Thursday, September 21, 2006

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SUP! This is Ma’atology one more time for y’all. Hopefully your week was just as productive as mine—and I didn’t have to eat spinach to get energized. Speaking of spinach (How’s that for a segue way?) what’s going on with this e-coli scare with spinach? A couple of people died I think in the country (one in Southern Illinois). But I guess for those who ain’t touched the stuff or familiarize themselves with spinach only with the Popeye cartoons, then y’all ain’t got nothing to worry about. (LOL) .

It has been an interesting week in the news as well as the AMBER ALERT on STL Newborn Abigail “Baby Abby” Lynn Woods went nationwide (It’s almost as infamous as the Baby Jessica falling in the well in the 80s!) and found alive at the house of the lady who kidnapped the baby lived 5 miles from the parents! Then the saga of the Floyd Irons v. School Board is heating up again as Irons and Demetrius Johnson filed a civil lawsuit against St. Louis Public Schools Prez Veronica O’Brien (who is using tax payers money for security for her and her family at her crib) for spearheading the firing of Irons of teaching and coaching b-ball in the public schools. It has gotten gangsta for real. And what’s up with Venezuelian Prez Hugo Chavez calling Pres. Bush in a speech The Devil! Its enough that evangelist Pat Robertson wanted to see him killed (remember that statement), now he has up the ante with this statement,. I must say, Chavez is trying to tell us something. What you think? And whats goin on with this Tickle Me Elmo—the remix selling like hotcakes (I say go on brotha who created Elmo, more like “Elbro,” Do your thang. LOL)

And on a serious note, the STL lost a great blues musician who was a pillar in the music game—Bennie Smith who died Sept 10 from heart complications after his battle with lung cancer this year. He was dubbed the dean of St. Louis electric guitarists. In the 1950s, he played with the likes of Jimmy Clark, Ike Turner, and played on “sides” (45 records for those born before 1980.LOL) on the STL based label Teek, that was owned by (soon to be alderman) Freeman Bosley, Sr! (How bout that for STL history) . He was 72.

All right onto my week:

It has been a busy one for me. I started by attending the premiere of the Black Rep’s Mahalia: A Gospel Musical at the Edison Theatre last Friday (PIC OF THE STAGEPALY SEEN ABOVE). Here is my review of it:

‘Mahalia’ stirs up joyful noise in Black Rep season opener
By Ma’at Atkins

The St. Louis Black repertory Company premiered opened its 30th season with Tom Stolz’ s “Mahalia: A Gospel Musical,” this past Friday at the Edison Theatre at Washnigton University. Directed by Black Rep Producing Director and Founder Ron Himes, “Mahalia” tells the story of the life and times of late great gospel singer Mahalia Jackson from her humble beginnings in New Orleans to her success singing for presidents and sold out concerts around the world.

What makes this two hour plus production so outstanding is the three-member cast especially Roz White Gonsalves who plays Mahalia Jackson (and has an uncanny resemblance of the signer!) . Her deep throaty vocals is very reminiscent to the late great singer . Although it could have been close to mimicry of her unique vocal style, Gonsalves infuses her own sassy alto voice into the role making it seem as though she is more the daughter of Jackson than a parody of the singer.

The quaint, modest set is also worth noting. The vintage looking furniture and the organ on the stage looks like it was plucked straight from the Old South giving the feel of nostalgia and hard times for “black folk.” For those who are fans of Jackson, they will not be disappointed with the selection of music that is used to tell the story of Jackson. The songs are timeless classics including “Elijah Rock,’” Walk in Jerusalem” and Jackson’s signature song, “Move on Up a Little Higher” that is used as a reference to Jackson passing away from this life in a Heaven scene.

What is also interesting is the play is threefold: It helped to tell the story, not only of Jackson, but it was an education lesson (done cleverly by Gonsalves’ role by her monologues and breaking the fourth wall using the audience as a character in some scenes) of how gospel music was developed, how secular record labels tried to sway Jackson into singing “devil music’ and how African Americans in this country evolved from enslaved citizens to Civil Rights revolutionaries.

