Thursday, September 28, 2006


What’s up STLians! This is Ma’atology here one more time for ya…. It has been a week for the STL (especially finding out that the STL is one the ten cities in America where you can’t get any sleep!) and beyond the MO. But before I get to the local bitz, on a national scene, there have been some things going on:

The Superdome in H-town reopened for biz with the Saints v. Falcons game post-Hurricane Katrina (I wonder if any of the proceeds from that game will go to plane tix for Nawlins folk who wanna come back home?). Also, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has been very ill leaving his duties to his right hand men as he deals with his undisclosed illness (reports say he has lost 35 pounds!). President Dubya Bush signed into law a bill introduced by Illinois Senator Barak Obama that would publicly disclose all recipients of federal funding and financial assistance with Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (S. 2590) will allow taxpayers to go online and see how their money is being spent. (O’Bama is looking presidential by the minute., eh? ). And what’s up with
Dallas Cowboys receiver Terrell “TO” Owens? Did he try and kill himself? Did PR people try to cover it up and have him deny the allegations? This dilemma is definitely a pill too hard to swallow (no pun intended. )

On somber musical note, the STL area has lost yet another blues legend to the other side. A couple of weeks ago, the STL lost blues legend Bennie Smith. Now another father of the blues has left this physical world, Henry Townshend. According to, Henry "Mule" Townsend, patriarch of St. Louis blues music, was the last remaining link to St. Louis blues' earliest days. Townsend, who was 96, was the only blues artist to record in every decade of blues recordings, and possibly the only artist in general to record from the 1920s to the current decade. The renowned singer, guitarist and pianist died last Sunday of pulmonary edema in Grafton, Wis., where he was being honored at a blues festival. For more on Mr. Townshend and his works, go to

This week, my heart has been weary on the developments that occurred in my hometown of East St. Louis with the now national covered story about Tiffany Hall (SEEN ABOVE IN BLACK HAIR) who has been charged in the killing of her best friend Jimella Tunstall (SEEN ABOVE IN BROWN HAIR) and her unborn baby and the killing of Tunstall’s three young children (SEEN IN PIC ABOVE) who were found in the late mother’s apartment in the John Deshields Apartment Complex in East St. Louis. The oldest, 7-year-old DeMond Tunstall, was found in the dryer and the younger two children — 2-year-old Ivan Tunstall-Collins and 1-year-old Jinela Tunstall — in the washer. Hall, 24, appeared before a judge Monday via a video monitor from the St. Clair County Jail. She was arraigned on a charge of first-degree murder and intentional homicide of an unborn child. She pleaded not guilty.

This is beyond words of this situation and my heart goes out to the Tunstall family. And to bring it more closer to home, my mother said that her friend knew of Hall inasmuch as she brought her young daughter (who she got custody back in 2001 according to reports) to the Hazel Bland Promise Center where my mother’s friend works) located in the 2900 block of East ST. Louis (it also was discovered that the daughter did not report to school in a few weeks before Hall went on a killing spree.) The city of East St. Louis is in mourning. America is in morning. The world is morning. Let us all pray for our recovery as well. The funeral for 23-year-old Jimella Tunstall and her three children is scheduled for noon this Friday at Mount Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, 1111 Pennsylvania Avenue, in East St. Louis.

To help the Tunstall family, the East St. Louis police and fire departments have established a fund to help pay the funeral and burial expenses of the Tunstall family. Police officers and firefighters will collect money from 5 to 7 p.m. through Thursday at these locations in East St. Louis on the Corner of Martin Luther King Drive and Bond Avenue: 15th and Bond Avenue.; 25th and State Street; 59th and State Street. And Donations also can be made at any Regions Bank. As of this writing over $30,000 dollars has been raised with $15,000 donated by an anonymous celebrity who lives in the ST. Louis area.

For updates on this Tunsatll/hall case, go to or (I will have more uplifting East St. Louis news to report later on in this post.)

