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Hello one and all. This is your blogger boy givin it to ya one more time. Well as Marvin sang in 1973,

“Let’s get it on.”

Besides the Duke Lacrosse rape trial hoopla and suicide bomber flowing himself up in the Iraqi parliament cafeteria in a stunning assault in the heart of the heavily fortified, U.S.-protected Green Zone today on Thursday, and killing at least eight people, the national scale has been on the whole radio /TV show shock jock Don Imus and his now infamous comment about the all-black female Rutgers U comment. “nappy headed hos” and the backlash.

As of this writing, reports say that Imus (PICTURED ABOVE) hinted that his days on the airwaves may be numbered after a 30-year career that erupted in controversy over racist and sexist comments about the Rutgers women's college basketball team earlier this week.

According to, Imus pushed ahead with his annual on-air charity fundraiser Thursday, a day after MSNBC pulled the plug on his TV show because of his latest racial slur.

"This may be our last radiothon, so we need to raise about $100 million," Imus said at the start of the event, which has raised more than $40 million since 1990.

"I've been running my mouth for 30 years and I've said some stupid stuff," he said. But this time, he continued, his remarks were "really stupid."

Pressure from advertisers and politicians ( and the Rev Al Sharpton) have mounted on the radio host since he referred to the Rutgers female basketball players (PICTURED ABOVE) as "nappy-headed hos" last week.

After Imus made the comment, one of his sidekicks added: "They look exactly like the Toronto Raptors."

"Only tougher," added another on-air voice.

MSNBC dropped its simulcast of the "Imus in the Morning" radio program and aired news instead on Thursday. The decision did not affect Imus' nationally syndicated radio show (AS OF THIS WRITING)

His ultimate fate depends on the CBS Corp., which owns both the radio station WFAN-AM that is the host's broadcast home, and the syndicator Westwood One, which distributes "Imus in the Morning" to stations across the country.

CBS Radio, which has suspended Imus for two weeks without pay beginning next week, said it would "continue to speak with all concerned parties and monitor the situation closely."

A growing list of sponsors - including American Express Co., Sprint Nextel Corp., Staples Inc., Procter & Gamble Co., and General Motors Corp. - had said they were pulling ads from Imus' show indefinitely

The Rutgers' women's basketball team(PICTURED ABOVE) , meanwhile, are scheduled to appear this Thursday on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" with their coach, Vivian Stringer.

Democrat Barack Obama on Wednesday became the first presidential candidate to call for Imus to be fired. "He didn't just cross the line, he fed into some of the worst stereotypes that my two young daughters are having to deal with today in America," said Obama, the only black candidate in the race.

(In an unrelated story, Sen. Barack Obama rasied $25 million in campaign contributions collecting in the first three months of this year just $1 million less than rival Hillary Rodham Clinton’s record haul and was a remarkable feat for a novice in national politics.)

Bruce Gordon, former head of the NAACP and a director of CBS Corp., said Wednesday the broadcasting company needs a "zero tolerance policy" on racism and hopes talk-show host Don Imus is fired for his demeaning remarks about the mostly black Rutgers women's basketball team.

Locally, we had an unexpected stretch of temperatures near the low 20s – winter like weather that may have taken a heavy toll on fruit trees and grapevines and I-170 is about to shut down for the First Phase of the 3 year construction closure, but people in the ST. Louis area are buzzing about the Imus ordeal.

Local radio shows have been on the bandwagon from the Breakfast Crew on Majic 104.9 FM to the Mark Reardon Show on KMOX Onion Horton on WESL, the Imus backlash is as hot as fish grease. Most of the comments have ranged from Al Sharpton being an opportunist in jumping on board with Imus;, that rappers who portray black women as ho’s in their lyrics must clean up their act too and why is the meeting that Imus is having with the black young women and the coach going to be a private session. One black guy on the Mike Reardon Show Wednesday nite said that why white people think that black people shouldnt have a right to be insulted by what Imus said and that black people should just forget about it.

