960 Chouteau on Vandeventer. For more info, call 314.229.7952.

Absolut $2 Tuesdays on Another Level at the Loft , 3112 Olive. Ladies Free till 11p.m. hosted by Darius Bradford and Craig Blac. For more info, call 314/392-3938

CERTIFIED WEDNESDAYS feat. DJ’s Charlie Chan and Stan da Man, Wednesday at R Bar 4054 Chouteau, just west of Vandeventer, ladies free before 11 p.m., Fellas 5 dollars. Dress relaxed For more info, go to its

Whos' Who Wednesdays at Posh, 408 . N. Euclid Happy Hour 6 p.m.-8p.m. free food and drink specials .

Its Your Birthday Fridays at the Dime Slot Hosted by Bishop V-Luv. Get in free every week in the month of your birthday more info.

Femme Fridays presents Rappers Delight, feat. local artists, Club 747, 1624 Delmar, 10 p.m. for more info email

Fat Cat, Model House and Bodacious ENT present Thick Thursdays, at Studio Hitz 8927 Riverview(at the corner fo Riverview and Broadway) , $10 Adnmission (free food, drink specials). Thick girl contest starts at 11 p.m. NOTE: IT HAS NOW MOVED TO SPRULLS ON JEFFERSON.

If you want to get on Vanita Applebum's hot new entertainment newsletter, email her at

Mingle and Mix Mondays , Mingle 4p.m. (Bring Ya Laptods and Biz Cards) Drink Specials, $1 off Appetizers and Mix with DJ Sir Thurl (8p.m. -1 a.m.) FREE before 9 p.m. $3-$5 Cover after 9 p.m. at the ST. Louis Happy Hour Bar and Grill inside PArker Plaza, 12948 Halls Ferry at
Parker Rd.

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School imitation...nolimitation! The house party will be live at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferry and West Florissant!For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

Check out local comedian Brie Johnson's website podcast.Make sure to logon to listen to the new morning radio talk show called "The Grey Area"!!! Every Monday morning from 10am to 12noon CST. Chat online with us, or call in to talk live on the air.

Check out blog local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literary activities for the family and youngsters

Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at,or call her at (314)401-0710

For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs and other special effects, contact
Jessica Dana at go to

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics,go to

KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a podcast calledSTAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and the world of stage, screen, cabaret and related places.Go to it directly at

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at orgo to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

Peep out Marquita Parker's hot new entertainment blog,

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. Itis

Popular DJ Enoch has just posted a new episode on his podcast. the title is Knocturnal Sunshine Episode: Knocturnal Sunshine #214. You can hear it at

BIG TAH Presents...2 FlyTuesdays, The Main Ingredient, 3860 Chouteau. Play Spades- Dominoes-Shoot Pool- Throw Darts- Listen To Good Music- & Mingle. Come On Out Each & Every Tuesday- Make 2 Fly Tuesday's Your Tuesday Night Spot! 8p- 1a; 2-1 Drink Specials All Night; Ladies Free Unitl 10:30 ; $5 cover. For more info. contact Big Tah at

Well that be it for me. Hit me up at maatspear@yahoo.comif you got some ish, pub or juice for me to report on!


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