Monday, August 13, 2007



BELOW LEFT: DJ Nappy Needles was on the 1s and 2s....RIGHT:A poster of local singer JVar on the wall...

LEFT: Event coordinators Tanya Freeman and Alexis Thonton...
RIGHT: The crowd comin in...

RIGHT: Local poet/visual artist Cheryl Gunnell and comedian Shang after his comedy set (She has been e-mail pals with the comedian for five years, one of his biggest fans.)

LEFT: PArty people

RIGHT: Who likes the barrrrrrrtendar?"

LEFT: Shang autographs a poster

ABOVE: A pic of the poster Shang was autographin.



Some of Vera's friends and colleagues gettin their dance on.

Vera (pictured in the back in front of the cam) doin the you know what with her friends.

Down down do your dance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vera (with drink in hand) partyin it up.

RIGHT: Stress Free Friday's Mark Anthony Jones (in black shirt) leadin the Cupid Shuffle with Vera and friends. WARNING: One of the people in this pic will get your laughter level goin in a few minutes!

Vera and Mark pose for a pic.

Some of Vera's frends and colleagues sittin outside on one of the two patios at the rooftop apartment.

An overview of the Forest Park community from the rooftop (more than 20 stories high!) .

Vera talks to her guests.

Former colleagues Mister Ken and Vera pose for the cam (Vera was Ken's former boss)

More of her friends and colleagues sittitng outside at the other rooftop patio.

Buddies Mister Fred and Msiter Ken chillin outside (Sorry guys, my vest was not up for grabs. LOL)

The cake.

Vera gettin a Happy B-day seranade by.........

These people.

The disclaimer pics are coming in seconds!

Vera passed out gifts to her friends. The lady to the left is Vera's colleague Nancy Brier who lives at the rooftop apartment.

Vera givin a gift to one of her friends.

Vera and Nancy cuttin the cake for guests.

The cake was beautiful! (tasted good too)

This couple got their groove on.

They were settin it up for their groove.


OK below are the pics you have been waiting for. Now mind you, at this stage of the party. People were gettin their drink on with the free drinks and people's inhibitions were gone!

Therre's Stress Free Friday's Mark Anthony Jones showin the crowd how to do the I-am-drunk- from-Crown Royal-dance on the floor!!

Herre's another shot of it in case you couldnt believe it for the first time!!! CLASSIC!

