Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Oh well. It was great to be No. 1 but with all things, what comes up , must come down. But then again, not too many peopel are able to be at No. 1. so the mizzou Tigers have nothing to be ashamed of. The former No. 1-ranked Tigers (PICTURED COMING OFF THEIR PLANE) fell 38-17 to Oklahoma in the Big 12 championship game Saturday night in San Antonio. Although th etema was passed over to play in the BCS Bowl, they are able to still play in an important college bowl, The Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1 against the Arkansas Razorbacks (I'm sure E Lynn is ready for that one. LOL) Missouri will be heading to its fourth bowl game in five seasons, and by far to its most prestigious in Coach Pinkel’s seven seasons at MU. In related MU news, The University of Missouri-Columbia campus is keeping the hyphen and everything after it for official purposes. But the Board of Curators for the four-campus system agreed last Thursday to let the state's flagship school go by the University of Missouri for recruitment, fundraising, marketing and intercollegiate athletics. The campus also can drop the regional designation or go by MU or Mizzou on second reference in official correspondence. I gues sif you have bene ranked No. 1 you can do whateva ya please cause athletics are a big funds gainer for colleges!

Democratic Presidential hopeful Sentaor Hilary Clinton was in the STL again for two events to raise fnds for her 2008 Presidential Camapaign She first appeared at a public fundraiser at the Pageant, a concert venue, last Sunday. There, She told nearly 1300 in attendance they need to "clean house" at the White House. Outside, it was reported that tight security and a few war protesters set the scene (After the hostage situation in NY at her office I'm sure was a key compnenet for TIGHT security) . Tickets for that fundraiser cost $25 to $100. Later that night, Clinton attended a private fundraiser in Ladue where donors are giving more than $2,000 each. Seems like Clinton is mos def on the cmapaign trail here in th STL (She was here this summer as part of a Democratic Presidential Campaign Debate at this year's Urban League Conference) We'll see next month how ewll it will start when the Iowa Caucus takes place.

People are still talking about the embarrassing police video showing Cards manager Tony Larussa failing his DIU test after being pulled over last Mrach in Jupiter Florida during Spring training. The contriversy stems from the fact that the police leaked the video after LaRussa plead guilty to the DUI charge and his plea deal last week. The video was a cringe-inducing montage of La Russa stumbling and bumbling The dashboard camera of a Palm Beach County sheriff's deputy captured La Russa struggling to walk and failing to recite the alphabet: "... T, U, V, V, Z, T, U, V, X, Y, X, Z."And from there, the video spread far and wide. It was played and replayed and, for good measure, played again on TV newscasts, ESPN Sports Center and across hundreds of websites, including YouTube, sports blog and this newspaper's Its gonna be hard for LaRussa to live this 1ne down, but STL baseballanatics and AM radioholics love Larussa so, I'm sure they will sweep this under the rug---that is, until the Cards start losing next season.

On Monday, St. Charles County Prosecutor Jack Banas addressed the media in St. Charles, and the media around the world, when he announced there will be no charges filed in the MySpace suicide case of Megan Meier because teher was no law to prosecute. The parents of 13-year-old Megan Meier have expressed anger at the news that the adult whom they claim bullied their daughter into suicide in her bedroom was not prosecuted. The parents , Tina and Ron Meier were on the Today Show Monday (and other national morning talk shows) felt that her daughter’s death, which took place this time last year, should have been punished. They also who believe their daughter's October 2006 suicide was the result of a cruel cyber hoax are pushing for measures to protect other children online. The mother of a former friend (an 18-year-old employee) of Megan's allegedly created a fictitious profile under the name JOSH in order to gain Megan's trust and learn what Megan was saying about her daughter. But the communication eventually turned hostile. This case has definitely hype dup the term ‘cyberstalking’ to another level. It is definitely a tragedy.

