Wednesday, February 22, 2006

OUT 34

Hello again cyberfans. This is yours truly, Ma'at, who is at it again trying to give you the skinny on the last seven days. Well, technically six, because as of this writing, I am posting this a day early because I nee dto prepare for a few events, One being the Schin Kerr party at the Loft and going to Chi-town this weekend to check out the locally-filmed movie, "Piecces of a Dream" at the Ice Theatres: Chatham 14 in West Chi-Town. Okay I gonna be like the Black Eyed Peas and get it started!

First off, I want to talk about how crazy the weather has been here in ST. Louis. Talk about fairweather! We got spoiled with all the 60 plus degrees until last weekend when the temp dropped from 60ish to 30ish and in between was a host of hailstorms (it blew past Belleville) and a tornado sighting in Madison County. Well, like I always say, it doesn't suppose dto be near spring weather in February and we definitely paid for it when Friday and Saturday came around and the temp was a low as the limbo. Single digit-snot nose, Chicago kind of weather. But did it stop me and others going out and socializing? Not one bit!

Let me first say, nice reporting from model Christiaan Cofield (did I spell it right this time? LOL). who attended one of comedienne Sommore's shows at teh Funny Bone in Fairview Heights. As promised here is very concise report of what went down:

"Sommore was really funny. She talked mainly about the relationship between men and women, then she went on to compare the differences between us. Lots of sexual connotations of course. Over all it was a entertaining show! The show started at about 10:15pm and went until midnight. The diva Millicent Jackson was there looking like America's Next Top Model...........SHE WAS HOOOOOOT. Turnin heads and stuff.......

Okay, I know what you're saying. What specifically Sommore talk about? Well, I was expeciting a lil' more, too, but what can I tell ya............................................

MOVIN' ON.....

Last Friday, Jewelanda Hodges and I attended one of the performances of Tyler Perry's "Madea Goes to Jail" that was playing Feb. 14-19 at the Fox Theatre. We were determine dto get there on time, because one of the infamous signature refrains in Perry's plays is when he breaks out of character, breaks the "fourth wall" rule in theater and call out people who come late to his plays (and he did so the night I went as well). And when it happens, it is like the Fourth of July of all the fireworks in laughter. Here is my review of the play:


Every time I check out one of Tyler Perry's urban plays, I pretty much know what to expect: high falutin' urban sitcomery and the adlibbed jabs that Perry does as the wise-cracking, no-nonsense, sacrilegious middle aged women, Madea (aka Mabel Simmons). Thsi is what has made him a multi-million dollar man since the early part of the 00's and what makes people come in drives to check out his plays. This go-round was no excpetion as Perry's latest installment of the Madea series, "Madea Goes to Jail" hit the Fox Theatre, Feb. 14-19.

Like all of his plays, most of the storyline is your typical "my-man/my-woman done me wrong/change my life with a new attiude and relationship" plotline with some gospel-tinged vocals from the actors. The only difference in 'Jail' was what Madea was going to spew out in regards to funny-one-liners and soem mother wit, breaking out of the "fourth wall" and attack anyone that is needed of an insult or "signifying."

In 'Jail' the story dealt with a graduate student, Vanessa (played by R&B singer Cheryl "Pepsi" Riley) who does not appreciate her hard working husband, Sonny who is paying for her schooling through his job as a prison guard. Things go awry when it was discovered that Vanessa cheated on her husband with Sonny's friend and boss, Nate. And, the baby that Sonny thought was his tunred out to be not Nate's but Leo's (another prison guard at Sonnys' job), As a result, Sonny leaves Vanessa, who ended up in prsion for child neglect after one of her rendevous with Nate, and falls for his high school freind, Wanda, who is now an district attorney, who helped Madea get out of prison for not payng her gas bill at the pump.

The substory dealt with an inmate, Katie, who shared a cell with Madea, who wanted Madea to file for custody of her wild teenaged daughter, Toni, who is in the foster system.

The actors in 'Jail' were OK. No one was extra spectacular, the focus was mostly on how exaggerated they can be with their lines and physical comedy (epsically the actress who played Miss Ella, whose girth was used as a comedy device when she delivered her need-a-man lines and doing a split while visiting Madea after Madea told her to "drop it like it's hot'). The male actors in 'Jail", mainly the actors who played Sonny (the light-skinned pretty boy) and Nate (the rugged dark-skinned dreadhead), were mostly the eye candy in the play ( There first few minutes in the play, they had their shirts off exposing their well-chiseld chest and abs).

