Monday, December 17, 2007


WHEN THE OUTTOWN CAM WENT OUT AND ABOUT THERE WERE SEVERAL TIMES WHEN THE CAM GOT PICS THAT MADE IT GO, "OH , NO THEY DID NOT DO THAT!" IT WAS SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM, BUT OUTTOWN HAD TO CHOOSE WHAT OUTTOWN LIKES TO CALL THE TOP 10 TMP (TOO MUCH PLAYIN) PICS OF 2007HONORARY MENTIONS: In August, the Dunlap brothers (Calvin and Maurice) hit the Loft doin their famous synchronized erotic dancing. But what made it TMP was the sista who joined them from the crowd. After this pic was shot, homegirl got on top of Maurice and began doin her own simulated horizontal dancin! Also, in the same month, during the Urban league’s annual conference that was held at the Americas center, the leagues president had asked Presidential; hopeful Sen. Barak Obama during a Dem debate a hypothetical question which started off, “Let’s say that it is Inauguration Day….” And Obama raised his hand as though he was aboutto take the oath to the office! Classic (Photo by Lois Ingrum)

10. The sista in the purple had to get her shoes off after Nelly's Labor Day Weekend that was held at Society that Friday. And what makes it even more TMP was that she had her sandals with her!

9.This bruh from the 50 Million Pound Challenge in August was forced to particpate by comedian /host Jay Anthony Brown who picked on brothers who had on summer sets. This bruh was the most TMP. Not only did he point and pointed across the crowd, he also strutted as though he had theme music!

8. In August, STL comedian Jessie Taylor got married to his longtime girlfriend Bridgette at Lights On Broadway. It was a festive occasion, and in Jessie Taylor form, during the puling of the garter Taylor had to , well, smell what he was gettin into. TMP!

7. In January, Big Tah had the first of many Swimsuits and Boots contests for young ladies at the Main Ingredient. But during the dance floor moments of the event, this bruh wanted to get his own contest goin of rubbin his johnson on a rump!

6. In September, when local hip-hop group/organization Black on Black/Quit Playin' had a CD release party and concert at Society, this couple decided to have their own "release party!"

5. In September, SYGU and FREE TIME hooked up to throw their popular Smokin Aces party at Club Xes. But that wasn’t all that was smokin as you can see in this pic when this sista and this bruh was gettin buck wild (and she got the sweat stains to prove it!)TMP!

4. At the same SYGU/Free Time party, there were many different actions goin on like this sista gettin her feel on the white man up in therre. OUTTOWN doesn’t know what was goin on here! Maybe she was rubbin him for good luck!

3. In November, 1st Friday had its event at Lucky's on Washington and based on this pic, the white chick is tryin to get lucky with bruh man's bootay!

2.Stress Free Friday co-creator Mark Anthony Jones had his share of dance floor moments. Well, this one was definitely one of those moments ON THE DANCE FLOOR during the Investors Social/Panache event his group as well PRECISION and KEITH GRIFFIN INVESTORS SOCIAL at Kyo in November.

AND THE No. 1 TOO MUCH PLAYIN PIC OF 2007 IS.....................................................................

1.Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones on the floor AGAIN at a b-day party in South St. Louis where OUTTOWN first captured this ON THE DANCE FLOOR behavior in August. TOOOO MUCH PLAYINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN

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