Former Cards manager Whitey Herzog fell one vote short of election to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Monday but another former St. Louis Cardinals manager, Billy Southworth, was chosen by the revamped Veterans Committee. Herzog managed the Cardinals to a seven-game World Series victory over the Brewers in 1982 and won NL pennants in 1985 and ’87. He also managed the Kansas City Royals to three consecutive American League West titles from 1976-78. Herzog and former umpire Doug Harvey each received 11 votes, one short of the 75 percent required for election. The committee voting on former managers and umpires included Cardinals Hall of Famer Bob Gibson and Cubs Hall of Famers Ferguson Jenkins and Billy Williams. It has been speculated that Herzog will be elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009. .....................Looks like the Ballpark Village project in the STL has pulled a snag in the next phases of teh multimillion dollar project. it has been reported that the project is going through tennant problems (which bizness will move into the complex) . One particular tennant, the Centene Arts, is working with St. Louis city officials to deliver a crucial piece of financing to make Centene's new downtown headquarters at Ballpark Village a reality -- $100 million in New Markets Tax Credits. Meanwhile, one the phased projects, the Lumeiere Place project, in less than a month, St. Louis will see the end of a journey that started nearly four years ago when Pinnacle Entertainment snagged the rights to build a downtown casino.The $507 million project — or parts of it at least — will open Dec. 19. The STL is slowly becoming the Little Las Vegas (which the area was dubbed just like in its heyday in the 40s and 50)with the Casino Queen on the East. and the Presdient Casinio in the STL downtown area...............................Jurors found Metro had breached its contracts with the joint venture consisting of Parsons Brinckerhoff, STV Inc., Jacobs Engineering Group Inc. and Kwame Building Group (called Cross Country Colloborative) this week. Kwame Building Group rep Tony Thompson reportedly said that justice had prevailed. The jury ordered Metro to actually pay the collaborative $2.56 million, but the payments may not stop there. The group intends to recoup its legal fees, which could be several million more. On Friday, Metro lost its lawsuit against CCC Metro sought more than $80 million in damages from the group known as the Cross Country Collaborative, claiming breach of contract and fraud.Instead the jury awarded approximately $2.5 million to the CCC, which filed a countersuit against Metro. The lawsuit centered on the fifteen-month delay and cost overruns for the MetroLink extension project, which runs from Forest Park to Shrewsbury. More than three years after Metro filed the lawsuit, the jury found in favor of the CCC. It was the longest civil trial in St. Louis County history, with legal costs reported at approximately $25 million. I guess Thompson can thank Gillette for the good luck (In case you didnt know he had a Gillete ad in ths month's Ebony Magazine). LOL

I heard that STL hit rapper Huey turned it out at last Sunday's Sunday Night Shindig at Lucky's. The way his career has been this year with a best selling single, "Pop. Lock and Drop it" and CD, "Notebook Paper." Huey has become this year the IT rapper in the STL (Nelly's "Wadsyamane" failed on the charts and Chingy's "Fly Like Me" with Amerie has yet to hit the charts). So is it safe to say te New St. Lou Movement has merit ? We'll see.

Congrats and good luck goes out to three locla movers and shakers. The first goes to to Derrick Johnson(SEEN WITH LADY ) for winning the American Open Weightlifting competition in Birmingham last weekend. He won in the 62KG division. The 2007 American Open Weightlifting Championships saw 15 athletes win gold medals in their respective divisions at the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex in Birmingham, Ala. The event was a ranking event, meaning that posted totals can count toward an athlete’s national ranking. There are four ranking events that count toward qualification for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Weightlifting; the 2007 World Championships, 2007 American Open, 2008 National Junior Championships and the 2008 National Championships. The top 30 ranked women and men following the conclusion of the 2008 USA Weightlifting National Championships, February 29 to March 2 in Columbus, Ohio, will qualify for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials, May 16-17 in Atlanta, Ga. From what I hear Johnson has the opportunity to go all the way to the Olympics next year in Beijing. Godo luck to ya!.........................Is photographer Mr. Jacob of becoming a model? Not quite. I saw his pic as one of the contestants in the The Mr. and Ms. Professional Sexy Contest sposnored by AFTER HOURS (SEE EVENT SPOTLIGHT OR MORE DETAILS)Well, Mr. Jacob good luck to ya...................... Poet Wordsmith traveled to Dallas ( I believe) last week to videotape his entry in the Famecast competition under the Spoken Word category. He was one of five poets from across the country who were selected to compete in the website cast compeition. Finals and voting will be begin on Dec. 14. To check out Wordsmith and/or to vote for him go to and CLICK the Spoken Word section.