OK, onto my week:

Last Saturday, I went to fashion show rehearsal at YMCA at Emerson and it turned out OK. It was a two hour rehearsal (as opposed to the original five hour rehearsal). We rehearsed all six scenes that will be featured in the show. Their have been some scaling down of the cast albeit it is a PRO BONO service (and it is on a Saturday morning wherr most people do their usual Saturday things) . Me and this brotha named Avery are the original guys from day one (I believe model Malik Ali has fired himself). The females are touch and go as far as regular attendance. It’s really turning into a reality show for real. It should be called FASHION SHOW SHOWDOWN where the models go to rehearsal and see which ones will make it to the runway base don their own interest in being a part of the show.

The behind the scenes actions are what is expected. Getting dressed for clothes have been an experience (The guys are getting their clothes at K &G on West Florissant) and the producers of the show communicating with the designers and stores and making sure they are on the same page as far as when we should go and get measured for our clothes. . There is also a lot of buddy-buddy stuff going on as far as people forming alliances on how they are going to dress or coordinate their fashion steps on the runway (Me included. LOL). Also interesting last week was one of the guy models asked me if I was the husband to one of the co-founder’s of DIVA cause he was interested in her and didn’t want to disrespect me if she was . I found that to be interesting cause the times that she has been there, we’ve shared hugs and talked and at eh last rehearsal, I was flirtatious with her as I was practicing my walk. I find it interesting how assumptions and allegations turn into rumor in a bat of an eye. But overall, the rehearsal was a good one.

Other than doing the rehearsal, I didn’t do much. I was lagged from this past week from the Chingy and Kevin Johnson parties and working the late shift at the Water Geyser/Metro park project. So, I spent my weekend chilled at the crib (I got a couple of calls form Kameron and X-Jam wondering if I was going out but I didn’t answer due to my hibernation). While chillin at the crib, I looked at a few movies like “Misery” on TNT (Actress Kathy Bates looked like Rosie O’Donell in this flick. LOL) and this interesting flick called “Trick” on LOGO (Tori Spelling is surprisingly good in this flick).

I also saw an episode of the new season of Mad TV and they had a funny parody of the swagger of hip-hop rappers when they perform on stage. In the sketchm two black actors play hip-hop rappers called Overhand Left (FUNNY ALREADY) and they kept repeating “Ok, 1-2, 1-2, here we go” bouncing back and forth on stage, but the catch was they never actually rapped. (FUNNY). On the DIRECTV menu, the episode showed that Chingy was a guest star on there. I didn’t know what he was going to do on there, until this scene (which was the last scene BTW). Chingy walked on stage with OL (wearing shades and a The Root of All Evil short-tee on) and was about to spit on the mike and just said, “I-2-3” and walked off. CLASSIC.

On Sunday, I tried to stay up to listen to the Freeman Bosley Junior Show on 100.3 The Beat, but I fell asleep during Nicci Roach’s Nic at Nine so I don’t know what she talked about on there. (I wondered if Nicci “read” her colleagues for talking about her while she was on vacation. LOL) Later on that day, I taped the season premiere episode of Desperate Housewives (this show aint the same after Alfre Woodard’s and Mechad Brooks’ characters were jailed and killed off respectively and were not returning this season), The Wire, and Def Comedy Jam. All three episodes were on the money (especially The Wire. The this episode of the new season came off bangin with homo-gangsta thug character Omar—one of the most intriguing characters on TV ever--waking up from bed next to his male Chino lover at the crack of morning, putting on his satin blue PJs and robe, going to the convenient store in the PJ’s to get some Cheerios and complaining that the store didn’t have Honey Nut Cheerios. (CLASSIC)

MA’AT-TIDBITZ. Well, folks, I did not win Best Blog in the Riverfront Times Best of 2006 Poll. The winner was controversial blogger Byron Crawford (He was featured in a cover story with RFT, so he definitely had exposure). I wanna thank those who voted for my blog. I knew it would be a longshot, but hey, there’s nothin wrong with a try (as Janet sang on her All For You, “Trust a try”) I was grateful when the RFT picked my blog to be picked as Blog-of the Week in its Unreal section earlier this year, so I know that my blogsite, along with the people who email and talk to me that my site is making a difference.

I would like to congratulate those who were recipients of the RFT POLL Awards:

Cory Spinks—Best Local Boxer (No brainer)

Cordell Whitlock- Best reporter TV/radio (Did you know he was the godson to 60 Minutes’ Ed Bradley?)

