Monday, August 13, 2007



ABOVE LEFT: STL producer James Glasco, So Diverse's Miss Lia and socialte/singer Jamie Spencer ABOVE RIGHT: Event house band Sound Proof

LEFT: Money handler So Diverse's Miss Lisa....Lia and So Diverse's Deidria B. in a conversation...

LEFT: Soundproof

RIGHT: Jamie Spencer on the mike singin a John Legend tune, "So High."

the crowd

RIGHT: Jamie Spencer and some of his fans after his performance

Deidria B. and Big Kenny of Riverfront Radio's pose for a snap.

RIGHT: SYGU's Eddie Hollman and So Diverse's Jameelah E. in a friendly pose.

SYGU's Rashad and Free Time's Darryl Frierson chillin at the spot.

Miss Lia and friend Semorian.

"Hope you got my good side."

Local singer Block Soul performing.

Miss Lisa doin her J.O.B. up front.

The crowd

Some of the crowd checking out the neo-soul.

J'Var on the mike performing.

Belleville duo Az One.

Upstairs was where the party people got their dance on with DJ Reminisce on the 1s and 2s.

Downstairs was the neo-soul crowd (Glasco gettin his network on with the crowd)

The party people know what!

The white dude got real cozy with the sista with the large black purse.


Party people

EVENT-VIEWZ. Last Friday, I peeped out So Diverse's monthly event, Flaunty Fusion, at Panama Reds.I got therre bout 10:30 or so. It was a different vibe this month. They usually have just a dee-jay upstiars playin hip-hop. But this month. not only did they have hip-hop upstairs (with DJ Reminisce), but downstairs they had a new concept of neo-soul acts performing with a house band (the event was called Neo Soul).

The acts performing were mentioned above with the pics. The house band Sound Proof kept the soul grooves goin performing such songs like, DAngelo's "Lady," Bill Withers, "Aint No Sunshine" Stevie Wonders' "I Wish" and "Superstition"and Marvin Gaye's "Lets Get it on." The vibe was great, but the crowd for some reason was not into it. When the acts have to beg the crowd to applaud and cheer then they ain't really feelin it and that's unfortunate.

For the most part the crowd were moving up and downstairs. Upstairs was wherr Reminisce was on the 1s and 2s playin the hip-hop jams (it was also pretty steamin hot upstairs as in the temp)

Therre were many of the social networking groups who came through including Last Sunday/Perfection (Treanna and Cornell Boone) SYGU (Rashad, Eddie Hollman, Darryl Gillespie) and FREE TIME(Roy Robinson and Darryl Freirson) . ALso in the house were St. Louis American's Melvin Moore, James Glasco, and socialite Valerie Johnson.

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