One of the outstanding scenes is when Gonsalves’ character and actress Pamela Mallory’s character (as Jackson’s pianist/assistant) and Minister Malcolm L. Speed’s character as her hilarious blind organist Francis, traveled to Jerusalem during one of her European-leg tours to witness the land of Jesus. Gonsalves’ character really grips the inner joy of Jackson finally seeing the land she so passionately sang about.

The only drawback of “Mahalia” is, and this is with any musical that depicts a larger than life personality (e.g. Evita), that most of the human qualities of Jackson is left out. What is left is a stoic, romanticized version of Jackson. It would have been nice if the musical spoke more about her personal life (e.g. her two marriages, one ending in divorce) and her battle with diabetes and heart ailments during the latter part of her life (It was hinted slightly when Gonsalves’ character took some pills for her heart).

But overall, “Mahalia” has great creative dialogue, some surprising comedic moments and of course, it is a foot stomping, handclapping good time that takes you immediately to a time where gospel music was the soundtrack to the plight of black people’s struggle for freedom in America.


After the show, me and my date, Jewelanda Hodges mixed it up with those who were there including Black Rep’s Ron Himes, Strasky Wilson, Karla Goldstein and Rudy Nickens (who hoped they had a crowd due to the premiere was on the same night as St. Louis American’s very popular awards banquet Salute to Excellence In Education at the America’s Center) . Also in the house was local TV personality Laurna Goodwin and STL laywer/poet Cheryl D.S. Walker. Hodges and I had a chance to talk with and get our programs signed by the cast.

Afterwards, I roll’d over to the Formula to take some pics of the Ne-Yo/Chris Brown Concert After Party (I hear that Chris Brown could not attend the party that he supposedly was to throw for Ne-Yo but the Formula managers were not having it cause he is underage and he did not attend). I got there about 10:30ish and checked out the spot. It was a lil’ sparse but I the concert at the USB Bank Pavillion was just letting out so it was just a matter of time for the party people were coming through. Meanwhile, I did my usual walk around and saw Formula co-owner Sonia Brascomb who shared with me her karaoke moment at some club a few weeks ago where she sang “Don’t Cha” by the Pussycat Dolls and , well, let’s just say, she was letting it ALL HANG OUT, if you get my drift. LOL.

Anyway, I checked out that they had some CD samples from STL-based label Cuzzo’s artsist Chop Shop’s single, “La La la’ on the bar table tops. The VIP area was ghetto cool with a pool table and TV set on VH-1. Static Static from 104.1 FM was the On-air personality with the mike in her hand walking around in the club getting people to come through (She tripped me out when she said on airre about Ne-Yo and said “Did ya’ll see those pictures of Ne-yo on the Internet? CLASSIC. (I also found classic was when as the party people danced on the two dance floors and all and when the DJ Stan the Man started playing the song, “Dyck in your Mouth,” the party people still danced—men too! I thought that was quite interesting to say the least. LOL).

So, it was around 12:30 in the AM when the security guys swarmed the entrance which meant that Ne-Yo was comin through. He walked into VIP w/his boyz and he had on a white hoodie and jeans (with his ball cap on of course). I don’t think the females in there realized he was there until he got all in VIP and then the shrikes of high voices started to erupt. They ran to Ne-Yo like a bee to flower nectar (THATS NE-YO SEEN IN PIC ABOVE WITH STACI STATIC) . They had napkins, CDs, their “breasteses” and err thing else for him to sign as they looked up at him by the railing of VIP as he looked over the crowd as though he was the second coming. (I also heard that Ne-Yo and his people were requesting bottles of everything from Gray Goose to Moet as though they werre in Hollywood. Well, I heard the establishment wasn’t having that!) In the house were Herbert Hoover Boys’ and Girls’ Club’s Indigo Sams, fashion designer Nicci Bonds, and 104.1 personality Tony J.