EVENT-VIEWZ. I peeped out two events last Saturday. first, I went to Subzero Sushi bar and restuarant to meet Stress Free Fridays (tryin to find a parking space was a mofo!) Mark Anthony Jones and his friends for a cocktail. I was invited by Jones to attend the 40 b-day party of Vera Daniel, who is a director at Saint Louis University. I met up with them about 8 p.m. as we smoozed, talkD about old school things (eg. tracing words in a tracing book in grade school) and had a drink. I got the directions to the party. It was going to go down at a rooftop apartment on Skinker that overlooks the Forest Park communtiy. So around 9, we went our separate ways to our cars to get to the party.
So when I got therre, therre was a secuity guy(dressed in street clothes) at the door when I walked toward the elevator. just when I got in the elevator, the security guy hollared out, "Look up. The party is at RT") I was like huh?? RT stood for Rooftop. DOH! So, I hit Rooftop button and saw that therre were 20 or so floors up to the party. This was going to be interesting.
So when the doors open, there were about a 100 or so people dressed in white were dancing and schmoozing. I saw Mark and told him to introduce me to the b-day girl, Vera. She was nice and welcolmed me (I felt like a stranger at a family reunion who tried to blend in as someone's cuzzin. )
With this being a private party of sorts. I will do the "what's done at the party stays at the party. But I can say, that the two running themes throughout the party was 1)brothas wanting to wear my vintage brown, hip length vest and 2)Guys asking women the Tootise Roll pop question, 'How many licks does it take to get to the center?"
Of course therre was dancing (Cupid shuffle experts and novices), cake, gifts, hordes of food and a self serve bartending area (all you can drink.) and the highlight Mark Anthony Jones getting on the floor to do his floor dance shake. It was too hilarious!
I was overwhelmed of the two patios that overlooked the Forest Park area (It must have been 300 feet up). I took a few snaps, but I must say vertigo was definitely coming over me but I played it off as though it didnt bother me. Nothin but money would live this high up from err body!
We were having so much fun, that therre was a note that was given to security to give to the apartment owner from people below us that we had to curb the loud noise.
(You knwo what was really goin on---right!)
I stayed til about 11ish when I had to check out Laughs on the Landing new Saturday event, the Lounge.
As I went to the Landing to try and find a parking space, I thought was gonna get a space in front of Laughs on the Landing as I always do...not this go round--all thanks to the crazy black lady park attendant who secures the parking space in front of the venue. So as I was driving up to the entrance to get a ticket to park, the entrance was blocked with a small orange cone. So, I waited a bit cause I know that when cars start driving out, the cone is taken up. Right before I drove up, the parking attendant (and I will cal her that for now), had taken it up to let a car go in.
So, when it was time for me to drive up to park, she placed the cone back on the entrance area. So I waited for some cars to exit. Two cars exited (maybe two minutes apart) and she didnt pick up the cone for me to enter. OK. I blew my horn. Then, she did a "cutting her neck" sign to let me know she wasnt letting me in. So I waited. I wasnt going anywhere. I blew my horn again. She started iggn me. So, I had to get "ignut" to get results (Aint that what Madea said on one Tyler Perry plays? LOL)
So, I got out of my car, knocked on the attendant's booth. She opened the window and I said, very angrily, "I saw two cars just come out of here. Why arent you letting me in? I have to be at an event in a few minutes!' She bucked her eyes through her four eyed glasses and said, "Five cars have to exit before I can let you in." What? I got pissed and said. "You mean to tell me, I have to wait for three more fuckin cars to exit for me to enter and therre are two empty parking spaces from the two cars that just left out?" She said, "Thats right, that's the policy." Then I shouted, "Whos fuckin policy?" It was the owner of the aprking lot's policy and she said, "Unless you want to pay 250 dollars to park." I just looked at this----attendant and said. "You gotta be kidding, right?" Then she said, "Apparently you didnt hear me."
I just paused and looked at her. At that moment, I wanted to say, "Oh I heard you. I just wish I didnt have to see you."LOL. It wasnt that serious, so I walked back to my car and drove to a parking lot area across from the Drunken Fish. CLASSIC.
So when I got to the Laughs on the landing. It was a little bare, but I figured that peoplw were still gettin their laugh on with comedian Shang who was performing that nite. DJ Nappy Needles was on the 1s and 2s and I struck up a convo with the two sisters from, the Grace organization at the front table collecting money who was putting this event on for their charity.
So around midnite the show let out and one of the patrons was Cheryl Gunnell (Cheryl the Girl) who I remember back in days when The Flow was going on (picture Got Lyrics and cafe Soul mixed together in the mid 1990s) when I used to do poetry. She struck up a convo about the days of doin poetry at The Flow (and how she lost weight these days) and how she is doing her visual art thing (mainly masks). I also discovered that she was therre to support Shang, who is her No. 1 fan here in the STL (She had me take a snap of her and Shang with her cam and she kissed him on the jaw and thats all I am sayin on that matter. LOL) She was hoping to put up some fo her artwork on the walls of the Laughs and I told her I would get her in contact with the manager Maurice Bishop on that.
Meanwhile, The Lounge was OK. Not too many people were there and the crowd was dressed pretty street casual (I was the only was dressed up formal/casual). I spent most of the time outside of the Laughs talking to the security guy and smelling the BBQ ers BBQing next door as the smoke was Five-alarm strong.
I left out about 12:30 and took Cheryl home.

