Thursday, September 14, 2006


Herreare a few pics from the events I attended last week. That's me in the cap gettin the exclusive interview from sexy STL rapper Penelope Jones during her video release party at Nectar Lounge. Then, there's Penelope gettin her crunk on (she better had watched it with all that bling on all on the dance floor! LOL) . I also shot some of the party people there like thw attractive white couple (Doesnt the guy look like Greg Louganis', heavy on the Hair Mousse? LOL), some party girls clowin on the Video Vault TV show (the sista on the left is in the same fashion show I am in BTW), some sistas smilin for the camera before the braided sista got her sip on her apple martini, DJ Tab (or is it Stab?) on the 1s and 2s, and The Post's Kevin Johnson and STL producer James Glasco gettin their mug on.

The next set of pics are from the Dub Mag's pre-party at Drunken Fish: The Clispe performing for the party people, Dub Mag's Auto show host the very sexy Vida (GRRRRWOW!), STL Model , the very stylish Jamel with the flyy shades, Mytv46 personality Jeannie Roberts(in the same style t-tank as Vida BTW) and my boy Kameron Hopson takin a pose, people trying to walk up and down the steps, THERE'S BROTHER WITH THE EASTER SUIT I WAS TELLING Y'ALl ABOUT IN MY REPORT, NUFF SAID!LOL, There's the VIP area next to the white light balls that were hanging, Eye Candy creator Mo Witherspoon (WAKE UP! LOL) with his wife (with glass of wine in hand) , more party people(see the sista with the pink dress, I ain't mad at the cleave. LOL), a pic of the projector screen, more atmosphere party people, Nappy Needles on the 1s qnd 2s, two sexy sistas--one short and one tall(both who are in the fashion show I am in), and the Dub party hostesses in black (I told the taller one that she remined me of Nicole form the Pussycat Dolls. What you think?)

The next set of pictures are from STL rapper Rucka Puff's Supreme Team Presents McDonalds Party on the Parking Lot in Florissant: thats' T-Scales in the colorful shirt in shades with his hypeman, a crowd shot, and local rap group, A10.

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