Staci Static-Best FM Radio Personality

Carl Phillips-Best Local Poet

Rucka Puff-Best Local Single “Like A Pro”

Deandrae Perryman-Best R&B Artist (East Boogie connection. Are you strippin now? LOL)

Club Dreams-Best Hip-Hop Club (It wasn’t too many to choose from now that most of them are closing these days. )

Praiz-Best Gospel Artist (another no-brainer)

Bennie Smith-Best Blues Artist (R.I.P.)

Hamiet Bluett-Best Jazz Artist

Best Local Music Event—Black Artist Group Wash U Feb. 2006

My46-WBRU-Best TV Station

The shocker to me was Nelly and DJ Needles lost out in the Best Local Boy Done Good and hip-hop DJ categories. Can you say travesty? Anyway, to check out more winners go to the RFT website at .............................................

This week, I emailed off my bio and pic to be featured in the National Black Who’s Who Book. The Publisher Keith Antone Willis sent me the info last week and decide dto go ahead and submit. They are going to have an official unveiling reception of all who are feature din the book on Nov. 6 at the Ritz Carlton in Clayton. I will keep you posted on the outcome of this…………

Thanks to INKOSI Designs’ Kevin Bryant for emailing me last week saying lst weeks ‘s blog wa steh bomb. Thank you and I will continue on givin it to ya. I also got an email from local movie screener and local TV programmer james Thomas who would like for me to write for Urban magazine. I emailed him back and asked how much the gig pays. I will keep you posted on this….

The hits have now waned on the movie I did on YOUTUBE of my brief appearance on Last Comic Standing in care of Kathi Griffin reality show, “My Life on the D-List” this past summer. It only had 4 hits and the new total is 420. I think after this week, I think everyone and their mamma have seen it and will probably retitre it after this post. If you still wanna check it out, go to

CHART-IDBITZ.. The Billboard charts is still treating our STL artists very kindly. There is much action going on the charts for them that even I couldn’t predict what could happen. .
On the Hot 100, Jibbs is still leading the way , but not for long so it seems. Jibbs track, “Chain Hang Low,” spends a second week at No. 8 in its 8th week on the chart.

Closely behind Jibbs is Chingy as his song, “Pulling Me Back” with Tyrese rebounds and moves up 6 spaces from 15 to 9 in its 15th week on the chart! (Man, talk about a song with legs! ). I thought for sure this song was going to rn its course when it peaked at No. 13 two weeks ago, but as I said last week, “It’s hard to say what will happen now that Chingy’s song on this chart is starting to wane. Will it reach the Top 10. I predicted last week that if it does reach the Top 10, it will peak at No. 10.” Well, the song beat my prediction by one space as it reached No. 9 (his fourth Top 10 hit BTW). Will it go higher than No. 9? Maybe. Will it do better chart wise than Jibbs? I doubt it. Jibbs song is still new on the charts and it made a strong showing when it entered the Top 10 last week. ( As far as Chingy’s new CD, “Hoodstar” the album debuted at No. 8 on the Hot 200 Albums and No. 3 on the R&B Albums chart selling close to 70,000 copies in its first week.)

In regards to Nelly’s duet with Janet, “Call On Me.” This song is the yo-yo of the year as it goes up and down the chart by the week. Last week, it moved down 13 spaces down the chart 13 from 37 to 50. Now, the song has yo-yo’d up the chart as it moves up 14 spaces from No. 50 to No, 36 in its 14th week on the chart! I tell ya, it’s hard to predict whether this song will go higher than its peak of No. 25, but it’s safe to say that the song has a possibility to do that. As far as its reaching the Top 10, well, I’d day , it has a strong chance of reaching the Top 20, if it regains more momentum up the chart in the next two weeks.

On the R&B/Hip-Hop chart, Chingy and Nelly switch places yet again at the top. This week, Nelly and Janet returns to the No. 1 spot and Chingy’s former No. 1 hit moves down to No. 3. this is too crazy for real. Who would have thought that STL rappers would be taking turns at No. 1 on this chart. As far as newbie Jibbs, well, the song lost its bullet and fell five spaces from 16 (at its peak) to No. 21 in its 11th week on the chart. If Billboard’s conventional wisdom is any indication, the song can regain its bullet and meet Chingy and Nelly in the Top 10. Can it do it? I’m sure it can. Will it hit No. 1 on this chart like Nelly and Chingy? That’s doubtful because this song is doing a much slower chart gain than on the Hot 100.