STL-TIDBITZ. St. Louis has broke a record of triple digit temps this week. On Tuesday, temps got up as high as 103 breaking the record of 102 in 1936!(Thats a whole lotta heat, baby and I dont mean POW POW) ...Where were yawl at when the bad thunderstorm storm happeend last Sunday? Over 60, 000 Ameren customers in the STL area lost power(as of last count 3, 000 or so were still out of power)....August 20 is the first day school kids return to school(I can hear parente shouting right about now)................... Legendary singer and former St. Louis resident Ron Isley's sentencing to 3 years in prison for tax evasion is coming up. Isley lovers are still launching a letter-writing campaign to President George W. Bush in the hopes that he will step in and use his executive power to spare Isley a three-year federal prison sentence due to Isley's poor health......... I hear that therre weer some thug-a-mugs fightin all up in the Jazz Loft last Saturday. I hear the ones in question were throwin their Air Jordans at each other! Now that's too much playin............................ The casting producers from the Flava of Love 3 show was in the STL to find sistas who wanted to be on the show. They were first at Club Casino last Friday and ended up at Mocha latte's Sunday Night Shindig last Sunday.

According to Mocha: About 350 peeeps came through at the Shindig. There were lots of women in the house tryin to get their auidion on. One in particular was "a new buckwyld money maker" who really worked the pole (in the club) and bounced that ass all night! She had a huge brotha aka debo with her! Both were trying to regulate up in therre. In the house were Nelly's manager T- luv and Derrty ENT, St. Lunatic member Slo Down and his wife and whole wedding party (I guess they recently giot married????), Mr and Mrs James Crimes and crew. The Flava of Love casting directors kicked it! They met lots of interested women and took some home! (Whateva that means) The casting directors said Luckys was there best spot all weekend. Nicest club in the Lou to them. DJ Cuddy was hot on the 1s and 2s!

SYGU- mr shadzilla and crew were there! Freetime, comedian Javon bibbs, socialite Jamie Spencer, rapper-Ajule'(slick rick da ruler)staff from the Loft, the guys who work there:owners:Andre,Melanie, Reno,Ashaki,Jimmel, Seven celebrating her bday was there,Snoop and other Happy Hour bar owners were there,Basement beats!Dj Soundz,Presidential Records,John Rance Beauty Shop represented,Midwest Styles,Jan 06 Eye Candy model Ashley was there celebrating her b-day, people were doing a wipe me down dance contest clowin!!! It was fun! And it wasn't hot! and the rain didnt stop nobody up in the piece..........................
Highway 40 will be shut down both ways this weekend starting at the exit of Clayton/Skinker...................Former East St. Louis alderman Charles Powell was sentenced Monday to 15 months in federal prison for asbestos-related environmental violations at a downtown East St. Louis landmark, the Spivey Building. Powell pleaded guilty in June to a conspiracy charge and a charge of failing to notify authorities before removing asbestos.Powell's 15-month sentence will run at the same time as his 21-month sentence for conspiracy to commit election fraud in a vote-buying scandal. Powell's appeal of that conviction is pending........Speaking of East Saint, the Weather Crisis Center Task Force have been on the J.O.B. goin to houses and streets pasisng out fans to citizens. Also, Gospel artist Shirley Caesar will be performing at my alma mater East St. Louis Senior High School on Sept. 8........I guess comedian Rickey Smiley is the next in line to join the syndicated radio morning show bandwagon here in the STL (following Tom Joyner on Foxy 95 and Steve Harvey on 100.3 The Beat) . Hot 104. 1 will radio broadcast the comedian's morning show beginning the last Monday in August (The only local morning urban show in the STL is Tony Scott and the Breakfast crew on Majic 104.9, but for how long though the way things are going in radio these days)................. Speaking of the Breakfast Crew, former Breakfast Crew personality Marc Clarke (who know resides in Philly) will be speaking at this year's Missouri Black Expo Aug 19 on why relationships don’t last.(SEE EVENT-TIDBITZ BELOW FOR MORE INFO).......................I hear that Nelly may bring his annual black and white celebrity ball back to the STL this month (Hope Janet can come back for another visit to the Lou again!)......................St. Louis comedian Lavelle Crawford is still standing on the comedy competition show "Last Comic Standing." The girthy comic is one of the eight finalists still in the "comedy house". To see how far Crawford will go this week, tune in to the show this Wednesday, at 8 p.m. on KSDK-Channel 5.......................
Herre are some MA"AT-BITZ that happened near the Big bend area of Clayton on two different days. Last Sunday, when I was leaving the gym in Clayton, I stopped at the intesection of Forsyth and Skinker in the right lane that veers in front of a pedesirain walkway. Well, I stopped to far out into the Big Bend traffic going south, so I slowly backed up so I wouldnt get hit and softly backed back to a car that was in teh spot I was suppsoe dto be at when you stop before the pedesitian walk. I lookd over to my right thinking I may have hit the traffic light pole, but it was the front bumper of the other car. SHIT, I said to myself. So I got out to see if therre was any damage. Luckily it wasnt. The sista who who was driving got out of the car (it lookD like she just got her twist freshly twisted). She had to have been about in her 50s said ,"Did you see my car?" I said YES, but I didnt want to get hit from the incoming traffic. It was my fault and and she said. 'Just be sure you careful." I felt as though I was gettin chastised by my mother. I was just glad it wasnt bad damage. Beside some minor whiplash, err thing was cool. What would you have done? Would you have backe dup , too?