I stayed til about 1 ish and thought I’d try and swing through the America’s Center to try and catch the Salute to Excellence After Party where hip-hop veteran Dougie Fresh was spinnin on the 1s and 2s. before I got therre, I took a pic of the white Hummer Stretch Limo that wa sparked outside of Formula. I drove up Washington AVE up to the America’s Center, parked and tried to catch the tail end of the Salute After Party, well, all I saw was the streamers on the red carpet cause I missed it, but before I left, I saw one of the coordinators of the event itself, Platinum Group’s Jacque Land who was spiffed out in a tux. I told him, “Let me take your picm befre you turn into a pumpkin.”LOL


On Saturday, I had to be part Major Atkins and part Zoolander model. Earlier that day, my father’s security company had to help secure the ground breaking of the $4 million 40-foot tower on the East Riverfront area near the Casino Queen where local dignitaries attended (Sen Baraka Obama was supposed to show up but he was no show) including Rep. Jerry Costello, East ST. Louis Mayor Carl Officer and Rep. Wyvetter Younge among others and the general public were invited to witness. I had to man the 40 foot crane that was taking people up and down it to get a view of how high the tower will be. (the project will begin this month and be completed in the summer of 2007). I had to leave early to get to fashion show practice at the YMCA Emerson Center. I phoned Tracy Givens whose over the fashion show and told her I was going to be a little late but she told me to take my time cause there was a screw up in the rehearsal space. When I got therre, our rehearsal was moved from the dance hall space downstairs to one of the racquetball courts upstairs . Half the cast was there, but we managed to get a few turns playing runway. I don’t wanna give anything away, but the finale scene I hear is going to be something that the STL has yet to witness as far as out-of0the-box-fashion. Good news is, the show has been set to Oct 14 (check out EVENTZ-BITZ for more details).

On Tuesday, I checked out the CD release party for Chingy’s third CD, “Hood Star’ at Club Xes inside the Drunken Fish in the Laclede’s Landing area on 2nd and Washington . I got there about 8:45 p.m. and parked my car at an hour meter 1st Street. For those who care what I wore, I had on a light brown suit coat with orange stripes, a small sunflower in the lapel, a yellow butterfly collar shirt, jeans, a belt with a gold buckle and big fly brown shades (A PIC OF ME IS ON OUT 88) . As I was walking, I ran to old ESL schoolmate Tim Lampley (Y’all remember him? He was the brotha who used to do the late night updates on KSDK in the late 1990s). We walk’d up to the party together up front to the restaurant area and we were directed to go to the back to enter (come to find out, the back was for the general public and the front was for the VIPs and Chingy ). Therre were two policemen in their cars prepared for security in case anything got out of hand. Before we left, one of the hostesses said that she liked my shirt, that it was cute. I said thank you and gave her that Hollywood smile.

When we got there it was about three people in line (One sista in a Bob Marley short skirt ensem was the first in line). The big bouncer near the back entrance said that they haven’t open’d the doors yet and that they weren’t expecting media to get therre around 10:30 or so. So that meant we were going to be waiting outside at least 10 p.m., which meant we had one-hour to kill.

So, Tim and I began talking about everything that was business related from former St. Louis American journalist/BET employee Thomas Gibson in town to tape Chingy for his reality show (I don’t think Gibson ever showed up!), to Lampley’s stint with BET, the politics at BET, ESL native and filmmaker Reginald Hudlin’s job as Prez of BET, to Ron Isley, to the closing of Club Rio on the East side, to the type of people that may show up at the Chingy event and to Dennis Edwards. What was interesting was the big bouncer up front was ‘ear hustling’ and he said that he hate to interrupt us talking, but when we were talking about Isley’s 3 year stint in prison for tax evasion, the bouncer guy aid that he wouldn’t get 3 years and that he lives next to Isley in Town and Country! (How crazy is that???) He also said that Isley is in remission from kidney cancer and that he loves to live in the STL away from the Hollywood life. The bouncer also chimed in on the Dennis Edwards conversation when he said that Edwards goes to his church! Man, this was too weird to be true, but then again, it is St. Louis. Omai models photographer Chantell also came through to get some snaps and waited in line to get in.

I looked down where the line was and it was barely one. I was surprised (If it was Nelly’s party, the line would have wrapped Drunken Fish four times!). They started to let people in around 10:15 and Tim and I were able to get in through media credentials. When we got to the club area, it was barely packed (But that was going to change within the hour!) When I saw St. Louis American freelance photographer Carlston Edwards, we dapped and began jibbin on this little man who had on this dapper blue suit and hat. We joked and said that it was Jermaine Dupri’s father in the building (I got a pic of him so don’t fret.LOL). I walked around in the club (It reminded me of a bigger version of Club 609) for a bit and took some snaps of some females who were eager to take pics (including the 104.1 hostesses who were Omai Models—one who is in the fashion show I am in.)