In unrelated Nelly news, according to, Rapper Nelly got the name Moses tattooed on his right arm because he so closely identifies with the Biblical leader. Nelly has a collection of tattoos, including, the word "lunatic" above his navel, a heart on his chest and five playing cards and dice on his right arm. Nelly explains, "I got the name Moses on my inner right arm. I can related to this story as far as helping people out. "That's how my boys (The St. Lunatics) and I felt about the St. Louis music scene. "When we hit it big we felt like we were leading some of the top musical talent out of there, on to broader horizons." Okay, is it me or does Nelly stating to become the Messiah of St. Louis hip-hop?

STL-TIDBITZ. Where is STL lawyer Kwame Thompson? I hear he’s in Atlanta and got his own law firm going on. Does anyone know what’s up?.... .............Speaking of M.I.A. Wherr’s 100.3The Beat’s Dwight Hypeman Stone? I haven’t been hearing him hosting his own Crunk for Christ radio show for past two Sundays (gospel star Praiz has been filling in with Stone’s other Crunk co-host)…. ..................Congrats to local STL artists American Idol finalist Nikko Smith and gospel star Praiz (who is dubbed the Nelly of Gospel) will be the opening acts at the Joe concert at the Orpheum Theatre Sept. 30 (See Events section below for more details AND OUT 91 FOR A SPECIAL EVENTZ PREVEIW OF THIS EVENT) . I also heard that local singer/actress and Café Soul co-craetor Rochelle “Coco Soul” did her thang as the understudy for Denise Thimes in the long running hit musical Menopause the Musical at the Playhouse at Westport last Saturday. I know she did her thing and for her to be understudying for Ms Thimes, I’m sure was a feat . Congrats Coco…..........................comedian/writer Charlie Murphy, who was in town Thursday to promote his comedy show at the Pageant, was on Fox 2 Morning Show talking about what happened last year t when he was booed off the satge at the Fox stage (Check out OUT 16, Oct 2005 POST FOR MY REVIEW OF IT). He said that he didn’t bomb, but a heckler ruined his show for him when he talked about the uys; gold tooth. He said that Nelly told him that a lot of people in the STl wear gold teeth and that he insulted the heckler as well as the STL audience. Yeah, okay. I was there atteh show and even before the heckler shouted out that he wasn’t funny, his routine was lame. So, don’t blame it on the gold tooth brother…..............................Also on the Morning show was Martial arts/cage fight camp Jermaine “Bam” Andre talking about his cage fight bout on Oct.4 (SEE EVENTZ for more info). He was all shirtless exposing his muscles (his arms are bigger than his head!) and it seemed as though Fox anchor Randi Naughton was “amored” by him after the interview with him via satteltke and commented to anchor Jon Pertzborn that Jermaine was “veeeeeeeeeery handsome.” Hmmm. What’s really going on?................

On the East Side, there is a lot of buzz going on for the Malcolm Martin Memorial park (where I supervise security officers on the East Riverfront area near the Casino Queen) )platform that is set for construction this month and the committee for a bronze statue for the 1st black mayor in the ESL. Fiorst off, there are reports that the Southern Illinois Contractor’s Association (SICA) spearheaded by prez Guy Gettis is urging the Mayor Carol Officer and the board to name the platform in honor of SICA and former ESL Mayor Gordon Bush, who, in SICA’s opinion helped put the plan together for the park and the Geyser that is there (Which is the tallest geyser in the world BTW) and helped blacks get construction during the time of the geyser’s construction.

As far as the bronze statue, the SICA is spearheading a campaign for a bronze statue for the late James Williams, who was the first black mayor in ESL (1971-75). SICA wants the statue placed at city hall parking lot. To help raise funds, SICA has classes that people can take on Williams’ history every Friday at the Emerson Center (headed by Gary Pearson) at 1405 State Street and a picnic next month (SEE EVENTZ BELOW FOR MORE DETAILS ON THIS). I will keep you posted on both of these “boogie” projects.