Last Monday, as I was gettin gas at the gas station on South Big bend pass Clayton Rd. I went in to get some snacks (Cheezeits and pork skins) and pay for the gas. I paid for the gas, got in my car and drove south to get to Clayton Road to get on highway 64. I opend up the pork skins and ate a few (they were as stale as day old beer!) As I turned to Clayton road, I reached over in my fanny pack on my waist to grab my glasses and didnt see them. I looked around below on the car floor and didnt see them. Then it dawned on me that I probably dropped them at the gas station (I had my glasses in my fanny pack) and I was half way down the street. So, I made an illegal U turn toward Big bend and turned left back to the gas station that was a couple minutes away. I had to wait til the left turn light came on to make a left back to the station. So as the left light came on and I turned, I drove immediately to the station (going 45 in a 30) I parked my car next to the pump where I was last, got out and looked around. No glasses. I walked in the store area of the station and asked the sales guy (who looked like the old guy dancing in the Six Falgs commercials) if he saw some glasses. He said YES. He had thrown the frames in the trash and got them out and gave them to me. He then said that one of the lenses came out and he threw it in the trash outside. So, there I was, going outside and goin in the trash like a homeless man trying to find the lens. I was picking out tree branches, paper, and God knows what else that was in that trash. The sales guy came out and dumped the trash on the curb to help me find the lens. I found it and thanked the guy for helping me find it. I helped him put the trash back into the trash can and went on my way. But my thing is , shouldnt he have put the glasses in a safe place than the trash can just in case I had come back?

But I digress.....

If yawl want to purchase or display some great art from local visual artsist, I got one for ya. her name is Cheryl "the Girl' Gunnell. She is a great artist (and poet, too) in the St. Louis area. If you want to contact her , email her at If you want an example of her work, email me at .................................

