Monday, May 12, 2008



Folk were gettin up to the Westport Plaza parking lot before the 3
chartered buses were set to move at 10 a.m. ABOVE RIGHT: DIVA Planning's Traci Givens with her homegirl Miss Paula.

RIGHT: From left: What;s Ya Flava's Keisha Daniels (who was the volunteer server of the drinks and comp food on our bus) , So Diverse's Lia Cleere, SYGU's Rhahsad Whittier and Soul Stylz' Miss Alma and Jamie Spencer. (They were on the bus together)

RIGHT: Folk preparing to get on the bus.

Therre's Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones gettin (third from left) ready for the trip.

RIGHT: Therre's SYGU's Darryl Gillespie and 'nem golf pants! In the background was STL poet Lightnin.

Folk gettin situated on the bus.

Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings (standing), one of the planners of the trip goin down the isle seeing err body was in a seat .

Looks like So Diverse's Jameelah el Amin didnt get nuff sleep!

Two hours later, we were at the winery.

About 150 attended.

Therre's Singlesvibes Mr Tony with his Skittles shirt on as Jones got nosy in the pic. . LOL

Folk gettin ready to buy their wine glasses for the sips.


Mo folk.

Jennings givin the peace sign that err thing was "ret" to roll.

We had a choice of several wines to choose from and how many times we could sip.

The menu which consisted of dry and sweet white wines, blush wines, port wines, dry and sweet red wines, and limited edition wines.

Some of the gang crowded by Precision's Rob Kirk (center)

Folk gettin their shop and sip on.

The brewery where the wine was made.

The fans were fascinating to watch as well!

Therre's STlonfire's Darryl Luckett ready to get his sip on.

Therre's sexy socialite Senora Robinson who was all smiles at the event.

A shot of the winery. Its breathtaking scenery was like a picture perfcet postcard!

Kirk became a wine maker for the day, uh, not really, he just wanted to cop an apron. LOL.

A nice candid shot of STL-AFTRA''s Tracey J, and Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer and Miss Alma lying on a blanket at the winery

The above area of the winery bulding.

Miss Amanda and Jones (who in a matter of pics will see him get his clown on).

Konnection's Quest and Wordsmith.

Folk gettin their party and clown on.

SYGU's Rhashad Whittier in drunk mode. LOL.

Something Blue's Larry Blue (in hat), who was the co-partner of this trip, gettin the spades game goin.

The entertainment of the day was St. Charles' Pennsylvania Slim Blues Band

Pennsylvania Slim had dem blues goin for the winery visitors.

A couple gettin their dirty dance on.

Evening Whirl entertainment editor Jay Bailey and Jones.

Tracey J and Jones (Here come the pics in a few seconds!

Wordsmith and Jones in a bruh man pose.

Jones partook in a flipping contest in the grass.

His dismount.

Jones' flipping partner, Mr Terry.

Some of the gang in a family portrait after a few drinks.

Jameelah and Jones.

Jones also got frisky with this Latina!

Right before he did his infamous Crown Royal dance, well in this case The Crown Valley Wine dance. LOl.

Latina and Jones.

Dont they look kosher?

Wine trip visitors (sitting) Serena Chambers, Janet Webb and Yoneidra Jones and (standing) Stres sFree Fridays Mario Wayne and Sonia Smith.

Kevin Young and Sally Jackson.

The Blues: Becky and Larry.

Winery volunteer Mr. Tom and Jones.

Folk gettin their groove on.

And their eat on.

A front picture of the Crown Valley Building

Therre's Jennings waving to a successful event!

EVENT-VIEWZ. This was OUTTOWN's first winery trip and we must say it was an adventure. Great camaraderie, drink and fun. We would tell all that happened at the winery trip, but like the government, if we tell you, we may have to kill you. LOL.
Well, we can give you a lil sumpin sumpin--The movie that was shown on the charter bus during our return to the STL was "New Jack City." )


Ms STL said...
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Ms STL said...

I'm mad at myself that I missed this trip

maatspear said...

It was a great trip. Im sure they are planning another in the fall. and like I said in the EVENt VIEWZ there was so much much otha stuff goin on, I would have to kill you if I told you. LOL