I saw Carlston take the elevator and wondered where he was going, so I followed going upstairs and saw that it was a red carpet area for the media to take pictures and do interviews. SO, I was in the right space. Up there was the video crew for Video Vault, the Post’s Kevin Johnson, Chantell, Edwards, and STL American’s Bill Beene. I stayed therre for a minute as the local VIPs started coming through on the carpet like Hot 104.1’s Staci Static, Young Dip (When dat CD comin? LOL) Wendi Brown and Craig Blac, Chingy’s protoege’ Spiffy (who I joked with and said, “I’m glad I got on shades with all that bling.” ), Chocolate Tai (who was glad that we mad eher feel special) , FOXXY’s Garth Adams, Mo Witherspoon, NBA star Jahidi White, martial arts fighter champ Bam, Basement Beats, and rapper Ebony Eyez. Singer Lil Mo also came through looking ghetto chic. Then the man of the hour, Chingy came through (SEEN ABOVE IN PIC LOOKING VERY USHERISH) who was looking surprisingly very dapper-hip-hop style who took pics and talked with the media. He was very nice and humbled and didn’t want people to blame him for coming late and the dress code was no longer dress to impress. Oh, err, okay.

After about an hour or so of this, I took the elevator back to the lower level to go to the club. I was warned that it was packed as a sardine can up in there but I wasn’t expecting it to be up close and personal like that! It was definitely over the capacity when you can smell heat before you reach the heat? I tried to walk up to the dance floor area where the VIp area was. I got up close, but imagine hundreds of people trying to get to an area where only 50 people can be seated comfortably. It was too much playing. Chingy who got on the mike (and also tried to sing Ne-Yo’s Sexy Lov’;and I do mean TRIED said to the anxious crowd, “Hey ya;ll, get a drink. Lets; have some fun. Too many people are trying to get to VIP.” And speaking of the crowd, well, let’s just say a lot of them look like they just came from around the way. I guess if they were paying 25 bones, they were comin in however fashion they were comin in. But getting back to the VIP, it was more like P, cause the wristbands were not acknowledged the Chingy groupies who were trying to get snuggy with him, and balers were tryin to flex. And the weed smoke up in there could make Cheech and Chong go cold turkey. Man, as I walked away from VIP, I felt the floor lift up from my feet (Oh Oh—CONTACT). I walked back to the elevator to get back up to the press room to get some air.

Meanwhile, it was around 12:45 and the man who was hosting this party Jermaine Dupri was starting to become a no show (sounds familiar ?), but he finally showed up and his people rushed him on the red carpet for about a minute. He screamed out, “Man it’s cold here in ST. Louis.” We laughed out of being cordial, but I was like, to myself, OK, what else is new? Anyway, we also ha da chance to take one shot when his bodyguards whisked him off. We tried to get him to take a pic with Chingy but his people pushed him away. It was too FOUL. After that, Chantall (thanks for getting the spittle from my lip corner BTW, LOL) and I went back to the elevator to try and get a shot of Jermaine . She probably was successful, but I got caught up with people who I saw up in there (like model Carlos McClaurin who now works at the Drunken Fish who was in his DF uniform earlier and was then partying in one of the roped off sections near the bar). I saw Kevin Johnson and said that I was going to do another walk around and I was out like parachute pants. And that’s I what did. Then I took the elevator back up to the media room, said my goodbyes (Thanks Carlston for voting for my blog, man and telling people to call me Brother Ma’at . LOL).

I also found out that rapper J-Kwon was one hour away from coming to the party and, according to St. Louis American’s Delores Shante, Remy Ma was aleady up in there (I didn’t see her , maybe she jipped the red carpet) and Tyrese was a no show ( He probably was still in L.A. where he announce earlier that day at a press conference in Beverly Hills the nominations for the American Music Awards with Carmen Electra) Well, there was no way I was waiting for J-Kwon so I walked off and to my car hoping I didn’t get a ticket parking in an one-hour meter. I didn’t. Pshew.