FYI-BITZ Did yawl know that Grammy Award nominated rapper/singer Akon wasnt originally born in Senegal, Africa? He was orginally born in East St. Louis (records say St. Louis, but thats not correct). Yep, the singer was born in 1973 and his father is the legendary Senegalese drummer Mor Thiam (Akon's whole name is Aliaune Damala Bouga Time Puru Nacka Lu Lu Lu Badara Akon Thiam) who came to East St. Louis in 1968 to work with the late great dancer Katherine Dunham (who also resided in East St. Louis from '68 to 2005).......St. Louis actress Stephanie Williams from "Young and the Restless" fame (who also dated comedian Robert Townshend for a spell) is now living in the STL with her husband, a powerful attorney in the Lou..............For you blaxploitation buffs out therre, actress Jeannie Bell of the 1975 flick "TNT Jackson" is also from St. Louis. Yep. She was as popular as Pam Grier and Tamara "Cleoptara Jones" Dobson in regards to black movie starlets back in the 70s (she was a Playmate centerfold as well). I was persuing YOUTUBE and saw a campy clip of her popular grindhouse flick. If you wanna peep it out go to

IN THE MIA FILE THIS WEEK: Wherre is local actress/model Kine Brown?

EVENT-IDBITZ--Cheresse Ink presents Mini Luau Party, 8455 Maryland Ave. Aug,. 16, 6 p.m. at the ST. Louis Mini Showroom. RSVP to Darcy Lane at 314.727.8877 ext. 2102

STRESS FREE FRIDAYS. Friday, August 17, 2007 > 5pm> > Savor(> 4356 Lindell (Between Newstead and Boyle)> St. Louis, Missouri 63108> 314-531-0220



Absolut Sundays at Club 609 on Eastgate, with DJ Nappy needles and other special guest dee-jays, Doors at 7 p.m. networking at 9:30 p.m.Ladies free all night. Fellaz $5 after 9:30 p.m.

The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free/Free Food. MOCHA LATTE IS DOIN SUMPIN SUMPIN FOR THE GUYS. THE FIRST 50 WHO EMAIL HER AT will get in her SUNDAY NIGHT SHINDIG ABOSLUTELy FREE! All you gotta do is email her with the subject line to read "MAN FOR FREE" and write that you saw the update on OUTTOWN then you in like flynn!

SLO DOWN presents Flirtatious Fridays at Club 314, Hwy 270 and St. Charles Rock Road (in the Econo Hotel Lodge behind Ryan’s. Ladies free til 10;30 p.m. For Vip and b-day party info call 314. 479.6283

Contact for more info to these hot events!

Special Event for STL Minority Professionals--Wine Tasting & Final Performance of Les Miserables at The Muny, Aug,. 15 with St. Louis native/Tony Award winner Ken Page (RSVP @ 314.361.1900 ext. 350 or

DT ENT and Derrty DJ's present STL Unleashed, Thursday, Aug. 16 at the Pageant featuring Beano, Ludy, Nikko Smith and Deandre Perryman to name a few. 8 p.m. $5 . For more info call 314.652.8025

When two of the hottest promotion crews in STL get together you know its gonna be smoking...So FreeTime LLC and SYGU Group present "Smoking Aces."So on August 17th Come on down to the Landing's new chic Club Xes(612 N. 2nd Street) and experience a night to remember with the party of all parties to end the summerNow upscale dress is a MUST!! So lets keep it real and look fresh to def...Doors open at 9 and we partying all the way till 3 in the morn.For more info/VIP contact:314-397-4007 Don't forget to look to your left to see the "Smoking Aces" CommercialFreeTime website: SYGU website: STL social networking group SYGU taped a hot commercial regarding their upcoming party Smokin Aces. To peep it out go to It was produced by videographer Dana Christian

UNION AVENUE OPERA presents PORGY AND BESS by George Gershwin, director Ron Himes, conductor Scott Schoonover, Aug. 17-26 @ 733 N. Union Blvd, St. Louis, MO. Call 314.361.2881 for tickets!

