Monday, May 19, 2008


PHOTOS by Ma'atology THE LME AND POWER COUPLE NETWORK posing for a photo outside of Scape.

ABOVE LEFT: Therre's Carri Griffin of Power Couple Inc. doin some modeling of the sexy prizes at the event. RIGHT: Keith and Carri Griifin and their photographer Lance Omar Thurman.

ABOVE RIGHT AND BELOW: Folk gettin in to the action.

A beautiful ceiling artwork piece.

One of the menus at the bar.

Some sistas waiting for that drink.

DJ Reminise was holding it down on the 1s and 2s.

ABOVE RIGHT: Look like the brotha on the left was tryin to get his choice of which honey to mack to.

Guess not.

LME's Tim Slater with friend Miss Tavanda

Therre's sexy Lynette Daniels in a mint green number.

LME's Otto Nichols in a dapper suit.

The highlight of the event were these models, Natasha and Alvin who was part of a human buffet.

As you see, Natasha was lied down on the lavish table as Alvin prepared to "ravish" her.

Keith Griffin gettin ready to partake.

The Blues: Larry and Becky of Something Blue.

The chef placed appetizers on her body.

As so.....................

Anyone want a thigh?

As you see the patrons picked which body part they wanted to sample.

The LME girls gettin thier party on.

The Griffin Brothers.

Alvin assisted with Natasha's drink .

"I'll take a stomach one."

'I want a thigh."

Natasha was such a good sport throughout the event as Carri takes her share of the food.

St. Louis Zoo's Jennifer Poindexter and STL architect/ the Black Hugh Hefner Anthony Robinson (who will be throwin a soiree at his crib May 31)

Looks like Precision's Rob Kirk was gettin up close and personal with his date all dressed in white and thangs! .

Therre's former VP of Anheuser Busch and current lawyer Wayman Smith with Carri Griffin.

Posh owner Jeff Neely and Keith Griffin.

The models upright and ret to make the walk out of the event........................................

Punany Style!

Theres sista socilaites Tiffany Graham and her running buddy Miss Bonita holding up the latest issue of Alive Magazine.

An aerial view of folk comin in.

Therre's Dr. Jennifer McCrary and Miss Traci.

STL rapper Vandalyzm and Soul Stylez' Treanna.

YOURS TRULY, Walter Deuce, Miss Loraine and Ezekiel.(Thankx Teddy for taking the pic!)

From left (front)SYGU's eddie Hollman (left), Miss Chaunda, SYGU's Rhahshad; second row Photograopher Mr. Teddy and Vandalyzm.

Therre's Hollabackboi with his dates Miss Candice and Miss Danielle.


After the event, this sista got a back ride to her destination from her man. Guess its better than buying gas!

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