Don’t get me wrong. Wrong is wrong, whatever color the person is. But, Imus has been doing racial slurs not only of blacks, but of many ethnic groups for over 30 years, long before rappers had the airwaves talking about niggas and hos. This is mirroring the Greaseman incident. In February 1999, while at WARW, he made a comment about James Byrd, who was murdered in 1998 after having been dragged behind a pickup truck by two white supremacists. The Greaseman had been playing a song by Lauryn Hill. He then stated, as a reference to the quality of her music, "and they wonder why we drag them behind trucks." This incident proved catastrophic to his radio career, igniting a firestorm of protest. He was fired from the outburst (but remember the black guy who was with him trying to diffuse the matter saying the Greaseman was a great guy?) .

But the issue at hand is more sexism than racism. . We live in a white rich male WASP society and anyone who doesn’t fall in that class, is treated as “other.” Or “minority” which, in their eyes means, “problem.” So, of course the standard is going to think the “other’ should forget about it or that the others should clean up tehri own house. But my question is, what makes the standard class feel like it is Ok to say it anyway, just because they hear the “other” class saying it? Should Imus give money to black-based groups his insult? Absolutely. Should he be fired? Definitely(I’m sure his nemesis Howard Stern is turning cartwheels over this! LOL) . Will there be another outrageous incident like this that will happen? Is the sky blue?

But I digress


LastThursday, I checked out Koncepts Inc’s, Spring Clean, a n invite only event at Nectar to celebrate the break in the new season. My only problem with it all was we had to pay 5 bones to enter. Now, with this being a special invite, you would think the RSVPers didn’t have to pay. Well, think again. Then they had a special VIP section in the club (which I was politely told to leave from) . Now, if you are specially invited, aren’t you already VIP? I find this to be a very peculiar M.O. her in the STL when it comes to VIP, but then again, who am I to judge, right?

Anyway, I had a good time. I got there already half buzzed on EVIL Eye so I was good. I was meeting and greeting and taking shots and even saw this little person brotha up in therre who had to straighten me out when I tried to take his pic on the sly. He walk’d up to me and said, “Naw, brotha, if you wanna take my picture, take my picture right.” All I could do was nod my head. I knew I was wrong for that, but hey, I was buzzed, so I blame the octane for that DOH move.

In the house were Rams player Torry Holt, St. Lunatics’ Kyjuan, Hipster Magazine’s Keenan Harris, Kamren Holbert, Prez of Collegiate 100 black Men Renaud Lucas (You still wanna wear my suede jacket you gotta be in the show. LOL) SYGU Group, Jamie Spencer, Treanna, model Jamelle, and DJ Enoch on the 1s and 2s. And I hear my girl Mocha Latte was therre but she was mostly outside passing out fliers.

On Friday, I had a nice and lengthy meeting with the Platinum Group’s Jacque and Leata Land on my fashion show project. We talked business, but we also had a good session on just life and affirmations to success. Former St. Louisan and fashion guru Robert Taliver also dropped by the Platinum Group’s office. . He was in town for Easter and to take care of some business while he was in town. '

After he left, before I knew it, I was chatting with the Lands for damn near 5 hours! (I thought fo sho I was gonna get a ticket parked on Washington but luckilly I didnt) I was planning on going to the I AM Boutique for the beginning of some of the fashions during STL fashion Week, but I started to get oldhead disease (gettin sleepy without a club nap. LOL). My plan was to meet with the Lands, go to the crib and rest, then check out I AM as well as some of Dee lee’s Laughs on the landing (it was free if you said you heard him and the comics on Dwight Stone’s show). But guess what I did? Goen to sleep. I didnt see nan one event.

On Saturday, I checked out my oldest nephew Jerome’s b-ball game at west haven Elementary school in Bellevile. He plays for a YMCA team. I haven’t been tone cause of my schedule but I made my way of going cause this is near the end of his season. His team won and they came back from behind in the 3rd quarter. His fam were in the stands cheering him on.

