Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Photos by Ma'atology

A long view of the Pavillion . UPPER RIGHT: A pic of a happy couple after a man propsoed to her. RIGHT: Some of the vendors and vendees.

Jamaican Cafe Nezzies' was one of several concessions servin up those tasty dishes.

Nawlins poet Jakitha Patterson on stage.

One of the newer vendors was the Children's Art booth.

The Children's Village,a mainstay at the festival.

Festival man of all trades, poet David A.N. Jackson on the mike.

Another new booth was the Cultural Demos where people can create arts and crafts.

Some women partaking the arts and crafts.

B(lack)A(rtists)G(roup) band

Therre's Jakitha having grub sitting next to her sister, Nawlins poet Sunni Patterson (in green) who was performig at David A.N. jackson's Virtual Hot Box venue later that evening.

More concessions

More concessions

Two sistas workin it up at their food booth....

.......................Barnyard Kitchen BBQ!

The vending area.

One interesting vendor's items from Chi-town was this one who had the different scents, one being the scent of Bob Marley!

Renouned poet Shirley Leflore performed at the Festival.

Therre were many vendors selling T-shirts commemorating Barack Obama!

We liked this shirt!

The T-shirt wall of Bob Marley

The long view of the park from the Pavillion's P.O.V.

Some sistas selling their wares.

Soem of the buyers. Check out the green yarn in sista girl's hair!

Another view of the Pavillion and event supporters.

A candid shot of a mother with her daughter at the Festival. We love this shot!

Dupe copy of above.

Therre's poet Floyd IMPAKT Boykin and wife shopping. They also brought along their newborn son.

NOTE: We only attended day one of the two day event that went on May 24 and 25. The first day was an OK crowd. We believe the on and off again rains had kept many away.

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