EVENT-IDBITZ. Southwestern Illinois college will present a fall fair Wed, Sept. 27 at 11 on the campus’ front lawn. Free music and lunch. For more info go to www.

Taste of St. Louis at the Gateway Mall and Kiener Plaza. Taste of St. Louis will include free concerts, the best of St. Louis dining, artists, children's play area and more. There will be food, fun and entertainment for the entire family beginning at 4 p.m. Friday with Nelly's Derrty ENT kickoff concerts. The festivities continue from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 30 and from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 1. Festivities include more than 30 premiere St. Louis restaurants serving "tastes" from their menus, national and local music acts, local artists, a Taste of St. Louis Culinary competition, a beer garden, an artist village and a family and sports zone. Price: Free Phone: 314-752-0100 or 314-306-1162 or 314-436-6500, ext. 240 Address: 9th and Market streets, St. Louis

ATTENTION 80's Cartoon and Anime Fans! The classic and St. Louis born Voltron: Defender of the Universe will be having a FREE screening THIS FRIDAY 9/29 in the parking lot across from the SHELDON CONCERT HALL near 3648 Washington Blvd as part of the Grand Art Center Grand Opening 2006! The brave space explorers you remember, Keith, Lance, Pidge, Princess and Hunk will be showcased outdoors as segments from the newly released DVD collection from Media Blasters available in stores Tuesday!Prizes and Voltron gear will be given away so don't miss out!For more information form blazing website at:

Rhodes and Coleman Entertainment presents Joe , September 30, 8pm at the Roberts Orpheum Theatre. The concert will also feature, Praiz, and Nikko Smith Tickets are $40.00, $50.00 and $60.00 each. The show is presented by. For more information: Contact Anthony Coleman at 314-580-9424 (GO TO OUT -91 EVENT SPOTLIGHTZ for a special feature on this concert)

COCA (Center Of Contemporary Arts) presents the Show Me Showdown. If you wanna audition your song or be a part of the studio audience, the event will take place after the Gateway Classic, Sat. Sept. 30. Doors open @7pm. Showtime @ 8pm. COCA is located at 524 Trinity, University, MO 63130 in the Delmar Loop area. All Ages welcome. Cost $5.00 Come see St. Louis Artists perform their original works live for television.. Seating is limited. Advance tickets can be purchased by calling 314-754-5625 but tickets will be available at the door.
Hipster Magazine presents FLY BY NIGHT, Saturday, September 30th@ 360 N. Boyle (at Lindell in Central West End), Doors @ 9 pm Party Til 2 am, Free Drinks $10 Ladies $15 Fellas SPECIAL: $5 discount for everyone before 10:30. For more information, visit us at

The Black Rep announced plans to shift slots for the 30th anniversary season. Titled The Black Pearl, the season will feature a six-show line-up designed to entertain, educate and enrich audiences of all types. Continuing their partnerships with Washington University and Mary Institute Country Day School (MICDS), the 30th season will kick-off in September with a two week run of MAHALIA a gospel musical at the Edison Theatre followed by a one weekend run of the production at the Orthwein Theatre at MICDS. The mainstage series at the Grandel Theatre will feature three hit musicals, August Wilson’s play exploring the first decade in his ten-play series and the return of a popular comedy by Samm-Art Williams. The season will begin with MAHALIA By Tom Stolz on the life of legendary gospel great Mahalia Jackson September 29-October 1, 2006 at the Orthwein Theatre at MICDS. Friday and Saturday at 8:00 p.m.; Saturday and Sunday matinee performances at 3:00 p.m. Season subscriptions for all six shows of the 30th Anniversary range from $120 to $200 and are on sale now. To reserve your seat please call (314) 534-3810 or visit

Local socialite Sharee Galvin gave sent me these event-tidbitz for those who wanna check out:

TUESDAY NIGHTS- THE FILTER BAR WITH Sharee Galvin AND BIG TAH. Two for one drinks all night long- 5 dollar cover after 8pm( 5-11) ; CLUB DREAMS HAS 2$ TUESDAY FOR THE NIGHT OWLS FREE TIL MIDNIGHT