On Sunday, I peeped out the Glamour Ball and hair Show at the Adam’s Mark Hotel . I cant recall who put this show on (one of the sponsors though was Flawless magazine) , but I do know that the models came from Amore and hosted by (more like shouted by) Deandre Perryman. When I went to the front desk to ask about the fashion show, I was told it was on the 4th floor. So, I walked to the elevator to get to the 4th floor.

When I got to the floor, I saw the area empty. I didn’t know where the event was. Then I saw this sista who look’d as though she was part of some kind of event cause she had green furry eyelashes on. I asked her if she was part of the show and she said YES. I asked her where the event was. Her reply wsa, “I don’t know yet, we’re working that out. HUH?

Not a good sign.

She did direct me to the table to one of the smaller ballrooms where they had a table set up and two brothers were. I gave one of the brothers my name and to check and see if I was on the list. Well, you know I wasn’t after I call’d and let them know I was actually coming to this. LOL

When the brotha called up the coordinator of the event and said who I was, it was a go. I walked in and the crowd was about maybe 20 or so, sit down dinner table setting. The runway was comprised of white X-mas lights on both sides of the middle of the carpet. One side was for the entertainment (dee-jay and singing ) and the other said was where they had the chips and dips and water and a booth set up fro a local hand lotion biz (the name slips me now)

Anyway, the show was suppose to start about 8 p.m., but it went down about 30 minutes or so later. As I sat down and talked to those who I knew. I was asked by Delores Shante of Partyline and her companion if the seats I was near by taken. I told her “No, go right ahead.” Then Delores quipped, “I thought I might had to fight for them.” I couldn’t do nothing but laugh due to the uncomfortable moment, but it was all good.

Anway, the fashion show started with some local entertainers. They included Az One, this sexy sister duo (Destiny’s child meets Mary Mary). They were truly talented. They were pushin their CD and gave people their website for more info on them
( What was funny was when Deandre walked up and interview them (with a mike) I was thinking, “Man. If he doesnt make it singing, he could definitely be the next host of Soul Train.” (LOL)

Next up was the host, Deandre who wowed him with some ac capella (Sam Cooke’s A Change Gon Come) and some of his original jams including “I Like it.” Then it was singer Nadia, the First Lady of Lock em Down Records who was accompanied by band Lamar harris And L. She was OK (The band was top notch though) . Her voice reminds me of Corrine Bailey Rae as far as her voice but more weathered. She did sing a very poignant song“What Would You Do” about spousal abuse and HIV that was provocative.

After about an hour, there was an intermission before the fashions started. Well, I decide dto walk around in the lobby and stretch my legs. Well, when I was about to walk back into the ballroom, this 40ish year old lady who was the coordinator I believe said, ‘You need to purchase a ticket.” I told her that I was already counted and the brotha at the table vouched for me. She act like I stole the last piece of chicken or something thr way she was carrying on (But it gets interesting after that).

During the fashion show, it was about 20 or so models (I heard some had to pay to get in there but that’s just hear say) . Some of the hair and clothes fashions included Eb’ne Hair, Wynobe Sky, Naji Couture and Cs2 (I heard scheduled designer Yani Co. dropped out to go to NYC!) . The show overall was cool. Nothing breathtaking. The fashions were hot. But it was your typical St. Louis fashion show.

My other interesting moment with the 40sih Y.O lady was right before I was heading out I looked at the table where they had a booth of this local business’s skin cream. I pick up a card and by the time I turn’d around the lady had to have been staring me down to se if I was about to steal some of the products on the table cause there was no one at the booth. So when I turned around, she turned around and walked off. Man, what is really going on, dude?

After the show, I greeted those who I knew and jetted back to the east Side to start my late night shift at the Water Geyser..........................................

On Wednesday, I peeped out Mocha Latte’s Lyrics on the Lou at the VIP Lounge at the Loft. I got there about 10 cause I had to get my work out on. I got there during the last half of the 1st act of poets. From the shows I’ve been to, this one had to be the most explosive.