XTREME LASHES ™ BY NATALIE Friday, August 17, 2007
6-7pm Networking/Hors'doevers
7-8pm Introduction of Xtreme Lashes ™Xtreme Lashes ™ Promo VideoDistribution of Gift Certificates/BrochuresLash Model Search/ContestDemo Application
8pm-Midnight Launch Party
WHERE: Halo Salon & Spa,905 Locust Ave.Saint Louis, MO 63101 314-241-3131
Lash Model Contestants: Please write one paragraph on why you should receive a complimentary Xtreme Lashes ™ makeover and attach a photograph. Send it to or send the paragraph and photograph to Halo Salon & Spa, Attention: Xtreme Lashes ™ by Natalie by August 15, 2007. For more information view:

Misouri Black Expo, August 17, 18 and 19 at the America;s Center. $8 Admission each day.
Schedule of Events
August 17--
MBE Multi CulturalDiversity Job Fair 11am-4pm America's CenterFREE ADMISSION

August 18--
100 Black Men Prostate Cancer Survivor's & Awareness Walk7a – 11am, Keiner Plaza $10.00 to Register! 1.3 Mile Walk! All men 35+ get a Free PSA Blood Test at America’s Center!

State Farm Gear-Up Leadership Summit Featuring: Nick Cannon, Jibbs, Aloha, Isis Jones and more! 10:30am – 12:30pm at America’s Center;
Gear Up Summit DJ Show & Concert Featuring Nick Cannon & Jibbs 12:30pm – 1:30pm at America’s Center
State Of Black America Panel Discussion Featuring Dr. Nelson Adams, John Hope Bryan Presented by University of Missouri-St. Louis 3:30-6:00pm America’s Center

US Army National Invitational Boxing Tournament Semi-finals Featuring Teams from St. Louis, Memphis, Cincinnati, Little Rock, and Illinois 3pm to 7pm at America’s Center
MBE American Family Insurance Music Fest Featuring “The Grand Party at the Expo” with Rose Royce & The DAZZ Band 6:30p – 9p America’s Center

August 19
City Wide Church ServicePresented By Westside Baptist Missionary Church at 9a-11aAmerica’s CenterFree Admission

MBE Gospel Fest featuring: Shalom City Of Peace, Lively Stone & Friendly Temple Choirs 1:30 – 4:30p at America’s Center

Gospel Superstar Concert featuring: Dottie Peoples Live In Concert at 5pm at America’s Center

State Of Black America Panel Discussion Featuring Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II on Politics Presented by University of Missouri-St. Louis 3:30-6:00pm America’s Center

US Army National Invitational Boxing Tournament Championships Featuring Teams from St. Louis, Memphis, Cincinnati, Little Rock, and Illinois 3pm to 7pm at America’s Center

MBE American Family Insurance Music Fest Featuring Julius Williams Regina Belle Live in Concert! 6:30p – 9p America’s Center

For more info go to


Cherrese Ink Presents Fashion Week Highlights Include:
MON 8/20: Exclusive Fashion Week Launch Event (open to ticket holders only).

TUES 8/21: New Amsterdam Gin Presents "The New Face of Fashion" hosted by St. Louis celebrity designer, Jimmy Jamieson at the Philip Slein Gallery. This show will feature a group exhibition of St. Louis' top fashion photographers with works selected by Paul Ha, Director of the Contemporary Art Museum and Allen Barber, General Manager of Neiman Marcus.

WED 8/22: Celebrity designer Jesse Kamm premieres her Spring 2008 collection before heading off to her first shows at New York and Paris Fashion Weeks. St. Louis area native Jesse Kamm launched to international acclaim at LA Fashion Week and is carried by some of the world's most exclusive boutiques including Caviar And Kind (LA) and Colette (Paris). Since launching, Jesse has been featured by Vogue, Elle and Bazaar and will be ALIVE's September cover model.

THURS 8/23: Nick Verreos of "Project Runway" hosts The Time Boutique's "Forbidden Fashion" show. Verreos will be joined by fellow "Project Runway" alum Kara Janx for an evening of fashion shows featuring 10 Spring 2008 collections plus the collection of St. Louis celeb designer Tiffany Alana and seven other emerging designers from around the world.

