Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OUT 412--SYGU presents TEESE 08 at OLD ROCK HOUSE May 25

Photos by Ma'atology and

CENTER PIC: The SYGU guys Darryl Gillespie, Eddie Hollman and Rhashad Whittier. BELOW LEFT: Whats ya Flava's Keisha Daniels on the mike BELOW: Hip-hop artist Vandalyzm was one of the entertainers of the eve (You wont believe what was on his tee! You will see in a few!).

RIGHT: Gillespie and his tee.

LEFT: DJ Reminise and Monopoly's Mocha Latte. Rem was one of three DJs who spun that nite!

RIGHT: Hip-hop artist Black Spade was the other performer of the night.

Needles was one of the one of three DJs.

RIGHT: Model Jimmelle in fashion forward tee gear.

Stlonfire's Andrew Clark and his tee made it obvious what mood he was in!

Miss Rachel and Hollman.

Daniels and her laid back tee.

Sommer, Patrice and Cora

St. Louis American Graphic Designer Melvin Moore, Kelly and Attorney Daniel Brown and his two Coronas. LOL.

LME's Otto Nichols and Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings.

So Diverse's Lia Cleere and YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins. Did you notice that her hair color matched my shirt? LOL

Power couple Kevin and Danielle (Fields) McCoy
seemed to still have that honeymoon gleam goin!

Mocha trying to figure out how to operate the what the 1s and 2s. LOL.

Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer and Treanna along with 714's Chris Draper and model Ms. Nia.

Looked like Corey Cleere had something else on his mind while taking this pic with Miss Andrea as she and LME's Tim Slater looks at the OUTCAM.

There was a FUCK YOUR TEE crew at the event.

Corey and friend who, according to shirt is the Black Victoria Beckham.

Vandalyzm and Daron.

Daniels and Whittier clowning on stage.

Looked like this sista wanted some groupie action with Whittier.

The crowd gettin their party on. Looked like Spencer was having to much party goin'. LOL.

I AM Boutique manager Brooklyn was having a confab with DJ Trackstar, who was one of the three DJs.

A low angle from the balcony of the stage.

The crowd.

The DJ Truimvrate: Trackstar, Needles and Reminise.

The crowd gettin their groove on with Vandalyzm, SYGU and and the DJs on stage



Big Tah was therre.

A long shot of the stage.

A sista and her Color Purple.

Sistas in the corner.

Corey was all over the place, even in some bootay!

A crowd shot. We say it had to have been over 400 folk up in the joint!

Mo Crowd

Mo Mo Crowd

Mo Mo Mo Crowd

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EVENT VIEWZ. Just like last year's Teese at the CWE Bed and Breakfast, this second annual event was an all out party with folk wearing graphic tees of all types. At least we can say the majority of the folk there followed the rules and wore graphic tees. Not only that, the crowd got enetratined by Vandalyzm, Black Spade as well as the three dee-jays. The vibe was great. It was definitely a historic event and will be considerd as one of best social events of 2008!
FYI-- hopefully the SYGU guys will consdier having a graphic tee contest next May which we are sure will get people even mo re motivated to wear a graphic tee!

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