The show started with the typical poets of the day (like 16 bars, Renee, etc.) and some newbies, but thing started to get interesting when this poet named Angle who is a 40 ish sista who is a regular, and from her demeanor, seems to be docile, but she always spit on the mike some erotic poetry that would make Vanessa Del Rio blush. This time around, she did a “story poem” about her girlfriend who is going though HIV because of her down low husband. Well the poem lit fire to the crowd cause her refrain in the poem was, “You Faggot bitch.”

After a few more poets and Round Two, poet/singer Robert Dillard got on the mic with his accompanied guitarist girlfriend and he seemed a little shook up (I don’t know if that’s for the stage or not), but before he sang, he got on his soapbox and said, “ I am gay and I don’t have HIV. Heterosexual men can give out HIV.”


In my mind, I was like, uh-oh. Its about to be on . If Angel comes back around, I knew in my bones that she was going to do her rebuttal—and I was right.

When she got on the mike she said that she wasn’t tryin to offend anyone wither poem and that she was only telling the story from her girlfriend’s P.O.V. who was going through the situation. Then, Mocha Latte got on the mike to stress that the event is for all to share regardless if you’re straight, gay or whatever. Then she proceeded to “offend” with her poems about how skinny bitches loses their men with big boned sistas like her and hw she has to tell them to stop callin her house askin where their man was. CLASSIC

But overall, the poets were pretty much the usual : sex, love, foot fetishes (You had to be there to see the live foot dance that Mocha did . LOL) ), and socialite Jamie Spencer (who told the crowd of his getting brushed by a car and surviving the ordeal) sang some John Legend for the crowd, but what was refreshing were two new poets to Lyrics Te’ V and Sir Ervin (who was in the Alton-based film, “Pieces of the Dream”) who was spittin some serious poetry like Nuyorican Café /Saul Williams stuff. It was definitely a breathe of fresh air from the dick and pussy poems that was being talked about. I am a vet of the poetry stage and it was mos def pleasing to hear some new expressions.

But I applaud Mocha for bringing her Lyrics on the Lou every Wednesday for those to share their feelings and for dialogue to come out of the sessions. If you got some time, check it out! Oh, Mocha, did you find your shoes? LOL


STL-TIDBITZ. Whats up with Live on the Levee this summer. Weeks of performers and the only one of black persuasion is Musiq Soulchild? ….The next big thing that will come out of the STL is City Ant. He gives you Nas and T.I. mixed. Check out his CD at Former KMOV -TV news anchor Julius Hunter will present Genealogy Research, Sat. April 21, 2007 @ 1pm Free. RSVP required @ 314.361.9017. Kudos to former Connect care’s Roxanna Parker for opening up Geri’s Heart, a home for outreach for women with breast and cervical cancer. She is having an open house for Geri’s Heart , at 9624 Meeks Ave. (Page Blvd, South on Delmar), Sunday April 29 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. RSVP by April 20 by calling 314/646-0819 or 314/993-6267 …I hear 100.3 The Beat’s Dwight Stone is tryin to pump up with the iron with BOOT CAMP local personal trainer Kason…. According to, three songs by trumpeting pioneer Alton-bred/east St. Louis raised Miles Davis have been voted among the all time top ten jazz records. Davis' “So What,” came in at number one, with “All Blues,” and “Blue In Green,” also featuring in the poll by British digital radio station ‘The Jazz.’ Davis came up against tough competition from other legendary artists such Louis Armstrong and Dave Brubeck but came out the winner…. St. Louis native Kimora and her ex Russell Simmons’ house in Saddle River, New Jersey is for sell for 24 million. In unrelated news about her former estate the diva mogul behind the Baby Phat label will star in the Style network’s first reality sitcom series. Kimora is supposed to take “viewers into the compelling life of Kimora Lee Simmons.” The style network promises that we’ll get to see the former model order around her fashion designers, creative directors and publicists, as well as the chef, nannies and drivers at her New Jersey estate.