FRI 8/24: Jesse Kamm & Virginia Kerr host "Liquid Style." Staged on the beautiful pool deck of the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, this show will feature the hottest designer ready-to-wear from some of St. Louis' top boutiques. St. Louis celebs from KMOV-TV, MOViN Radio and the St. Louis Rams will join socialites and special designer guests Yoana Boraschi, Vivek K. Nagrani and Mark & Marvin Austin for a red carpet night of fashion like no other seen in St. Louis.

SAT 8/25: Anatomy of Style hosts St. Louis' first ever "Boutique Crawl." All participating St. Louis Fashion Week boutiques have secured national and local designers to host a one-day trunk show at their locations. Enjoy Ecco Domani wines and special discounts throughout the day. This event is open to all Fashion Week Pass holders.

SAT NIGHT 8/25: St. Louis' most fashion-forward crowd will converge on The Pepper Lounge for the first ever Prêt-à-Partie to celebrate the conclusion of Fashion Week. Prêt-à-Partie will feature special guest appearances by Fashion Week designers, models and celebrities. Present your ticket from any Fashion Week event for entry - space limited, arrive early.
SHOWS WILL SELL OUT! ORDER TICKETS NOW - CLICK HERE: keyword: "Fashion Week" to purchase tickets.

Go to for more info on shows and designers.

Better Family Life presents its Annual family Week Aug. 23-Sept. 1
Thursday, August 23, 2007

Art & Soul Café/ Kick-Off Reception3:00pm – 9:00pm (Awards Reception starts at 6:30)Scott Joplin House2658 DelmarEstimated Attendance: 200 - 300

Saturday, August 25, 2007Family Festival & Alumni Classic Softball GameHerbert Hoover vs. Mathews DickeyMathews-Dickey Campus (Kingshighway & I-7011:00am – 9:00pmEstimated Attendance: 700 - 1000

Tuesday, August 28, 2007Caring and Sharing Day -St. LouisLocation: Better Family Life Cultural Center and Museum (5514 Page Blvd.)12:00am – 7:00pmEstimated Attendance: 1000 - 1500

Thursday, August 30, 2007Caring and Sharing Day - East St. LouisLocation: Lincoln Park15th and Piggott Ave.11:00am – 6:00pmEstimated Attendance: No Historical Data

Saturday, September 1, 2007Community Festival &Who’s Who in Black St. Louis vs. Who’s Who in Black IndianapolisCelebrity Softball ClassicLocation: Harris-Stowe University (University Campus Softball Field)11:00am – 9:00pmEstimated Attendance: 2500 – 3000

Activities include Gospel Idol, an all metro high school reunion, areobics, and a 100 particpant slide as in Cupid Shuffle and Electric Slide)
For more info, contact James Clark VP, Community Outreach Better Family Life, Inc.(314) 746-0760 or

Legandary Gospel artist and evangelist Shirley Caesar will be performing at East St. Louis Senior High School, 4901 State, Sat. Sep 08, 7:30 PM, Ticket Pricing VIP $50.00 GEN ADM $20.00. For more info call (314) 534-1111

Festival 2007 2nd Annual Sushi Eating contest at St. Lousi Wasabi Sushi Bar on Washington Ave. between Tucker and 13th Street, Sunday. Sept 30. 3 p.m.-8 p.m. Gifts, live entertainement, free food, free drinks and Japanese drum showcase. For more info, contact Jacque Land The Platinum Group 314-231-3500 or

HELP-BITZ. Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services for the youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyone who is in need of some extra educational support, please feel free to contact her or give them her contact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314) 418-9803................

ONGOING BITZ. Seven Summer Saturdays. Saturday Nights @ Posh (408 N. Euclid) Limited Time Only - 8/4 thru 9/15 Experience the indoor/outdoor vibe of Posh while the weather still allows. Seven Summer Saturdays will be held for seven consecutive Saturdays and that's it. When they're gone, they're gone. So make the most of the rest of your Summer and meet us on Saturdays at Posh - 8/4 thru 9/15Doors at 9pm Party til 1:30am No CoverPosh - 408 N. Euclid in the Central West End. DJ Kue spinning Hip-Hop and Old SchoolIntelligent Dress Code Enforced. Jack Daniel’s, Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Drink Specials All Night!

