Wednesday, July 27, 2005

out town 3

It was an interesting week this past week with the Kappas in town for their annual convention. And you know what that meant: PARTIES, PARTIES AND more PARTIES. It was also the weekend for many fashion shows in the STYLE. It was so much coutureing going on, you would have thought the designers were competing for the next Project Runway show. Your boy tried to get to as many functions as possible last week, but you know, it's hard to be Solomon and compete with the likes of Delores Shante and Deb Peterson to catch everything. More than likely, I had to use the ear to the ground method and jot down what was poppin.

First up was last Thursday at Club Seven. Thursdays are free again. STL party organizers Robert Kirk and Keith Harris put on these free nights to offset the much crowded 609 on Delmar (It has become a madhouse up in there for real--too many people, too little space, too many cops). It was packed up in there because of the Kappas finding somewhere to get their step on. I saw a few Nupes I went to school with (I saw you Trez) and a lot of youngins up in there with their red and white Conclave T shirts on. They also have free drinks from 9 to 10 p.m. I drank a Tequila and lime juice concoction that was potent as TNT. I just drank one cause I wasn't trying to climb the ceiling, not on a Thursday at least. A brotha named Mario (Fowler???), an old school Kappa was passing out flyers for the WS Kappa party that Friday giving everybody a reminder that the Kappas were gonna tear up WS for sure. In the house were Bill Beene, Alfred Wade (Club Seven security bruh), Christiaan Coffield, and Kameron Holbert (K-HO!!!)...Friday night was Too much playing. It was so much jumpin. The Platinum Hood Awards/Creme Party was going on at Pageant, Exquisite Fashion Show at Toxic, Panama Reds (for the alternative crowd), and, of course, the WS. I spent most of my attention at Club Toxic near Union Station at the Exquisite Fashion Show. So I got there about 10:30 p.m. cause the fashion show was suppose to kick off about 11p.m.--NOT. Try after midnight. I heard that a couple of the models jetted, the music didnt arrive yet and their wasn't a call sheet for the order of where the models was supposed to be for the stage director (CHROSTIAAN COFFIELD you still did your thing). Now don't get me wrong, I can understand the last minute HELL that one goes through to put on a show, but two hours after the actual production time is strecthing as far as Star Jones in a SIZE THREE skirt. Anyway, when it did start, it was off and runnin. The host was The Beat's Staci Staic. Some of the designers were Nicci Bonds (you were workin that black ensem), and Skylar (He is SUch a short short DEE-VA). There were some hot fashions the models had on like jeans skirts, fatigue pants, and jumpsuits. One bruh had on a tall pimp hat, cape and white belled pants that had the audience rollin. I guess the saying is true: DARE TO WEAR. The fellas in the crowd were gettin rowdy and started cat callin the female models (who I hear some were strippers, BTW), tellin some to take it off and even throwing bills at them on stage. Now that wa sjust too much playing. The ladies weren't any better. WHen one guy wore some low ride white slacks exposing the top of his ARSE, one sista shouted :Damn I just want to grab that ASS:. It was too Scandalous up in there. The favorite female model was Jamille, a tall, dark skinned sista who slinked when she walked. She had them going (Kameron and Brandon y'all did y'all thing, too.) things seemed to be jumpin off but I had to roll and attend some other functions. Much congrats to X-Jam for making a dent in the STL with their function at Panama...Anyone who attended the Platinum Hood and the Ws events, holla at me...On Saturday, I just went to the gym thenm jetted to the crib but from my party bords, Club Seven was the place to be, however, there were only two bartendars working the whole club!!! Now that is just too much playing for people who need to get their drink on and in a hurry. ..On SUnday, I attnded two fashion shows back to back: DIVA Events show that benefited the Marshall Faulk Foundation that was held at Airport Marriott and VYAA STAR's Asian fashions at WS. Now you know a bruh was working some miles from the County to the City to get to both of these events. DIVAs were on point. It was hosted by 100.3 the Beat's Hypeman Dwight Stone (I didnt hardly recognize you in that dapper suit and shades--Looking too grown and sexy.). The models were definitely in step, with their syncronzed steps and classic slow turns that gave you Ebony Fashion Shows for real. The only part that had me struggling was the opening comic Mr Troy. I felt for him becasue people were laughing more at the air than at him. Most of his act was doing OLd School roll call with the Dee-jay playing back-in-the-day-jams for the crowd to get hyped. Marshall Faulk was in the house. Deandre Perriman (who now goes by D-ST. Louis--Hmmm, OK) performed as well as STL gospel sensation Praize (who was going through some pain when he announced his best friends were gettin separated), and the Black National Anthem was done by Twana Barber (good job on that last note). My only thing was it was a sit down, dressy dressy affair, and your boy here was wearing a cut up sweater short sleeve and white pants and I was definitely not dressed for the occassion (Carlos M, you shouyld have warned a bruh, but I digress). Some of the fashions included summer wear, career ware and a highlight, the Sazzi Church Ladies, middle aged plus size sistas who was struttin down the isle like they were ready to walk through the pearly gates. I had to skip out during intermission to hit VYAA's joint (she is a beautiful Asian sista). I had time to regroup, catch a drink, cause the stage was still gettin set up (You heard me). She designed some beautiful Asian print wear, mostly floral dresses, pink chiffon lingerie, kimonos and pajamas. It was totally NYC and the choice of Asian house music gave it a quirky touch. The models were tall, lean and sexy (especially Lakia who was giving you Tyra Banks for real) The flow of the show went smooth until Vyaa brought her 11 year old daughter and her friend up to the stage and sang a Hilary Duff tune. The crowd kind of went HUH? (I know I did). They didnt really sing that well, but it was cute. But the clanker was the professional local group One Sound (who was backed up by STL band Level Ground). Their title suits them because it seemed like they sang in one sound--and a bad one at that. And what made thse four guys try and sing Maze's "Happy Feeliongs". That is like sacred, you know. and they gave it no mercy. It was just AIIGHT. Clown-hip-hop dancers Richie and the Crew was on point. Just picture You Got Served meets STomp. One guy even slid his head on the stage while doing a hand stand(just like in You Got Servd). They definietly need to be in You Got Served Part Deux! Oh the food was off the meter: Vyaa prepared for the VIPs a vegetable drop soup that would make you slap your mama. Theer was also veggie rolls, pork chops (they were TENDER)and angel hair spaghetti that was too legit to quit (sorry for the HAmmer reference). I have to give a shot out to Christiaan Coffield who did a great job stage managing this show even though he did not get credit at the end of the show when Vyaa introduced everyone in front and behind the scenes.If it wasnt for him, the show would have fell apart. Oh well. In the house were Harry Colbert, Ali Moseir, Tiffany (lookin slim and trim), and Mary Cannon (your new short do was rockin).

BLIND DISH ITEM: What STL brother, whose behind the scenes at a local newspaper, was caught on front street swappin spit with a sista in the men's bathroom at Pepper Lounge last Sunday? Hmmmm, that's very American of him. LOL

Next week: Babyface concert review--hopefully. Until then--see ya outside!

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