Besie an elborate two staged-set (which turned in a circle after each scene from the house to the prison) But the three things that made 'Jail' fresh and interseting were the power-voiced singing (especially the charcter Katie's last number, "Be the Best that I Can Be" after she got pout of prison and was able to take custody of her daughter. WOW--chills down your spine and teh white actor who played prison chaplain Jeremy throwing down on Maze's "Before I Let Go" ); Madea's spoofs and takes on hip-hop/pop culture (e.g. Madea saying Whitney's phrase "Hell to the Naw"; talking down about today's music including "Laffy Taffy" and "I'm in Luv with a Stripper" and comparing songs of the good ol days--even singing some of them him/herself like "Goin in Circles" and "Love Don't Love Nobody" which was something new for the MAdea character!) and of course, Madea breaking the fourth wall and talking to the audience (eg. talking about how bad the sound system was and saying jokingly that it as the white people he hired fault; telling some women in the front row to take out their gum out because they were distracting the show and had the actress who play Miss Ella to direct them to take their gum out with a piece of tissue Madea gave to Miss Ella).

It was amazing as far as how much stuff the Madea character was able to talk about (from how to detecet a woman is cheating to how to raise kids today) to the point that he went off script to "preach" to the crowd becasue he felt he/she needed to say things to someone in the crowd.

True, like most of Perrys' plays, 'Jail" is not necessarily theater, but an experience with down-home family witnessing something about themselves.

After the play, Perry, in a Jordan starter gear suit, said , "It took awhile to get to STL, but we're here...Thnak you for making "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" the No. 1 film last year...It's really hard to get a movie doen in Hollywood and make them say OK. Having all to to show up the first week meant so much to me. From the beginning , I have been changed."

He then talked about his latest film, "Madea's family reunion" (which will hit theaters this Friday), when he told people to "go during the first weekend. That's how Hollywood judge. You gotta pass the bootleg and go to the theatre."

Then he showed the crowd an extended version of the trailer (about three minutes) to Madea's Family Reunion. After the trailer was shown he talked about how Hollywood is trying to pit him and comedian Martin Lawrence after Lawerence debuted at No. 1 with his man-to-drag flick, Big Mamma's House Part 2. he said., "I called him and I congratulated him. I will not let Hollywood put us against each other. They won't get that."

After the play, I hit up the Jazz Loft on Olive to celebrate my big tax refund payoff. Man, you all just don't know to call your bank and Direct Deposit tells you so that you hit the jackpot without scratching or playing the numbers. All I can say is, it's time to chill, travel, pay bills and invest (Not all at the same time, though). I called up my boy Kameron (who had a chance to do message therapy with most of the cast from "Madea Goes to Jail" except for Tyler Perry who jetted with two bodyguards after each show in his BMW) to tell him I would be down there. I got there about 10:30 ish (He got there a twenty minutes later). I saw some people who were in some of my plays I produced in the early 2000s like Forest Park instructor Keith Batey and poet/author Lonnie Love (know you see me, you want something, LOL). I also ran into Tiffani Blackmore, my Hipster Mag gal (and bump and grind dance partner. LOL), and her pal Gina Wynn who was with her on/off man Carlos McClaurin (who is pictured above on my blog and will talk about later). Also up in therr were Christiaan, the Posts' Kevin Johnson and 104.1's Craig Blac.

On Saturday, I checked out Steel Magnolias, the play that is currently playing at the Belleville Center of Arts until March 5 (check my SCATHING review at

On Sunday, I had a meeting with 104.9 personality Selena J at TGIF in Fairview Heights talking about being on her Saturday show. After two Hurricanes (drank by me). She is looking at April 2006 for my being on the show.

On Monday, I had a breakfast meeting with Swift Incentive's Brian Swift at Cummel's. True it was 9 in the AM, but I couldnt pass up free food. He's going to help make some t-shirts with my weblog site on them for more pub for this site. Good lookin out man (And you know you can put down some FOOD)!

