Tuesday, August 30, 2005

outside 8

Well, well, well, it's me again, your man outside, maatology, giving you the 411 on what is happening in my world anyway. OK, lets get to it...Well, you know with me its always a 50/50 chance that I might get in an event especially now that I am freleancing and not full time at the St. Louis American, but I try my best with the connections that I still have...well apparently this wasntteh case for teh Mos Def concert at Club Toxic last Thursday. When I found outthat Charles Brown from Flow Ink was putting teh concert on, I kne wI wouldnt have a probelm getting in---NOT!. Me and Brown go back since the Flow poetry days in teh late 90s and, well, I thought that would at least get me 50 percent in...BUT NO. I was told the media press list was LOCKED (as in no key to open it I guess). But I didnt trip. I kept cool and just said, OK. And asked how much were the tickets and Brown was like 25 to 30 bones! What????For a Mos Def concert? With no major opening act? (Dont get me wrong local soul star Coultrain is cool, but lets be real here.) Anyway, Kevin Johnson from the Post gave me the time run down of the concert (you can also check his review of the show at stltoday.com). The show was supposed to start at 10pm. It started at 11:30 PM--with COULTRAIN. Which meant Mos Def wa sprobably going on around midnite. Now I know Club Toxic is lenient when it comes to the time their shows start (MYA's show theer started at 2 AM and doors opened at 9 p.m.!), but come on, they have to be respectful for people who are waiting to see a concert. But I hear the Mos Def show was tight and he threw down, and even serenaded a sistah at teh DJ booth for a couple of hsi jams. ANd what is thsi rumor about him being a baby daddy to about 5 kids, by different mamas? Hmmmm, I guess he;s all about spreading the love, in full circle. As an alternative, me and my boy Kam headed to Club Seven for their free night there that KONCEPTS have (teh owners of the KONCEPTS--Robert Kirk and Keith Harris werent even there!). It was a ghost town up in there cause they were all at the mos Def show(DJ Charlie Chan even showed up for a minute!). Thats the thing about the STL either all the black folks are at one huge event, and the other venues are looking crazy with no patrons. Come on STL, we got to step it up...Last Friday, I checked out the Loop Underground concert at the Pageant where local hip-hop acts like Scooby (Hypeman Stu, you should have taken off your shirt to show off that chiseled chocolate chest!!! especially after you got some dollars thrown on teh stage for ya to take it off), I-Rock, and teh main act Jia Davis (formerly of Bits and pieces), potty mouth rapper Toyy (the same one who gotteh boot for cussin at the Expo last weekend) was a guest rapper. She did her thing. It was like a backyard hip-hop party. It was about 100 peopel there--white, black, male, female straight and gay (Two whote lesbaians even ha dtehir own show freakin on each other dancing in teh mosh pit area!). I hung out with Kam and Chris Coffield and me and Chris were there to siupport Hypeman Stu (AKA STUART ALLEN) who is going to LA LA land the first of Septemeber to pursue his acting career... At the end of the Loop show Jia said, "Thank you for coming out even though y'all could have been at the 50 Cent concert!" Now why did he have to say that? We all know that the rest fo the people were at the UMB BAnk Pavillion seeing 50 do his thing, and speaking of which, I hear the show was very short (three hours) and LIl Jon didnt show up (thii is the second no show for him, when he dissed STl earlier this year when he was supposed to perform at THe Pageant.) I hear that Ciara danced her BOOTAY off, but had no vocal chops and that 50 brought on Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks do join him on stage (Peep out Kevin Johnson's review of thsi show at stltoday.com.) My boy Bill beene said 50 did not show upo at the official afterpaty at Club Toxic. I guess he as well as Lil Jon were headed for Miami for the MTV AWard parties and show....On Saturday, Kam and I checked out The Formula, formerly Club isis on Wash Ave in St. Louis . Wasnt a big crowd, but we got in free and had comp drinks (I had a 24 oz KAMO beer before I got gthere and I must say it is SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTH) courtesy of Kwame Thompson. Someone had a b-day party and had chicken and mostacolli and a b-day cake. We partOOk some of the pleasantries until the b-day crew took the food and the cake! We didnt even get no cake! What was up with that? I guess they saw too many univited guests and said they were hauling teh food away as well themselves. Oh well...And speaking of the MTV show, what wa sup with DIDDY and thsi anything can happen bullish? Giving away his bling watch to a guy nearthe stage and said that it wasnt scripted, came back from commerical and said that the security guy brought the watch back to him and gave it back to the guy? What tha hell? Like Diddy dont have more watches. Then the 100,000 he gave away for the best dressed celeb man (which was SNOOP by the way) and woman(GWEN STEFANI won) at the award show and said that they will give the money to theiri fave charity because "they already have enough money?" HUH? Talk about love of self. With the deadly Katrina hurricane that blew not too far away from Miami and hitting Louisiana and Mississippi soon after the show was televised, this whole celeb fest was getting disgusting. And what was up with the Fat Joe/Tony Yayo/50 outburtss? Fat Joe saying he felt comfortable becasue of the G-Unit securitym then Tony Yayo and 50 retaliating calling Fat Joe a PUSSY BOy and FuCC boy and other expletives that were bleeped out of their performance? Cant we all just get along? Anyway, much love to Green Day winning all the awards, they deserve it for Boulevard of Broken Dreams. It was a great video and the song was rockin! And teh whole Suge Knight gunshot in the leg at the pre party at the Shore Club is too much playing (I hear he almost got stabbed at the Vault here in the STL) Is it me or is death soon will come for Suge? Well, I guess that will do it fo rme. This coming up weekend is the Labor Day weekend and I plan to go to a few parties. One B-Day party thrown by my acocuntant Josh Beeks , for his sister at the WS and the Beauty and Bling Fashion VIp party at Harrahs that I'm sure will be the bomb with invited stars athletes and music producers schedueld to show. I hear barber Steve Lacy is throwin one at Toxic on Sunday, too. .Oh and before I forget Tia Hodges and I had our first rounds of auditions for outr talk show Talk it Up last Wedsenday and we saw about 10 people (one white lady had an articfical heart that you can hear from a far and told us that she cant get excited --That blew her chances). One guy was too long winded and he reminded me of Uncle Remus. One white guy said his mother was dying of brain cancer and he just left the hospital to come to the auditon and one hefty black sista was about to break down and cry when Ishe told me her fave singer was Lutha. That was too much playing cause she was acting as though she was about to get happy like in church. That was too much playing. My boy Carlos M audutioned. He seemned a bit nervous, but he had some potential--especially drawing teh female viewers to our show. There was one young black girl that was fiesty and intelligent (a mini Sister Souljah ) and a white guy who married a black/Asoian chich that reminded me of a snide Seinfield. Those two had star quality. We may do another round pretty soon, and I';ll keep you posted.

