Tuesday, May 20, 2008



Before the show some of STl's performers took pics. LEFT: Mr. CJ, Jada Avenue, 2007 McDonald's Soul Search Winner Justin Hoksins and Silky Sol. RIGHT: Hoostar Mocha Latte and Hoksins.

The MCD's Ronald Mcdonald balloon.

Host Coco Soul opened up the event with Chic's "Good Times" with cafe Soul House Band

Which got folk up and boogying!

All types

And colors!

Folk gettin their shade on.

Coco and CJ

Latte opened up the event with an inspiring poem.

Hoskins performed an original song, "Secret Admirer' and Al Green's "Love and Happiness."

Which got folk boogyin again.

These two women was gettin youngster to dance!

2007 McDonalds 1st Runner Up Shelley Miller performed Bill Withers' "Aint No Sunshine" and Gladys knight's "Neither One of Us."

One of the many highlights was gospel trio True Lyric who performed accapello "I Wont Be Caught up."

R&B trio Sosy

One of yo cuzzins!

The crowd.

One of Sosy's hype dancers.

Poet Bobby Williams was another highlight.

He ran all through the crowd like a crazed rock star performing his comcial piece, 'I am A White Man (Who Like Black Women)"

Silky Sol and the Post's Kevin Johnson looking on.

Another highlight was STl jazz diva Kim Massie who performed Anita Baker's "Been So Long" (who started the song again then she quipped, 'I want some backgroun singers, too.") and Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Woman."

Bobby Williams' lady who had a seat on the ground sketching.

The Annie Malone organization was given a check from McDonalds for 10,000 dollars.

STL singer Tydis performed an orginal "Breathe,' and the cover of "Here's To U."

Another one of yo cuzzins!

Shelly Miller and Kim Massie shared a diva moment on the sidelines.

The biggest highlight was Jazz artist Lamar Harris with his music students from Criossoroads along with CJ.

They performed Jill Scott's "Golden" and Gnarls Barkley's "Crazy."

The Crossroads drum section

They were out of this world!

We can't forget Silky Sol who did her thang as well on Aretha's 'Rock Steady."

She also performed Jill Scott's 'Golden."

Annie Malone's Richard King and his lady got down!

Have you ever heard of a tame Rot Wilder? Well here he is!

This sista was gettin caught up in the moment.

The last act was Harrah's Big Break winner Bobby Stigman who performed the Tempt's "My Girl."

Folk chillin after the event. We see Cafe Soul's Nichol Stevnson was THUR-STY. LOL

Diversity Gallery's Miss Lynette talkin to some friends.

Kids gettin their cool on in the water.

These sistas relaxin with a toddler.

We love this shot. Some kids playin near the water

This dude was takin it all in.

The band.

The crowd..

Williams and Hoskins shared a moment in conversation.

Before the show was over, Jada Avenue and CJ got back on the mike to backup...

Coco Soul who did a Bobby Williams of sorts and sang through the crowd. She sang Chaka's "Aint Nobody."

"Ain't nobody...."

"loves me better...."

'makes me happy/makes me feel this way."

Event specialist Glynnis Armstrong (second from left) with her daughter Tanasia (first from left) and her daughters friends, Kayla, and Aleah.

Coco with her 4 year old daughter, Ariama

The Cafe Soul Girlz: Angie brown, Coco Soul and Nichol Stevenson.

EVENT VIEWZ: Overall Cafe Soul put on a hot to death music fest. With this being the organization's first time sponsoring it with McD's, lets hope they do it next year. This fest was much younger and hipper as far as the acts than last year (last year was more seasoned jazz and blues acts ) , but it should have been caleld an May Day Soul Fest than a Blues fest cuz there were no blues singers (expect teh last act Bobby Stuigman of some sorts) or blues being sang. Other than that, it was a great two hours of soul, gospel, hip-hop, jazz and spoken word!

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