OUTTOWN received a mass email Tuesday in reagrds to alleged racist remarks at Dolce's in STL downtown. The email read:

Most of you in St. Louis know of, and probably have been to the popular nightspot, DOLCE. > > Well a few days ago my cousin, a well-respected attorney, stopped by there for happy hour. He arrived early, thus the only people in the place were affiliated with the establishment. These white men were in conversation and did not realize he had entered. > > To his shock what he heard was, "WE'RE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO TELL THEM NI**ERS WE DON'T WANT THEM HERE!!!"> > At this point, my cousin stepped forward to make his presence known. One of the Individuals noticed him, and with a stunned look said, "May I help you?"> > My cousin, still in a suit from work, simply left.> > He had no idea as to the context of the conversation, nor exactly which "NI**ERS" were in question. My assumption is a group of promoters wanted to rent the place, thus putting money in DOLCE'S pockets!!! But in any case, the statement and the use of the word tells me that really, they don't want African Americans in their place - period! So, I will do them a favor and NEVER ATTEND DOLCE AGAIN!!! > > I ask any of you (regardless of race) who have no tolerance for bigotry to do the same and BOYCOTT DOLCE!!! > > As a person in the "industry" it truly bothers me that some businesses still think Blacks should not be drinking out of the "Whites Only" water fountain!>
I have no probelm with this boycott, but my question is, what will come out of it after DOLCE saids I'm sorry? Will we still patronize after DOLCE gives More accomdations? Special privileges? or a Black Night? This sounds like Denny's (and locally Adams Mark Hoitel) all over again. I cram to understand!

And lastly, OUTTOWN gives its sympathies to former STL Public School Board Presidnet Veronica Obrien who lost her husband last weekend.

This weekend Yours Truly laid low and dint do much as far as pictures, but that didn’t mean I didn’t hear what was going on or I was sitting idle twiddling my thumbs looking at the wall.

Last Friday, I checked out Stress Free Fridays at the new establishments Knockouts Bar and Grill located on New Halls Ferry where the former Dime Slot was located. It was a packed house and some of the STl movers and shakers came through like Freeman Bosley Jr. Jim Buford Jr.,and Fox 2's Rob Desir. Knockouts owner boxing trainer Kevin Cunningham was MIA out of town, but UI hear that he told the creators of Stress Free that the bill was on him when it came to whatever they wanted as far as the drinks (but I do hear that the workers had a slight problem with the communication on this matter, but all was well).

If you haven’t been to the spot, you must see it. It’s a plethora of plasma screens in the bar and grill area. And theirs a pool /game area in the back where people can get their gaming on. Oh and Stress Free's Mario Wayne gets the TMP (TOO MUCH PLAYIN) Award for givin most of the crowd "the tongue inside a V sign"" using his tongue and a peace sign! LOL

Last Saturday, there werre several events goin on including the Platinum Group’s annual Platinum Christmas Party that was held this year at Broadway in Baden , SYGU Group presents MC Wafeek who’s coming home from Cali to perform, Sat. Dec. 1 at the Halo Bar new organization The Virtue Lounge presented its Inaugural X-mas Party,Dec. 1, 8 p.m.-11 p.m. Comedy. Music. Poetry and Jazz. Hosted by Ron Young and performance by special guest J.R. at Cookies, Jazz and More and Precision had its monthly event at AJ’s but I spent my Saturday checking out the Mizzou game at a local newscaster’s crib (or shall I say SHOWPLACE) in Webster Groves with some buddies. We kicked it watching the game on a 100 sq ft. theater screen located at the newscaster’s basement that looked like a mini bar and club down there. We threw down on drinks (and those chicken wanngs fell off the bonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnne) Although Mizzou lost (and the newscaster is a alum of the school), we still had a good time. We also saw a DVD of the classic Richard Pryor Show that bought back nostalgia of how great and before his time Richard Pryor was back in the 70s.
I would tell yawl who the newscaster was, but let's just say if you wake up in the morning and watch the news, then it should be a given if not, then I would highly recommend you invest in an alarm clock.

Oh, did i mention that I had gotten a tire blowout leaving Stress Free? Well I did and hit a median on 1509 in Illinois heading to a gas station which in turn fukked up the electrical wiring of my Kia Spectra. So when you see me in a gray Dodge Strauts dont be alamred. LOL

MIA (MISISNG IN ACTION) FILE. Where is actress Shawn Guy-Pitts?