OTHER BITZ. If you pick up the latest Rolling Out Magazine, the cover (PICTURED ABOVE) with actress Sydney Poitier of “Grindhouse” fame was done by my buddy, L.A. photographer Steven Williams.

CHART-IDBITZ. St. Louis native rapper baby Huey is continuing his move up the Billboard charts with his dance-rap hit, “Pop., Lock and Drop it” On the Hot 100, the song moves up from #38 to #30 in its 7th week; On the Hip Hop charts, the song moves from #19 to #13 in its 16th week ; and on the rap Charts, it moves from, #10 to #8 in its 7th week.

MA’AT-IDBItZ. I got a couple of responses from the photo shoot voting and they picked THE ABOVE PICTURE for the main poster and flier pic. And thats the one I will use...I won 2 tickets to St. Louis comedian Guy Torry’s Private Comedy Show at the Loft entitled JACK and JOKES that’s goin down April 19…It looks like I have my models that will be in the show. I had to pick a whole new bunch with the exception of local model Alan Cooley and out of towner Sesamir Yearby (Ladies, ya’ll remember whim from Copia right?). I should have their pics posted in weeks to come. Now I am working on getting my video vixen dancers together. I am setting up appointments this Saturday at my office at the Water Gesyer. .

EVENTZ-BITZ- Stress Free Fridays, Friday, April 13 , 5pm, Il Bel Lago (, 11631 Olive Boulevard, Creve Coeur, Missouri , City Place (Across from Reuther's Jeep and east of Highway 270) 314-994-1080 Il Bel Lago boasts an extravagant menuincluding lamb, veal chops, steaks, seafood and pasta. If you have never been to Il Bel Lago, you must experience this elegant Italian establishment with it luxurious dining room, comfortable patio and amazing bar/lounge area. You will also be entertained with alive band (Exclusively Yours--Jazz/R&B) Their Massage Therapist, Kamren, will be on hand with his famous "Massage Chair" to massage your "stress" away!
From Sharee Galvin’s CORNER:

Kyjuan’s Celeb B-Day Colors Party Colors co-hosted by Lil Wayne, at Club Society. Gusets schedule dto appear are Nelly, Rich Boy, Ali N’ Gipp, Jim Jones, Murphy Lee, The doors open at 9 p.m.

3 Way Promotions presents Jam Boree: Comedy, Poetry and R&B, April 22 Hosted by Mocha Latte 7:30 p.m. ADV tickets $10 ; $15 at the door featuring poets Floyd Boykin, Fo Feet; singers Co Co Soul and Az One and comedians Carmen and Deandre. For more info call 314/713-0926 or 314/ 646-9917

Blackmons Plaza Presents Male Explosion, Sunday , May 6 , 7 p.m. at 127 Collinsville Ave. Hosted By Mocha Latte, ADV tickets $20, $25 At DOOR, VIp tickets $40 (includes Champagne Tickets available at Blackmons Plaza, Club Illusion, Metrotix, Top Styles, Personal Touch Boutique, Foster’s Elegant Salon, and satisfied Inc (25th and State. For more info call 618,. 531. 8522 or 618. 567. 8912.


Sharee is also promoting STL based author Cheriyln Michael’s second book “First Fridays”.

For any info on these events email Sharee at



Patricia Degener: A Retrospective on Friday, April 13 from 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.
at The Gallery at the Regional Arts Commission (RAC). Degener has been a working artist and art critic for nearly 50 years. With exhibits in New York, California, Iowa, and New Mexico, her art has been exhibited both regionally and nationally. Collectors of her work include corporations as well as private patrons. The artist has had a noteworthy impact on the St. Louis art scene. A founding member of the Craft Alliance Gallery and the Forum for Contemporary Art, Degener also wrote for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch for more than 20 years. During her last ten years at the paper, she served as the senior art critic where she received the Manufacturers/Hanover Award for Art Criticism.

