Monday, October 29, 2007


HERRE ARE PICS FROM ST. LOUIS MAGAZINE's MONTHLY MAGAZINE PARTY HELD AT THE WESTIN IN ST. LOUIS DOWNTOWN (PICS BY MA'ATOLOGY AND INSIDESTL.COM) ABOVE PIC: A pic of the poster of this month's magazine spotlighting the best bars and singles here in the St. Louis area.

LEFT: YOURS TRULY, Bimmers R Us' Gary Stroud and STL-TV's Gilberto Pinella BELOW: Folk gettin their drink on with free cocktails and beer.

LEFT: I AM Boutique owner Ray Escobar and manager Walt Johnson

"Who wanted beer?"

"I caught ya brotha talkin to the white women. LOL"

RIGHT: A jewelry vendor showing a potential customer a ring of her liking.

Some of the delectable treats on a display.

Chris Hansen and his band had the music atmosphere goin with house jazz.

Some of the models who walked around the party carrying I AM Boutique cards.


Chocolate-covered turkey a-bobs! Mmmm. Delish!

Folk gettin their eat and network on.

PR Rep Sarah Thompson and friend. Sarah was chosen as one of the Top Singles here in ST Louis Magazine.

Here is a photo shot from the ST Louis Magazine as proof.

EVENT-VIEWZ. I had no complaints about this event. The drinks were FREE. and so were the heavy appetizers (shrimp, bobs, cheese, crackers....)! I am looking forward to next month's!

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