In the house were Dj Sno (who was on the 1s and 2s), FOXXY’s Maurice Hamilton (You didn’t tell me I was pretty, too. LOL) and Gina Covington (you know you need to be on the cover of Maxim. LOL) rapper Penelope Jones (I didn’t see her go down the red carpet either) , Synergy, local rapper Rucka Puff, STL music producer James Glasco, JAKADA fashions’ Demond Tucker, local singer Aaron Foster (I’m so fukkin glad you holla’d at Penelope! LOL) , KSDK personality Jeff Small, Majic 104.9’s BJ the DJ, Derrty ENT’s Blu Bolden, STL photographer Japhus, and Club Plush co-owner John Daniels.


On Wednesday, I checked out Coco Soul’s monthly Café Soul at Club Dreams, where singers get a chance to sing open mike style. It also was a special occasion where St. Lousi Post Dispatch’s Kevin CYPRION Johnson was celebrating his 53rd b-day (just kidding on the age KJ. LOL) I also was playing Clark Kent two times on that day as well. After I left the gym at Bally in Clayton, I changed into my Ma’at style attire in my car. I had on ripped jeans, an overside white shirt with long sleeve collers, a blue blazer and a blusih brown vest, with a blue Kangol. I got to Dreams about 9 ish and the first person I see as I was walking up to the club was local singer Samuel. He wa sin his car with his buddy and he was turning up a jam of his own. I started doing the Monestery just to be ackin. He said he was going to sing tonight and I told him my bad about missing his listening party. Then he said, oh that’s; okay, I knew you went comin anyway. Then he said, Just kiddin. Dyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam.

As I was walkin up , I saw Sarah Thomspon, who works at Charter Communications as a freelancer (she also goes to the same gym as I do) . We hugged and all and as she was about to pay, Café Soul co-creator Nicol Stevenson asked for her money and Sarah gave Nichol as 20, she asked her if she was paying for two (meaning she and I) and we laughed. Sarah then said, “No, No, actually, he should be payin for me.) CLASSIC.

Anyway, as I got in, it was like a family reunion up in there (with those who I wanted to see, and those well, you know you are. LOL) with all eth local VIPs and mixing and mingling.

The show itself was hosted by Coco Soul and Queen Isis Jones The singers who performed were Miss Scarlet (who sang Erykah Badu’s “On and On “), ESL-based group One Sound (who did Anthony Hamilton’s “Can’t Let Go” doo-wop style), American Idol finalist Taynka (who was the only performer to sing two songs , “Tell Me Something Good” and Jill Scott’s “The Way”), Ronnie (“Lady Marmalade”), trio Mo Tre (who sang, “BBD’s “When Will I See You Smile”), Alicia Renee (who sang Whitney’s “I Believe in You and Me’), Malik (who was the showtopper with his rendition of Luther’s’ “A House is Not a Home”), Buddy (“Donnel Jones’ Where I Wanna Be”) and my boy Deveaon (who sang “Anthony Hamilton’s “Comin From Where I’m From”). Co-host Isis Jones did an ac ca pella version of Billie Holliday’s; “Good Morning Heartache”) and Coco and Isis did an impromptu version of Jill Scott’s “Surely.” The event went kind of long (It was still going on close to midnite). D. St. Lou was one of the singers who unfortunately had the audience start leaving not because he wasn’t good, but it was getting late.

They had some giveaways and the trivia questions were about KJ and the questions were What’s Kevin’s middle name (CYPRION---Its; Catholic) and how many CD’s he owns (Over 5,000!!!!!!!). The B-day boy 9who had mo’ money pinned on his suit coat on him than probably all of us in there put together. LOL) led by Coco Soul with Happy B-Day (You tricked me about your singing up on stage NEGRO.LOL) and a cake was brought out for the celebration. I could’ve shot more pics, but my camera was getting flatlined with battery low syndrome.

