Monday, October 29, 2007


ANITA BAKER BRINGS CLASS AND SASS BACK TO THE STL(Photos by Ijebuman's Diary) by Ma'at Atkins

The Fabulous Fox Theater was turned into a two-hour smorgasbord of classy R&B soul as its music's very own chantuese, Anita Baker graced the stage last Friday.

Much to the delight of fans, Baker gave her all with a series of her hits from the years from "Sweet Love," To "Caught Up in teh Rapture," To "Giving You The Best That I Got" and "Just Because."

Accompanied by a seven-piece band, her set--which had no intermission--also had some album faves including, "Been so Long," "You Bring Me Joy," and even a few bars of, "You Belong To Me," which was not on the playlist of scheduled songs for the evening.

At one point in Baker's set, she quipped, "Anything can happen tonight. There's just these lights. If you wanna dance you can. Just pretend this is your living room. We pride ourselves of being very spontaneous." And so it was in that she asked the crowd was song they wanted to hear--just as long as it was in the scheduled songs. LOL

Oddly missing from the repertoire were songs from her 1994 CD, "Rhythm of Love" and her comeback 2004 comeback album, "You're My Everything."

During the show, a film crew was there filming parts of her show, which was part of her limited tour, for the upcoming Jamaica Jazz Festival she will be a part of and having the crowd to say, "Hello Jamaica" to the camera."

There were however some semi-diva moments when she asked the sound man for more drums and reverb on her mike. She was a pro and tactful in her request.

Quite bubbly in her persona and humble she thanked the crowd for being able to what she does for 20 years, then comically chimed in on her human beingness when she told the coprwd that she will be 50 years old in january and that "she have to slow it up a bit."

Baker, who was given roses by a couple of men from the audience, also promised the crowd that a new album was in the works of doing another reocrd and to be able to see the crowd again.

After a faux ending for the encore, she perfomed her first hit, "Angel" from "The Songstress" and the radio fave "Fairytales," from her 1990's CD, "Compsotions."

Baker definitely did not diappoint and in her words, "it is important to still keep keep live music alive."

Amen, sista!
EDITOR's NOTE: A source who was at the show told me that security had to throw a sista up out of therre cause she refused to give up the seat that she was NOT supposed to sitting in. From my understanding, the actual perosn who was supposed to sit in the seat came but arrived late, but the one who was already sitting in the seat's explanation for being in the seat was was that the show was almost over. Well, B and G security had something for her--the Fox exit doors. TMP!

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