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ABOVE PIC: The crowd ABOVE PIC RIGHT: Patrons hangin outside on the patio with one of two fireplaces for folks to enjoy. RIGHT: THE POW organization had a sign in registration for those who were intersted in teh organziation.

Stress Free Friday co-creator Mario Wayne showing off his St. Louis Rams Super Bowl ring.

BELOW PIC: Wayne, Bridges Director, Reginald Williams, whose organization helped with this week;s Stress Free Fridays, and Stress Fre co-creator Mark Anthony Jones

LEFT: Property rehabber Frederick Fletcher and Jones.

RIGHT: Therre's Serena Robinson (left) and friend giving the OUTTOWN cam their winning smiles.

F15TEEN manager Jason Armbruster and Jones

RIGHT: Reena Hajat, Jones and Barbara Miles

Ken Houston, The Crown Royal Girl (who were waitressing free Crown Royal drinks and Jones holding up his fave drink pillow. LOL

"I got your eye on you." Theres Jones and What's Ya Flava's Miss Keisha showing one of their eyes.

STLsinglesvibe's Joe Jennings, KMOV-TV personality Virginia Kerr and Jones.

EVENT -VIEWZ. I peeped out Stress Free Fridays event that was held at St. Louis Cards' player Jim Edmonds new spot F15Teen (love how the name is spelled. It reminds me of the Jackson "5ive" LOL). The crowd was a mix of white and black, which was the purpose for this week's SFF mainly for the organization pairing up with Bridges, an organziation that tries to bridge the gap between the racial divide among whites and blacks in St. Louis (which I think will become so ironic as I tell this story) I decided to go casual and wear a blue thermal shirt, some Don Jeans and a courduroy brown hat (the hat will be significant in the blowup I hinted to earlier). So I did my share of meeting and greeting the networking people, made some contacts, took some pics , drunk the free Crown Royal drnks that were there and enjoying the atmospshere (especially the patio where they had two elegant fireplaces for thsoe who enjoy drinking their drinks and getting toasty.).

Then came the TMM (Too Much Playin) incident and the Irony incident.

First, the TMM incident. I excused myself to go to the restroom and I am doing my business at the urinal. There were three there. There was a white guy on the far left and I was on the far right and one empty urinal in betwen us. Then. another white guy walked up and stared to have a conversation with the whiet guy. The white guy who just walked up said to the white guy who was already there, "You got a nice (Whatever he said)." Then he said, "I'm not a f*g or anything, but you know." At first, I thought I was hearing things, but as soon as I flushed the urinal and walked out, it dawned on me what happened. Did a Sen. Larry Craig just go down up in there? Who knows and I was trying to fnd out either Too much Playin!

And now for the Irony Incident

The event was to bridge the gap between blacks and whites in the St. Louis area. Well, apparently the bridges were imploded near the end of the event. Things were going well until about midnite or so when the Stress Free Friday event was over and the regular crowd was coming in. Also coming through were the bouncers for F15teen, one of which was black (which has significance to the story). The bouncer saw me therre for about five minutes, then, all of a sudden, he said to me, "You can't wear your hat here." HUH? I said to him, "I've been here for near five hours, now I gotta take off my hat?" I pretty much made up my mind that I was ready to go, so I didnt trip off of it and was done with until I went up to Mark Jones and a few of the colleagues who were with him and told them what happened.

Well, one of the colleagues who was with Jones (who will remain nameless but whose pic is pictured above) went POSTAL up in there for for real. Jones said he would handle it. One sista who was with Jones got the manager and told him what was happening with my having to take off my hat. The manager was cool with my still keeping my hat on, but at this point, we were all ready to go and I wasn't raising sweat over it. But the POSTAL person said to the bouncer, in a drunken stupor, "You are a house nigga!" and was about to leave the venue until two black cops came up in therre. WHOA! It was about to get ugly real fast up in there. When the cops came we all left. When we got outside, the POSTAL guy was talking with the cops and one of them asked me, "Are you with him?" I said NO. Jones pretty much tried to reconcile the situation, but I think it was bit too late by then in regards to what the POSTAL guy had said.

But my thing was, shouldnt I been the one who should gave gotten upset?

Can't we all just get along?

Oh, the irony!

Oh well.

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