Monday, October 29, 2007


HERRE ARE PICS FROM THE DEBUT OF SNEAK A PEAK....INTRODUCING THE UNDERGROUND WORLD OF FASHION AND ART AT I AM BOUTIQUE (PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY) ABOVE PIC: Message therapist Chakita Coburn poses with event host/creator and comedian Tahir Moore. Coburn was offering free messages that night. Moore's event is to showcase artsist and fashion designers monthly at I AM.
BELOW LEFT: Popular STL guitarist Wildman (left) talks with some of his fans.

BELOW RIGHT: Poeple waitin for the show to start.

Poets Eccentric and Silhouette dropped by for the event.

Moore, who was on the short lived BET comedy competition, Coming To the Stage, introduced the talent. DJ KT (in the background) was holdin it down on the 1s nd 2s..

Photographer Demond Meek and I AM manager Brookyln share a laugh during the show.

The crowd

Harris Stowe PR rep Nisa and her friend Tricia came to support Tahir who attends Harris Stowe.

Therre's poet Sir Ervin talkin with Chakita before he went up to perform.

Therre's local comedian Javon Bibbs (right) lookin over a photo manuscript of a young artist.

Sexy socialite Michella bartended the event as she asks a customer what they were drinking. The drinks were FRIZEE by the way.

Bibbs, who has performed on BET, was first on the mike. He gave the crowd his brand of hip-hop comedy.

Bibbs performed his famous routine, "That's What I Thought.' that put the crowd in stitches.

Local gangsta hip-hop artsists 2G was raw and rugged with two originals, "Gettin them Presidents" and "Down in the St. Louis Hustle."

Sir Ervin did two conscious pieces, "Freed," and "Stand." that got the crowd listening on its ear to every word as Michella and body paint artist Jessica Dana look on in teh background.

A candid shot of Black Pearl's Roland Page and guest at the event (Too bad I couldnt get a pic of the tattoo on the top of his head! LOL) .

The last act was Teresa Payne accompanied by Wildman. She was like a new school version of Millie Jackson who can sing and be funny. She sang, "If Only I Could Give You a Piece of Mind," Go To Hell, Baby," and ended her set with a short prayer thanking God of her life.

EVENT-VIEWZ. After I attended the St. Louis Magazine Party at Westin last Thursday nite, I trekked over to IAM Boutique in University City for the debut of this event. I only found out about this new monthly event the day before when I got a flier on my car while I was at Got Lyrics at Van Goghz. Although the crowd was a bit sparse, the show was enteratining and gave people a chance to network and hear some of STL's talented people.

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