Kappa Party-at the KAPPA HOUSE, 500 Vandeventer., 6 p.m. –until; Cost 10 bones. For more info , call Kevin trigs at 314./652-3360; 609 WITH NEEDLES ; MO SPOON'S EYE CANDY CONTEST/PARTY AT THE LOFT ( "GUESS WHO'S B-DAY IS THAT NIGHT?") Doors at 9 p.m. Ladies fee til 10 (Zo and Sham of the Track Starz are celeb judges)

STRESS FREE FRIDAYS HAPPY HOUR- go to the website; CLUB FORMULA -- ARCH RYVALS VIDEO VIXEN PARTY; CLUB DREAMS- MURPHY LEE PARTY-- THE AFTER TASTE PARTY after the concert for the Taste of St Louis. Ladies free til 11 p.m.

SATURDAY (SEPT 30) - FLY BY NIGHT W/ NEEDLES spinning on the 1&2's

SUNDAY NIGHT (OCT 1) - THE SUNDAY SIP FINALE AT THE MORRISON ROOM- 4p.m. to -9p.m. and AMERICAN PLACE hosted by NELLY ATMOSPHERE AFFAIR 5, located at 822 Washington Ave. Dinner, dancing and networking. Food prepared by renowned chef Larry Forgione. Open bar by Budweiser Select and hosted by Nelly. PURCHASE TICKETS AT METRO TIX

For any info on these events email sharee at

The Real Fight league presents Unfinished Business, the first mixed martial arts event, featuring champ Bam in the STL, Wed. Oct. 4 at the Gateway Convention Center , 1 Gateway Dr. in Collinsville, Illinois. For tickets or more info call, 877-RFL-MMA1 or go to THE PILLOWMAN by Martin McDonagh will be staged Sept 20-Oct 8 @ Grandel Theatre and OF MICE AND MEN by John Steinbeck Oct 11-Nov 5 @ The Loretta-Hilton Center in Webster Groves. For more info, call 314.968.4925. ................................................................

Drunken Fish presents the Yin Yang event with The River Front Times and Cheresse Ink to celebrate the opening of their 3rd and newest location in St. Louis Downtown/The Landing: Cutlery Building, 612 N. Second St, Friday, October 6, 2006 at 8p.m. For further information please contact Cheresse Pentella at 314.374.1055 or To view more information on any of the Drunken Fish locations please visit their website at ...............................................................................

14th Annual Historic Shaw Art Fair, Oct 7 and 8 feat. the work of 130 artists from 23 different states w/demonstrations, art activities, food, drink and live music, located at the 4100 and 4200 blocks of Flora Place in Tower Grove Ave. just east of Missouri Botanical Garden. For more info go to ......................................................................

The Marshall Faulk 2nd Annual Benefit fashion Show, has a new date, Saturday., OCT 14. Tickets are 45 dollars (for dinner and after p[arty) , at 7p.m. at the Airport Marriott. And businesses and services can still sponsor ads in the event’s program booklet. $25 for a business card, $40 for a quarter page, $60 for a half page and $100 for a full page . VENDORS CAN ALSO EXHIBIT THEIR GOIODS AND SERVICES AT THE EVENT for $50 dollars. For more info, contact for more information and tell them that Ma’at referred you!.......................................................................

On the East Boogie side, the Emerson Park and James E Williams Statue Fundraising Committee presents its annual picnic for the reckoning of a statue for East St. Louis’ first black mayor, James E Williams. The picnic will take place at Emerson Park in East St. Louis, Saturday, Oct. 21 starting at 7:30 a.m. until 3:30 p.m. $10 Donation. For more information call 618/874-8451 or 618/920-8344 and tell them that you saw it here at this website............................................................


OCTOBER 19 - 22

GNHPAC presents The Man of Her Dreams live at the Fox Theatre starring Clifton Powell (from the movie Ray), Ralph Tresvant (from New Edition), Jackee (from “Sister Sister” & “227”), the soulful Shirley Murdock, Keshia Knight Pulliam (from “The Cosby Show”) and comedian Buddy Lewis. The show runs Thursday, October 19–Sunday, October 22 for 6 performances. Prices range from $26.50 - $39.00 depending on performance date and time (PROMO PIC ABOVE).