My boy Enoch has an update on his film that he's doing thsi fall. here is the update:

For immediate release: The Hunger Project is pleased to announce that auditions for an independent feature film called “The Hunger” to be shot in St. Louis this winter, will be held on Friday, September 9th between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at 644 Gravois. Actors, extras and crew are needed! This is an urban film about an aspiring music producer/artist and his passion for his craft, whom enjoys success in the music industry only to suffer his most coveted personal relationships as an end result. The following is a list of the primary cast requirements: 1. Bounce- This is our main character. African American 25-30 yrs old, artistic and eccentric 2. Dokka- Bounce’s main partner. African American 25-30 yrs old, rugged street sharpened intelligent hoodlum 3. Thelma- Bounce’s woman. African American 22-24 yrs old, frustrated and pregnant working class spouse 4. Kenbai- This is Bounce’s brother and Manager, African American, 34-37yrs old, slick and hip, fast talking hustler type 5. Merc(ury)- A female record label A&R, African American 25-30 yrs old, temptuous and savvy, modern professional 6. Noiz- Bounce’s conciousness/guardian angel, African American, 30-35 yrs old, dredloced Rastafarian sage 7. Extras of all ethnicities needed for various everyday scenes, as well as evening party and street scenes Unfortunately we cannot pay SAG, AFTRA or any other agency’s standard wage. We will offer stipends to those that participate in the project TBA upon selection/acceptance. All casting including extras will take place in September and rehearsals begin at the beginning of October. We are scheduled to begin shooting in early December with a very brief Xmas break, and will shoot for 8-10 weeks, concluding in February 2006. If you or anyone you know are interested, we hope that you’ll come out and be a part of this production. ARRIVE EARLY to register and complete necessary paperwork. Please email enoch@knocradio.com for more information, or call Shawn “Enoch” Williams at 314-495-1391 after 7:00 p.m.
OK until next time, see ya outside!


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Ma'at, I'm looking forward to future posts. Keep blogging.

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