Monday, October 29, 2007



LEFT: Ant of Dynasty Productions and Mocha Latte posing with some of the alcohol apparati. At first, looked like they were going to be the bartnedars of the evening--for about 10 minutes. LOL

RIGHT: Ms. Bridgette, one of the sponsors, was a sexy butterfly and Harve as Run of Run DMC who lives at the spacious loft-styled house.

RIGHT: Therre's Fashion deisgner and stylist Fat Cat (LEFT) with some friends posing for a pic before takin care of some quick biz on the celly

RIGHT: What is Mocha Latte lookin at and poet Renee smiling at?

Event co-sponsor Anthony Robinson wore a Black Panther get up.

Therre's Robinson with Charter Cable' Christina Bailey who was a hip-hop version of Tina Turner.

You won't belive what was playing on the plasma screen! All I can say is, the flick is coming out Nov. 2. LOL

Another great costume, The Hip-Hop Pope

Folk gettin their party on.

Man bitches better have their money! The Best costumes and names of the party. Bishop Donna Juan and Bishop Don Juanita. CLASSIC!

Event sponsors Anthony Robinonson, Jennifer Poindexter, Derrick Hibbler as a Afro Grecian and Mike McIntosh as a gynecologist.


Two photos of the party from upstairs.

Wonder what he wants her to referee? LOL

Mocha took over the hosting duties to get the event hype while vet DJ Tossin Ted spun on the 1s and 2s (and anseewrwd his celly. LOL)

Is it Midget Man from I LOve New York 2? No, its 6 foot-five Slim of Loose Cannon' Slim coming up the stiars. LOL

Tossin Ted gettin the tracks together on his computah.

There's The Foundation's James Vesser gettin his party on with a guest.

A beauty and Anthony Robinson, I mean Fred Hampton Robinson,--LOL.

Ant and STl rapper Huey's dee-jay, Cristol.

A Cutie genie and Robinson.

EVENT VIEWZ. I liked this party that was thrown by Dynasty Productions which consisted of Derrick Hibbler, Mike MciNtosh and Anthony Robinson. It was a bit hood but they had the free drank and the standard CMM (chicken, meatballs, mostacolli). Err body look like they had a good time. Many were in costume, and were not. From my understanding therre was su[pos eto be a Thriller Contest and a Twister Contest but those contests were not played or done. But it was still cool.

I was mostly tripped out the cleeeeeeeeeeeeeean copy of the flick that was playing in the living room that has yet to hit the Box Office (It set to open this weekend) Clean, not in the content but of its video quality TMP! YOURS TRULY was dressed in my "gi" (a black karate outfit) with a kente cloth of my college graduation sash wrapped around my waist like a belt. As the nite progressed, say around 1ish, the scene got to be a bit hedonist and puff puff pass, but it was late to check out Boone, Treanna and Jamie Spencer's Soul Stylz debut event, Zociac at Kitchen K, so I stayed on as long as I could until sleep and buzz took its told and I had to call it a nite.

FYI, Look at OUT 284 STL-TIDBITZ where I will tell you a BLIND ITEM from this event!

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