Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Photos by Maatology Bruce Bruce wa sin town last weekend at Dee Lee's House of comedy to sold out crowds. He was in rare form as always. His first joke was about STL weather. He said, "Yawl get snow for no reason." The he did his regular shtick like, "I'm sweating up here. What yawl got the air on Hell? I'm sweatin like a pimp with one ho."

His constant refrain was "I'm stupid than a mutha fucka." He also did the black v white behavior jokes. He talked about whites and blacks with credit cards, danger situations ("Whites let you know whats goin on. Black people dont get involved." ), and funerals ("Whites bury there own in 2 days, blacks...30 days." )

Another funny joke was his experience with a prostate exam. he said when he went to the doctor for it he opened his mouth
and ended up leaving the doctor with a loose booty trying to fill up his car with gas.


On the political front he said McCain lost cuz he's 178 years old, short arms, and whistles while he talks ("Do you have a flute in your throat?" ) On sex, he said that his woman said she wanted to have a threesome but told her, "I'm two people already."

He also talked about being fat ("If you sweat while you takin a shower, you're fat." ) and ribbed the crowd on what people were wearing. One guy in the crowd was wearing a muscle shirt and asked him, "Are you tryin to check yourself for blood pressure?" He also mentioned that he will star in his own TV sitcom this fall.

Afterwards Bruce Bruce sold his tees as his fans got them signed as well as got pics taken with the comic.

Bruce bruce talkin with a fan.

"That's L-A-K-R-E=E-S-C-I-A."

Bruce Bruce signing his tee for a fan.


House of Comedy owner Dee Lee takes an OUTCAM pic with Bruce Bruce backstage.

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