I must say, I was impressed with the turnout and KJ , you should be proud to have many friends who love you! (NOT. LOL)

In the house was a potpourri of local VIPS: FoFeet, Majic 104’s Deneen Busby, Vanita Applebum, Freeman Bosley Junior Show’s Nicci Roach (DONT CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA. LOL), Sandra Roberts (Thanks for the vitamin advice) , Erika (Hope you got home safely.), Gina Covington, Black reps’ Ron Himes, Professor Laurencin Dunbar (You sho you wasn’t tipsy?LOL), Christiaan Coffield, Tony Ford, model Malik Ali (I saw you with that model ), Jacque and Leata Land, Denise Thimes, Lady Mae Wheeler, Joe Edwards, Jeff McGhee, David A.N. Jackson, Monica Robinson, Dr. Pan Jackson, Pete Foggy, Joel King, brian, Afua Bromley, Renegade, Randall beans (love the pink shirt and velvet suit coat!), Dana Christian, Black Rep’s Rudy Nickens, gospel singer Praiz, Jamie Spencer (SHOCKED you were there), Rebeccah Bennett, Steve Lacy, and Charles Brown.

I got some cake, wished KJ well, got into my car, changed outfits again to go to the water Geyser to do the late shift….

MA’AT-TIDBITZ. I got some snail mail from the National Black Who’s Who (the same people who I write the features on local who’s who people Vantage Credit Union’s Hubert Hoosman and Express Scripts’ Michael Holmes and they would like to feature me in the Whops’ Who Book as well! The book I gues swill be available at the time of the event on Nov. 8. I will keep you posted……
104.1 Morning show’s Craig Blac emailed me this week about my website and wrote:

Hey Matt! It's nice to see you're out it doing your thing!...Also keep me
informed and updated on what you have going on! Keep in touch!”

St. Louis Idol winner Whitney Cook was on Fox 2 (with a new do with the Shirley Temple curls) last Friday talking about her trip to Seattle to compete there for the American Idol competition on Sept. 19. TBA on her results.

The movie I did on YOUTUBE a few weeks back of my brief appearance on Last Comic Standing in care of Kathi Griffin reality show, “My Life on the D-List” is still getting hits, slowly but surely. It has gone from 401 to 416.Thank you for your hits! If you haven’t checked it out, go to, You gotta pause the video at 2 second in to see me!)......................

CHART-IDBITZ.. The Billboard charts is still hopping with STL representation . Chingy, who released his third CD, “Hood star” this past Tuesday, is still reigning supreme on svereal charts, whiel Nelly is still struggling on the charts and newcomer Jibbs is making string strides up the charst with his “Chain Hang Low’ ditty.

On the Hot 100, it seems like Jibbs is the first of the three STL rappers to hit the Top Ten as his hit, “Chain Hang Low” has moved up three spaces from 11 to 8 in its 7th week on the chart. Chingy, on the other hand has, as of this week, peaked at No. 13 as his song, “Pulling Me Back” with Tyrese moves down two spaces from 13 to 15 in its 14th week on the chart. Nelly’s duet with Janet, “Call on Me” is showing signs of exhaustion as it moves down big spaces down 13 spots from 37 to 50 (peaking at No. 25). This song has had its share of ups and downs (literally). At first it was in the doldrums of the 40s, then it left the Top 50 then last week, it shot up 15 spaces from 52 to 37. Now, it has plummeted to No. 50.

It’s hard to say what will happen now that Chingy;s song on this chart is starting to wane. Will it reach the Top 10. I predicted last week that if it does reach the Top 10, it will peak at No. 10. This song spent most of its time at No. 16 (three staright weeks so that wa sindictaion right therr (pun intended that this song was aboutto peak. As far as the Nelly/Janet duet, I think it’s safe to say that this song will not reach the Top 10 on the Hot 100.

As far as the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, Chingy has changed places with Nelly as “Pulling Me Back” regains the No. 1 spot from Nelly as Nelly moves down one space to No. 2. This is exteremely wild anc crazy as the boyz from the STl battle at the top. Jibbs is holding his own on this chart, but at a slower pace as the song moves up two spaces from 18 to 16 in its 10th week on the chart. Will Jibbs join fellow STlers Chingy and Nelly in the Top 10. It’s likely. Like I said last week. In a coupel of weeks, all three should be in the Top 10 together.

On the Hot Rap Chart, Chingy hiolds the No. 1 spot for a 5th week and Jibbs moves up two spaces from 9 to 7 in its 8th week on the chart. Can Jibbs hit No. 1 on this chart. He has a good chance too. The song is catchy and it’s a hot ditty. In three weeks, Jibbs should have a chance to hit No. 1 on this chart.