MIA FOUND---Message therapist Kamren Holber has been discovered. From a forwarded email, Kamren is going through a family issue regardng his nephew who was shot and kiilled last March in Omaha (where Holbert is originally from). There will be a trial in Omaha on the killing and Kamren is taking care of his cousin while the trial will be going on. Keep your head up Mr Holbert and hope that we see you soon in 2008.

BLIND-BITZ. Police and Cards Gone Wild. Which STL policeman who was guarding a hot spot in the Delmar Loop followed a white girl to her crib? And which U City police men drove back a white girl (who was traveling in the back seat) to the same hot spot? And which former Cards player was buzzed up leaving this spot and yelling about his disdain for eating something to dry up the octane? (Hint on the hot spot. It is the only venue in the Delmar loop that closes later than any venue )..

EVENT-TIBITZ. STRESS FREE FRIDAYS, Friday, December 7, 2007 > 5pm> > 609 Restaurant and Lounge--(> 609 Eastgage Avenue> University City, Missouri 63130> 314-721-9168 Also please visit for more information about Ray Hill's American Pilsner (available in stores and bars NOW!) AND its website: for more info on this and upcoming Stress Free Fridays events.

Photography Contest. December 7, 2007 - January 9, 2008 THE BEST OF THE BEST in 2007!Opening Night Gala December 7, 2007
6pm-11pm. Studio Altius put out a call for the best photography created by St. Louis-area photographers in 2007. This show is the result of 115 submissions in eight categories. They are proud to include the finalists. The event will take place at Studio Altius 3518-1 Greenwood Boulevard Maplewood, Missouri. For more info call 314-769-9769. or go to . Contest winners will be announced on at the Opening Night Gala.

Better Family Life, Inc. presnets the 24th Annual Kwanzaa Holiday Expo, Dec. 8 (10 am-8 pm) and Sun Dec. 9 (noon- 6pm), West End Community Center, 724 N. Union. St. Louis. FREE. For more info call 314.367.3440 or go to http://www.betterfamilylife,org/
The Sunday Night Shindig w Mocha Latte Sundays at 9 p..m. Lucky’s (Tucker and Washington). Ladies Free All Nite Long and Free Martini Shots for the Ladies. Come out early!! GOT A BIRTHDAY OR ANNIVERSARY COMING UP? YOU CAN BOOK IT WITH THE SHINDIG! JUST EMAIL HER AFTER THIS SECTION!
Funny Saturdays Comedy with Darius Bradford at the Plaza on Broadway.
Got Lyrics hosted by Mocha Latte’ every Wednesday night is back on track. Got Lyrics will be reintroduced at the new location, Van Goghz Martini Bar and Bistro, 3200 Shenandoah Ave. , from 7pm to 12am each week. Admission for the event is free before 8pm. After 8:00 the cost is minimal; $3.00 for poets and $5.00 for audienceMembers of the press are welcome and encouraged to attend opening night. Please contact Sharee Galvin at 314-646-9917 to be placed on the VIP list.
My Drink N My Two Step Thursdays at Dante's hosted by Mocha LAtet and DJ Metti Metti. Ladies Free Admission and Drinks til Midnite. Birthday parties and VIP available
Pick up an Evening Whirl and check out Mocha Latte’s column COFFEE TALK!

For more info on these events, contact Miss Latte at 314.646.9917 or

The Sheldon Arts Foundation has announced artists and dates for the 2007-2008 Cabaret in The Savoy Room series. This series will feature the following premier artists including: Steve Ross, Julie Budd, Andrea Marcovicci and KT Sullivan & Mark Nadler. All will perform in the Savoy Room at The Sheldon. Performance times are Thursday & Friday at 8p.m., Saturday at 5p.m. & 9p.m., and Sunday at 2p.m. St. Louis favorite To charge your subscription by phone please call Cabaret series concierge Mr. Terry Love or his assistant Mr. Luke Thomas at 314/535-1700. For more information, please visit in The Savoy Room is produced by The Sheldon Arts Foundation in association with Fox Associates.
The Whispers, Stephanie Mills & After 7
Friday, February 8, 2008 – 8pm
Fox Theatre ▪ ON SALE NOW!!
$75, $55, $45 & $37.50
Tickets ON SALE NOW at the Fox Box Office and all MetroTix locations.

