Tuesday, May 27, 2008

OUT 411--Soul Stylz, Precision, SYGU, So Diverse, After Hours, Konnection, Singlesvibe and Somthin Blue present SHADES at J Bucks downtown May 24

Photos by Ma'atology

LEFT: The dapper Wordsmith of Konnections RIGHT: the ever so fly Boone of Soul Stylz.

LEFT: Precision's Rob Kirk, Wordsmith and Corey Cleese BELOW: DJ Reminise

LEFT: So Diverse's Lia Cleere (center) and her girls.

RIGHT: Event promoters Walter Deuce and Ezekiel (Check out the matching fits!)

Isoken, poet/hip hop artist Vandalyzm, Mr. Balke and Matrika

Singelsvibe's Mr. Tony and OUTTOWN contributor Senora Robinson

Four Seasons Head massage Therapist Kamren Holbert, STL weightlifter Derrick Johnson and Stress Free Fridays' Mark Anthony Jones.

The other half of Stress Free Fridays-- Mario Wayne

Something Blue's Larry Blue and Boeing's Carlston Edwards

Models Millicent Johnson and Jimmelle

Looks like Jimmelle was ready for anything, even some sugar from 3 way Promotions' Big Tah!

Mr. Tony, Johnson, Singlesvibe's Joe Jennings (right) and LME's Otto Nichols (back). What's Tony doin? Maybe he's seeing if his shirt can open up like Johnson's! LOL

Therre's one of STL's top socialite couples Becky and Larry Blue surrounded by freinds.

Konnection Krew: Quest, Terry Cantley and Wordsmith

Soul Stylz' Treanna with Wayne.

Underground hip-hop artist Black Spade and So Diverse's Jameelah E.

Rebecca and Robinson

Kinley and Cantley.

EVENT VIEWZ: Overall this event was nice. It would have been nicer if folk wore shades like they were supposed to, but just like the All Black party at Lumen, folk just don't follow the rules. But the highlight of the evening was seeing Soul Stylz' Jamie Spencer in a very shiney silver jacket (to check out the jacket go to www.stlouis-online.com then go to the photo album marked SHADES) . From seeing it, now we see why folk needed shades for real! Just kidding. we kid. We kid! Kudos to these superpromoters for putting on event together.

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