STL-TIDBITZ. I saw a small blurb in the Riverfront Times last week on STLhip-hop rapper (and closeted sex symbol LOL) Space (aka Wiley “Chip “ Price) who is a part of the Bits N Pieces—the Committee Underground Movement here in the STL. He is about to release his own solo CD in October (Hopefully I will get that copy from ya Space. ) He has been talking about this CD for a couple of years now, and always said that he wanted to venture out on his own and do more “pop” stuff. Well, I guess he is about to be the NEXT cause he is very talented wordsmith and definitely has eye candy looks for the ladies. . Congrats to ya!.

Have y’all heard about this new wine that is called Chuck Berry Wine? (I hear you drink it and you start walking like a duck. I couldn’t resist the joke there.) They are having a release party for it Sept 30 and Oct 1 at the Crown valley Winery. For more info call 866-207-9467. .................’s B-Gyrl sent me a funny YOUTUBE when she talked with Fox 2 eprsonlaity Bonita Conrnute fduirng this years; Missouri Black Expo.
Check it out at ...........................

ST. Louis actress Erica Sutherlin is leaving the STL for Cali and to do her acting thing at USC. For her closest friends she is having a going away partySunday Sept. 24 at her crib, 6006 Enright Ave in the STL at 7:30 pm. She is currently accepting relocation gifts, prizes and presents, if affordable. Oh and BYOB. For more info, contact her at And speaking of Miss Sutherlin, her last theatre production is the “The Last Days of Judas Isacriot” which runs until Sept 23 at the Art Loft Theatre, 1529 Washington. For ticket more info call 314/289-4063 or go to

BLIND-BITZ. Which club sista recently dropped burning ashes on the carpet at this particular nightclub all up in VIP?........ What sista was dancing in the bar table at this same nightclub the following night? …Which radio personality had on the same outfit at two separate events on different nights of this week?...Which sista from the local media almost had an orgasm when she saw Chingy’s buffed out bodyguards at Chingy’s CD Release party? And on a national scope, which “Dreamgirls” star came on the set unprepared and read their lines while the movie was being filmed?

EVENT-IDBITZ. A Musical Tribute, "Ella's Radio" The Music of Ella Fitzgerald at Finale 8025 Bonhomme, Second Floor, Clayton, MO 63105, Sept 21, 2006 @ 7:30 and 9:30 p.m. Tickets are 20 dollars through or by calling 314/421-4400

Southwestern Illinois college will present a fall fair Wed, Sept. 27 at 11 on the campus’ front lawn. Free music and lunch. For more info go to

Artists of the Historic Shaw Art Fair @ Portfolio Gallery 3514 Delmar, St. Louis, MO, opening Fri. Sept 29, 2006, 6-8pm.

14th Annual Historic Shaw Art Fair, Oct 7 and 8 feat. The work of 130 artists from 23 different states w/demonstrations, art activities, food, drink and live music, located at the 4100 and 4200 blocks of Flora Place in Tower Grove Ave. just east of Missouri Botanical Garden. Admission % dollars, Children under 14 is FREE with an adult. For more info go to

The Real Fight league presents Unfinished Business, the first mixed martial arts event, featuring champ Bam in the STL, wed. Oct. 4 at the Gateway Convention Center , 1 Gateway Dr. in Collinsville, Illinois. For tickets or more info call, 877-RFL-MMA1 or go to

The Marshall Faulk 2nd Annual Benefit fashion Show, has a new date, Saturday., OCT 14. Tickets are 45 dollars (for dinner and after party) , at 7p.m. at the Airport Marriott. And businesses and services can still sponsor ads in the event’s program booklet. $25 for a business card, $40 for a quarter page, $60 for a half page and $100 for a full page . For more info, contact for more information and tell them that Ma’at referred you!........................................................

The Black Rep announced plans to shift slots for the 30th anniversary season. Titled The Black Pearl, the season will feature a six-show line-up designed to entertain, educate and enrich audiences of all types. Continuing their partnerships with Washington University and Mary Institute Country Day School (MICDS), the 30th season will kick-off in September with a two week run of MAHALIA a gospel musical at the Edison Theatre followed by a one weekend run of the production at the Orthwein Theatre at MICDS. The mainstage series at the Grandel Theatre will feature three hit musicals, August Wilson’s play exploring the first decade in his ten-play series and the return of a popular comedy by Samm-Art Williams.

