Monday, August 20, 2007

OUT 242--A DAY AND NIGHT ON THE TOWN/Missouri Black Expo (VIP party-Fri nite; Expo events Sat aft/eve) and Laughs on Landing w Deon Cole (Sat eve)

Herre are pics from Missouri Black Expo from Friday (VIP-reception at Mayfair Hotel) and Saturday (at the America's Center) and Laughs on the Landing with Deon Cole on Saturday (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY)

LEFT: Pics of Rose Royce--trumpet section....RIGHT: The lead singer belting out their classic, "Love Don't Live Here Anymore."

RIGHT: Rose Royce Founder Kenneth Copeland performing the classic, "I Wanna Get Next to you." NEXT PICS: Guys from the crowd come up to the front of the stage after the lead singer asked could all the single men come up to the stage (then chimed, 'Meet me after the show.")

LEFT: This fan came up to the stage and she told him, "God Bless you."

RIGHT: The lead singer joked that this sista was lucky to have this man as her man and if she didnt want him, she would take him.

This sista lettin it all hang out during the "Car Wash" finale.

RIGHT: The bassist was very agile and comical during his solo.

MBE co-host/Fox 2 News perosonality Bonita Cornute on stage.

The Judy Best dancers on stage doin a routine.

One of the booths was the fitness stage where patrons can get info and hands on presentations.

The catfish/wings booth kept the crowd fed.

Judy Best dancers at long range.

Local actress/model Joy Bryant and boyfriend, John at their booth, St. Louis DAEH Apparel. They also passed out free condom kits.

The Judy Best dance team at another angle.

Outside at the adjacent parking lot next to the America's Center was a food vendor selling BBQ plates.

More Judy Best dancers on stage.

The Judy best dancers wowed the crowd with moves such as this.

The dancers awaiting to go on stage.

Tv producer/Movie pass guy James Thomas hosted the Game Crazy booth where kids played the new Madden game

Another shot of the above pic (OOOps.)

The Game Crazy booth was one of the popular booths at the Expo.

This sista was trying to answer the five ways to get cool to win some movie passes at the Game Crazy booth.

A youngster playin the new Madden game while on the cell phone. Talk about a New tech kid!

One of the booths at the Expo.

The Marines were in the house recrutin.

The Go Army crew werr in the house, too.

A youngster does a fitness test(In six more years so, I'm sure they will be knockin on his door.).

People came out to check out the Expo, even though it was bit scaled back this year.

Another popular booth was the steppin booth from original step instructors and dee-jays from Chi-town that catered to the over 35 crowd.


Jibbs turned it out with his hits, "Chain Hang Low" and "King Kong."

"Take a picture if you can." (And I tried based on wherr I was standing on side of the stage due to the packed crowd near the stage!)

St. Louis rapper Jibbs said to the crowd that this was his first time ever performing before his St. Louis fans.

Jibbs was St. Louis Cards up with his gear.

Jibbs brought on his lil brother to the stage who turned it out!

Jibbs' mother, Mrs Campbell and his lil brother after Jibbs' set. She and her husband was therre to be a part of the Gear up Summit that Jibbs participated in before he performed.

St. Louis comedian Arvin Mitchell flew back from L.A. to co-host the Expo this year.

Mitchell signs autographs for some of his fans.

Tv star Nick Cannon pose with some of his fans after the Gear Up Summit.

His young female fans screamed for Cannon as he signed autographs.Good thing his new model fiance wasnt therre. She would have gotten jealous!

Cannon performed after the Summit by mixing it up on the turntables giving the crowd a lesson in new school music and the samples used (eg. rapper Common's "By Your Side" is sampled by an old Bobby Caldwell tune.)

Sexy singer/2004 American Idol contestant Aloha poses with a MBE staffer. She was also a part of the Gear Up Summit with her father, Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr.

Clear Channel colleagues Hypeman Dwight Stone of 100.3 Thh Beat and Majic 105's Pam Oliver pose for a pic during a break on air from the Expo..

StL Hip's B-Gyrl interviews St. Louis rapper Murphy Lee, who has a new radio show with his brother rapper Kyjuan and comedian Darius Bradford called UC Me that is aired every Sundays at 6 p.m. on 100.3 The Beat.