Charge by phone at 314/534-1111 or online at
THE SYGU GROUP presents Usual Suspectz 2, a B-day celebration with DJ Nappy Needles, and SYGU members Darryl Gillespie and rashad. Fri, Dec, 14 , 9 p.m. at Lumen, 22nd and Locust. For more info on these events and the CD, go to the
"Santaland Diaries" December 6-22, 2007Thursday - Saturday at 8pm. (Final Saturday, December 22 is at 2pm only.) A subversive Christmas elf shares his trials and tribulations working at Macy's during the holiday season. Funny, touching - and twisted - the brilliant wit of David Sedaris ("Me Talk Pretty One Day") brings fresh joy to a cynic's world. FOR MATURE AUDIENCES Tower Grove Abbey, 2336 Tennessee Ave., Saint Louis, MO 63104(Grand to Sidney St. - 3 Blocks East to Tennessee Ave. - Left on Tennessee) Adults $18.00 / Seniors & Students 15.00. (Cash/Check/ Visa/Mastercard)For Information and Ticket Reservations call (314) 865-1995. Visit us at www.StrayDogTheatre .org
The Black Rep’s Popular “I Stand Alone” Solo Performance Series the solo theatre series returns this December with four original shows at The Black Rep’s Monsanto Center for Performing Arts Education, 1717 Olive Street, 4th Floor.
All shows are at 7:00 p.m. Admission is $15 or $10 for Black Rep subscribers.
December 15, 7:00 p.m. PSYCHOLOGY OF A GENIUS by Kelvin Roston Jr.What does genius mean? A young Donny Hathaway searches for answers through the music he makes and the people he meets.
December 8 & 29, 7:00 p.m. A WORK IN PROGRESS: MY LIFE IN THE THEATRE By Anita Jackson. From St. Louis to New York, from Broadway to The Black Rep – Scenes, Songs and Remembrances from Anita Jackson, accompanied by Charles Creath.WHERE: The Black Rep Monsanto Center for Performing Arts Education, 1717 Olive Street, 4th FloorTICKETS: $15 and $10 for Black Rep Subscribers, for info please call (314) 534-3810............................................
The St. Louis Chapters of the Black Data Processing Association. National Association of Black Accountants, national Black MBA Association and the National Society of Black Engineers present Holiday Soiree, Dec. 8 , 8 p.m. at Windows off Washington, 701 N. 15th St. -10th floor. Tickets $35. For more info call 314.241.5555 or stl.soiree@gmail.comGreek Night at Sol Lounge, 4239 Lindell Blvd. ( p.m. with Dj Taki Z, Sat. Dec. 8 $10 Cover for more info, call Spiro Psara art 314.761.3502

Laughs on the Landing presents actor/ comedian Kevin Hart, Dec. 6-8, 801. N. 2nd St. downtown St. Louis Lacelde;s Landing. For more info go to

Contemprary Art Musuem , December 12, 2007 6:00 pm-7:30 pm, Free admission
Step inside the Contemporary and warm up with hot chocolate, sip a glass of wine, or enjoy our holiday eggnog and delicious hors d'oeuvres during our Holiday Open House. Follow Director Paul Ha through the wildly popular Maya Lin: Systematic Landscapes exhibition, chat with other members, and enjoy some holiday cheer!
This is an evening held to thank current members, as well as invite new faces to the Contemporary. Please let us know if you're coming by contacting Erinn by phone at 314-535-0770 x213.

After Hours - St. Louis Introduces:


All interested contestants submit a photo of yourself in professional, yet sexy attire by December 10th along with your name and email address to

From December 12th - 15th, all members of Myspace, Facebook, and recipients of the After Hours Newsletter will be able to view the finalists & vote for their choice of Mr. Professional Sexy and Ms. Professional Sexy during our online web poll at

Each winner will receive:
- FREE Admission to "Winter on Washington"
- V.I.P. seating with complimentary bottle service
- A personal concierge for the night
- One month of free personal training sessions with
Saint Louis Wellness Network.

Remember... keep it professional, and keep it sexy.


