Thursday, April 06, 2006

out 41

Hello everyone! This is Ma'at here. Still in Los Angeles enjoying life on the West Coast. You know, I was just thinking that in order to make a real good story out of my trip here , I decided to do a summary of my travel here when I get back to the STL April 12 and do my first blog post-LA on April 13 or 14. But in the meantime, here are some TIDBITZ for you all until my next post back in the STL.

TIDBITZ. If you are in Los Angeles, there is going to be a hot party going on at Club Touch inside the Highlands in Hollywood (6801 Hollywood Blvd) this Friday. For more info call, 818-464-3505. For the alternative crowd, check out First Fridayz on April 7 at Club A.D. located at 836 North Highland. Fo rmore info, call 323-769-6333...In the STL, I hear that the St. Louis Black Rep is getting high praise for its AIDS related drama "Before it Hits Home," and because of this, the Black rep will have a pre-show dialogue session, an AIDS quilt signing and 1/2 price off tickets for the show between April 5-8. For more info, call 314-534-3810...My boy Kameron Hopson hipped me last week that Flavor of Love reality show winner Hoopz was in the STL at Club dreams where VIP tix were 100 bones to get in. I dont knwo about yall but I dont think i would have paid 100 bones to see her. Shes hot and all, but the only reality star I may have paid that amount to talk upclos eand personal with would have been Omarosa. What Kameron told me, she didnt stay that long in VIP and that Club Dreams was charging 25 bones for a pic with her. I'm not mad at Dreams for gettin their hustle on, but let;s get serious!...It's a sad day for the STL as we all heard that Florrisant. Mo,. native and baby Phat /Fashinista mogul Kimora Lee Simmons and her mogulk husband Russell Simmons (seen below on my blog during happier times) were calling it quits in their 7 year marriage (talk about "unlucky number 7"). From what I 've been hearing, there was trouble in paradise for awhile and that people close to them saw it coming (It was speculated that Kimora was seen recently at a posh nightclub in Hollywood smooching with another man, allegedly.) But from the PR standpoint, they are still going to raise their children and settle things as adults. Hmm, we'll see what 's really going on when something will leak as far as why the marriage fizzled. You know it's coming....On an educational tip, Educationist Dr. Mary Frances Berry (seen on the right of my blog) will be speaking at the Missouri Musuem at Forest park, Saturday, April 8 where she will talk about her latest book, "My Face is Black is True" where she talks about African Americans and the reparations plight. Tickets are 5 bones and for reservations, call 314-361-9017...I hear that the Jazz Loft is now holding Martini Mondays where the Martinis will be 3 bones and ladies who get there before 9 p.m. will get half off the admission (Or is it, if ladies have half-off they get in free? LOL). Anyway, I hear that its the hot night out there.

Well, thats it for me, if you have anyuthing for me to pub, holla back at!

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