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HONORABLE MENTIONS: Maxine Elbert (seen right of pic on left) was instrumental in several events with her Maxxed Out production comapny inclduing Wine Down Wedensdays, the Annual Hollis Thomas Foundation Week , big girl comepition Thick Thursdays and Lyric Lounge at Laughs on the Landing AND

Ms. Keisha (pictured below with Stress Free's Mark Anthony Jones) who was everywhere at someones party from Sunday Night Shindig to her own organziation What's Ya Flava.

AND an honorable mention goes out to the stlonfire.com crew (Mister Daniel and Mr. Andrew) who made a splash with their local media website as well as hosting various parties (including the upcoming Rams Watch party at Kitchen K this Thuirday) and kicking it separately or as a team at different night spots.

10. Stress Free Fridays Mark Anthony Jones and Mario Wayne. Every week this social duo had a venue every Friday for those to enjoy a Happy Hour atmosphere. They also temed up with various organziations for events (ie. Industry Night at J Bucks) Although Jones was seen out more than his biz partner(who was holdin his own with the locally produced Ray Hills beer), the two no doubt made an impression on the STL night life scene.

9. Big Tah. This brother made his way into the social scene with his 3 Way Promotions with several events including the short lived Swimsuit and Boots and the showcase revue Jamboree and his mainstay, the female swimsuit competition Summer in the City. Not to mention going to various events in the STL on the VIP list. He will cop off the year with a Tour bus to different clubs during New Year's Eve.

8. Mo Spoon. This brother of his production company MPAC was instrumental in the STL social scene with his successful monthly EYE Candy model competition as well as colloborating with social event groups (ie. Red Carpet Wednesdays with the QB's) And he, reluctantly was one of the many StL stars who appeared at diverse functions of 2007.

7.Jimmelle. Model and event coordinator, this sexy model , who was No. 2 last year on the OUTTOWN POLL,. was out of pocket for a minute in 2007, but was visisble at key events including Nelly's Black and White Ball and TRAACES' fundraiser at Vin De Set. She also was an assistant to many events including R Sol's launch party and Casino Royale at the Loft. She also strutted her stuff at the STL Runway Show at Bevo Mills in November.

6. Slim New to the countdown, this brother who run Loose Cannon was involved a lot of behind the scenes events as well as front of the scenes events that packed in the hood stars of 2007. From the get-in-free-parties-with-a-20-dollar bill at the now defunct Kastle, being the advisor to Sunday Night Shindig and the Black Men Magazine Model Search, this brother did his thing in the STL. He also made waves with his Black Party this summer having three parties going on at the same time on both sides of the water. He will end the year with Fame/Fortune, two parties going on at the same time for New Year's Eve.

5.Treanna and Jamie Spencer. This party duo was err wheer at mostly all of the happening parties in 2007. They also teamed up (along with Cornell Boone) this year to form Last Sunday, a monthly networking event that traveled to different venues in the STL. Spencer alone was err where performing at different showcase venues including Got Lyrics, Jamboree and Cafe Soul. The duo now has a new group, ''ZODIAC CONNECTION'' a monthly function at Kitchen K where they cleberate ladies and their birthdays.

4. So Diverse (Lia, Jameela E and Deidria B. ) This girl power group made a splash this year with tehri monthly Flaunty Fusion and Neo Soul events that was held on the second Fridays at Panama Reds. Lia (seen in whiet shirt) alone was like err wherr at a plethora of events in the STL. Their partner Deidria (in blonde hair) left to go to the ATL later on the year but came back occasionally to So Divesre's evenst. The event that helped their popularity was their collaboration with Precision and FREE TIME for Forbidden that was held at J Bucks in November.

3.FREE TIME. This organziation made a big splash in 2007. From sponsoring comedy night at Laughs on the Landing, celebrating their 2 year anniversary at Drunken Fish (which rivaled Nellys Labor Day Weekend event at Society as far as attendance), its charitible consiousness, and colloborating with event groups like SYGU (the memorable Smokin Aces at Club Xes), this group definitely made its presence known in the STL. If you didnt see one member of the group (Roy Robinson Jr, Daryl Frierson or Adrian Saddler) with at least another member of the group, you knew something was wrong!

2. SYGU. From its networking parties at Murcury earlier in the year to the recent Mad Hatter event at Kemper Art Museum, SYGU (compromising of Eddie Hollman(in orange), Rahsad and darryl Gillespie), this group had at least one event every month (Their themed events TEESE and MAD HATTER were memorable events indeed) and colloborations (with FREE TIME for Smokin Aces at Club Xes) and also had a 30th B-day party for Hollman in his hometown in Chicago that brought many STLers Upnorth to celebrate with Hollman. Like, FREE TIME, the members attended events together. They also attended many events of other social organziations including Cafe Soul and 1st friday.

AND THE NO. 1 SOCIALITE OF 2007 IS.............................................



From Jaunuary to December this sista was on the move in 2007. From hosting events (Jamboree, Testoscouture, Body Blast at Affirmation East, 1st Friday), coordinating events (Black Men Magazine Model Search), creating popular weekly events (Got Lyrics, the now defunct Sunday Night Shindig and My Drink and My Two Step), her own weekly column in the Evening Whirl (Coffee Talk) and attending almost every function that was goin down in 2007 (especially at Society), Latte, who was named No. 1 Socialite by OUTTOWN in 2006, was constantly on the grind.


Mocha with YOURS TRULY at SYGU's event at Copias in January.

MOCHA LATTE on the mike at the debut of her popular weekly event Sunday Night Shindig at Lucky's in July.

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