Toys for Tots presents Winter On Washington
Lucas Park Grille \Dec 20, 2007
1234 Washington
7 p.m until

For additional information visit:
Jerrod Jones & R. Kirk of Precision LLC PRESENT, PANACHE
Friday, December 28, 2007, KYO1405 Washington Ave (Downtown St. Louis)
DoorsOpen @ 10pm Reserved Booth and Bottle Service @
www.kyostl.comGuys: RSVP @ by 12/27/07 for $5 admission until 11pm
The ''ZODIAC CONNECTION'' is a Color Coded Celebration Honoring the Compatibility of CAPRICORN (Brown) & AQUARIUS (Orange). Capricorn & Aquarius Ladies Wearing All SHADES of Brown & Orange FREE Until 11P.M. Guests come in Attire of your Choice (SexyUpscale) Venue: Kitchen K 1000 Washington Ave St.Louis Mo 63101 When: SAT December 29, 2007/ 9PM-2:45AMATTIRE COLOR CODE: CAPRICORN & AQUARIUS Capricorn's & Aquarius's wear all shades of Brown and Orange. All Capricorn & Aquarius Ladies FREE Until 11P.M. Wearing Color Code . FREE Drinks For All Capricorn & Aquarius Until 11:00p.m. Guests come in Attire of your Choice (SEXY UPSCALE$5 B4 11:00 P.M.............................
Forever Young Creations host Harlem Nights Holiday gala, Pre-New Years Dance, 8 p.m.-1 am, at the Masonic Hall, 4525 Olive, $15 ADV, $20 ATD, BYOB SET UPS SOLD, Tickets are sold art Forever Young Creations, 1919 Utah Dec. 29 and 30 Sat and Sun 10 am - 7 p.m. for more info contact Rhonda at 314.480.0311................

The Black Rep will open its 31st mainstage season on January 2, 2008 at the Grandel Theatre, 3610 Grandel Square with a one of Shakespeare’s four great tragedies, Othello. A classic story of honor, passion, jealousy and betrayal, Othello is a play about love turned bad by unfounded jealousy. The Black Rep’s version will be set in 1898 in New Orleans and Haiti instead of Venice and Cyprus and will feature Black military heroes-- Buffalo Soldiers in place of Moors and Romans.
Othello runs from January 2 – February 3, 2008. Subscriptions for all five shows range from $140 to $218.75 and are on sale now. Three Play subscriptions are $105 and are good for any show best available seat. Single tickets range from $33 to $43. Both Three Play Subscriptions and single tickets go on sale on December 3. Student rush tickets (30 minutes prior to curtain) are $10 with valid I.D. The Black Rep will continue its “Next Generation” program this season where young people ages 8 -18 will be admitted free with the purchase of an adult ticket on Thursday evenings and at all Saturday matinee performances. Limit one child per adult. To reserve your seat please call (314) 534-3810 or visit


Kobalt Books has just inked a movie-production deal with Factor Media Group/Applecrate Films/Omniquest Media to develop the true life story of Rev. Burton Barr Jr. and his autobiography, “The Hoodlum Preacher”, into a feature film. The publisher, Kobalt Books, is currently looking to raise development funds for this film. Potential investors will come on as managing members of the company thatproduces the film.For More Investment Info, Contact:Cedric Mixon at or 314-503-5462

3 Way Promotions is seeking sponsors for its 2008 Summer in the City Model Swimsuit Calendar. 24 Pgs + 12 Months +12 Beautiful Women + 1,000 plus Copies In Multiple Cities = Plenty of Space to Advertise! “CONTACT BIG TAH IF YOU WISH TO ADVERTISE” Calendar Details - DEADLINE DEC 1, 2007, For more info contact Atah Knighten (Big Tah) ph.713-0926 Email-or or or

