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Ok This will be short and sweet cause I dont want to get shot and killed like Al-Queda leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi cause of the brutal stuff I am about to say on here. Just kidding.

Last Thursday, I attended the E Lynn Harris' (pic is on the left in the black and white) booksigning that took place at the Carpenter Branch Library on South Grand. About 100 or so people attended. Mr Diva himself showed up about 10 minutes late ( I remeber when I went to the Black Arts Festival in the AtL in 2002 and he was about 20 minute slate there for a panel discussion acting like nothing happened!) , complained about his flight being horrible and requested that poeple dint take pictures during his reading cause it was distracting. (Such a diva). But if you're making millions on books then I guess you can do that. He read a page out of his new book, "I Say A Little Prayer" then he opened up the floor to questions and most of them dealt with his career, the down low and so forth.
All in all, he said that he is working on a novella called Love is Stronger Than Pride, where five up and coming writers plus Harris will be featured and that people can go onto his website ( to pick the best writer and that writer will win a publishing contract with Random House.
He also talked about that he signed with ICM Talent Agency who will buy the rights to his books and turn them into DVDs. He also said that he is teaching creative writing at the University of Arkansas (Trust your own voice , he said he tells his students) and that his first novel,"Invisble Life' will be turned into a play (I thought a film from my sources, but I could be wrong). He also said that the downlow phenom is a media created thing and that he 's glad its talked about cause a generation of women didnt have a clue of what wasgoing on.I He was also glad that the world is finally catching up to him. I heard that.
Last Friday, I attended 1st Friday at the Rennaisance Grand Hotel in downtown STL (You can read up more on thats me in the sexy suit above--thanks Jacob for getting my assets. LOL) It was packed turnout (No surprise), but I was really surprised that they were giving away CDs to celebrate Black Music Month like Rhianna, Isley Brothers and Ne-Yo. Its not likely that 1st Friday does that and I commend them for giving back to their patrons. On the 1s and 2s was DJ Nappy Needles with 104.1 Hot Morning SHow personality Craig Blac commentating as the DJ spun.Also in the house were Fox 2's Rob Desir, local photographer Japhus Johnson (check out his pics from First Friday at and local model Ali Mosier.
Last Sunday I attened local comedian Arvin Mitchell's (seen above with his eyes closed) Funny First Sunday's at the Duck Room in Blueberry Hill In University City (The last one of the year).It was Three and halfhour show (and started ON TIME) that highlighted up and coming and semi-established poets, singers and comedians. Hosted by local comedian and Club Dreams co-owner Maurice G, The highlights were acoustic guitarist and singer Tsunami )Her "Im an Alcoholic' song was killer!), BET comedian Darrius Bradford (who wasnt scheduled to be on the bill but killed as always especially about McDonalds workers), DAndre (I saw him at Cometry set last week at the History Musuem), and MAster Jewels (I will have a whole pice on him alter). The low light was this young comedian named Young One who was doomedfrom the beginning when after his named was called he walked the long way on stage (Maurice G ripped him for that), and got on stage and was NOT FUNNY. He was nervous eand ran all his jokes together (He even left the Duck Room after his set!)
As far as Master Jewels, this brother got started as soon as I got there. He's like a dark skinned Lil Jon without the shades (He even does the YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH). he had to have been lifted there cause he was shouting out YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH before , during and after hsi set. When he got on stage, he was actually funny. His set was a touch homophobic (This dance is gay, that dance is gay--you fag stuff), but hsi physical comedy is on point. But what got me with him was when Arvin got on stage he kept shouting out, "I love you, Arvin!"and Arvin said to him, "I love you, too, but not that way and stuck his butt out as a joke. Then Jewels said, "Hey, I'm not gay!" That got me thinking, now for a comic like Jewels to talk about gay this and gay that, but then he screams out I love you to a man , constantly, while his lady is sitting on his lap, mind you,makes me cry, SUSPECT.
