Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OUT 408--Free Time/1st Friday/MPAC/Koncept's FLAUNT YOUR TASTE hosted by BET's 106 and PARK'S TERRENCE at THE LOFT--MAY 23

Photos by Ma'atology

LEFT: 1st Friday's Fred Finley and SYGU's Rhahshad Whittier RIGHT: A dude in the groove.

Brothers watching the Lakers-Spurs game

A flier posted on the bathroom stall.

Folk comin in the club.

One of the liquor sponsors of the event was Hennessy.

Hope Butler(left) was celebrating her b-day with her girls Tracy Long (front) So Diverse's Lisa Rodgers (back) and Niecy Hill (right)

Some of the crowd chillin and networkin.

Trust us, this security guy had a wand in his hand! LOL.

Eboni Edwards, Diane Neal, R,. Hunley and Daffney Moore

Koncept's Keith Harris and 1st Friday's Harry Michel

Sister Socialites Dana and Deanna Carroll flank Kenrick Joshway

SYGU Crew: Eddie Hollman, Darryl Gillespie and Whittier

This is Ms. Jennifer and we aint mad at girlfriend!

YOURS TRULY, Ma'at Atkins was in the house.

Football star Bernard Whittington

4 Stars-- Ms. Nikki, Ms. Dai, Ms. Jennfier and Ms. Kim

Coming fresh from his recent "Que dog" performance at the Annie Malone Parade was FREE TIME's Roy Robinson and FREE TIME Girl Ms. Jara

The man of the hour Terrence from BET's 106 and Park , who was scheduled to host the event, arrived about a quarter to midnite. Pictured with him are FREE TIME's Adrian Saddler abnd coemdian Javon Bibbs (whom we hear is moving to Hollywood pretty soon to get this comedy goin big time)

This event was NIGHT One of Three NIGHT events for the superpromoters.

Terrence pointing out who's the man, FREE TIME's Darryl Freirson or Saddler.

For more pics go to http://www.stlouis-online.com/, http://www.lme-stl.com/ and http://www.stlonfire.com/

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