Shante LIFE Davis is offering tutoring services for the youth for grades 1-12. If you are aware of anyone who is in need of some extra educational support, please feel free to contact her or give them her contact information. Shante "LIFE" Davis(314) 418-9803................STL rapper/producer J-Kwon -has a new label deal and we are looking for some interns to work on the new label HOOD HOP MUSICgraphic designers street team female street team club street team models internet teams (e-blasting,bloggers, writers)We are looking for the best. So instead of just grabbing the person that says they are the best, we are looking for people to SHOW us they are the best at what they do. The bread-winners will be put on payroll with a permanent job with the company. If you think you will be the next hottest publicist, model, A&R, sponsorship writer, whatever it is that you do, then get at us! If you can do mixtape covers, ad covers, posters, willing to do street team work and be apart of this new label contact me directly at …………………………..Joel P. E. King, owner of JPEK Creative Works LLC and The Space, wants to make an offer to those of you who are in search for party and event space. SAVE BIG on all three room rentals before Jan. 1, 2008. Close to 2,000 square feet of available space for your next event, wedding party, baby shower, art exhibition and more. Here at The Space, you will acquire elegance, convenience and wonderful hospitality. The Space located at 320-24 N. Vandeventer (off Lindell Blvd. in SLU area) Contact: 314.494.5976 or 314.494.9095................ATTENTION RECORD LABELS Contact STL PROMOTIONS at Saint Louis has a new STREET TEAM. Saint Louis has a new STREET TEAM. STL Promotions Professional Staff , On time reporting with Pictures Electronic Marketing: E-Cards, E-Blast, Website Presence, Guerilla Marketing Techniques, Service Street, Radio, College, and Mixtape DJs, Special Events, Telephone Conferences, Retail, Market Visits, Professional Marketing Strategy for Saint Louis, Premium Product Placement, Exposure every day and every night at every event Our machine operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!!!! We will exceed your expectations!!!Contact us at or 314-750-6806................. ATL artist Dawn Mcclain who came through to the STlL earlier this year as a background singer with neo soul artist Darien Brockington at the Missouri History Museum (and turnt it out fo sho!) Well, she sent OUTTOWN an email about some videos she has done and she needs your opionion.
She wrote:As you may or may not already know, I’ve decided to finally start working on my album and become an artist. So I recently uploaded some of my video footage on YouTube. I’m sending you this link because I would like your honest opinion on a showcase I did in Denver, CO. It’s three different videos, including the live version of me performing Jill Scott’s hit “is it the way”,(Of course I’m doing it my way.) Love changes, (by Mothers finest) and my original “holding on”. Please check it out, tell me what you think, and if you want you can pass it on. Yes I’m trying to create a buzz, but I also want to improve so I can be the best artist that I can be in this business. To peep out the videos go to To hit her up go to


THE JESSIE TAYLOR SHOW @ THE PLAZA HOSTED BY JESSIE TAYLOR , 9 p.m. Sundays. For Booking and Ticket Information (314) 258-1213

Martini Mondays at AJ’s, 5 p.m., Free Happy Hour Free Food Live Band: The party will roll through the night until 3am with Charlie Chan or DJ Cuddy on the 1's and 2's............

Boadacious ENT presents MONDAY NIGHTS @ SPRUILL'S ROCKDA MIC CONTEST. CALLING ALL RAPPERS AND RECORDCOMPANIES 9 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. A free style battlecontest, $100 cash prize Starts at midnite Entry FREE, 1101 N Jefferson. For more info call 600-4264 or374-3731

MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL presented by H20 ENT & Bodacious ENT@ Spruill's 1101 N. Jefferson, St. Louis. $5 Entry Fee. Dominoes amnd Spades Tourneys, Cash Prizes, Football trivia, Door Raffle 6-8 pm Happy Hour. Free Until Game Starts, Drink Specials Free FoodMellow Mondays at the Main Ingredient, 3960 Chouteau on Vandeventer. For more info, call 314.229.7952.

JB ENT and Creative Mortgage present Toastin Tuesday every Thursday at Dolce, 200. N. Broadway 10 p.m. to 3, Ladies free before 11 p.m., $10, dress code enforced. For more info go to

Top 10 Tuesdays, Hosted by County Brown and TC, doors open at 9 p.m., Showtime at midnite, Club Viva, 408 N Euclid. For more info call 618.960.0247 or

GQ’s Ent and TCP presents Red Carpet Wednesdays with NFL and NBA stars at Savor, 4356 Lindell 9 p.m. to 3 .am every Wednesday Ladies free w/canned good music by DJ Charlie Chan and hosted by 100.3 The Beat’s Kiki the 1st Lady For more info call 314.385.0455