The season will begin with MAHALIA By Tom Stolz on the life of legendary gospel great Mahalia Jackson until Sept 24 at the Edison Theatre at Washington University and September 29-October 1, 2006 and the Orthwein Theatre at MICDS 2007 Performance Schedule:Wednesday and Thursday Previews at 7:00 p.m.Thursday at 7:00 p.m.; Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday matinee performances at 3:00 p.m. Season subscriptions for all six shows of the 30th Anniversary range from $120 to $200 and are on sale now. To reserve your seat please call (314) 534-3810 or visit

AUDITION-BITZ. The St. Louis Black Repertory Company will hold auditions for its 2006/2007 mainstage season on Saturday, October 21, 2006, 1PM.– 7PM Equity actors will be seen between 1p.m. and 2p.m. by appointment only at the Black Rep’s offices, 1717 Olive Street, 4th Floor. Appointments will be taken beginning Monday, September 11, 2006. Call (314) 534 – 3807 to schedule. Actors should prepare 2 contemporary contrasting monologues, or 1 contemporary monologue and an acappella song. Please bring two (2) 8.5” X 11” updated professional black and white headshots with resumes attached securely on the back. Available Roles include: Ain’t Misbehavin’, Crossin’ Over, Gem of the Ocean, The Dance on Widow’s Row, Guys and Dolls

ONGOING-BITZ. My boy Kameron Holbert has a new monthly column on sports messages on local magazine Uptown. Check it out or more info go to He is also a professional masseuse. For an appt. call 314/477-3427 or email him at

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics, go to

Collective Catering ( located at 4958 Cote Brilliante, their digits are 314-575-3333)

KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a hot new podcast called STAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and interviews from theworld of stage, screen, cabaret and related places. The latest episode is now on line. Go to it directly at,via the Stage Left blog at,via the Stage Left web site at,or via iTunes Music Store; just go to the Podcast area and search for Stage Left.Former 100.3 The Beat personalities Big Sexy Kool DJ Kaos and Sylli Asz is doin it up on You Tube these days hosting their hilarious STL reality Internet series, the Janky Show. To check it out, go to and type in “The Janky Show”!..................................................................................

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist. The Flow; Music Lounge. Peep it out at go to his myspace page enochisreal.

Show Me Entertainment presents Industry Nights, a networking party for artists,, models, actors, painters, dancers, entertainment lawyers, managers, etc. every Wednesday night at the Lindbergh Bistro located inside the Airport Plaza inn at I-70 and Lindbergh. 18 Y.O. to enter. 21 Y.O. and up to Drink. Admission FREE. For more info, contact Terrence Smith at 314/713-3793, or or

Local movie screener and TV programmer James Thomas has two hot shows on the new CW Channel 11 with his shows “First Look” about upcoming movies in theaters, Thursday morning at 2:30 am and Hot Videos, Friday mornings at 3 a.m. For more info, email him

Theatre advisor L.A. Barge has a new book on CD that he is selling called, “Choosing the Right Mate Before the First Date.” For more info call 314/5331639 or email him

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

Super producer Reg T continues to bring you the hottestUnsigned/Independent Artist Show on the net featuring some of the hottest unsigned/independent talent in the world. If you want your music played on The Unsigned Artist Podcast Show, please submit all mp3 files to Reg T at f you have any questions, ideas and or concerns, please send them to Fred Short at or call the TUAS messageline at 206-350-2667. Be sure to check out the website, it's hot! They got a 10 dollar off deal for new customers and 5 dollar off deal for existing customers . Deal offer expires Oct. 31 Tell ‘em you heard about them from Ma’at!

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot new website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. It is Peep it out!

KYO (pronounced KEE-O) continues "Redefining the Art of Dining & Nightlife" with a fresh weekly lineup that promises to quench your thirst for drink and dance. So "Be Fashionably Elite" with a smile and let KYO claim your evening from 5pm till 3am in the morning. For more info go to

Well, that be it, folks. If ya got anything for me to pub, hit me up e-mail style at!

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