Carlos McClaurin sent me an email to share with you all about teh snakes in the modeling industry. here is what he had to say:

" I have been inspired by actors such as Denzel Washington, Jamie Foxx, Will Smith, Al Pacino, Johnny Depp, Wesley Snipes & model Tyson Beckford. With these inspirations I started my career in the entertainment industry in 2003 at a St. Louis fashion show for an Urban Newszine. With the success of my first show I was invited to be in numerous fashion shows in the metro area. Most notably Haute Courte December of 2003, Famous Barr 7th annual Holiday Show in 2005, Grown & Sexy Fashion show sponsored by Anheuser Busch, and not to mention our own Marshall Faulk Charity event.
I was ripped off by a new management company in the St. Louis area. A gentlemen from the agency approached me to do a print add for one of the most successful magazines in the US. I was promised 80% of the fee. This was far from what I received. The fee I received was the 20% of what a print add would typically pay. Without a signed contract there was nothing I could do. This experience caused me to loose my car which in return I lost my job and with out money or a car I was homeless. I just want other models to know they need to watch out for scams outthere and get a signed contract for what they discuss.
Even though this was a negative part in my life I still keep pushing on with my passion for this industry. I am in the February issue of Ebony Magazine representing Anheuser Busch for black history month. With upcoming events such as a possible role in a feature film or a T.V. series on the W.B., Bacardi Promotion for St. Louis Mardi Gras and Muscle Mania in Miami FL this June. I try to make as many events in the area to promote my modeling and acting career. The events are also for charity which helps me give back to St. Louis for the support I am receiving.
I am no stranger to striving for success. I left my hometown for a football scholarship to University of Illinois. In my last year of college I had an offer to play for an arena football team. After much thought I decided to accept the offer and not finish my last year of college. I played for a few arena football teams such as Connecticut, Tennessee, Iowa, Florida, NY, and Kansas. With this level of success and dedication I know representing St. Louis in any facet I will be successful. I just want other models to be aware that these scam artists are out there. There are signs they can look for and if some one would like help with this please feel free to contact with questions or concerns at . Look forward to helping others reach their dream

TIDBITZ. No more Club Seven on Olive! It is now Dante's . I hear the former owner of Dante's has bought Harry Michel and Fred Finley out of Club Seven. Hmm, what's up with that? It did get at least two years out of the club life. Oh well. Local director Greg Carr will be staging the STL premiere of “JOHNNIE TAYLOR IS GONE”, The cast includes: Laurence Staples, Camille Morgan,>Saudah Johnson, Aja Moody, Paris Creighton III, Shawn>Guy-Pitts, Stuart Allen, Archie Coleman, Gwen Spicer,>and David A. N. Jackson. Performances are February 24-26 & March 3-5, 2006 8pm>(Sundays at 3pm) General admission $4;>students/seniors $2. Free with a valid SLCC ID. >314-644-9386 or 644-9388>> >>Performances held in the Mildred E. Bastian Center for>The Performing Arts 5600 Oakland Avenue...What was up with the BlackJack, Mo, family almost getting evited before moving into their dream home beacsue of an old ordinance in the city that says that her household fails to meet Black Jack's definition of a family? Or could be because the woman, Olivia Shalltrack is white and her boyfriend, Fondray Loving, is black? Hmm. This has got STL talking...Former STL actress Tann Moore will have a booksigning for her book, "The Cinderella Syndrome" at 3 p.m., Sat. Feb 25 at Afro World. Call 3314-389-5794 for more info... Despite all the criticism and all the haters, Chi-town native Shani Davis made Olympic history , becoming the first black person to win an individual gold medal in Winter Olympic history. Davis won the men's 1,000-meter speedskating race,. Davis was criticized for not competing in the team pursuit competition last week that would have given teammate Chad Hedrick a chance at five gold medals. Davis said he wanted to focus on his individual events. Hmm, I guess its fist in the air with a black glove time. Oh and whats up with Davis filing a lawsuit against the city of Chicago? Davis claimed he and some friends were stopped and searched for illegal weapons because of their skin color. These events occured about 3 years ago. Now that Davis is famous, it's all coming into focus. Hmm. I winder how his ticker tape parade will be in the Chi?...Good luck to Ingrid Owens who is ruunign for State Rep in the 74 th District. For more info on her campaign go to Was that sexy enough for ya, baby? LOL. Oh and before I go, did you all see the Fox File report on STL hip-hop photographer Suzi Gorman? It was off the chain almost. They got into what she does and she said that she is a drill sergeant and she has no problem speaking her mind. They had her saying, that she spoke to one female rapper (name not known) and said that she said to the rapper, "I may be a white girl, but I don't like your hairdo." Whoa1 Thats toooo much playing. The report also said that Nelly doesnt like to wear makeup or eyedrops when taking snaps with Gorman. He wants to keep it real with his stills. Suzi also says he likes IMos pizza while oing his shots. My question is how can he eat pizza with those platinum and gold grills in his mouth?

Well that will do it for me, if you have anything for me to place on my blog, feel free to contact me!


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