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ABOVE LEFT PIC: Big Kenny of Riverfront Radio, one of the assistants to the Search, and a contestant during the early day of the Search which started around 2 p.m. (As the day goes on it gets interesting. LOL) ABOVE RIGHT PIC: The outside of the new boutique, Club Denim where the search was held . Hopefuls were competing for a layout in Black Men Magazine, an all expense trip to L.A. or NYC for a photo shoot with $500 spending money, and $500 Gift Certificate to Club Denim Clothing Store.

LEFT: YOURS TRULY, looking flyy as always talking with Big Kenny as I arrive to take pics of the Search and BOTTOM RIGHT: YOURS TRULY checking the scene out. That's Mocha Latte in the background who was assiting with the interviews of the models. (Both photos by Erica Brooks(

ABOVE PIC: Some of the girls who arrived at the 2 p.m. hour when the registration began.

LEFT: Event co-sponsor Mocha Latte doin her thang on 104.1 doing a bumper for the model serach as Hot 104.1. personality Young Dip looks on.

RIGHT: The models began coming around 4 p.m. as the line of close to 90 ladies
registered for the interveiw to be considered as the model to be in Black Men Magazine.

I know its a small pic (I dont know what happened), but its pic of Young Dip talkin to the ladies in line about their chances of winning. He mentioned while he was on the air, "We got makeup, weaves, and butts down here." CLASSIC.

To kill time, Young Dip had the models do a sexy catwalk on the concrete circle area. Here is one of the mdoels who partcipated.

Model Tia B and Mocha Latte.

Young Dip, Mocha and dee-jay Nappy Needles.

There's Loose Cannon's Slim (right) who brought the main man of Black Men Magazine, Marcus Blassingame (who is behind the light skinned brotha in the hoodie with white with black drawings ) from the airport. Although his flight to the STL was two-hours late, Blassingame along with Mocha trooped on and interviewed the models during the interview process.

Blassingame and Mocha discussing their strategy with the interviews.

Some of the models who were about to do their interview (Recognize anyone you know?).

Before the interviews started, Blassingame stated to the ladies who were ready to get interviewed that the main thing he was looking for from the ladies was integrity with the women (and having a hottie body I'm sure didnt hurt either. LOL)

One of ladies getting interviewed by Blassingame and Mocha.

"Were you at girl?" One of the ladies waiting outisde to be interviewed.

Club Denim co-owner and co-sponsor of the Model Search Kevin Jones passes out Club Denim T-shirts to the waiting ladies.

Another young lady getting interviewed. The ladies wer required to also have head and body shots for Blassigame to review. The ladies had pics ranging from house photos, club shots , Glamour Shots and portfolios for him to judge after the interview process.

"I'm tired of waiting, shoot."

One of the ladies filling out the application to get interviewed. The form stated that if Blassingame couldnt read their handwriting on the form that there form would be voided! So they were not playin!

A sista hopeful standing outside waiting her turn.

As the sun beams down, some were able to take the heat, some couldnt. LOL.

Three sistas waiting outside saw me taking pics so they posed for a picture. (The one on the right said later on at the after party that I must have given her good luck to win when I took her pic. LOL ). One of these three sistas would eventually be in the Top Three finalists. Can you guess who?

Club Denim co-owner/event co-sponsor Morrell Jones was bombarded by calls all day from aspiring ladies who wanted to know if it was too late for them to come down to the store and enter. Some even thought the store was an actual club and thought the event was held at Denim World. By days end, close to 200 ladies called, but only 88 ladies were interviewed.

There was plenty of smiles and handshakes with Blassingame and the ladies.

Mister Kenny giving directions to the heavy flow of the long line.

Miss Dominique was an eye catcher--especially trying to walk in those stilettos!

A picture of some of the male and female clothing at CLub Denim.

Here is a hot male jacket and sweater.

Here is a sassy number for a female.

Some jeans and a pink shirt for ladies.

Many of the ladies who were being interviewed had an array of reality show moments from one sista after being asked, "How long you been shooting?" responded, "shooting? Shooting what?", to one sista using her interview as a pshychiatrist visit, to them asking what was Marcus' name? to one sista after being asked, 'What do you like about Black Men?" and saying, "Oh I love me some black men, real dark and sexy." , but the question was referring to the magazine. One sista evne said that she was ready for party AFTER the After Party at Society. CLASSIC. Blassingame also told the model hopefuls that they would be looking at how they act at the after party at Club Society
Mocha (as seen in this pic) was taking donw the models' names and distributing after party tickets for them to use to get in the party free before midnite.

The line of ladies waiting their turn to be in the hot seat.

Therre's Evening Whirl's Harlem B (in platinum blonde curly hair) waiting for her interview.

This sexy sista has the look of really thinkin she had it in the bag!

Another pic of some girls outside waiting.
Even one brotha, who wasnt aware of the model search being for women only, wanted to be in the search!

A pic of a sista walking toward the door of the store after her interview.

Yani Comapny's Jarred Moore (right) and assistant Cerise Cohee (left)dropped by to support the event.

Harlem B gettin interviewed.

Harlem B gettin interviewed by All -Star member Too Gutta Gutta on BLOCK TV.

A pic of a drummer drumming outside the store as the night began to fall.

Socialite (and chemist which I found out that day) Valarie Johnson getting interviewed.

These were some of the late comers to the search which was now going on 9 p.m.

A saxophone player doin his thang with his horn outside.

It got to the point where all the ladies were lookin the same and answering the same questions with the same responses resulting in Marcus taking several business calls on his celly (Uhhhhh, not a good sign .LOL)

Miss Ashley was one of the ones who got interviewed (I wonder what Marcus is thinking right about now. Mmmmmmm, the after party maybe? LOL)

Another interviewee (She got zealous at the after party as you will see in PArt Two of the pics).

Sista girl was fa sho confident in her chances to the point where she.......

.........stood up and posed for a pic with the OUTTOWN Cam. LOL.


It's a Wrap!.It was over at 10 p.m. and the two interviewers been at it for 6 straight hours and had enuff strength to pose for a final pic (at the end of the day they became Mocha Blassingame and Marcus Latte. LOL) When the last lady who was interviewed left the store, Mocha and Marcus along with the Club Denim owners deliberated and decided who were going to be in the Top 15 and the winner to be decided later on that night at Club Society. AND NOW OFF THE PARTY PICS (but you must go to POST OUT 272 to check them out!)

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