Rapper Kyjuan with Pam Oliver.

St. Lunatic Kyjuan, who is producing a St. Louis all-star CD with locla rappers and artists takes a flick with MBE PR director Anisha Coleman.

Hypeman D. Stone interviews Murph on air.

Jibbs walks down the steps after the Gear Up Student And PArent Leadership Panel Summit where St. Louis based and national celebs and their parents talked about their lives and uplifting the crowd and Summit. His fans of course were waiting to take a pic and have him sign ANYthing (The sista on the right's expression says it all!).

MBE director Tom Bailey addressed the panelists of his gratitude for their participating in the summit.

An audience member addressed the crowd about the importance of education as comedian Mitchell looks on, who helped with the Q and A session of the Summit. Arvin got thd mike and said that if those who cant go to college or are not able to go to college , take up a skill.

Former KMOV personality Mary Cannon helped facilitate the Summit and the Q and A session of the Summit.

I like this pic. Thats 100.3 the Beat DJ and perosonality DJ Quinn (Quinn Ward), Aloha Mischeaux, Freeman Bosley Sr and Jibbs on the panel.

The crowd came out for the summit.

Nick Cannon's father, James, was very fiery when it came to addressing the crowd. He said that jails were built for our youth, demanded that children go to college, turn off the TV and stop all of the foolishness, stop making rappers role models and get serious about life. he also rebutted Arvin's comment about those who cant go to colelge to take up a skill, said that there should be no excuse for childern not to become scholars. It got hot in the summit for a second after his comment.

Nick Cannon asked the crowd what was their favorite TV show and rapper and got loud resposnes but when he asked what was their representative, the crowd went silent. He made the point that they need to know their surroundings and whose reppin them. He also and said that his father (pictured next to him) helped him think out of the box when it came to his successful career.

Murphy Lee was the most personable of the panelists when he talked about how he and his siblings financially struggled in a single parent home in U City making ends meet. He also said that his mother (pictured with Murphy) did a great job cause none of her four kids are in jail, two have big careers (he and Kyjuan) and two are on their way to a career.

Jibbs said that he was committed when he got a record deal , but he wasnt abel to get a deal unle his grades in school were good. His mother added that they always had faith in God and family and that during the ups and downs you gotta have both. Jibbs' father said that teenagers should stay teenagers and dont try to be grown and stay in school.

Another pic of Murphy Lee (who got just as much screams from the female fans as Nick Cannon) and his very youthful mother.

Mary Cannon addressing the panel.

Aloha said that eduation is alwyas key , keep your mind open to diffrent ideas , be creative and don't be scared to be you. She also said that the Americn Idol experience really taught her how the music business really is.

Another shot of the some of the panelists.

Jibbs walking up to the stage for the summit.

Gear Up prez Clarence Ward (Dj Quinn's father) talked about the importance of education and broke down the goal of the Gear Up program that focus on mentoring students.

Aloha sportin that bright and shiney smile.

Dj Quinn said that he was in the radio biz for 10 years, but the last two years he really discovered the business side of radio. He also said that that its okay to be a rapper, but also learn how to be managers and behind the scenes of entertainment. He also said even though it was hard growing up having a father as a school principal, it helped him become the man that he is today.

Young staffers (and one young-minded staffer) at the MBE: Kendra Thomas, Glynnis Armstrong, Tanasia Tidwell (Glyniss daughter) and Diarra Porter.


JPEK director Miss Reona Lenox with STL comedian Arvin Mitchell at the Expo.

