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BELOW LEFT: Marcus Jones, the father of Mychal Bell of the Jena 6, spoke to the crowd thanking them for their support of the Jena 6 issue. as DJ Charlie Chan looks on.

RIGHT: SO Diverse's Lia and DJ Charlie Chan Soprano

RIGHT: Louisiana radio host Tony

Brown was there and posed with Jones. He was the spearheader of the Jena 6 Movement. For more info about the Movement go to his webiste at

DJ Charlie Chan on the 1s and 2s

RIGHT: Poet/event coordinator Mocha Latte with real estate agent David Carroll.

LEFT: Mocha and her girl,Kindle Barton

The crowd gettin started!

"Yo, yo, yo." Therre's socilaite Tiffany Graham doin some serious iggin. LOL

RIGHT: Therre's STL rapper Vandalyzm gettin his party on.

The crowd got all up in their party that nite!

There's Mr. Andrew of "Ask Andrew" from the popular entertainment website tryin to find a spot to party.

Folk of course gotta get their drank on!

Look at the cobwebs up in the ceiling! Oh, it was for Halloween... DOH! LOL

The sista in the pink had her own party going on. Check out the next series of photos and you will see how!

During Beyonce's "Get Me Bodied." She went into a trance like zen state!

"Pat your weave!"

"Scissor legs!"

Folks of course got their Cupid Shuffle on in that teenie space.

EVENT-VIEWZ. This was an interesting event this go round at socilaite Robert Kirk's monthly event at 609 under his company, Precision. What made it unique were the two things that happened. (ONE GOOD AND ONE BAD) The first was Marcus Jones, the father of Jena 6's Mychal Bell and Louisiana radio personality Tony Brown, who spearheaded the black radio frenzy for the march down to Jena 6 wa stherre to address the crowd about the Jena 6 Movement. It was definitely a Party with A Purpose from that moment on as they spoke to the crowd about the imprtance of the Movement. YOURS TRULY had a chance to talk with both brothas and told them how noble they were of their efforts opf making the Jena 6 a movement and Brown wanted me to email him when the pic of he and Jones were ready for publication.

Also in the house was Rams' Fakhir Brown gettin his party on ( I gave him a pity pat on the shoulder when I saw him. LOL. )

And now the BAD (and I don't mean good. LOL)

It occurred in the back of the venue where there is a closed off section den section for those who want to host private parties. Well, YOURS TRULY was in the vicinity next to the priavte area and next thing you knwo there was a tall stout brotha coming out of there yelling and screaming. Then the sista who was throwin the party, a b-day party I believe--was yelling back to him saying, "Mind your own business."

Meanwhile, Kirk was pushing back the stout brotha telling him to calm down as the sista was still spewing out her "Mind your business" epitaths.

To this day, who knows what was goin on, but OUTTOWN suspects it was one of two things

1.He was pissed cause he wasnt invited OR

2. He was pissed cause he saw her with some other man

Who knows, but it almost got ugly especially after such positivity with the Jena 6 ordeal.

Caint we all jus git along!

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