This exhibition will run through Sunday, May 20, 2007Regional Arts Commission
6128 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63112 314-863-5811 x 20
The Feel Good Music Showcase Part III, Sunday. April 15, at Studio Hitz, 8927B Riverview Plaza in Michael’s Catering, Show starts at 7:30 p.m. Door prizes, drink specials, and great food available, For more info contact JP Phillips at 314.769.9757 or

JPEK CreativeWorks presents Me, Don and the Psychiatrist written and directed by Joel P. E. King April 19 – 29, Thur – Sat. @ 8p.m. Sun. @ 3p.m. Showing:
The Space 322 N. Vandeventer,. Come and enjoy a fun,
yet serious story that answers the many questions that many couples are asking.
“What does it take to make the relationship work?” Through some
creative writing and “adult talk”, this two-act satire will answer these
questions. Me, Don and the Psychiatrist always invites something
new. It is interesting how each actor’s portrayal of the characters
always come to similar grounds of interpretation. Even now, from an
interracial perspective, the manner of interpretation has familiar reactions.
For more info, contact JPEk at

SOLE, Friday, April 27, 8 p.m., Palm House, 4256 Magnolia Ave., Tower Grive Oark. Fellaz—Upsace Dress plus sneakers and first 100 Ladies before 9 p.m. get in FREE for more info go to or



The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley AKA Mr. Biggs Friday, April 20, 2007 • 8pm
With guest Angela Winbush. The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley aka "Mr. Biggs" earned the first of their two Soul Train Music Awards nominations for Best R&B/Soul Album by a Group, Band or Duo for BABY MAKIN' MUSIC. "Just Came Here to Chill" was nominated for Best R&B Soul Single by a Group, Band or Duo. The Isleys' catalog features funky grooves like "It's Your Thing" and "Fight The Power" and eternal love songs like "In Between The Sheets" and "Summer Breeze."

Brian McKnight
Thursday, May 3, 2007 • 8pm With special guest JOE Veteran soul singer Brian McKnight has defined the true meaning of American soul man since 1991. Blending his velvety voice and silky style, McKnight captures the vibe of vintage soul without being old fashioned. McKnight performs LIVE at the Fox Theatre for one night only in support of his latest release, Ten.

Call MetroTix ticketing center at 314-534-1111 or 800-293-5949 for tickets. .


The Genesis Academy of Arts and Fine Arts Ministry Youth In Arts Benefit Concert featuring Ron Carter and The NIU Jazz Ensemble will take place this Sunday, Apr. 15 at 5 p.m. at the Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington. Call Metrotix at (314) 534-1111.

Attend the 2nd Annual PRONTO Fashion Show on Friday, May 11, 2007, 6:30 PM. Hosted at the historical site of 555 Washington Avenue. Don’t miss St. Louis’ only international runway fashion show where the Best Voted Designer and Best Voted Model will be selected! Proceeds will also benefit a children’s fund as part of the United Nations Millennium Development Goals Campaign! For ticket information, please call 314/534-9251 or go to for more information.....................................

Ma'atology Productions presents TESTOSCOUTURE: MAN FASHION SHOW, Sunday, May 13, at the City Hall Rotunda, 1200 Market Street. Ticket info (TBD). VIP reception 5 p.m.; Show at 6 p.m.; If you want to be on the RSVP list before tickets go out, email me at!

NYC via ATL-BITZ Gordon Chambers and Chrishette Michelle (Jay Z’s background vocalist on “Lost One”) April 14 Time: Doors 8 PM, Showtime 9 Where: Sugar Hill In Kenny's Alley at Underground Atlanta (Corner of Upper Alabama St. & Pryor Street) Atlanta, GA Price: $10.00 (available at, Moods Music, Earwax Records, Marco's Pita; (404)658 0068


Well, that be it. If ya got something for me to pub, hit me up e-male style at!

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