EVENT-VIEWZ--Part One of the Missouri Balck Expo was OK. After the buildup from the press conference on Thursday at the Mayfair Hotel with et hvarious sponsors of MBE and what to expect I was expecting it to be a good one. Like I say, it was OK. A bit lackluster, but it was definitely a standout for locl acts to perform. Interestingly enough, before I got to it and getting ready to find a parking space traveling South on 9th street downtown, the Prostate Cancer Walk attendants were walking east of Washngton (they marched form Keiner Plaza to the Americas Center). Strangely enough, the cops came late to block the street so people north and south of the Center wouldnt try and drive through the march!
Anyway, I mostly attended the mainstage stuff. I left out due to too much partyin the previous nite at Club Xes so I didnt get to see local acts such as Jvar, Shentha, Mo tre, Lamar Harris and rapper Rucka Puff (but for the most part Ive seen them perform in the Lou anyway). My main thing was my getting confused of wherr the Expo area was. The usual spot was taken up by the international flight convenstion called YSB that had 1,000s of people here for the event (I even saw Midwest Salon hairstylist Eric J White rushing to get to the opening ceremonies!). The actual spot was in a smaller hall. Another task was trying to get my media passes in order to cover the event and hanging with producer B-Gyrl on our hunt to get our pasess from MBE PR director Anisha Coleman. When we fianlly did get them from her, it was pretty much smooth sailing.
HIGHLIGHT AT THE EXPO: Hypeman D Stone gave me a shout out on the air when he was at the Game Crazy booth saying, "Therre's Marcus Atkins showing us all how it is to get fit."



EVENT-VIEWZ Headliner Chicagoan Deon Cole (PIC ABOVE) from "Comedy Central" and the Barbershop movies had the crowd in stitches at the second show of a three night engagement at my favorite hangout, Laughs on the Landing. One thing that was noticeable was Cole has gotten buff! He has been on the chunky side but he has apparently been on a regimen of exercise.

His lazy-I-don;t give-a-fuck delivery and approach was exteremly side splitting. He started off clowining saying his usual: that he just waking up and he told the manager to put him on first. His comedy is very cerebral. he takes you on a philosphicla joiunry with most of his jokes. For insatnce, he said that if fish is brain food and smoking weed makes you lose brain cells, then he is just gonna smoke some fish.

He also did a lot of "END SCENE" stuff that was funny wher ehe did a joke a laughe dat his own joke (he has a wicked laugh) , then stopped laughing, got serious and said END SCENE.

But the highlight was him talking about a lot of Hollywood people he has becoem friends with now that he lives in Tinseltown, specifuially porn star Wesley Pipes who he say cracks him up when he tries to jack off to one of his movies. He said that when Pipes is screwin a woman in the movies how funny his lines are inclduing, "I'm gonna fucc you BALLS DEEP." Cole said this refrain throughout the show which made the line even more hilarious!
Another highlight was his talkin to one of the few white couples in the audeince. He started it off by saying that white poeple will tell you their life story when you just ask for simple answers to something totally different.

It got to the point where the white guy (pictured on left) took over in his story of how he met his wife and Cole just sat in crowd and gave the guy the mike.

It was so hilarious!

Comedian/Laughs owner got the crowd warmed up with his humor. He had the crowd rollin when he was talkin about women who smoke cigarettes and takin a chance of gettin cancer from suckin on second hand smoke titties. Also, the joke of how his mother would hit him in public when he did wrong and he said, Mamma...stop it....I'm 37 years old! I'm a grown as man." He also told the crowd that he is working on a comedy project with actor Kevin Bacon.


Newbie comedian Matt Collins did the white boy actin black routine was Ok, he had a few ha-ha lines like, "Sistas make it clap." and he had to explain to white people in the crowd that "clap" means a sistas ass makes a clapping sound when she jiggles it and it doesnt mean she has the Clap.

Opener Serious was OK. He had a good line when he said to brothas if you cant fit Magnums, stop twisting them with rubberands. He was also selling his t-shirts outside as well.

BELOW PIC: And of course house singer Jvar turned on the sex appeal performing before the crowd.


Comedian David Graham entertained the crowd during the reception. Here, he's serenading local TV host Ruth Starr with Shalamar's song, "This is for the Lover in You." He later serenaded the photographer, Maurice Merdieth (in the background in all white) with Jackson Five's "I'll be There" which was hilarious!

They also presented awards to those who helped make this years' Missouri Black Expo come about. One was Ingrid Owens, who helped with the press contacts for the MBE. She is posing with her plaque along with MBE exec Tom Bailey.

Entertainment was also provided by local singer Donna Moody who sang tunes from Donna Summer and Whitney Houston.

There were many VIps in the house. One was Who's Who of Black St. Louis book founder Keith Antone (pictured in the background in white linen suit).


Another crowd shot at the VIP party.


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