Anyway, When Arvin got on stage, it was near 10ish.His set was very funny.It is a mix between Rich Little, Chris Rock and Bill Cosby. he is mor eof an impressionist-observationist comedian.One minute, he talks about how emission test messes up your car, to impersonating Chris Tucker when he saw him in L.A., to how white people and black people pray over food, to how certain scenes in the film "Ray"were like a comedy.His comedy is definitely universal and thats what makes stars.He's leaving for L.A for good in July (For those not in the know, Arvin came in second to Lil JJ in the first season of BETs'Coming to the Stage and was the bartendar on last year's Comic View season with Jay Anthony Brown as host).
MA'ATIDBITZ. For those who saw, "LAst Comic Standing' this past Tuesday might have seen a part of my face shown while the judges Gary Marshall, Kathi Griffinand Tim Meadows were judging the comics on there. I think I might have saw three shots of the top of my head (and one long view of me the crowd).Oh well,I thought for sure I would get more air time cause I laughed at a lot of comics that were not funny jst to be sure I was on camera. Oh well..........
I heard from a good source that the local fashion show "Rep the Runway" that was held at the Hyatt Regency Hotel near Union Station last Saturday was a HOT MESS. It started three hours late, most of the desginers in it left because of the tardiness and I heard that the local artists who performed had topay to perform! What is really going on there???( I hear rapper Ebony Eyez was the only act who was paid) I also heard that the designers who did particpate had to sell tickets in order to compete! can someone say GHETTO? I hear the designer named Yani won cause they were one of the ones who stayed to even be considered to win.I'm glad I stayed away from this one cause I would have been pissed if I got there and wasted three hours of my Saturday night for that. STL-NEWS. Chingy is getting sued! The owner of a St. Louis-based record label has sued Chingy, claiming that the "Right Thurr" rapper reneged on a contract in 2002 so he could join Ludacris' startup label, Disturbing Tha Peace.
According to yahoo news, Ronald Gavin is asking for $250,000 in damages and at least $25,000 for legal fees. According to the lawsuit, Chingy (whose real name is Howard Bailey) signed an exclusive deal with Gavin's 49 Productions Inc. in 1999 when he was still pretty much unknown and rapping under the name H. Thugzy.
Gavin claims that he spent more than $100,000 on Chingy's image and career over the course of three years, scoring him performance dates and radio play. His suit states that he produced one album for the rapper and was working on another when his client inked a deal with the production duo known as Trak Starz, who in turn promised to hook him up with the Atlanta-based Ludacris.
Chingy, who is often referred to as a protege of Ludacris (born Christopher Bridges), released his 2003 debut album Jackpot on the Disturbing Tha Peace label, with Capitol Records handling the distribution. (Now most of the artists on Disturbing Tha Peace are distributed by Def Jam.) Jackpot, boosted by the hit singles "Right Thurr" and "Holidae In," sold more than 2.8 million copies.
Gavin stated that Trak Starz--producers Alonzo "Zo" Lee Jr. and Shamar "Sham" Daugherty--knew about his prior arrangement with Chingy. Mark Goodman, Gavin's attorney, called Trak Starz' move to sign his client's client "a flagrant interference."
Chingy left Disturbin' Tha Peace over a royalties dispute after he made Jackpot and released his next platinum album, 2004's Powerballin', on Capitol. The rapper appeared as himself in Scary Movie 4 earlier this year and his latest effort, Hoodstar, is due out Sept. 12.
MMmm. sounds juicy. I'm sure we'll hear more about this!
EVENT-TIDBITZ. You are cordially invited to join State Representative Michael Corcoran, Dr. Ron Gregory and other concerned citizens at theChristian T. Ferguson Benefit Reception on Saturday, June 10, 2006 at the Central West End Bed & Breakfast, 4045 Washington, St. Louis, MO 63108 The event will begin at 8:00 P.M. A donation of $25.00 is being asked of individuals attending this benefit. Your contributions will help to increase the reward account for Christian T. Ferguson and will also benefit Looking For An Angel, a new nonprofit organization that will increase awareness of and raise monetary rewards for missing persons.Please R.S.V.P. by calling (314) 583-1198 or call Sharon Williams-Rayford at (314) 382-5910.
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