Women hope, wish, and even pray for him: an ideal man, one that will love her unconditionally…The Man of Her Dreams. Margaret has everything she could possibly ask for in a man: a devoted husband, dedicated father and a good provider. But could The Man of Her Dreams also be her worst nightmare? Erica has found herself a good-hearted, honest man that treasures and loves her with all his heart. He even wants to make her his wife. But as good as it sounds, is he really The Man of Her Dreams? Chania is a Christian woman who has decided to wait on the Lord and allow Him to send her The Man of Her Dreams. Have her prayers finally been answered? This play is sure to take you on a roller coaster ride of twists, turns and unexpected curves as the search is on!

Tickets for The Man of Her Dreams are on sale now at the Fox Theatre Box Office and MetroTix outlets. To charge by phone call MetroTix at 314/534-1111 or online at Special prices for groups of 15 or more, call 314/535-2900.

ONGOING-BITZ. My boy Kameron Holbert has a new monthly column on sports messages on local magazine Uptown. Check it out or more info go to He is also a professional masseuse. For an appt. call 314/477-3427 or email him at

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics, go to

Collective Catering ( located at 4958 Cote Brilliante, their digits are 314-575-3333)

KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a hot new podcast called STAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and interviews from theworld of stage, screen, cabaret and related places. The latest episode is now on line. Go to it directly at,via the Stage Left blog at,via the Stage Left web site at,or via iTunes Music Store; just go to the Podcast area and search for Stage Left.

Former 100.3 The Beat personalities Big Sexy Kool DJ Kaos and Sylli Asz is doin it up on You Tube these days hosting their hilarious STL reality Internet series, the Janky Show. To check it out, go to and type in “The Janky Show."

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist. The Flow; Music Lounge. Peep it out at go to his myspace page enochisreal.Show Me Entertainment presents Industry Nights, a networking party for artists,, models, actors, painters, dancers, entertainment lawyers, managers, etc. every Wednesday night at the Lindbergh Bistro located inside the Airport Plaza inn at I-70 and Lindbergh. 18 Y.O. to enter. 21 Y.O. and up to Drink. Admission FREE. For more info, contact Terrence Smith at 314/713-3793, or

Local movie screener and TV programmer James Thomas has two hot shows on the new CW Channel 11 with his shows “First Look” about upcoming movies in theaters, Thursday morning at 2:30 am and Hot Videos, Friday mornings at 3 a.m. For more info, email him

Theatre advisor L.A. Barge has a new book on CD that he is selling called, “Choosing the Right Mate Before the First Date.” For more info call 314/5331639 or email him

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot new website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. It is

Peep it out!KYO (pronounced KEE-O) continues "Redefining the Art of Dining & Nightlife" with a fresh weekly lineup that promises to quench your thirst for drink and dance. So "Be Fashionably Elite" with a smile and let KYO claim your evening from 5pm till 3am in the morning. For more info go to

Well, that be it, folks. If ya got anything for me to pub, hit me up e-mail style at!


Anonymous said...

Just questioning if eBay enables you to sell [url=]concert tickets[/url] online? Do you know if you will find any restrictions based on what country you are in?

My parents have just known as me and asked if i could "get rid" of their two tickets to a concert as they wont be able to make it as a result of another family event.

Apart from asking pals etc, i thought ebay would be a good location to sell them.

But whats ebay's policy on marketing tickets? Ive heard alot about it on the news but ive forgotten what happened.

and if it matters, the concert is within this coming month

Thanks ahead of time for the advice.

Anonymous said...

Just questioning if eBay enables you to market [url=]concert tickets[/url] on-line? Do you know if you will find any restrictions based on what country you are in?

My parents have just referred to as me and asked if i could "get rid" of their two tickets to a concert as they wont be able to make it because of yet another family event.

Apart from asking pals etc, i thought ebay would be a great place to market them.

But whats ebay's policy on selling tickets? Ive heard alot about it about the news but ive forgotten what happened.

and if it matters, the concert is inside this coming month

Thanks in advance for your advice.

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