Thursday, May 03, 2007


HERRE ARE A FEW PICS FROM TEH EVNST I ATTENDED LAST WEEK OR SO...(PHOTOS BY MA'ATOLOGY and STLOUIS-ONLINE.COM) ABOVE: My fasihon show assistant and friend Marquita Parker and YOURS TRULY taking a break passing out fliers at SOLE at Palm House in Tower Grove Park....LEFT: Sir Erv spittin recently at Got Lyrics at the Loft...RIGHT: Vet poet Invisible Man putting the final touches of his masterpiece before he read at Got Lyrics (Love this shot!)....

FOLLWING PICS ARE FROM SOLE: LEFT: Mocha Latte and her sister, Tasha...

RIGHT: The Greedy Genius' bling bling....

LEFT: Socialite Jamie Spencer (right)and friend....
BELOW: Last Sunday creators Boone and Treanna

RIGHT: DJ Reminisce and Eugene Tsimmerman

LEFT: I AM Boutigue founder Ray Escobar, A member of the STL group Mo Tre and I AM Manager Walt Johnson chillin.

BMW Auto owner Kevin Stroud and friend.

LEFT: I AM store manager Brooklyn showin of fhsi other talents painting a mini mural.

Greedy genius Sneaker

St-Louis-online photographer Jacob showing a young lady the pic he took for his website.

Guy Torry at his JACK and JOKES event two weeks ago at the Loft.


russell said...

Wow! Doc Joc..... Sorry to hear it.

Roll call was the tish..good radio

Juice said...

What is this I AM Boutique or store? Is it a Music Store in St. Louis?