J’var, JE and Maxxed Out Entertainment Presents……The all new Lyric Lounge every Wednesday @ Laughs on the Landing, 801 N. 2nd Street Featuring Poets, R&B, Neo Soul, Jazz and Funk artist weekly……Singers and poetry slam enthusiast gather weekly to present a unique blend of spoken word poetry and music from local and not so local artist…….Doors open @ 8 show starts @ 9…..$100 weekly cash prize to the hottest lyricist….live band …..door prizes….giveaways…….all for only $5 at the door For more info, call 314. 241.5233 or go to

"One Mic" hosted by MK Stallings every Thursday night. One Mic features Live Funk - Jazz Performed by the Soul Thump Chronicles every Thursday Night from 7:00pm - midnight.Cover charge is $5 and the doors open at 5:00pm. Join us at Filterbar located at 309-13 Belt @ Pershing st. louis, mo 63112, you will not be disappointed! For more details or reservations call 314-361-5277or visit us online at

NEW: Roc-a- Star presents Refreshin with DJ Needles Thursdays at Xes behind the Drunken Fish, 612. N. 2nd St. Lacelded landing. Ladies FREE til 11 p.m.

Urban Causal Fridays hosted by Bishop V-luv, Happy Hour at Spruills, 1101 N. Jefferson. Free from 6p.m.-9p.m. (2 for 1) Free food 9 p.m.-11p.m. Drink specials until midnite. Party 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Ladies free til 11 p.m. for more info call 314.574.9601 or 314.625.4595 or go to

NEW: Tuff On Paper ENT presents Network and Showcase Saturdays every first saturday of each month and Love Yourself Saturdays every third Saturday of each month, 9.m.--until at the Spyglass, 255 Union at Lindell $5 at the doro. first 50 Ladies Free until 11 p.m. First 25 ladies get a free drink. 21 and older. Grown and sexy attire. For showcase info hit up or or call 314.443.5001

UC ME Radio with Murphy lee, Kyjuan and comedian Darius Bradford, 6 p.m. Sundays on 100.3 The Beat.

GQ’s ENT presents Seductive Sundays with NFL stars at Savor, 4356 Lindell 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Upscale attire Ladies Free wuth a canned good. For more info call 314.385.0455

Bosley and Associates Traffic Law Centers . Suspensions, Speeding. Revocations. DWI. Point Problems. Accidents. Frison ‘s Flea Market, 7025 St. Charles Rock Rd., Fri-Sunday 9 am-5 p.m. or Big Top Flea Market, 367 Chambers Road. For more info, call 314.621.1744If you want to get on Vanita Applebum's hot new entertainment newsletter, email her at

Majic 104.9's BJ the DJ is personally inviting you to the Saturday to a straight up Old School limitation! The house party will be live at the new Broadway Nite Club on New Hallsferry and West Florissant! AND at the new Knockouts! For more info contact Gina Foster at 314.712.1083 or go to

Check out Lisa Rose hot blogsite on Strong Positive Black Sisters at or go to her my space page at

Check out blog local literary group Sister’s Nineties Afrocentric literary activities for the family and youngsters.

Check out Lachrisa Crenshaw’s spa products at,or call her at (314)401-0710

Check out Diversity Gallery, for all of your natural hair and beauty needs as well its café located at 6150 Delmar Blvd. in the Delmar loop. For more info call 314.721.3361 or email at

For body painting, makeup, face painting wigs and other special effects, contactJessica Dana at go to

For all of your STL club event plans, AD SPACE and pics,go to,

KDHX Radio’s Chuck Lavazzi has a podcast calledSTAGE LEFT which he talks about CD reviews, news and the world of stage, screen, cabaret and related places.Go to it directly at

Check out STLdee-jay Enoch online with his own radio playlist.The Flow: Music Lounge. Peep it out at go to his myspace page www.myspace/enochisreal.

For all your STL hip-hop info needs, go to!

Peep out Marquita Parker's entertainment blog,

STL videographer Dana Christian has a hot website where people can send their professional music videos films to get exposed. Itis

Well that will be it,. thanks all for your comments and. Keep em comin. Hit me up at if ya got sumpin for me to pub or promote. See ya next week

NOTE: FYI DEC. 19 will be the last OUTTOWN for the year as I recap the Top 10 STl newz storiez, eventz and socialites of 2007. The weblog will resume Jan. 4, 2008.

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