Maxim Fitness presents Boot Camp Fitness classes until Sept. 1 at Harris Stowe State University, 3026 Laclede Ave., St. Louis. at Softball Field at the corner of Laclede and Compton. To register call 314.355.3572. or email at go to

Mellow Mondays at the Main Ingredient, 3960 Chouteau on Vandeventer. For more info, call 314.229.7952.

Absolut $2 Tuesdays on Another Level at the Loft , 3112 Olive. Ladies Free till 11p.m. hosted by Darius Bradford and Craig Blac. For more info, call 314/392-3938
JB Ent and Creative Mortgage present Toastin Tuesday every Thursday at Dolce, 200. N. Broadway 10 p.m. to 3, Ladies free before 11 p.m., $10, dress code enforced. For more info go to

CERTIFIED WEDNESDAYS feat. DJ’s Charlie Chan and Stan da Man, Wednesday at R Bar 4054 Chouteau, just west of Vandeventer, ladies free before 11 p.m., Fellas 5 dollars. Dress relaxed For more info, go to its

Whos' Who Wednesdays at Posh, 408 . N. Euclid Happy Hour 6 p.m.-8p.m. free food and drink specials .

JE ENT and M.O.E. present tHERs days every Thursday at Laughs on the Landing, 801 N. And Street and Washington, ladies free til midnite…$5 after) Giveways, complimentary messages, drink specials. For more info, call 314.276.8676 or 314.766.0172
Its Your Birthday Fridays at the Dime Slot Hosted by Bishop V-Luv. Get in free every week in the month of your birthday more info.

Femme Fridays presents Rappers Delight, feat. local artists, Club 747, 1624 Delmar, 10 p.m. for more info email

Fat Cat, Model House and Bodacious ENT present Thick Thursdays, at Studio Hitz 8927 Riverview(at the corner fo Riverview and Broadway) , $10 Adnmission (free food, drink specials). Thick girl contest starts at 11 p.m. NOTE: IT HAS NOW MOVED TO SPRULLS ON JEFFERSON.

If you want to get on Vanita Applebum's hot new entertainment newsletter, email her at

Mingle and Mix Mondays , Mingle 4p.m. (Bring Ya Laptods and Biz Cards) Drink Specials, $1 off Appetizers and Mix with DJ Sir Thurl (8p.m. -1 a.m.) FREE before 9 p.m. $3-$5 Cover after 9 p.m. at the ST. Louis Happy Hour Bar and Grill inside PArker Plaza, 12948 Halls Ferry at Parker Rd.

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School imitation...nolimitation! The house party will be live at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferry and West Florissant!For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

Check out blog local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literary activities for the family and youngsters
Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at,or call her at (314)401-0710

For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs and other special effects, contactJessica Dana at go to

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics,go to

KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a podcast calledSTAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and the world of stage, screen, cabaret and related places.Go to it directly at

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at orgo to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

Peep out Marquita Parker's hot new entertainment blog,

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. Itis

Popular DJ Enoch has just posted a new episode on his podcast. the title is Knocturnal Sunshine Episode: Knocturnal Sunshine #214. You can hear it at

BIG TAH Presents...2 FlyTuesdays, The Main Ingredient, 3860 Chouteau. Play Spades- Dominoes-Shoot Pool- Throw Darts- Listen To Good Music- & Mingle. Come On Out Each & Every Tuesday- Make 2 Fly Tuesday's Your Tuesday Night Spot! 8p- 1a; 2-1 Drink Specials All Night; Ladies Free Unitl 10:30 ; $5 cover. For more info. contact Big Tah at

Well that be it for me. Hit me up at
maatspear@yahoo.comif you got some ish, pub or juice for me to report on!

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